velvet mace


"Envy," exclaimed Al exasperated. "That's CHEATING. You promised me I could top this time. It's my turn already."

Envy's large eyes seemed to glint with evil amusement, which was really par for the course for that Sin.

"I know, I know, the deal is whoever's on bottom gets to pick your shape, but really, this is ridiculous." Al put his hands on his naked hips. "I have SOME self-respect after all."

"Baaaaaa," replied Envy and jumped off the bed to nuzzle his (or possibly her—Al wasn't about to go checking the fluffy white sheep for a penis) muzzle against Al's groin. Al immediately backed away before Envy could consider getting frisker.

"Forget it, Envy, I'm not going there." Al cupped his hands over his privates. Then a thought occurred to him. "Okay, never mind, I'll bottom again."

There was a crackle of light and Envy was back to his normal shape, black skirt and all. And yes, he had a very evil grin on his face. "Well, then, what'll it be? Mustang? Your brother? We could always just have me be me."

"Winry," said Al with triumph.

Envy narrowed his eyes for just a second, but then smiled even wider than before. "Winry it is!"

There was a second crackle and light filled the room again. Winry stood before Al, patting the bed suggestively. Al's eyes drifted from her long blond hair, past her perky breasts to the dauntingly sized strap on bobbing at her groin.

"Envy," gargled Al. "That's CHEATING!"