velvet mace

Dangerous Liasons

"Hush, Al. If you make any noise they will look up."

It's 3 am and they are in Mustang's office. The air feels cold against Al's face, and even colder down his naked back. The sheer danger of the whole thing is incredible. The Brigadier General is risking absolutely everything for this. But then perhaps that's what is turning him on so much.

Al grips the windowsill harder as Roy presses into him and starts thrusting with cruel abandon. Staying quiet is very hard to do. If Roy pushes Al any farther out the window, he'll start to fall out. Al can imagine falling the fifteen feet to the hedges. It doesn't seem that comfortable. And it would probably attract what little foot traffic was left out on the compound this time of night.

Perversely, all this danger is getting Al exited as well. After all, if they are found out it won't be him who is in trouble. But he doesn't want to get caught. No. Roy is the only person out there who sees him as the adult he is and not the 13 year old he seems. Roy cares for him, not just as an alchemist, not just as a scientist, but as a man. Roy loves him.

And if Roy wants to have sex in the open window of his office at 3 am, then Al could definitely get into it, too.

A sentry walks between two buildings about one hundred yards away, and Al's breath catches. Don't let him look up, don't let him look up! Roy must have noticed him too because his thrusts are faster, and he pulls Al back a few inches into the room.

For the first time, Roy's hand slides around Al's hip and between his legs. He finds Al's cock and starts roughly pumping. They always wait for this part because Al can't help but come quickly when Roy does that. Though Roy never openly complains, he doesn't much enjoy fucking Al when he's asleep, which he always is within minutes of coming.

The sentry turns to walk towards them. Al tries not to breathe, but the force of the strokes drives the air from his lungs in quick horribly noisy bursts. He's coming now and it's almost impossible to hold back the moans. But he does. Oh, it's like swallowing a brick but he does. He comes in great spurts over the wall of Roy's office. Roy comes a few thrusts later, just as the sentry passes directly beneath them. Roy, too, is silent, but Al can tell he came hard from the way those special final thrusts continue on second after long second.

Finally he pulls out and then yanks Al roughly back into the room. They hide together, not even daring to giggle, on the floor next to the wall. But soon even the adrenaline can't keep Al up and he falls over to sleep curled on the wood floor, leaving Roy to clean the mess before the janitorial crew arrives.


Riza read the suspicious incident report in her usual deadpan tones: "3:17 am. The sentry on duty was alerted by a loud crashing sound, and as he rounded building C, he saw a bright light that appeared to be that of an alchemical reaction. On closer inspection he found Major Elric in the bushes beneath Brigadier General Mustang's office. The Major was wearing only athletic shorts, no shoes or socks, was sweaty, out of breath and covered in scratches and fresh bruises.

"Elric claimed he was out for a late night run when he tripped and fell in the bushes. The sentry helped the Major up and he continued on his run. Further inspection, however, showed that an alchemy circle had been drawn in the dirt under the bush, and that one of the bushes was missing all of its leaves."

Riza looked up at Mustang. "Do I want to know?"

Mustang pulled the ice bag off his mouth and mumbled through grotesque fat lips, "No. I don't think you do."