velvet mace


Roy shook his head and laughed more out of reflex than humor. "Where the HELL did you get that outfit?"

"A Halloween costume shop," Al replied, innocently. "Doesn't it make a good fetish?"

Al lay on Roy's bed wearing nothing but a skimpy kitten outfit. The belled collar and leash had definite potential. The eared headband wasn't too bad. It made Al look girlish, but that wasn't a problem. In fact Roy rather liked Al's effeminate features. But the furred underwear... For one thing it made Al's skinny hips look fat (something that was nothing short of a miracle). For another it rather reminded Roy of a diaper. The long limp tail attached to the butt just looked utterly ridiculous.

But that wasn't really the problem.

The problem was that AL looked absolutely, disturbingly young in the costume, and that in turn hit one of Roy's biggest hot buttons. Al looked like a ten-year-old playing dress up—and Roy refused to believe a child could turn him on.

But Al wasn't ten, Roy reminded himself. He wasn't even the thirteen years his body claimed he was. He'd had regained all his memories of being in armor. He was, in every way but physically, eighteen years old and a man.

"Sexy?" Al asked. He smiled alluringly, and rubbed the cat tail against his nipple in a way that was most decidedly NOT thirteen. Al stretched out his lean bronze form, the muscles of his belly tightening under his skin. Then he wiggled a bit luxuriously, the bells on his collar jingling with every small movement.

Then Al noted Roy's expression. "Not sexy," he sighed. "I guess this isn't going to get me anything."

"Well that depends," Roy said. "Are you hoping for candy?" He sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I tried, Roy." Al said, sitting up. "I really tried. But they wouldn't let me into the Fetish shop. Not even when I showed them my ID. I figured, we both like cats..." Al sighed and reached up to unhook the collar. "Never mind."

Roy reached forward and caught his arm. "Don't be hasty, you just took me... by surprise I guess."

Now that the initial shock of seeing Al dressed in the costume had worn off, Roy's mind had started spinning.

Al had tried to please him. The young man knew that Roy had a thing for fresh kinks. It was not a bad notion going for a Halloween costume. Really, if Al had looked just a bit OLDER in it, it would make a fine fetish indeed.

"I just want you to be happy with me," said Al. "I know how I look." He covered his eyes with his hands. "The truth is... you could have anyone you want. There is no reason at all for you to want me. You are so... so... manly and I'm so... not." He then hugged his knees with thin arms.

Roy winced. That really wasn't the problem at all. "You don't have to worry about me being attracted to you. Really. It isn't your job to keep me entertained."

He looked over Al again. The boy (MAN damn it) had flopped forward onto his stomach and was regarding him with large bronze-hazel eyes. His chin was propped up in his hands, the tail stretched up over Al's shoulder and pressed against his lips.

Nope, no matter how Roy turned it over in his mind, the boy looked more ready for trick or treating than sex...

A slow, evil smile spread across Roy's lips. "Take it off, Al, " he said. "But I think tomorrow, I'll have a use for that costume... with a few modifications."

Al raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure I like that look on your face."

"You were the one to dress this way," said Roy. "You were the one to try stir up a new kink. There is no backing out now."

"Oh," said Al. "Now I'm REALLY not sure I like that look. What are you planning?" He was beginning to grin.

"You'll find out tomorrow," Roy said.

"Tomorrow's Halloween..." Al said.

Roy let out a truly evil chuckle. "I know."

"You are an evil, evil, rotten bastard of a man," growled Al. "I can't believe I'm going to do this."

Roy finished drawing the whiskers on Al's face and leaned back to take the whole effect in. Now this, he decided, was sexy. This hit Roy's need for new kinks quite well indeed.

Al was wearing a lot more clothes than he had the night before. In fact, except for his head, his skin was completely covered. Roy had bought an orange leotard to go under the furred underwear. Opaque orange tights covered his legs. Roy had used a colored marker to put the brown cat stripes on. White gloves hid Al's hands. The furry headband, with it's tufted orange striped ears poked out above his loose honey blond hair. The belled collar (minus the leash) completed the outfit.

He looked every bit like a grade-schooler in a homemade Halloween costume.

"Roy," Al continued, checking himself out in the mirror. "I look even YOUNGER now than I did before. And isn't this a girl's leotard?"

Roy handed Al the jack-o-lantern and the flashlight. "I think you are ready to go." He said smugly. Then he perked up. "Oh, almost forgot." He reached over on the table and tucked the remote control in his pocket.

"You love to make me suffer don't you," Al said. "Do I really have to do this."

"Yes," said Roy in a firm voice. He knew that Al was enjoying the idea as much as he was, though the young man wouldn't admit it.

"I'm going to blush," Al said.

"I'm counting on it," Roy said. "But you better control yourself."

"This is just wrong," Al insisted. "This is taking something sacred and turning it ... dirty."

"Since when was begging for candy sacred. You are going to do it, Al." Roy used just the right amount of command in his voice, and as predicted Al crumbled. Roy smiled.

Roy knew Al's kinks as well as Al knew his. Al was a sucker for strong overbearing men—and the more demanding and unreasonable Roy was, the harder Al would come later. Since Roy rather liked being demanding and unreasonable, it worked out well. Better than well, perfectly. Al was the only partner he'd ever had who was willing to go along with every kink he'd come up with, no matter how strange, embarrassing, or even dangerous.

Though not perhaps without a little complaining.

"How long are you planning on prolonging this humiliation?" Al asked.

"I imagine we'll do the immediate neighborhood, and if I think you need more, we can expand to the next."

Al gaped. "You sadist."

"Start walking," ordered Roy.

Al took a step and stopped. He flushed bright red and stared back at Roy. "Oh my GOD you are a sadist, Roy."

Roy chuckled. "Keep going."

Al took another step. Then another. His teeth gritted.

"You are mincing," Roy warned. "People are going to wonder if you are hurt."

Al glared at Roy. "I'd like to see you walking normally with this thing inside you." Roy noticed Al's stomach muscles tensing.

"You can't push it out, " Roy said. "Don't even bother. I strapped it in nice and firmly. We wouldn't want it falling out when you walked, after all."

Al took a few more steps to the door then turned around. "Ok, Roy, joke is over. Can we go to bed now?"

"No." Roy noticed that the furred diaper was puffier in front than it had been a few minutes before. "Tell you what, we will do one street. If you behave yourself I will let you go home after that. But I want to see you acting REALLY naturally." Roy knew he was being cruel at this point, but it's what Al liked, what he needed.

Al opened the door and walked down the path to the street. His stride was more normal now, but still rather tense. "Don't forget to smile," Roy said.

They walked to the first lighted porch. Roy hung back a few feet, grinning widely. Al pressed the doorbell. Roy could see Al breathing in huge, quick breaths. His flush was very apparent.

The door opened and Al raised the jack-o-lantern up with a shaking hand. "Trick or treat," he said. Then he glanced back at Roy. Roy grinned back.

"Oh, what are you?" said the old lady who came to the door. "Is it a little girl... why no, I think I see a kitty cat!" She dropped a few wrapped candies into Al's pumpkin. "My what a fine looking cat you are."

"Thank you," said Al obligingly. Then he walked quickly, but just a bit mincingly back to Roy.

"Very good, " Roy purred.

"I'm glad you are enjoying yourself, bastard," said Al, looking slightly grumpy.

"You are enjoying yourself as well, I see." The fluffy underwear was definitely pooching out in front. Under the pretext of looking in Al's jack-o-lantern Roy bent over and ran a discrete hand over the furr. Yes indeed, there was definitely something hard there. Roy gave it a brief stroke through the heavy fabric, and Al hissed.

"Let's go home now, " said Al, his voice tight.

"What? You only have two pieces of candy. I have a much bigger sweet tooth than that. Off you go." Roy grabbed Al's arm high up near the shoulder and pushed him on at a faster pace than Al seemed to want to take. He noted the way Al's teeth clenched and the hard line of his abs through the tight thin fabric of his leotard.

Roy reached into the deep pocket of his trench coat and found his own hard on through the layers of fabric. He was quite hard as well. Part of him wanted to grab Al and push him into the nearest set of bushes, tear open holes in the costume and have his way, roughly, with the boy. He schooled himself. While the fantasy was delicious, the reality would be a disappointment. Twigs and leaves and hard wet earth were not much of a turn on. Nor was the idea of being caught by five year olds and their legitimately outraged parents. In addition, Roy hadn't brought along anything to cut the outfit off of Al, nor any lubricant. The one time they had tried sex dry had left them both uncomfortably chafed and disappointed.

Roy let his erection go as Al returned with his booty. One nice perk about this particular kink was in the end he would get to indulge his sweet tooth. He snagged a piece out of the pumpkin and popped it in his mouth.

"This is an excuse for you to go trick or treating isn't it," Al said.

"Not at all," Roy lied. "Off you go, hup, hup. Double time." He had Al almost jogging to the next house.

Roy let him do three more houses before upping the ante. By the last house, Al was walking more or less normally. He was getting used to the situation. Complacent even. Perhaps growing numb to the toy inside him. That wouldn't do. Roy couldn't let this get boring.

Time to raise the stakes. Roy reached into the pocket of his trench coat and felt the small wand. Careful not to let Al notice, he drew it up and extended the antennae. Then he waited.

Al walked up the path to the next door and rang the bell again. It opened. A prim looking middle aged woman answered. She looked down at Al and smiled. "Oh, there's a kitten at my door. How lovely. Would you like some candy, or some milk?"

"Candy please," Al said.

Roy smirked.

She reached into a kettle and dropped a couple of candy bars into Al's jack-o-lantern. At the same time Roy pushed the switch on the remote to it's lowest setting. The vibrator started up.

Al jumped and jerked. There was a soft but audible whirring sound that Roy could hear even from a few feet away.

"Oh my," the woman smiling broadly. "How CUTE. You are purring."

Roy laughed. Al turned towards him with a forced and somewhat deranged looking grin.

"What an imaginative costume. For that you get another piece of candy." She dropped another bar in the pumpkin hanging from Al's very tight fist.

"Thank you," Al managed to gasp out, and then walked, mincingly again back to Roy.

Roy thumbed the control back to off. Al's rump went silent again. The young man growled at him. "You sadistic bastard."

Roy continued laughing. "You are walking funny again. Should I add another street?"

"It's your fault," Al said.

Al "purred" for the next few houses. Roy noticed though that after a bit he seemed to get used to that as well. Roy noticed how Al would tense his shoulders right as the candy was dropped in the bucket, in anticipation of the sudden stimulation.

The next house Roy didn't turn on the vibrator. After all, he couldn't have Al getting too complacent. Al gave him an odd look when he came back. "Is it time to go home yet?"

"Not yet," Roy said and pushed him off to the next house. Al looked back speculatively, wondering what Roy's game was.

This time Roy turned the vibrator on as soon as he saw Al open his mouth to say "Trick or treat." Again Al jumped.

"You are purring!" squealed an elderly lady. "Oh, how adorable."

Roy thumbed the switch up from low to medium. The "purr" became louder. Al's eyes widened and he gasped in a breath. Roy sucked the candy in his mouth and watched Al's reactions with a keen eye. Delicious.

Roy thumbed it off again as Al walked back down the path to him. The young man's eyes were quirked up. "Damn it, Roy. I NEED to go home now. How many more houses."

"We can start hooking back."

As they looped back, Roy started turning on and off the vibrator at random times. Occasionally he'd thumb it all the way up to high, other times he'd leave it off until Al had come back, then turn it back on for the walk to the next house. It was funny how Al twitched. It was clear that the randomness of the attacks were having the desired effect.


Roy didn't have to urge Al into the house. He all but ran, purring or no. Roy followed at a more leisurely pace. After all, it wouldn't do to show how needy he really was. He might lose the upper hand. Just as an act of self-torture he hesitated a moment before opening the door.

Roy almost stepped in but then hesitated, his foot raised in the air. Candies, like marbles, were strewn across the marble tile of the entryway, waiting to either slip him up or disintegrate into a disgusting mess under Roy's shoes. Three feet in from the door, Al's jack o' lantern lay flung on it's side. Roy bent over and picked it up. Even with the slop over it was fairly full. The "purring" ploy did indeed have a nice side benefit.

Where was Al?

Roy smirked and thumbed the remote to high. He heard a cry from up the stairs. The bedroom of course.

Roy didn't hurry. He hung up his trench coat and walked up the stairs. He could hear Al's grunts before he saw him.

Al was lying on the rug, his ears and furred underwear had been stripped, his shoes tossed randomly across the room. Now he was working on shimmying out of the leotard and tights.

"Roy," gasped Al, "Oh, God, look what you've done to me. Oh, damn you, you owe me. You owe me big for that."

The leotard left nothing to the imagination. Al was not only very hard but had a sizable wet area around the front. Al moaned as he pushed himself out of the tight stretchy fabric, and then he balled the costume up and tossed it towards the hall. He stood up, naked, beautiful and so hard he twitched.

"Mmmm... I owe you?" Roy crossed his arms. "You aren't in a rush to collect, I hope." He knew he was being mean at this point. Roy had riled him up, it was Roy's responsibility to bring him off again. From the look of things, repeatedly.

Al flushed. "That was really unfair of you, Roy. Really unfair. And you know what. I think I'm done with submitting to your kinks for the night. It's time for you to submit to mine."

"And what if I say no?" Roy asked, curious, but also amused at the thin reedy beauty in front of him. "What if I say that I'm more interested in the candy. What do you think you can do?"

Al grabbed the furred underwear off the floor and then caught Roy's eye. Roy could SEE the dangerous expression. "You seemed to have forgotten three VERY important things."

Roy leaned casually against the wall. "What have I forgotten?"

Al reached over to the bureau and grabbed a utility knife off of it. "You forgot you aren't wearing your gloves."

Roy looked at the knife, wondering what the kid planned on doing with it. Surely not hurt him. Roy couldn't believe that. "That's true."

Al smiled. "And you forgot that in a straight, no alchemy fight you ALWAYS lose to Ed."

Roy quirked an eyebrow up. What the HECK did Ed have to do with this situation?

Al brought the furred underpants up and cut a long slit through the dense fur of the crotch then tossed the knife aside. "And you also forgot that Ed has NEVER won in a fight against me."

Al grabbed Roy's arms twisted in a way that was both unexpected and quite expert. The next thing Roy knew he was turned around, face into the wall. One of his arms pressed up between his shoulder blades. Al might weigh 50 lbs less and be inches shorter, but he was surprisingly strong.

"Uncle..." said Roy, stifling his laughter.

"Now this," said Al, breathily, "Is how that kitty kink SHOULD be played."

Roy looked up briefly from his toils, the belled collar jingling pleasantly as he moved. Al released the head board with one hand and grabbed Roy's head, drawing it back down where it belonged. Obediently, Roy lapped again at Al's cock, bringing it up for a third time.

Yep, he'd judged Al right. Nothing like a long bit of torment to get the young man's motor going. He was utterly insatiable.

Al continued to play with his hair, then reached up to tug a bit on the kitty ears. "You know," he said, then paused to moan. "MMMmmm... You know Roy, sometimes I just don't get you at all. You don't want me because I look like a little kid, but then you dress me up as a little kid as a turn on. It doesn't make any sense at all."

"I'm a complex man," Roy mumbled into Al's groin. It was too difficult to explain that it wasn't the look that had turned him on so much as it was Al's reaction to the situation. Roy resumed licking.

"More," Al pushed Roy about until his tongue hit the right spot. "Yes, there. I ... ah... I don't think I'll ever understand ... ah... you. You keep changing on me..."

And you too, thought Roy. This honestly wasn't how Roy thought the rest of the evening would play out. He certainly hadn't expected Al to go all dominant on him. Perhaps he didn't have the kid's kinks completely mapped out yet either.

Not that it mattered to Roy. It was just as fun to play the part of the kitten as it was to see Al do it. Al was right... they both did like cats.

"Purr for me," muttered Al, thrusting deeper into Roy's mouth. Roy hummed for a moment, then glanced up and noticing Al had shut his eyes and was back to gripping the headboard again. Roy reached a sly hand over to the wand left on the side of the bed, and flicked the vibrator back on to full.

"AH," Al said suddenly jerking, eyes wide open. "That's not what I meant!"

Roy smirked around Al's erection.

"Oooh, you... you..." Al pulled out. Roy noted with amusement that Al didn't turned off the vibrator.

Roy knew what was coming. He simply lay on his stomach while Al climbed literally over his back. He relaxed as Al fumbled with the lube and spread open the slit in the furred bikini. The fake hair was soft enough to tickle against Roy's naked nethers.

"The kitty kink," Al said, as though lecturing. "Is supposed to be all about being sweet and nice."

"Is it?" Roy said, listening to the hum of the vibrator and the jingle of the bells around his neck. Sweet and nice weren't the words Roy would use for this. Dirty. Kinky. Smutty, yes. Nice... no.

"Yes," said Al determinedly. "Because kitties are nice."

"Are they really?" said Roy, "I seem to recall that kitties mostly try to steal food off your plate and scratch up the furniture. They are haughty demanding creatures."

Al briefly stretch him with well slicked fingers. "Roy, just for that, I'm going to make you YOWL."

Roy did yowl when Al pressed in. "Hey, not so fast! Let me... Ah... adjust. I'm not as used to this as you are." Al waited until Roy pushed his hips back to signal he was ready. Mmm. This was WAS nice. This was positively decadent. Like eating candy. He'd already come once himself, going for seconds was definitely a luxury.

Al reached beneath him and started stroking him in times with the thrusts. The pleasure built slowly and surely. The vibrator, the bells and all the little grunting noises that usually perk Roy's mischievous appetites seemed to recede in the distance and all he heard was his own heart beating hard in his ear. The fur, the head band, the tail and all the silly trappings faded in his mind. All he could feel was the long cord of pleasure stretching tightly though his body. Roy forgot about strangely attractive-repulsive nature of his partner. Who cared if Al looked 10 or 20. All Roy felt were warm hands pleasuring him, hard legs pressed against his own and the pressure, friction, stretch that filled his inner need.

Maybe because it was seconds, and there was no great need to hurry or even finish, Roy was able to run his mind over Al's words... both those he'd spoken and those that were left hanging. There was more to what they were doing than sex, but sometimes it was hard to tell with all the kinks distracting them.

Roy pushed back harder, trying to reach some epiphany that seemed tied into the pleasure of the moment. There was just a little shock of pain that added more than it detracted from the movements. Al seemed to understand and pressed in harder and quicker. Roy gasped as that line within him stretched too far and then snapped. He hardly noticed Al finishing behind him. Roy's eyes were closed and he'd gone inward.

Al collapsed against his back, breathing hard. Not very heavy, thought Roy idly. And yet... very heavy. Very heavy indeed. Like shirked responsibility. Al was so selfless... trying so hard to please and Roy so very, very selfish, taking it all without even thinking.

Roy reached over and casually turned the vibrator off. The body on his back seemed to relax.

"Kitties can also be very sweet, affectionate and loving companions." Roy said. His words were quiet enough that he wondered if they were lost in the soft bedding beneath him. "Tell you what, Al. How about tomorrow night, we just go out to dinner like normal men, and dispense with all the props for once. Forget the kinks and just make love for a change."

"But that's so... so... ordinary." Al stiffened up. "Won't you get bored?"

Roy chuckled. "You know, sometimes ordinary romance can be pretty hot, too."

Al went boneless. "Thank you," he purred.