velvet mace

Mellow and Happy

"Honestly," said Havoc, a little surprised and more than a little embarrassed. "I'm fine. I've been stood up before. Many times. I'm used to it." He looked up at the armored boy, with just a bit of tremble in his smile. "You don't need to ... comfort me in any way."

"I just think you'd be better if you let me do this for you," said Al. "I do it for Ed all the time! It makes him mellow and happy, and he never worries about getting dates!" There was a note of puppish excitement and pride in Al's voice

Havoc blinked. Suddenly the vision of Al and his brother was just a bit too vivid in his eyes. He shook his head. "Don't worry about it, Al. I know you are trying to be... er... helpful."

"Oh," said Al. The disappointment in his voice was painful. "You don't like me. I'm sorry I brought it up. This is embarrassing."

Havoc suddenly felt like a complete asshole. "I like you a lot Al. I really do. It's just... you are kind of intimidating..." and seven feet tall, made of metal and a boy...

"Oh!" said Al perking up again, and Havoc found himself suddenly being pressed against a wall, pinned between two metal spiked knees, Al's leather gauntlets made short work of the zipper on Havoc's pants. "I'll be real gentle!" The eagerness in Al's voice was unmistakable.

He may be hollow and spiky and underage, Havoc managed to barely think around the surprisingly excellent hand job, but he's better than my last few dates.

And oddly enough Havoc did feel rather mellow and happy when it was over.