velvet mace

Changing Tactics

"I don't like to show people this because it takes away from my sexy looks." Greed grinned at Ed, and for the briefest seconds, Ed wondered what the fuck the homunculus was talking about. Then Ed saw the dark shadow creep across Greed's skin.

At first it seemed just like the bulb in the basement of the Devil's Nest was dimming, but then Ed saw Greed's features changing shape, becoming more animal. White teeth gleamed. Red eyes.

"Well, fuck me," Ed muttered. After seeing Greed regenerate his head, having a new trick just iced the cake. Was this fight even winnable? Loa had already taken Al, who knows where. The smart thing to do would be to cut and run, try to find where the Chimera had taken his brother, but somehow that just didn't seem manly. And Ed was not going to look like a girl in front of this creep.

Being a girl was hard enough.

Greed managed to grin, even in this demonic form. "We don't have to fight," the homunculus said, in an oddly pleasant and genteel voice, as though even in this form he was still somehow a gentleman. "Just give me what I want, and I'll give you back your brother. We can be civilized about this. But if you do chose to fight me, I will fuck you over good. Don't make me do that. You are far too young for me to spoil your looks with scars."

Ed laughed. Spoiled with scars. Greed didn't have a clue that under the three layers of clothes she had plenty of scars already.

"Fuck you," she growled.

Greed waved his hands vaguely in Ed's direction, and she took the invitation. One clap of her hands and she was armed, with the strongest blade Ed could manage. Greed didn't even move and the moment she connected Ed knew why. The blade skittered off of his skin. It hadn't even shaved the Sin, much less hurt him.

Greed almost casually responded back with a claw across her back as she turned. Ed hissed as she felt the sharp talons cut through the layers of clothes all the way to her skin. Goddamn it!

She quickly spun around and put some space between them. Her eyes scanned for some opening in the armor. Some chink to take advantage of. Meanwhile her back felt disconcertingly cold. There was a draft all the way to her skin. Worse. The bindings she used to tie her breasts down had been severed. She could feel the constriction letting go, and the bandage sliding off under her shirts to tickle her stomach.

Well, maybe there was some good for this. Much as she preferred modesty, suddenly flashing her sex had in the past distracted her enemy long enough for her to take him down. However, it was only sheerest luck that Cornello had been killed before he could tell anyone about the revelation of her gender.

Greed seemed to notice her discomfiture. "So you see," he said. "It's quite useless to fight me. Give it up, little boy."

"Give me back my brother!"

Ed launched herself again. Greed slashed again, this time across her front. Any thought of hiding her chest was lost now. The shirts pulled quickly free and she was hanging out for anyone to see.

Ed pulled free and spun around to see if it had any effect. A small feeling of pride grew when she saw it did. Greed was standing straight now, a stunned look on his face. The demonic features melded away and she saw the Sin standing as a man, looking like she had just shot him in the back of the head.

"You are a girl," Greed said.

"Yeah," said Ed. "What of it." She rushed him again. He wasn't even putting up a defense. The shock value was working better than she could hope. Yesssssss! the blade sank deep into the homunculus's middle.

The Sin grabbed her automail arm up near the shoulder. "You didn't tell me you were a girl," he said. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

"Oh, well," said Ed, with a fierce snarl. "Guess you didn't get the memo." She tried to yank his weapon free but Greed held her arm still.

"Well this changes things," said Greed. "I'm afraid I have to put a halt to this exercise, my dear."

"What? Oh don't stop fighting me now because of these," Ed looked down at her exposed breasts. Useless stupid things. "You sexist pig."

"I don't like to fight women," said Greed, and he smiled. Ed's eyes grew. Oh she knew that look. She'd seen it before. She saw it on Mustang's face every time she reported in, though thankfully the bastard had never gone further than a leer. She'd seen it on Cornello's face as well, when the prophet had slyly offered sex as a way out of the chains he'd put Ed in.

Goddamn it.

"I am not a girl," said Ed. "Never mind the tits. I'm a boy inside. I was born a boy, and one day I will be a boy again. So you forget about these bags of fat, they mean nothing. I'm a guy!"

"MEN!" cried Greed. The door burst open and several chimeras came in. Ed stared wildly at each of their faces. "Please secure my guest here."

"Greed," said one of them, "There are soldiers approaching."

"Then be quick. Bind her up good, and take her to the safe room."

"Wait! No!" cried Ed.

"It's been fun playing with you, Ed," said Greed. "Though, you know I don't like to be tricked." Greed reached out a hand to play with Ed's bangs. Oh, hell thought Ed. Oh, fuck.

Greed yanked the blade out from his flesh, with only a bit of a grunt, then immediately pounced, pushing Ed with surprising force, unbalancing her. She fought briefly for her feet before she felt other hands pulling her down. They flipped her over onto her belly. Fucking not fair, she thought. Seven on one—

Greed held her wrists apart, preventing her from clapping her hands, not even to get rid of the blade. The others had her ankles. "Don't let her palms touch," Greed said, as they tied crossed her arms over the small of her back and tied each wrist to the opposing elbow. The chimeras were quick and efficient, and it made Ed wonder just how much they'd been playing with her before. The fact that they hadn't taken her seriously from the start burned like acid in her belly.

She turned her head and snarled at Greed. "What do you think you doing?"

"Changing tactics, my dear." The homunculus crouched down and ruffled a hand through her hair. "I was going to beat the information out of you, but that wouldn't be right. So instead I'm going woo the information from you. That's what a proper gentleman does with a lovely young lady after all."

"Oh, fuck you," snarled Ed.

"Gag her," said Greed casually. They thrust a knotted rag into her mouth and she was left growling impotently at them.

Greed hoisted her up and threw her over his shoulder. Ed could hear the military banging around. Ed tried screaming but the rag muffled her, and Greed and his henchmen were remarkably stealthy as they slipped through a door hidden in the woodwork of hall.

Where were they taking her? What was Greed going to do with her? Wooing? Greed was going to date the information out of her?

The sounds of the military were abruptly cut off as the door closed. They were in the storm sewers beneath the city. Ed tried to keep track of their route as his captors ran, but it was rather confusing. She made due with memorizing markers. A pipe here, a sign there. She was reasonably sure she could backtrack.

At last they reached another door. One of the chimeras opened it up and they walked into a surprisingly well-appointed hallway. Ed grunted a bit. Greed patted her head.

"Now, before we were interrupted, Ed," he said, "We were discussing how you made your brother. I was offering you the chance to give me the information, and you refused. I think it's time we started our conversation again." Greed climbed up the stairs. "In a more comfortable fashion this time," Greed added as he walked into what was clearly a bedroom.


Greed tossed her onto the bed. "Now we don't have to be in a hurry for this. I like to take things nice and slow. Your brother isn't going anywhere, and those military men you called to back you up aren't going to find this place for a very, very long time."

Greed flipped Ed over onto his back. His bladed arm was digging into him a little and he grunted in pain. Greed's brows knit as Ed rolled onto his side, relieving the pressure. "I think you cut yourself with that. Nasty, nasty. Well, it's not proper for me to let my guest hurt herself. Let me help you with your little problem."

He reached over and flipped the switch, and in a moment Ed's automail arm detached. "A lovely lady like you shouldn't get yourself involved with fights. Look at what they've already done to you. " He ran his fingers over her skin, starting at the neck and moving down, over the globe of one breast. "It's a shame to see such beautiful flesh marred by scars. Humans don't heal like my kind does. You need to be more careful."

Ed grunted and sniffed in a deep breath and Greed cupped her breast and gently squeezed, running his thumb over the nub. After years of being bound, the gentle touch felt strangely pleasant. As though it were rubbing out a pain that had been there a long time. Greed looked intently into Ed's eyes and rubbed the nipple again. Ed realized that she was arching into the touch a bit.

Anger made her face flush. She yelled at him through the gag and writhed. With the automail detached there was a bit more slack in the bindings around her remaining arm. She tried to use that to whip her hand free, but Greed was rolling her over once again.

"I'm getting ahead of myself. It's clear that, while I have no intention of fighting you, you still want to pick a fight with me. For your own sake I can't let that happen, Ed." With a knee in her back, Greed retied the ropes. This time her wrist was tied to her waist. Ed fought it, but got nowhere.

At last Greed rolled her face up again. "Now. I think we are ready to begin our conversation." He reached up and removed her gag.

"I'm not a fucking girl, Greed," said Ed as soon as she could. "Never mind what I look like. I'm a boy. I always have been, I always will be. The breasts are an alchemic accident when I was a kid. Don't read too much into them."

"Are you saying you are a boy beneath your pants?" Greed looked somewhat disappointed. "Well, let's verify."

"Gah, NO!" But there was no stopping Greed from ripping her pants off. Greed cocked an eyebrow up at the white boxers, and then looked down at the lightly tufted mons. "You really look like a girl to me, Ed."

"Yes," said Ed, "I'm physically a girl, for now, but I'm not! Listen you don't want to do this."

"I understand that you are a bit delusional," said Greed. "But I can work with that."

Ed breathed in a quick breath as Greed pressed his hands between Ed's clenched thighs and parted them without even a grunt of effort. "Well, well," he murmured. "You aren't battled scarred down here at all." He slid his hand up and gently stroked the flesh around Ed's labia. "You appear to be quite intact in fact." He looked up and grinned. "No time for sex in your quest to be a boy?"

"Don't do this," said Ed. She reached out for straws. "You don't seem like the raping sort. Gentlemen don't take women when they say, 'no'."

"True," Greed quirked up an eyebrow. "But, then, that problem is easily solved."

The hell? Ed didn't like the look in Greed's eye, but it took her just a bit too long to realize what he had in mind. Greed reached behind Ed and then suddenly the knotted gag was pressing against Ed's lips. Without thinking she opened her mouth to scream "no!" And it was in. Greed quickly knotted it behind Ed's head.

"Well, there, do you object to me taking your virginity, Ed?"

Hell yes!

"No?" The Sin's eyebrows quirked upwards. "I didn't think so."

Ed spoke with her automail foot. It met Greed's face with quite a satisfactory smack. The Sin jumped backwards then rubbed his chin. "That was not ladylike at all. But really quite useless. I don't fight girls, Ed. Now settle down."

Greed enforced the settling down by removing the automail leg as well. The next moment he'd settled between her thighs. His hands roamed over her chest, taking her breasts and gently squeezing them, rubbing the lines where the bandages had bound them fast against her chest. Ed wiggled.

Greed took that as a sign of pleasure and began roaming the flesh of her belly with his tongue. Ed found it more ticklish than a turn on, but her writhing only seemed to excite the homunculus more. His mouth ranged down, southward down to her thigh, then looped lazily inwards.

Ed froze.


The tongue touched the sensitive flesh of her labia, oh so ticklishly gently. So softly, the way Ed's own fingers never were. The flesh responded, almost gratefully, to the touch. So light, so gentle. Greed swept inwards parting the inner lips, drawing them apart, piercing in. There was a sensation of moist warmth, and a gentle breeze of his breath on her. Then a slight tugging stretch as the tongue penetrated into her.

Ed tightened every muscle in her body. She was ridged as a board. It shouldn't feel good. She didn't want it to, but the flesh said something else. Her flesh told of an itch that she'd ignored so long she didn't even realize it was there. An itch that this tongue with it's slow sliding motion relieved.

It was just a momentary lapse of reason that led Ed to buck her hips. Just a seconds loss of rationality that lead her to push into that thrusting tongue. Then she gasped in a breath of horror and looked down.

Greed broke away, smiling up at Ed. "I've done virgins before. You have nothing to fear."

He went back down again, and Ed looked up at the ceiling. Her world had narrowed down to an inch of flesh between her thighs. So small, but so huge, so absolutely monumentally huge. The tiniest flick of Greeds tongue seemed to magnify a thousand times over. So much sensation.

Ed twisted, inadvertently grinding herself against Greed. She didn't intend to, but damn it—it felt good. Good the way it shouldn't.

Greed's tongue was moving again, up away from her center. It found the nub that Ed occasionally (and shamefully) abused with his fingers. Greeds tongue was much more skilled. There was no painful pressure. Only heat, and moistness, and a gentle rub and that made Ed melt. Ed didn't try fight Greed off anymore. She didn't care. It felt good. It felt damn good. If this was what girls got out of sex, he didn't blame them for wanting to be girls.

Greed was relentless. Tireless. He found the stroke that provoked Ed most and he used it mercilessly. Ed worked with him now, rubbing herself against his tongue as much as he rubbed his tongue against her. And the friction was amazing. Just a slight texture that was just enough to set her nerves afire and not enough to hurt.

Pleasure built. It built into a hill, into a mountain, and she was almost to the top of it. Just a bit longer, a few more steps and she'd reach it. Her mind was almost soley on Greed's tongue, but she became aware of his fingers as well. They were moving, pulling on her nether lips, stretching them. Then one final wanton finger slid in under his chin and found that earlier spot. She felt it go inside with just the slightest tang of pain.

And she was there. She'd made it, and by god it was glorious. She bucked and writhed and pressed into that hand and the tongue and screamed around the knotted gag. There wasn't enough air for her. She was fighting to breathe and she was coming. She was coming. She came.

Greed looked up. "Now there, Ed. You see this is much better than fighting."

Ed's eyes rolled in her head.

"This time I gave. Next time I'll take. Until you give me the information—but there is no hurry on that. No hurry at all."