velvet mace

Merciless Torture

Ed caught up to Roy in the hallway outside the conference room. The older alchemist turned at his approach, straightening his lean body up and brushing the shaggy hair breifly back away from his eyes. Ed hissed in a breath and felt the first painful-sweet tingle of desire run through his body.

"Hey," he called out.

Roy almost smiled, but then caught himself. His expression flashed to a look of deep longing. Ed saw Roy's fingers twitch and curl at his sides as the desire to embrace almost overwhelmed descretion and good sense. Then, just as quickly Roy schooled his expression, burying his joy behind a well practiced smirk.

Ed bit his lip then paused to look at the literally dozens of uniformed officers and enlisted milling about boredly in the hall. What he wanted to say was, I've missed you terribly, it's so good to see you again. Damn, I wish we were alone right now. But instead he growled, "So where the hell were you, shit Colonel?"

A few of the men around them perked up at Ed's insolence towards his superior officer, but then they noted who had done the insulting and went back to their conversations. It was well known that Ed and Roy had a cranky relationship at best, and that insults and inappropriate put downs flew in both directions. The younger Alchemist got away with this behavior because his abilities could not be replicated. The older alchemist got away with it because he limited his antics to his underlings and he never quite passed that invisible line.

What was not well known at all was that the insults were a smokescreen. Fraternization was not a rule to be trifled with, especially if one desired to be Fuhrer one day. Thank god for their code phases, was all Ed could say on the subject. Without them, working in close quarters with Roy would be torture.

Roy's eyes telegraphed the briefest appology. "I was doing work, Fullmetal, something you would know nothing about," he said in a sarcastic drawl that completely countered that momentary expression. Ed understood. What Roy meant, of course, was: I couldn't shirk this, honest.

Keeping up appearances, Ed snarled back with a ferocity he didn't feel. "I've been working my fucking ass off for 6 weeks! Goddamn it, get off my case!" This was a standard phrase. It meant you haven't fucked me for 6 weeks. God, I'm horny.

Roy had a hard time keeping from smiling at the raunchy remark. They both scanned the crowd again. No one had picked up what they were doing. I plan to rectify that as soon as possible he spoke back in code.

In places their code was not complicated at all. Most swear words were either literally what they meant, or else the opposite, so when Ed grumbled, "Have I told you lately how much I hate your smarmy ass?" Roy responded to the endearment by saying, "And I loathe your attitude, Fullmetal."

But there were times when they had to keep their language clean, and so when General Hakuro poked his head out of the large meeting hall and said. "We are ready to begin," Roy and Ed were forced to keep their foreplay down to meaningful, lustful, glares.

It had been a year since their affair had begun and as far as they could tell the only ones who had picked up on it were Al, who gave his blessing like a reluctant and over protective father, and Hawkeye, who just frankly knew everything, but wouldn't presume to do more than mildly disapprove. They did their best to appease her worries. As the gatekeeper to Roy's office, it was very useful to have her on their side. She delayed high-ranking interlopers until the alchemists could pull themselves together, and sent lower ranking ones flat out away.

Ed took his seat in the echoing meeting hall. He hadn't been lying when he told Roy he was horny. He hadn't jacked off in three days with the anticipation that as soon as they met up again, he'd be spending a LONG time in Roy's office being "debriefed."

From the hard set of Roy's jaw, Ed guessed he had much the same plans. This meeting was both last minute and mandatory for both of them. It was enough to make Ed grind his teeth.

In the general shuffle Roy had been jostled away, so thought Ed tried to reserve the seat next to him for Roy, the older Alchemist was forced to sit two seats further down the row. A rather prim and virginal looking Corporal sat next to Ed, tugging a bit on her uniform skirt and crossing her legs at the ankles. Next to Roy was a Lt. Colonel in his mid fifties, who held a clipboard on his lap and had already begun taking notes even before the meeting began.

Roy caught Ed's eye. Ed sensed mischief, and sure enough the older alchemist began making subtle and quite lewd gestures. Roy stretched a little, spreading his hand wide, and idly pointed down towards his lap. He yawned, his tongue flicking up a little in his mouth. Then just to make sure Ed couldn't possibly mistake his meaning he stifled his yawn by rythmically tapping his very loosely curled hand against his lips. Suck me He flashed a grin, then quickly hid it behind his hand.

Oh, really, thought Ed. Hefelt his cock stirring, and moved to cross his legs. Of all the things to do, get me riled up here... Well, HAH, two could play at this game. Ed pulled off his left glove, licked a finger and reached down into his lap and flipped a page of the agenda he'd been given. The way his fingers slid up and down the page COULD be interpreted as innocent. He ended by rubbing his upper lip in such a way that he was pointing directly at Roy. Lick me

Roy's eyes narrowed. Ed smiled as he saw the older man's nostrils flair.

Roy picked up the sheaf of papers he'd been given and held them firmly in both hands. He then tapped them up and down against his lap—to neaten them up one might suppose. Ed knew who it was Roy wished were in his lap, being bounced up and down.

Ed squirmed and clenched up in pleasurable anticipation. "How long do you think this meeting is going to last?" he asked.

Roy looked down at the agenda. It was three pages long. "Apparently a long time."

"My CO told me to expect four to five hours," chimed the prim corporal.

Ed moaned. For the first time he looked at the agenda. "What? Sexual harassment? Personal Hygiene? Proper civilian etiquette? What the hell is this about?"

This time the Lt. Colonel spoke up. "It's about cleaning up the Military's image. It is up to us to brainstorm a coherent model for behavior when it comes to military-civilian interaction. In light of recent events, the brass has decided to open the matter up for discussion with the higher ranking officers and would like options on the best way of educating the enlisted and enforcing the code."

Ed's face went blank. He looked over at Roy, who was hiding a smirk behind his fingers. "Four to five HOURS of this?" Ed said, not quite able to wrap his mind around it. "Oh, this isn't a meeting, this is merciless torture."

Roy's eyes lit up at that phrase. "Only if you allow it to be," he said. I can certainly make it so.

Ed grinned. "I'm tough." You are on.

The first speaker took the podium and began to drone on about what constituted and didn't constitute for sexual harassment. Ed squeezed his thighs together, ignoring the man's words and instead scheming to figure ways he could slip in their personal code into questions.

When the speaker's monotonous voice paused for long enough, Ed raised his hand. "Ma'am," he said. "Would it be considered sexual harassment if a member of the military were to talk about the sunset or rain or other interjections of that sort? Even if the civilian might consider that a come on?"

Roy, I'm thinking of going down on you and making you wet. I want you to fuck my mouth until you come.

Before the speaker could answer, Roy spoke up, "I hardly think any purely oral interaction concerning weather would qualify. Wouldn't some more hands on flirtation be required? Otherwise almost anything could be interpreted as harassment"

Ed ignored his actual words to hone in on his code. Ed, you aren't getting away with just giving me a blow job. I'm thinking of fondling you senseless.

I don't think so, thought Ed. Roy's long drawn out foreplay was something of a bone of contention between the two of them. Roy like to take forever with his teasing while Ed preferred to get down to business quickly, so that they could rest a little before getting down to business AGAIN. It was the whole quality vs. quantity debate.

The speaker of course, didn't hear any of this dirty talk going on. She responded as though Roy had posed an honest question. "Er... yes, " she said. "It is more a matter of backing off if the civilian appears uncomfortable with your interaction. "

Ed raised his hand again. Roy, I'm not going to stay still for that. I'm an active person.

"I'm glad you are thinking of getting involved, Major Elric, " said the speaker, with a smile that suggested she was more confused than pleased.

Then I suppose I will have to use some form of restraints. Roy gave Ed the briefest of glances, but the smirk on his face broadened. Ed noticed that Roy now was crossing his legs as well. His agenda was lying loosely on his lap. Good idea, thought Ed, and laid his agenda down in such a way that it covered over an abundance of sin.

"Absolutely," said the speaker. "It's all about self-restraint. Next question."

You are a cruel man, Ed replied. What if I turned it around and tied you up instead? It had taken three somewhat awkward sentences to fit all the key words in.

The speaker looked puzzled. "I'm afraid I don't understand your question," she said finally.

"It's nothing important," said Ed quickly. Talking in code like this was hard. You'd think with the topic being sex it would be easier to slip the naughty phrases in, but it wasn't.

Roy covered his mouth with his hand.

"Well, then," said the speaker. "We'll have a fifteen minute break."

"Fullmetal," said Roy, "Go fetch me a glass of water will you." Roy almost, but didn't quite, wink.

Ed gaped. He was hard as a rock and the only thing keeping everyone in the room from knowing it was the agenda that he held in his lap. But he and Roy were now the center of attention, thanks to their enthusiastic questioning. Roy was Ed's superior officer. He HAD to follow up on the order.

Ed stood stiffly holding the papers in what he thought was a casual way over his crotch. He heard Roy snickering behind him. Ed growled and tried not to flush. He was going to get back at Roy ... somehow.

Think alchemy, think alchemy. Alchemy circles. Nothing sexy about them. Thankfully by the time he reached his turn at the water cooler, his erection had gone down. He brought Roy back his water, placed his agenda back on his lap and lit into his retaliation.

Once I have you tied up, I plan on sucking you until you BEG to come, then I'll make you wait. Maybe I'll jack off while you watch—unable to touch yourself. I'll make it last a long time. Ed smiled brightly. From the deep breath Roy had taken he knew he'd scored.

"Well, I'm surprised your patience has lasted as long as it has," said Roy. "Your stamina for this sort of thing is usually, what, two minutes, tops?"

That wasn't even in code. Dirty, dirty, dirty. And insulting. And not even remotely true.

"I can make it to twenty minutes," said Ed. "I can probably last a couple of hours if I'm motivated enough."

I could use a toy on you Ed continued in code. Something to keep you stimulated. But you need more than toys to make you come, don't you? After a few hours, you'll be so needy you'll beg me for anything.

"This is assuming I'll even let you tie up my office for this venture." Roy replied, again not in code.

Just then General Haruko wandered over. Roy gritted his teeth but stood stiffly and brought his hand in a salute. Ed grinned at the awkward way Roy held his papers. While Haruko's interruption had started off promising, it soon became obvious that the General wasn't going to leave until the meeting started up again. Roy's initial discomfort melted away into his normal reserved demeanor.

Worse, there was no opportunity for Ed to slip in more of their code during the conversation. The General monopolized it quite thoroughly. He only stopped his incessant chatter when the next speaker took to the podium. There was a shuffle for chairs again. Unfortunately, Roy, held up by Haruko, ended up having to sit four chairs down this time.

The next item on the agenda was about personal hygiene, and Roy took it over the questioning as soon as he had an opening.

I'm thinking of strapping a toy on you and forcing you to write your report in my office. I'll have all the others there as well, just so you don't squirm or cheat.

Ed gaped. How the hell had Roy managed to get all that into a rant about body odor?

Roy seemed proud of himself.

"Yes, well, in closed quarters," said the second speaker, "It is important to not distract your coworkers."

Ed got over his initial amazement and locked in on the problem. "Noise is more distracting to coworkers than smell," won't people notice the buzzing? He then reddened as he realized his UNCODED comment seemed to defend a person's right to body odor.

There was a lot of uncomfortable chuckling and Ed felt ready to die. Roy quirked an eyebrow up. But he understood Ed's underlying complaint. "I suppose a fan can be used to cover up the distraction."

Being that you are young and DO come from just a toy, I imagine you will have to work hard to restrain yourself. A wet spot on your clothes would be an embarrassment.

Oh, that was cruel. Truly cruel. The whole sexy scenario was eerily similar to real life. Here he was PROFOUNDLY turned on, and yet there was no way to relieve himself. The desire to wriggle in his chair was almost overwhelming.

Ed finally succumbed to temptation and reached under the agenda to give himself a squeeze—To releave the pressure, he justified to himself. It was the wrong thing to do. Suddenly Ed knew that he WAS going to have a wet spot in the front of his pants if he didn't do something soon. The meeting showed no sign of coming to an end.

Merciless torture indeed!

Ed raised his hand.

"Yes?" asked the second speaker.

"I request a 15 minute restroom break."

The speaker laughed. Everyone was looking at Ed now. He'd made an utter fool out of himself, and he was so hard he was sore. "I suppose so, young man. 15 minutes, everyone."

Immediately the room was full of people milling about. It was as if it were all a great conspiracy to bring Ed down and humiliate him. Ed's need had reached critical mass and his cock was simply not going down without a fight. He held his red coat closed in front of him as if he were cold and started to push his way towards the exit.

It took all his self-restraint not to mow down the people between him and the door. He finally broke free of the throng, but as he got out the door, he groaned in dread to see the line of men headed into the restroom. Jacking quietly off in the stall would be near impossible.

Ed let out a moan of despair.

He felt a hard hand on his shoulder and turned around to see Roy. "This way," the older man said bruskly, holding onto his shoulder and pushing him firmly from behind.

Ed didn't even notice the shelves and boxes as Roy pushed him deep into the utility closet. All he cared about was that once the door had shut (and he'd clapped his hands to alchemically lock it), relief was at hand. Once assured of their privacy Ed dropped the code completely.

"That was cruel," said Ed fighting Roy's clothes. "I thought I was going to die in there."

"I was cruel? You did most of the talking. I was ready to throw you over a chair and give the whole room a true demonstration of sexual harassment."

"Waiting six weeks was hard, but those last two hours were worse." Ed murmured into Roy's neck. "God, I missed you."

Roy kissed the top of his hair. "Trust me, I missed you more."