velvet mace


"Did you remember to feed the cat this morning?" asked Roy.

"Shit," said Ed. "No. He'll be getting pretty hungry now, wouldn't he?"

Roy sighed. "If you are going to keep pets, you are going to have to take care of them." He stood up and opened the refrigerator, looking through the likely leftovers from the night before.

Ed sighed. "He probably needs some exercise too. I got him a new toy."

Roy chuckled. "It's always fun to see him playing with a new toy. Dante doesn't need me for another hour." Roy brought out the double-bowled dish, pouring some milk into one side, and crumbling a little cold chicken in the other. "There. That should do him for a bit. We'll feed him some more after he's played a little."

Ed reached his arms around Roy planting a kiss on the back of his neck. "You know I think he likes you best."

"No, no, you've owned him longer. I just like to spoil him." Roy paused. "Do you think it's safe to let him out of the basement? I'd like to pet him on the couch."

"No," said Ed firmly. "He'd try to run off again. He's a smart but naughty kitten."

Ed unbolted the door to the basement. "Of course," said Roy, a bit wistfully. "You know best."

They heard the kitten as soon as the door was open. "Please, Ed. Don't you remember me? Don't do this to me!"

Ed climbed down the steps ahead of Roy. He gently caressed the kitten's grimy cheek. "Of course I remember you. I wouldn't be keeping you here if I didn't."

Ed began to unlatch the chains that bound the kitten to the wall. He kissed the kittens long somewhat matted hair. "I'll take good care of you little brother, my sweet. Now and forever."

"I've brought your food," said Roy, smiling.

Al looked from one set of purple, slit-pupiled eyes to another identical pair and despaired.