velvet mace


"Have you ever thought about becoming a daddy?" Wrath said, grinning an unpleasantly sharp tooth smile. He climbed onto the rotten mattress and knelt in front of Ed, close enough that Ed could feel his breath on his face. "Find some girl whose willing to look at your face and knock her up with your spawn? Is that your dream?"

Instinctively Ed brought his legs together to protect his privates. Wrath didn't have any weapons on him currently, but Ed had no doubt that he could emasculate him with his bare hands. His vulnerability never felt more acute.

He was disarmed, literally. His automail arm and leg had been removed while he was still woozy from Envy's attack. Somewhere in that grey space he'd also been hauled to the second floor of this abandoned row house and thrown on the moldy mattress. He vaguely remembered his clothes being removed and his remaining wrist being manicled to what was left of the brass headboard.

He was trying very hard not to imagine what they planned on doing to him in this state, but this line of questioning made it pretty obvious. Ed curled tightly into a ball and considered his rather poor options.

Envy snickered from his chair. "He thinks you are going to rip off his family jewels."

" I'm not going to cut off your balls," Wrath said. He reached down with his hands and with a jerk of strength parted Ed's bare thighs, He reached between and cupped the objects of the discussion lightly in his hands. "I'm going to be whole when I wear your body. And I'm going to need these," he ran his thumb lightly over the sac.

Ed felt his scrotum tighten. He pushed away as well as he could and tried to close his thighs again.

"Your daddy up and fucking left you as a baby," said Wrath. "Fucking loser. That must have hurt your feelings. I know it hurts mine." For a moment Ed saw the childlike innocence Wrath had first displayed, but it was gone in a flash and the same cold, obscure oldness was back. "Daddy doesn't deserve that title does he?"

Ed frowned. Wrath was Izumi's child, not Hoenheims. Wrath had never had a chance to know either of his parents, but here it sounded like the creature was thinking of Ed's father as his own.

Envy snorted. "You are better off not knowing that creep."

"You know what," Wrath continued, pushing Ed's legs apart again and settling into a comfortable crosslegged position, right between them. "I want to be a father. And when I got that body of yours," he drew a finger down Ed's chest suggestively. "I'm going to find some woman, and I'm going to knock her up with my kid and you know what?"

"What," said Ed at last, not sure he wanted to hear.

"I'm going to be the best goddamn father that little piece of shit could ever have. I'm going to dote on the little fuck. It's gonna love me, and we are going to be a fucking happy family. I'm going to be in that little fucker's life every GODDAMN SECOND of it's existence. I'm going to give it everything that I fucking never had. Everything none of us had."

Ed felt very sorry for whatever child Wrath fathered. Wait, what was he thinking of, Wrath was never going to father a kid, because Ed wasn't going to lose anymore of his anatomy to this changeling.

Envy laughed. "You'd strangle the brat before he was half way out of the womb," he said. "I've seen you around babies. You don't even like them. What makes you think you'd love one of your own."

Wrath turned and snarled at Envy. "You promised me you'd help me with this."

"Oh, " said Envy, stretching languidly. "I will. I am. But I'm in on this because I like the idea of hurting HIM any way I can, not because I understand your happy family fantasy."

"What are you planning on doing with me." Ed said. "You can't kill me, your 'master' won't let you."

"Unfortunately," said Envy, "That is true. But we were told we could hurt you in any way we like, so long as we eventually get you to our master. You'll be alive when you arrive. Meanwhile we are going to have a little fun with you."


"Damn, I didn't think you were THAT slow, shrimp, " said Envy, his eyes widening with innocent surprised. "What the fuck do you think we plan on doing with you? You think we took off your clothes to make you more comfortable?"

Ed's stomach lurched. He drew his right leg up and kicked Wrath as hard as he could. The small humunculous flew out of the bed and landed on the floor. Ed simultaneously pulled on the manacle, trying to slip his hand through the bracelet or short of that cut his hand enough to draw blood which he could then trace into an array.

Wrath snarled, leaping back up onto the bed and backhanding Ed solidly.

Things grew quiet again, while Ed blinked the stars back out of his eyes. "So why all this talk about fatherhood?" he said at last. "You can't father a child on me."

They both laughed.

"Oh, that would be sweet, pipsqueek," said Envy. "If it were possible, you'd bet I'd lock you in some dungeon and father a whole brood on you. But no. Wrath's a bit worried that your body might not be up to the task anymore, after he's melded with you. Homunculus's are sterile. No one has ever heard of a homunculus human halfbreed before. We don't know exactly how that will sort itself out."

Meld with me? Ed thought. Wrath had threatened many times to take his body parts, but it had never been exactly clear how he was going to it. The thought of that thing pushing its body into his own made his flesh crawl.

Wraths hands caressed his sides. "Time for you to make a contribution to the cause. I'll store it away, nice and safe, until the time is right. Just like daddy did to make you."

Ed jerked. "What?"

Envy snickered. "Don't know how old that bastard is, do you."

"Yes I do... he's centuries old."

"He's centuries DEAD, shorty." Envy grinned. "Dead things don't father kids. Not unless they made advanced preparation while they were alive. Which he did. He kept you and Alphonse—or at least the goo that would become the two of you—locked away safe in alchemical stasis until he found a woman desperate enough to let him shove that 400 year old spunk inside her. Doesn't that make you special. She must have been one hard up bitch."

Ed tried to spit on him , but he was too far out of reach. Still the thought of what Hoenheim must have done to his mother to father him was so vile that he didn't notice when Wrath willed away his clothes.

"I'm not going to contribute ANYTHING to this cause," said Ed firmly. "And you can't make me either."

Wrath and Envy laughed again. Ed gasped when Wrath snuggled up beside him. Envy shed his clothes as well, and leaned in on the other side. "We are going to make ourselves a Fullmetal sandwich aren't we."

Wrath licked the side of Ed's face. Ed yanked on the manacle again hard, relishing the sting when the metal cut into his flesh. He could feel himself bleeding now, if he could just get a bit more.

But there was no ignoring what the two were doing with him. Envy had pushed him to face Wrath. The younger homunculus kissed his cheeks and forehead, while the oldest one nibbled on the back of his neck, and slid his hands between his thighs.

There was just a bit of blood, growing sticky fast between the metal and his wrist, but try as he could Ed couldn't press his fingers down to touch it. Nor could he lift his wrist up to press it directly against the wall behind the head board. Frustrated and desperate he flailed with his legs and let out an incoherent scream.

"Ordinarily," whispered Envy, "I wouldn't stoop to using lube. But I promised Wrath I'd get you to come for him. Pity. I'd rather hear you screaming in pain than pleasure." He stroked Ed's hair. "But then a scream is a scream."

"I'm not going to come for you," Ed said. "It's disgusting and you can't make me do it. You can rape me but you can't make me like it."

Rape, thought Ed revolted. He'd said the word. He'd admitted to knowing what was coming. Somehow that made things just a little too real for him.

It's just another form of physical assault, he reasoned to himself, and he'd been assaulted many times in his lifetime. There was nothing different about this, except the area of the body getting hit. He'd roll with this the way he rolled with everything else. It would hurt, he'd endure, and when it was over he'd dispatch the two homunculi with less guilt than he would have otherwise.

Envy giggled a little. "You don't know much about the male body do you."

Ed gritted his teeth and felt a cold trickle against his buttocks, and then Envy's hand slipping easily between them, searching, then finding his enterance. Ed wasn't going to scream. He didn't scream for that slap Wrath had leveled him with earlier, he wasn't going to scream for this.

"Wrath, touch him, just like I taught you," Envy cooed. His fingers didn't intrude, not yet, instead they circled about, massaging the muscle.

And Wrath began stroking Ed's cock. It's just flesh, thought Ed, like an elbow. It doesn't feel anything.

"It's getting harder," Wrath said, delighted.

No. An illusion, Ed thought. Though he could feel his weight shifting lower. It felt good, but he didn't want it to. Damn he should have more control than this.

"Just imagine we are someone you want. Maybe that Winry slut? Hmm." Envy said. "I can make myself look like her for a while, until I'm ready to go in you. Or perhaps you'd prefer your brother. I'll have to guess a little as to what he'd look like if he wasn't armor. Or would you like the armor?"

"Don't you dare," growled Ed. "Don't bring them into this."

"Or Mustang? Do you have the hots for him? I think he does for you. He hides it though behind that poker face."

"Don't bother, I won't look at you."

"Very well, but you can't say I didn't try to accommodate your tastes."

Ed thought about alchemy circles, trying to pull his mind away from what was happening to him. He felt a bit of relief when his cock softened again despite Wraths insistent pulling.

"It's not working, " Wrath said.

"Oh really."

Ed suddenly felt the intrusion of a finger. He hissed, but it wasn't nearly as painful as he thought it would be. It slipped coolly in with a sensation of pressure and vulnerability. It stayed still for a few seconds, but just as Ed thought he could turn off the sensation in his brain it started moving in slow rhythmic jabs.

It shouldn't have felt good. It shouldn't have felt exiting. This was crazy, the last thing Ed wanted was Envy's finger up his ass. But as much as he told himself this, his body told him something else entirely. No he wouldn't respond, he wouldn't give them the satisfaction, and he was damned if he was going to let himself be used to father a child. Alchemy circles. Alchemy circles.

A second finger joined the first, hooking in and pressed deeply inside. Alchemy circles disintegrated, and he let out a strangled cry. It should have felt like hell. But it felt good. Obscenely, wrongly, intensely good.

"Wrath, use your mouth."

Oh HELL no. The thought of those sharp teeth on his tender skin made Ed shudder. He writhed away as best he could, but he was firmly held between the two. The dry hand was replaced by a smooth warm wet mouth and a tongue. It felt like a line of pleasure coursing down his cock all the way to his spine. The dual sensation had brought him to full hardness and was fast bringing him up to an unspeakable climax.

"And now," whispered Envy. "It's my turn." The fingers were gone. Oh thank god, Ed worked hard on pulling himself out of the shameful spell he was under. It horrified him to think how close he'd gotten to giving these two the satisfaction of complete conquest.

Then Ed felt a new pressure and realized his relief was premature. He tried to clamp down, force the intruder out, but there was no stopping it. He did feel a bit of relief in that this did hurt. And that pain was marvelous for the simple reason that it didn't feel good. Ed could handle pain. Suffering was normal, was safe, was familiar. Suffering defined his existence, made him stronger and more resolved. And as long as it hurt, he was guiltless.

What he couldn't take was that out of control pleasure. Pleasure was giving in. It was letting them win. It was letting these creatures past his defenses and into his soul. There was no way he could ever want what Envy and Wrath were doing to him. The shame was too great.

"Relax," Envy told him. "I can't believe I'm actually telling you this. I should be telling you to fight me tooth and nail, but I promised, so relax you stupid shrimp. The sooner you give in, the sooner this will be over. And then the next time I take you, I'll make it hurt good and plenty, just like you want it to."

Envy continued to thrust, but thank goodness he wasn't hitting the right spot. Ed felt himself growing soft again, and breathed a sigh relief.

"It's not working," said Wrath again.

"Yeah, I know the problem. Help me get him up on his knees."

Ed struggled but without his arm or leg to help position himself, he couldn't put up an effective resistance. Soon he was flipped over, in an off balance position, his weight on one knee and the coupling for his automail. His face was pressed into the stinking fabric of the mattress. Then Wrath wriggled under him, and he found himself lying on the boy's chest, his legs straddling the boys, his face buried in the other's hair. Envy pushed down on his buttocks until he was lying flat on top the other homunculus, his legs splayed in an undignified way.

"Do your little trick, Wrath," giggled Envy.


Then Ed felt something truly strange. It was as if the flesh beneath him had gone soft like pudding. He was SINKING. Merging. But this made no sense. Wrath couldn't be taking over his body now. He hadn't come yet, and their master still wanted him, whole, not as a piece of Wrath. The sinking sensation stopped.

"Envy and I've been playing around," said Wrath. "Seeing what I can do. He always liked this trick, and you know what, I like it too."

It was hard to describe what was going on. Ed felt the other separating out from him in certain places, and binding with him in others. The sensation was like movement, but it completely enveloped him, not only his cock, but his balls as well. It rippled and squeezed and pushed, both inside and out. His nerves stood on end and he gasped.

"It's a partial merge. You like it? I can tell you do. You've gone all hard on me again."

Envy chuckled and pressed back in him. This time the older homunculus's cock hit squarely on that part inside of him that felt good. Ed squeezed his eyes shut, and tried not to scream. Never had he felt so helpless, so completely out of control. I don't want this, was all he could say to comfort himself, but his body told him, yes you do.

This time there was no stopping the climax. And when Ed came it was wonderful and bitter. With a scream behind clenched teeth. With tears filling up under his eyelids.

Oh god no.

"He did it," Wrath was gleeful. "I got it."

Envy just chuckled. "I bet you loved every second of that, didn't you my Fullmetal slut." He thrust harder now, changing his angle to miss the spot, not holding back. It no longer felt good. It hurt. Ed felt teeth on his shoulder, and that hurt, too. It was good it hurt. Proper. Almost cleansing.

"Aw, he's crying," Wrath said with mock sadness.

Envy's hand reached around to caress his cheek, and feel the moisture there. He grunted and slammed a few more times, then pulled out, satisfied.

They laid Ed on his back between him, sweaty, exhausted, unable to hide his tears. While Wrath gloated over his prize, Envy stroked Ed's hair. "You know what, shrimp? All those times I beat the crap out of you, I was hoping for tears and you never gave them to me. I finally show you some good loving and you cry for me. Ironic, isn't it."

Ed said nothing.

"I think I'll make you come again next time," Envy continued. "Just to see those tears again."

Wrath giggled. "Welcome to fatherhood, Ed."