velvet mace

Dirty Secrets

Ed stopped in the doorway to his bedroom, frozen in absolute horror. "What the hell are you doing?" he managed not to scream.

Al pulled his hand out from under Ed's mattress and, with a smile of pure innocence and light, replied, "Hospital corners." He patted the taut top sheet, and then pulled himself off his knees. "Wanna throw me that blanket?"

"Why are you making my bed, Al?" Ed's mind was racing forward. Had he found it? Did Al know? Oh please, by Truth and the Gate, let's hope he hasn't found the journal I was hiding under the mattress. Ed felt his face prickling with heat at the mere thought of his brother actually reading the secrets he'd written. He would die. He'd find religion and give himself up to a monkish order out of pure shame.

"You forgot to make your bed this morning," said Al, standing up to get the blanket himself. "I was tidying up and I thought I'd do you a favor." Al's smile was huge, and his eyes clear and sharp. "It's really no trouble. After all, you are bringing in the money to support the three of us, the least I can do is keep things tidy."

Ed finally managed to take in a full breath and his heart settled back down in his chest again. Al hadn't seen it. Or if he had, he'd respected Ed's privacy and hadn't read it. God, the things Ed had written in that journal were not meant for anyone's eyes. Despicable, nasty, disgusting things. Pornography of the most abominable sort. Dirty sexual fantasies, not meant for the light of day. Not meant to be acknowledged or even hinted at. He should have burned that journal already.

He'd been tempting fate by keeping a secret journal in a house with his brother and Heidrich, anyway. He loved those two, but they were awfully big snoops, both of them. And neither of them had the sense to keep their nose out of trouble. Keeping the journal was pure selfishness. Al and Heidrich put up with far too much from him already—his periodic tantrums, his obsessions, his manipulative behavior. But this they wouldn't forgive. The fact that he'd even think of the two of them performing such deeds was insulting.

It was bad enough that he had tricked the two of them, at various times, into intimacy: kisses that weren't quite brotherly, but Ed could pretend they were; a hand job here, shushed quiet, under the covers; a half hearted attempt at a blow job that ended with both himself and Heidrich red with embarrassment, and Al knocking at the door asking what was going on. Just experimenting. It was just until they found girlfriends. All guys did it. Crap.

Ed knew it couldn't go on. Al was his brother and Heidrich was sick. And as far as Ed could tell both were straight, or rather would be if he weren't foisting his illegal sexual desires on them. Worse, they depended financially on him. It wasn't as if either of them could pack up and leave if they didn't like what he was doing. Ed knew he was going to muck everything up between the three of him if he didn't get a hold of his libido.

So with great willpower he'd stopped molesting his roommates, and started pouring out his sick fantasies onto the page. It was as if the floodgates had opened up and suddenly there seemed no end to the acts of depravity he contemplated. Bondage. Toys. Situations. Even rape scenarios.

He'd felt sick writing down the nightmares, but once they were on paper the relief was heady. Somehow it put the acts outside of himself. He was fascinated with his own prose. As terrifying as it was that the two people he cared for most in the world might find him out, it also was plain addictive to read and reread what he wrote. In the end, he couldn't bear to throw away his words.

Al was talking, Ed suddenly realized. He jerked to attention and tried to listen.

"I'm taking Heidrich with me. Is there anything you want?"

"Want?" asked Ed.

"At the hardware store."

"No, no." said Ed quickly. "I'm fine. You two have fun."

"Sure thing, Brother. Hey, maybe when we get back, you and I can do some sparring. It's been a couple of weeks since we did that. I think I'm getting rusty." Al's smile was huge, and his eyes were glinting. Ed wasn't quite sure what to make of the expression. In his paranoid state, it seemed as if Al were up to no good.

"Yeah," said Ed. "Sure."

"Great," said Al. "Why don't you clear away the furniture in the living room and set up the mat while we are gone."

"No problem."

Ed only caught the briefest of glimpses of Heidrich before they went out. His roommate offered up a brief offhanded wave, as he left but didn't even look at him. Ed heard his distinctive gasping laugh just as the door shut. Again, Ed's paranoia welled up.

Ed waited until he was sure they were gone, then dropped down on his knees and thrust his hands under the bed. The journal was pushed back farther than usual. It was entirely possible that Al hadn't even felt it as he'd made the bed. Relief welled up in him.

No. They couldn't have read it. Well, sure they could have, it wasn't in code or anything. Ed had tried that once, but found that deciphering the code took a lot of the sexiness out of the situation. But no, they couldn't have read his journal, because if they had, they'd be confronting him right now, not shopping. It was coincidence. He let out a sigh and pushed the whole thing out of his mind.

Ed was beginning to worry when they hadn't returned in two hours. Heidrich's health was still pretty precarious, though it seemed like he'd managed to weather the worst of his illness. His coughing fits were down to a couple of times a week, and rarely brought up blood. Still, making the poor guy walk around the city for hours wasn't a good idea.

Sure enough, as soon as the door opened, he could hear Heidrich's wheezing cough, and by the time Ed got to him, his face was flushed bright red with effort. "Al," Ed chastised. "What the hell took you so long? Don't you know better than to wear Alfons out like this?" He grabbed Heidrich's arm and helped him over to the couch. "I'll make you some tea. Are you cold?"

Heidrich shook his head. "I'm fine!" he said. "I feel better than I have for weeks. Don't worry about me. Why don't you go spar with your brother? I'll sit and watch. And I don't want tea. Al and I stopped for some on the way back. I'm perfectly rested."

There was a babbling quality to Heidrich's tone that worried Ed. He frowned.

"Yeah, okay. If you are sure you are fine."

Hiedrich reddened even further. "I'm just fine, please pay no attention to me," he managed. His eyes turned pleadingly to Al who put down the brown paper shopping bag on the sofa next to Heidrich, and then caught Ed's elbow.

There was a fire in Al's eye that Ed recognized. It was a telltale that Al was up to something particularly sneaky. "What is it?" asked Ed suspiciously.

"Nothing," said Al. "Let's spar."

Ed's eyes narrowed. "Oh really, I know you are up to something. Spit it out."

"Nothing, nothing at all," Al lied. Then seeing that Ed wasn't buying it, he went on. "Okay, so I got a new technique I want to try out. You better take off your shirt, I don't want to rip it."

Ed unbuttoned his shirt; his heart was beginning to pump faster. So little brother had a new technique, huh. He wasn't going to get Ed that easily. Al might have all his limbs, but he still had the body and muscles of a fifteen year old. Ed's 21-year-old body was in its prime. He even topped Al in height these days (though the tide was turning on that one, as Al hit a growth spurt.)

Ed pulled his shoes off his feet, and stripped to his boxers. Al did much the same and the two of them stepped onto the 8 x 12 wrestling mat at the same time. "No hair pulling," said Al.

"No scratching," said Ed.

"My nails are trimmed," said Al. "No punches below the waist."

Ed was indignant. "I've never! Not intentionally."

"Ready?" asked Al. "You can still back out. Don't want to take advantage of a cripple you know."

"Oh, no way, Al, watch this cripple put your face in the mat so fast you won't have time say—"

Al rushed him. Ed just had time to side step, before Al could grapple his arm. Breathing quickly Ed danced sideways around the mat. Al feinted one direction then pressed the other, this time getting both his hands on Ed's upper arms and attempting to sweep his feet out with his leg. Ed easily jerked out his brother's half-formed grip and curled his own leg around Al's knee. Al let himself fall and roll back up to his feet. Then raised his curled hands toward Ed again. He didn't seem the least put out by having been "got" so early in the round. If anything his grin was even larger.

"So where's this technique," asked Ed. "Hell this isn't even your best normal technique. I'm going to pin you on the floor in no time."

Al circled, Ed followed, maintaining the distance between them. Then Ed rushed this time. Closing and grabbing Al's arm, getting ready to throw him to the mat.

"It's coming," said Al as they grappled each other. "Right—NOW!"

Suddenly both Ed's arms were seized and yanked behind him. Al was pressed chest to chest with him, and both his hands were accounted for. That meant that—that HEIDRICH was joining the battle. Sure enough he could hear Heidrich's loud, rough breathing in his ear.

"What the—this is your technique? Cheating?"

"Pretty much," said Al, grinning.

The two of them forced Ed to the ground with their combined weight and strength. Ed fought a little, more a token resistance than anything. He laughed. It was silly after all. Working Ed up about this new technique and then letting Heidrich of all people win. "You and your practical jokes," he managed to say.

Al laughed back. "No joke," he said.

"Huh?" Ed realized something was going on behind his back. He craned his head to look but he couldn't quite make out what Heidrich was doing to him (other than sitting on his butt). "What's up, guys?"

"We're tying you up," said Heidrich.

"Oh come now," said Ed. But yes, that's exactly what they were doing. He felt the ropes tighten up. Ed struggled a little harder, but it was too late. Heidrich already had his wrists tied firmly behind his back. "Hey guys, what are you going to do with me."

"Terrible things," said Al ominously.

Ed's stomach squirmed. This wasn't at all like either of them. "Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?"

"You've been a bad boy. It's time we put you in your place," said Heidrich.

Time to put you—WAIT A SECOND! Ed stiffened up. He recognized that line. It was right out of one of his sexual fantasies. They'd read his journal! BOTH of them! And they were, oh God, enacting one of the fantasies right now. If this were the one he thought it was, that would mean—

No they'd never do that to him. They were just teasing. They'd go so far then cut him loose with a warning.

"My journal is private, you stinkers!" said Ed, letting indignation cover over his embarrassment. "It's not my fault if you read something you didn't like."

"Calm down Ed," said Heidrich. "We don't want to leave any embarrassing marks on you. As long as you don't fight, you won't have to explain the bruises at work tomorrow."

Ed stopped struggling. He wasn't going to muscle his way out of these bonds, anyway; Heidrich was too good at making knots. But he couldn't relax. The adrenaline in his system made his nerves on edge. His muscles, unable to find constructive release for their pent up energy, twitched and fought each other.

"I'll take responsibility for reading your journal," said Al evenly, helping to lift Ed to a kneeling position. "If you take responsible for writing it. You need to be punished, Ed. A lot. And you know it. You even admitted it in your journal."

"They are just fantasies," said Ed. "I never meant you to know about them. I never meant to hurt your sensibilities."

"My sensibilities aren't what's hurt," said Heidrich. "It's my feelings, Ed." He was looping the ropes around Ed's chest. Ed resumed his struggle with vigor, but the two of them just held him still until he stopped.

Ed craned his head to look at Heidrich. "Alfons, you know I don't think you'd really do and say the things I wrote. I know you aren't evil like that."

Heidrich's face was still a bit flushed, but Ed saw grim determination set in. "You owe me, Ed. You have no idea how uncomfortable it's been, wondering where I stood with you. And then—then finding this out about you! I thought we trusted each other!"

"I do, but—"

Al grabbed Ed's face and redirected his attention before he could find good excuse. Heidrich wasn't the only victim here. Ed's numb tongue fumbled to find adequate words to douse the fire in his brother's bronze eyes. "Al. I know I'm a horrible brother, but you know I'd never—you know—it's just fantasies, everyone has them. It's normal—"

"No it's not, Brother. And I'm not going to pretend like what you feel for me is just brotherly love anymore. It's time to be honest, and for you to face the consequences. Alfons, hand me the gag."

Alfons reached over into the brown paper bag and pulled out a long white handkerchief and passed it to Al. Al took it and knotted it, once, twice, then pressed the bundle of fabric against Ed's lips.

It wasn't exactly the same gag Ed had described in his story, but it was close enough. "Open up," said Al. Without waiting for Ed to cooperate he pushed it past Ed's teeth and Heidrich tied it behind his head. Ed moaned involuntarily. They were using his own ideas against him. They were punishing him with his own fantasy.

And it was turning him on. Ed squirmed to hide his growing erection, but it was impossible. His shorts tented out, and the faint rub of the cotton against his cock felt painfully teasing. Al's eyes gleamed at the sight. "Brother, you are such a pervert."

"Tip him back," ordered Heidrich. Al pushed on Ed's shoulders until he was unbalanced and fell backwards into his roommate's lap. "Would you—I mean, get his leg, Al. We can't have him kicking or running away."

If they were following the script at all, this would be where they—Ah! A flip of a lever and Winry's carefully constructed automail leg slipped free and fell. The bare hub made Ed shiver, if anything accidentally brushed against the port—

But they'd thought that through as well—more thoroughly apparently than Ed himself. Pulling a roll of elastic bandage from the sack, Al wound it around and secured it with a couple of clips. Ed felt reassured. They really weren't trying to hurt him.

They weren't mad at him!

It struck him like a shot to the back of his head. For a moment Ed was blinded by the revelation. They weren't mad at him! They'd just gotten it in their heads to fulfill Ed's fantasies. They figured this was what he wanted.

And that was the scary thing, because on one level it was true. He did want to try it. On the other level, reality wasn't fantasy, and he couldn't imagine them being able to do—do—that without it injuring him in a hard to explain way. And now he was gagged and couldn't even warn them if they were taking it too far.

No, they'd stop, they'd stop before the end. They'd already made some minor deviations from the script. In his fantasy both Heidrich and Al had been fully dressed, their only concession to the situation was to unzip their pants. Ed had visualized his own pants being ripped from him, and his shirt used to bind his hands behind his back. Apparently those details hadn't suited the two.

Of course, if they weren't beholden to what he'd written, then there was really no predicting what they'd do next. Ed felt a painful pang of fear run through his chest down, echoed by an equal pang of pleasure from his groin.

"Edward Elric," pronounced Al in the gravest of tones. "I pronounce you a consummate cock-tease. For the crime of being a merciless flirt, turning us on, promising to put out and then suddenly pretending you are a goddamn straight prude, I hereby sentence you to the FULL extent of your own dirty imagination."

Okay, maybe the were a little mad at him.

Al and Alfons moved together in a coordinated fashion, moving him across the mat, rolling him onto his belly. Ed began to wonder how much of their "shopping" trip was spent discussing exactly how they were going to enact their revenge on him. Even if they weren't following his script, they were certainly following some detailed plan of attack. Almost certainly it was concocted by Al, who had fought his way out of more scrapes before his eleventh birthday than Heidrich had had in all his 20 years. Ed hoped that Al hadn't bullied their roommate into this.

Ed looked over to Heidrich to see if the man were uncomfortable. He was a bit taken aback to see a smile of pure malicious glee on his face. Ed reddened. His worries were completely removed when he heard Heidrich murmur, "This is fun."

Ed's mind was yanked back to the present by Al's fingers on the waistband of his shorts. Ed had always thought it would be a hell of a lot more difficult to take a guy's pants off, and, in his stories, there was a great deal of wiggling and struggle. In reality, they were down and off before Ed could even think of a way to resist. All in all it had been ridiculously easy to get him into this position. So easy Ed began to wonder how he'd managed to come out ahead when he fought people who genuinely wanted to do him harm. If Scar or Lust had been able to subdue him this easily, his life's story would have turned out quite different.

"What do you think we should do first," said Al to Heidrich, when they had him stretched naked on his belly between them.

"Spank him, hard" suggested Heidrich with a firm nod. Ed's eyes widened. "When my brother got caught teasing me, he got a spanking."

Al seemed to consider, placing a finger to his cheek, but there was something to the pose that looked rehearsed. "Brother's awfully used to taking pain," said Al. "I don't think a slap from my hand will really drive the lesson in."

"Well then we'll have to use a belt," said Heidrich.

Ed's eyes bugged out. He couldn't believe he was hearing these words from Heidrich—gentle, dependable, far-to-easy-to-walk-over Heidrich. He craned his head to the side see if his roommate's face was as sincere as his voice. Heidrich looked down at him without flinching. His lips were pursed, and the blue eyes were cold and firm. He means it.

Heidrich pulled himself up to a kneeling position and unbuckled his thin leather belt. He made a slow show of removing it and doubling over its length before handing it to Al. Ed's cock twitched, he felt an electric shock travel down its length. It took great willpower to keep himself from rubbing his groin against the smooth rubber mat.

His two roommates were in motion again. Working together they positioned him like a doll over Heidrich's crossed legs. Ed felt the looped leather brush accidentally against his side. His mind traced its path across his skin again, memorizing its texture, and postulating on the pain it would cause when it was used.

His cock brushed against the touch canvas of Heidrich's pants. The sensation of rough fabric sliding against his length, even inadvertently was enough to ratchet his sexual tension almost to the top. His written words had been masturbation material, but this was far more intense than his mind alone could produce. Ed whimpered in need and bucked his hips.

"He's ready for his spanking," said Al. "How many should I give him?"

"How long has he been hiding his journal from us."

"Two months."

"One for each day then?"

"Sounds right."

Ed jerked in Hei's lap. Sixty smacks! That was far beyond what he'd ever written about. They were departing from the script a lot here. Damn it, he had to work tomorrow, they couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't leave him so battered he had to call in sick.

The first smack came down and it indeed stung. His muscles quivered and he flinched and bit down on the gag. But in the back of his mind he recognized that this wasn't even close to the amount of force that Al was capable of giving. He felt the slightest sense of disappointment in the way Al held back, but it quickly slipped away as each lash built upon the one before it. The belt ranged over his buttocks and thighs, stinging, itching. His backside moved from a mild heat to being on fire.

Okay, he wanted to say. That's good enough. I'm contrite. Really. But he had no control over anything. Every blow drove his groin against Heidrichs pants adding that strange pleasurable, but maddeningly gentle rub. Ed thrust his hips to strengthen the feeling, thrusting quickly, grinding his cock against Heidrich's thigh. He moaned. His endorphins were kicking in, and he was high. His emotions jumbled together in a mash: Fear, need, respect, anger, love, guilt it was all one with each blow, and overriding it all was an intense indescribable excitement that made every nerve in his body alert. I deserve this, I deserve every bit of this, I am a cocktease.

Abruptly the blows stopped. "That's enough for now," Al said. "But don't think I won't give you the rest if you act up. Are you going to behave?"

Ed nodded vigorously. His flesh still burned and he twitched. He didn't care how uncharacteristic this was of his roommates anymore. He was past questioning anything. He'd do whatever they told him to.

"Good, because you have a hell of a lot more to atone for."

Ed's cock twitched again and he moaned into the gag. He couldn't tell hope from fear anymore. What more was coming?

"As bad as you've jerked me around, you've been worse to Alfons," said Al. "I seem to recall you promised to suck him off, but then you went all shy."

Ed remembered the half-assed attempt. Yeah, he sucked at sucking.

"Well a promise is a promise. You are going to give him that damn blowjob now, brother. And you are going to make it the best damn blowjob in the history of blow jobs. If you don't we will both take turns with the belt until you change your attitude." Ed noticed that Al was really getting into the whole punishment thing. The enthusiasm in his voice didn't seem as contrived as it had a bit earlier. There was no doubt that he'd carry through if Ed decided to balk.

Ed nodded again because that was all he could do. Heidrich untied the gag, opened his pants. Ed watched as his cock pulled free. It was hard, glistening at the end, as ready for him as he was for it. They laid him on his side on the mat, with Heidrich curled next to him. Without his arms to steady himself he was completely at his roommates' mercy as they pushed his head until Alfon's cock pressed against his cheek.

"Suck me good this time," said Heidrich, wrapping his fingers in Ed's hair and pulling his face down onto his wanton member.

Ed opened his mouth and gave Heidrich's cock a tentative lick. It felt warm and very smooth, and strange. Ed had been so distracted by the fear of being caught in his earlier attempt at a blowjob, that he hadn't been able to appreciate what he was doing. Now there was nothing to distract him from the reality of what was in his mouth. This was the seat of Heidrich's masculinity, his sexual center, vulnerable, needy, needing him in a way he'd always hoped Heidrich would need him.

Ed proceeded cautiously, afraid that he'd somehow mess this up. He wondered what it would feel like to have soft lips brush against his own cock. What did his tongue feel like when flicked over the head, pushing the foreskin back from the glans? Surely this would feel good. Uncertainty crept in, and with it Ed's cock began to soften.

"You call that a blow job?" Al asked, suddenly. "How does that feel Alfons?"

Ed's nerves woke up at the tone of Al's voice. He felt that sharp tingle in his groin again, and immediately took the head of Heidrich's cock in his mouth and sucked, in an attempt to appease his brother.

"Uhhhh—" said Heidrich. "Really nice."

"But it could be better, right?" Al tapped Heidrich on the knee.

"Oh yeah," said Heidrich. "Um, I mean yes. It could. Yes. Suck harder!"

They began peppering orders at him, rapid fire and often contradictory. Lick, suck, bob his head, tongue the shaft, suck the balls. Heidrich grabbed his hair and pushed his head to where he wanted it. Al lightly slapped his stinging buttocks when Ed didn't follow his directions fast enough. Ed worked the cock beneath him as furiously as he could, all worry about hurting Heidrich forgotten. He put every bit of effort and concentration he could into the task. He could feel Heidrich's legs tensing beneath his weight, and the organ felt hot and ridged.

He jerked as Heidrich thrust unexpectedly pushing his cock all the way to the back of his throat. Ed had never had much of a gag reflex but now he could feel the hint of one, making his stomach lurch. He tried hard to relax, to swallow. Heidrich lifted his head by the hair of his bangs, adding yet another axis of discomfort to the situation. The cock nearly fell free of his lips, before Heidrich let go and the weight of his head along, impaled his mouth back on.

The hand in his hair relaxed and moved to pet and smooth, instead of pulling. The sudden switch to gentleness was even more erotic than the pain. Ed thrust his hips against the mat with increasing desperation.

"Enough," said Heidrich suddenly pulling Ed's head away. "Any more and I'll come." Heidrich held his own cock tightly around the base and winced. Coughing just a little. His face was red again. "And I don't want to come in his mouth. That would be too easy on him." Suddenly Heidrich's voice hitched and he changed to his more normal tone. "Although, God, Al I'm seriously reconsidering—damn that was a good blow job."

"Alfons," Al warned, grabbing Ed under his arm pits and pulling him up to a sitting position again.

"But no, this will be even better!" said Heidrich.

Ed whimpered.

Al's hand slid between the hot swollen globes of his buttocks and rubbed. "I want that too," said Al.

Ed jerked with anticipation. His mind careened back to the scenario he thought they were following from the start. "One at a time!" he said, preemptively. "One at a time."

"But in your story, you had both of us at once," said Heidrich.

"It was a fantasy, Alfons." Ed's eyes bugged out.

"Tell me brother, have you experimented back here at all?" Al goosed him. "Be honest. How much of a virgin are you?"

Ed reddened. He'd experimented, carefully, but with nothing longer or thicker than his own finger. Taking a cock was going to be enough of an adventure. "Too much of one for that. Seriously, you'll break me."

Al looked thoughtful for a minute. Then reached over and grabbed the gag.

"Hey, wait a minute," said Ed. "No. Don't gag me. I'm serious about this. I have to work tomorrow—" Ed turned his face away as Al leaned in to press the knot against his lips again. "I'll suck you both off. I promise. I'll be—mmmph." Heidrich caught his head and held him still, while Al resecured the knot.

"You notice every time we let him get his way his cock goes limp?" Al said.


"Let's just do this the way we planned. I'm sure he'll forgive us afterwards."

Ed shook his head, violently. But true to Al's words his cock was hardening again. Ed squirmed around, losing his balance and landing face down against the mat.

"We'll just have to see for ourselves just how far he can stretch," Al continued. "After all, he can always call in sick tomorrow. I checked. It's in his contract. So no excuses."

Ed attempted to inchworm his way off the mat, self-preservation overcoming decorum or sense, both of which told him that he was at their mercy, and it was unmanly to try and run away.

"Well, if you are sure he'll forgive us." Heidrich's voice was doubtful.

"Absolutely," said Al. "Anyway, I know him. He can't hold a grudge to save his life. Lie down, I'll fetch him back."

Ed hadn't even made it to the end of the mat before Al stepped over him. With far too much ease, Al lifted him by the waist and carried him back to the center of the mat where Heidrich lay on his back, rubbing oil over his jutting cock. Al set him down on Heidrich's thighs, giving him a moment to contemplate the inevitable. And a moment was all they gave him, for the moment he felt Al settle, warm and firm against his back the two of them were lifting him pushing him forward. Heidrich lined his slippery erection up, while Al held him still.

Ed was ready. He was more than ready. Well, he was more than ready for it to be the size of his finger, which this wasn't. This was big, by god, it was huge and it was breaching him, his flesh giving way in tiny, almost microscopic jerks. Even so there were limits to the amount any person could stretch and his body had already past that point and was still going. It had gone beyond comfortable and now felt hot and prickly, and the head wasn't even all the way in yet. Ed cried out against the gag for mercy, and attempted to lift his own weight away with his remaining leg, only to feel the other two holding him still.

It was almost a surprise when he stopped stretching, and suddenly slid all the way to the base. Ed hunched forward with relief, until he felt Al's hands on his hips, lifting him, then thrusting him down again. Ed closed his eyes and trusted the two of them, because it was all he could do. The second thrust felt better than the first, and the third was amazing. Ed felt himself sinking into his own body, becoming one with the sensations. He could do this. He could take a cock and enjoy it. But there was no way he could take a second one. No. He was at his limit.

And then suddenly he was being pushed, lifted farther and finally off. When his hips came down again, it was to sit on Heidrich's upper thighs. Ed looked down to see that Heidrich's cock had already begun to soften. It took Ed a moment to realize Heidrich had come.

They weren't going to do it after all. He let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Good thing double penetration wasn't the plan," said Heidrich. "I don't think I could have held out any longer."

Wait—It wasn't?

Apparently enough of the question had come through with Ed's quizzical grunt that Al laughed. "Of course, not. We don't want to kill you, Brother. We always intended to do it one at a time. You really need to trust us more. And now, it better be my turn."

Al grabbed Ed's shoulders and moved him until he lay with his head on Heidrich's stomach, and his crotch resting in the crease between Heidrich's thighs. His hips began thrusting of their own accord. Damn, at this moment he was so needy, he'd rub himself against bricks to come.

There was no pain when Al thrust in, only a sense of rightness. He should have trusted Al all along. And Alfons, too. They'd never lead him wrong, and really they were always more sensible than him. After all, if he'd paid more attention to them, and less to his own insecurities, he could have had sex like this months ago.

This was perfect. This was how they fit, in life as well as sex, with Heidrich warm and supportive beneath him and Al at his back driving him on. Ed gave in completely. Al pistoned into him, driving Ed's cock between Heidrich's thighs in an act of quasi-penetration. The sting, the stretch, the rub, the pleasure, was finally enough, more than enough. Ed bit into the gag with all his might and came.

They all needed a shower badly, but it was too comfortable to lie in a heap on the mat and just not move—at all. The most Ed could manage was to rub his wrist a little, where the rope had slightly abraded his skin. Heidrich coughed every so often, but not with any force.

Ed assumed Al had gone to sleep until he finally broke the silence and spoke.

"Well, that was about the best work out I've had—in my life."

"If that's counts as 'sparring'," said Heidrich. "I think I can get into fighting." He coughed. "But how is Ed." He reached over and touched Ed's shoulder. "You okay? You aren't mad at us are you?"

Was he? He had every reason to be. The snoops had read his private journal, ambushed him, scared him silly and fucked him senseless. His butt still stung a bit from that lashing Al had given him. They'd lied to him, and worried him, and in general had been complete assholes. Trust? How could he trust them when they were going to pull that kind of crap on him.

And yet, that was, hands down, the most awesome sex he'd ever had in his life. And even if they hadn't followed the letter of his story they'd sure followed the spirit. They meant well.

"Please don't be mad at me," Heidrich said. He rolled over to look into Ed's eyes. Damn, Heidrich's eyes were amazingly blue. Such a pretty man and so sincere. Even roleplaying, he hadn't been that convincing. There wasn't a trace of bastard in Alfons. Ed's heart melted.

"No I'm not mad at you. If I were going to be mad at anyone it would be my own—dear—brother!" Ed suddenly rolled over ignoring his aching muscles and landed on Al's lap.

"Eek!" Al offered him the most innocent look that sneak could give. "Why blame me? It was Heidrich's idea."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"It was my idea," said Heidrich sitting up and pulling gently, if not very effectively, at Ed's shoulder. Ed paused. "We read your journal days ago. Al suggested that you'd probably be open to sleeping with us if we were more aggressive about it, but it was my idea to actually ambush you and tie you up."

"You did?" Ed gaped. Heidrich actually wanted to play out Ed's fantasies? No, not his sweet innocent Heidrich. Al, maybe, possibly but not Heidrich.

"He did," said Al. "He came up with the entire script. Which, by the way, had me doing all the work and waiting to the very end to get any relief." He reached out a hand and gave Heidrich's leg a playful punch. "Next time, I get to go first, and you get the sloppy seconds."

"Okay, okay," Heidrich laughed and scrambled out of reach.

Ed stared in amazement. He'd just had the most kinky, amazing sex of his life with them both, at the same time, and now they were rolling on the mat kidding around with each other as if life were completely normal. There was no sign of the anger, or disgust, or trauma he'd envisioned. There were no accusations, no cries of rape, no jealousy.

Maybe it could all work out.