velvet mace

Rule Number Three

Seducing Edward Elric was very easy. Under other circumstances Roy would have found it too easy, taking away some of the pleasure of conquest, but in this case he made an exception because after such a long wait, the agony of teasing the kid into his bed would have been too torturous.

Three years, two months, and eight days.

That's the time it took from that first breathy moment on the train platform, when Roy realized he WAS going to conquer the kid, to the point where he could do so without being thrown in jail for the effort. The age of consent they called it. Fifteen years old. A sideways majority—not old enough to patronize a brothel, but old enough to work in one. Not old enough to own a gun, but old enough to join the army and have one assigned to him. It made no sense at all, but Roy honestly didn't care, since it worked in his favor. He couldn't imagine having to wait ANOTHER three years.

He hadn't been the only one waiting impatiently for January to roll around. The Army had its nebulous mind on the kid as well, and Roy had the memo to show for it.

"Have him sign the papers ASAP. Use whatever means of persuasion you see fit."

When Edward was twelve, there had been some that seriously questioned the ethics of recruiting a preteen. The papers Edward had signed had allowed either the boy or the Army to sever the contract, at will, for any cause. Now that Edward had reached the age of consent, and had a track record to rival men three times his senior, there was no doubt at all in the minds of the brass.

Most recruits thought it was a two year hard and fast commitment but if they read clause 12 D really carefully, they'd learn otherwise. Should the recruit prove to be irreplaceable, or needed, or heck, just to be mean, the Army could extend the contract to any arbitrary length. Forever if they liked. Meanwhile, the recruit had no legal recourse whatsoever.

If Edward signed the papers, he could kiss his civilian dreams good-bye.

Which was also just fine as far as Roy was concerned, since it put that delightfully beautiful body at his disposal for the indefinite future. And so it was with a delicious sense of mischief that he found himself springing two traps at once on the poor kid. And on his birthday, no less.

There really ought to be a law against this, he thought smugly. It's just too sweet.

Edward had burst into his office, flushed and furious and threw himself into the couch with a glare that should have combusted the pile of paperwork Roy had carefully arranged on his desk.

"What the hell do you want with me, old man."

"Happy birthday Fullmetal."

"Yeah, whatever. " Edward stood up again. "Is that it? Because I have work to do, and I sure as hell am not going to get anywhere sitting in your office."

"You have some papers to sign and then you can go."

Roy pulled a chair over to his desk and offered a pen.

"What the hell is this stuff." Edward sat down and actually started flipping through the paperwork. That wouldn't do. He was too smart to be fooled by the legalese. Time to spring the trap.

"I heard another rumor about the stone," said Roy to distract him. "This one looks much more solid. Apparently a desert community is thriving where it shouldn't, and they claim that God is providing miracles left and right."

Ed looked up. "Yeah, and where would this town be? The desert's a pretty big place."

"That isn't clear yet—sign right there, it's just your annual physical."

Ed signed the physical, and then the page assigning his dorm room without bothering to read. Distraction was working. Good.

"That's what you always say. Why the hell you tell me these rumors if you won't give me enough information to follow up on them?" Roy tried to hide his smile. He'd been teasing the kid with rumors for months now, some were real, some he made up himself. Never giving the kid quite enough to run with, letting his smirk and half-lidded eyes suggest that he knew more than he let on.

Yes, I am that kind of a bastard, thought Roy. Sue me. Luckily the higher ups didn't care what kind of games he played with his underlings, as long as everything looked good on paper.

But Fullmetal was giving him a look that suggested that his patience for mind games was limited. So of course, Roy continued to string him along. "My people are getting confirmation on the area as we speak."

The kids eyes narrowed. "Huh, a real place." Ed signed the waiver that allowed him to stay out of uniform with only the barest glance.

"Oh, it looks real alright."

Ed paused at the next page—the recruiting contract. "What's all this? I'm already in the Army."

"It's a formality, Fullmetal, because you are fifteen, nothing more." Roy tried not to let his nervousness creep into his voice. "They say that people are coming back from the dead."

Ed's huge golden eyes snapped onto his in a mix of hope and disbelief. "That's a crock." It almost certainly was, but Fullmetal had too much invested in it being true to be too skeptical.

"Unless..." said Roy.

"Yeah." The fury was gone, and there was the face Roy had fallen in love with years before. Hopeful. Excited. Perfect, flawless, fragile beauty, framed by soft, and now legally touchable hair. And oh, he had him. Had that boy good. God, Roy loved this part.

"You need to initial these pages." Ed did without looking. "Sign here. And don't forget the date." Ed scribbled it in. Good boy. Very good. "Excellent. You are dismissed." He waved his hand, barely able to conceal his glee.

"You better get your guy to confirm the name of that town, Colonel." Ed stood up and trounced out. Roy wondered when Fullmetal would get around to actually looking at the papers he'd just signed. He wondered what the kid's expression would be. He wondered if he could somehow manipulate the situation to make sure he was there when the kid did.

Congratulations, Fullmetal, thought Roy. You are metaphorically screwed—and now to make it literal as well.

He lifted up the phone and got Feury. "Good news, I can move you back to that schedule you prefer—but I need a favor from you."

"What is it, sir?" Fuery's voice on the other end sounded tired. He knew about Roy's "favors."

"Could you look up Fullmetal, and let him know how he can convince me to be more forthcoming. You know how. Just like you did for Janine in the motor pool."

"Yes, sir."

Roy expected the day to play out one of two ways. The first way had Ed bursting through his door again, arm transmuted into a blade. After a few rounds of flame against steel, the boy would accuse him of being a pervert and stomp off. Roy really hoped this wouldn't be the case, because he just didn't have the patience for the long and slow seduction he'd need to change the kids mind.

The other scenario was that Ed would walk into his office, nervous and embarrassed and offer himself up in return for the information he needed. Then Roy would spend a delightful afternoon and evening slowly relaxing the fear out of the kid and filling his head with sweet bullshit, until he accepted that anything Roy wanted to do was perfectly normal and acceptable and probably even his own idea.

Ed didn't do either. Instead he went to the library and stayed there for six days. Roy had gotten on Feury's back about it, but the mechanic had simply said, "He knows, sir. He thanked me—and then he smiled."

That was unexpected. What was the kid up to? Roy unleashed his spies again and the report made him laugh so hard he almost fell off his chair.

The boy was reading porn and sex manuals. Ed never did things in half measures. Apparently, he must have gotten it into his head that ROY needed seducing and was studying up for the job.

But it turned out Roy was wrong on that account as well.

After three years, two months, fourteen days and 5 GODDAMN hours of anticipation, Roy heard a knock at the door to his house.

He put down the alchemy text that he'd been pretending to read and opened the front door. Fullmetal walked right past him, no invitation needed apparently. "Why do come in, " Roy said anyway. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Fullmetal took in the formal entry hall for about two seconds, then, ignoring Roy entirely made his way down the hall. "You live pretty well," he said.

"The army's been good to me."

"Uh huh. This will do." He walked into the guest room and threw his coat onto the bed. Then he sat down next to it. "So fucking with my head isn't enough, you want to fuck the rest of me as well."

Ah, Fullmetal, always the subtle one. "Where did you get that idea," Roy said warily. He wondered if this was some sort of sting.

Ed ignored him. "You know I've been wondering for months now what your game was. I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake or I'd have figured it out long ago. I knew you wanted something from me, but it wasn't until Fuery spelled it out that I finally knew what."

'Now—" began Roy.

But Ed put up a gloved hand, "Oh, don't go all 'plausibly deniable' on me. It's ok. I'm cool with it. If that's what will get me what I need, I'm willing to do it. Equivalent exchange and all that. In fact it frees me up from feeling I'm somehow in your debt."

Roy let a smile touch his lips.

"But—" continued Ed. "There's gonna be some rules."

The smile disappeared. Oh, really.

"One: I'm not in love with you. I don't want to be in love with you. So none of this mushy romantic dating crap. You want sex, I'll give you sex, but don't you DARE try to make me swoon for you. It ain't gonna happen."

Ok, thought Roy. He liked the mushy romantic crap. And the being adored. But he imagined he could work on that rule as time progressed. Fullmetal wasn't going anywhere after all.

"Rule TWO:" Ed paused. "This starts and ends in the bedroom. Period. No pubic displays of affection. You don't call me pet names, don't touch me, don't hint to others what we are up to, and absolutely positively NO MARKS. I mean this. No hickies, no bites, no ligature marks, no whip marks, nothing."

Ligature marks? Whip marks? Just how kinky was Ed willing to let him go?

"Yeah, I'm going to let you do anything you want. In fact I'm curious to see what you come up with. " Ed paused and smirked.

"Rule number THREE: Anything you want to do to me, I get to do to you. First." And now he smiled a big toothy smile and let the implication sink in.

"Don't want to agree to those rules, I pick up my coat and walk out this door. Don't bother trying to tease me with your rumors, I won't buy them. I can do my own goddamn research, I don't need your help. You just give me what I want faster, so don't think I really need you or anything."

He crossed his arms. "Well? What will it be?"

Roy smiled. "I think we have a deal."

Ed took off his gloves and tossed them idly across the room. He then unzipped his black overshirt and doffed it gracelessly.

"Really, " said Roy, "Is that any way to strip. Do it slower. Stand up. Look at me while you undress yourself. Make it sensual."

Ed stopped, cocking his head upward at the Colonel, a small cruel smile forming on his lips. "Rule number three," he said. He then crossed his arms, lifted an eyebrow and waited.

Roy sighed. He was beginning to see how Rule Number Three was going to seriously cramp his style.

Very well.

Roy stretched, then let his hands slide down the crisp sides of his white shirt. He then took the top button and released it, looking Ed in the eyes with his most come-hither smile. He slid his hand down doing the next button, then the next with purposeful deliberation.

"Ok, I get it," said Ed suddenly. "Damn, just strip already. I want to see what you look like under all those clothes."

"But I'd prefer the slow way."

"Yeah, yeah. Just, fuck it, I'm horny and I want to cut to the chase already." Ed rubbed his leather pants, the crotch of which had grown suspiciously large.

So Ed was having a bit of trouble with Rule Number Three as well. Good. Roy shook his head, "Tut tut. A bit impatient are you? But I thought this was about me getting what I want. You are getting the name of that town. I think you can wait."

Ed groaned. "I've been reading fucking porn for six days getting myself psyched up for this. I figured you'd want to go straight to the good stuff. I don't think I can wait."

If I can wait three YEARS, you can wait a few more minutes. Roy continued stripping slowly, deliberately, watching Ed squirm. Perhaps Rule Number Three wasn't that bad after all. Finally he was naked and he paused to let Ed get a good look at him. He knew what the kid saw. He was gorgeous. Pale with dark nipples, muscular, well hung, and now hard. Yeah. Ed was taking in the hard on.

"Like what you see?"

"I've never seen one of those on anyone but myself," admitted Ed. "I was kind of hoping you'd be petite. Er, I think I'm intimidated."

Well that was better than grossed out, which is what some of his male lover's had been—until they got used to the idea. "No backing out now. Your turn."

Ed rolled his eyes, but then stripped exactly as Roy coached him. "Don't forget to touch yourself while you do so." Ed sighed but went along, and damn by the time the boxers came off, he wasn't half bad. Ed was quite the delectable thing under all that cloth. A well defined six pack, little body fat, very little body hair, which was to be expected from a kid his age. Not badly hung himself, though not nearly the stallion Roy was.

"What next," said Ed.

"We kiss."

"Oh, hell. You must have the patience of a saint or something. How about you suck me off then we can kiss." Ed rubbed himself absentmindedly.

Roy shook his head, and slapped Ed's hand away. "This is about me, remember. I want to stick my tongue in your mouth, Rule number three." He took Ed in his arms. So small, and his skin was so gloriously soft, at least on the left side. Roy wondered how rule number three would allow him to get the kid out of the automail, Or would that be off limits? It was a delicious thought, but perhaps one for later trysts.

Ed kissed him, and thrust his tongue into Roy's mouth with all seductiveness of a cook stuffing a chicken. Roy pulled back. "For God's sake, boy, you don't treat your tongue like a piston."

"Show me."

Roy took Ed's mouth, nibbling the lips, licking them lightly, before slipping his tongue, slowly and sensually inside. He played a moment with Ed's tongue before breaking off and letting the kid get in a rather shuddery breath. "Ok. You definitely did that better."

"You can try again."

"Nah that's ok, let's get dirty already. I'm going to be in my twenties by the time you are done."

Roy awarded him with a stern, I'm-not-amused expression. "Fullmetal, I want to feel your tongue in my mouth THE RIGHT WAY. Rule Number Three," and he kissed Ed again, cruelly taking a long time.

Ed was definitely weak-kneed by the end of the kiss. "Wow." And obediently, he reciprocated. Not quite with the finesse and delicacy Roy had, but a phenomenal improvement over the first attempt. The kid was a quick learner.

"So, " said Ed when he broke off. "How about I suck YOU off and then Rule Number Three—"

Roy shook his head. "No, no. Rule Number Three said specifically anything I want to do to you, you get to do to me first. Not the other way around. This is my choice, and what we are going to do next is get dressed."

Ed's jaw dropped. "You are fucking kidding me."

Rule Number Three was definitely turning into a pain in the ass. Roy sighed impatiently as Ed laughed hysterically, and pointed at him. In fact, he was heartily glad they hadn't left the bathroom yet, because it looked like Ed might actually pee himself if he didn't get a grip soon. While watersports could be fun, Roy wasn't in the mood for them at the moment. In fact he wasn't in the mood for being laughed at either.

In any case, it was clear that as open minded as Ed claimed to be, he simply didn't share the same kinks as Roy.

"Shall I take this to mean that this particular game is off limits, or can we dispense with Rule Number Three for a bit?"

Ed simply collapsed onto the toilet and shook, unable to get a breath, much less reply back.

"You know, I'm beginning to wonder if this will work out after all. I like doing certain things, and if I can't I'm not satisfied. If you aren't willing to bend a little bit, I don't think feel like naming that town after all."

Ed choked and managed to gasp himself back to some semblance of composure. "No. no. I want the name." He suddenly glowered. "Don't you dare renege on me, you bastard, not after I got naked and let you grope me."

"Well then, shall we go on like this, or shall we dispense with Rule Number Three and switch off already."

"Ok, ok, this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I came here—"

"I'm beginning to wonder what you DID have in mind," murmered Roy.

"—But I'll do it." Ed's eyes narrowed. "But you'll owe me a kink of my own, ok?"

"And what kink is that?"

"You'll know when I figure it out myself. Just get out of that ridiculous get up."

"Very well." Roy took off the private school girl's uniform and washed off the make up. Actually, he thought he looked pretty hot in the get up, but to each his own.

"You are really a pervert," Ed muttered as Roy backed him towards the bed. Ed's lipstick, so carefully applied (by Roy) moments before was now smeared around his face. His hair was already falling out of the two high ponytails, helped in no small part by Roy's insatiable fingers, which were even now, stroking and sliding through the golden locks.

"Mmm. Shut up. My turn." He licked and nipped Ed's neck, drawing the skin into a satisfying suck.

"Rule Two," gasped Ed.


He pushed the boy onto his bed, and ran his hands down Ed's side, then up under the blouse, which had worked its way loose of the pleated miniskirt. He tucked his fingers under the padded push-up bra and found the nub of Ed's left nipple, pressing it in a firm circular motion before pinching it none to gently.


Roy snickered. If Ed thought that was uncomfortable, wait until he felt what was coming. He grabbed Ed by the hips and slid him into position, running his hands over the skirt lovingly before sliding up and under and hooking his fingers onto the panties beneath.

"I mean if you wanted to fuck a school girl, why don't you just fuck a school girl?"

Roy slid the panties down. With a little practiced effort he managed to get them over the knee socks and past the Mary Janes without knocking anything out of place.

"Shut up, Fullmetal," muttered Roy. "I'm not going to explain my quirks to you." He licked his way up Ed's thigh starting with an absurd thrill from the seam of his automail leg and working his way up under the boy's testicles.

"Ooooh." Ed put a hand down to guide Roy to his cock, but Roy impatiently pushed his hand away.

"My turn, my way," said Roy, then by way of punishment, he nipped hard into the delicate flesh of Ed's inner thigh.

"NUMBER TWO!" Ed squawked, pulling his head roughly away by the hair.

Roy snickered. "Really, who is going to see that mark besides me? Or are you planning on parading about nude." He licked the mark. Just a bit red, he hadn't drawn blood or anything.

"You are a jerk, Mustang." Ed groaned, stroking Roy's hair, but being careful not to push him in any direction. "How long are you planning on drawing this out?"

"If I'd left the pacing up to you, we'd have been done within two minutes."

"I'm not seeing the problem there. Oooh!" Mustang licked up the shaft of his cock and then lapped leisurely over the head with slow, ticklish swipes of the tongue. "YEEEEEE! Damn it, suck the damn thing or leave it alone!"

Roy chuckled and blew across the moistened tip. Ed grabbed his own erection and began pumping it. Roy pried the hand off and pushed it away.

"Oh, fuck you, Mustang, you cock tease. If you don't want me rubbing myself, you are going to have to tie my hands, because you are driving me up the wall here."

Roy straightened up with a big toothy grin. "Funny you should mention that."

"Oh god no."

Roy reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "So long as you don't struggle too hard, you shouldn't have any ligature marks when we are through." He then flipped Ed over and cuffed his wrists behind his back.

Roy resumed his maddeningly slow exploration of Ed's body, touching, tickling, licking, and most of all watching as the kid writhed and squirmed with ever increasing desperation. This was taking a toll on him, but he was patient, and it was fun having this much control over another person. Especially when the person was so working damn hard to stay in charge.

"Gotcha," he wanted to say.

As if sensing his thoughts, Ed suddenly stopped squirming and jerked his head around, sweaty hair falling in front of his eyes and sticking to his cheeks, chin, lips. "Wait a fucking second here," he said. "What happened to Rule Number Three?"

"I thought we'd dispensed with that for the evening," Roy said casually.

"No fucking way! I let you pass on the whole school girl bit, I didn't say anything about ditching the rule for the rest of the evening."

"Mmmm." Roy stood up and reached into the drawer again, pulling out the lube. "I suppose not. Well, what are you going to do about it?" He poured the fluid over his fingers, rubbing them together and spreading them around.

"Take these off and I'll show you."

"I'll get to it." He looped his left arm under Ed's waist and pulled him up into a rather undignified rump up position. With his right hand he started pressing the lube into Ed's anus.


"Shhh. You get your chance next time. When you figure out your kink. Don't spoil the moment." He pressed a finger in, just the barest amount, until he felt resistance, then pulled back, rubbed his fingers again to redistribute the lube and pressed again. Three or for repeats had successfully lubed the entry.

"Cut it out," said Ed.

"Mmmm. Nope." He slid a finger in as deep as it would go and waited for the spasming to stop. Three. Two. One. Slide. "Just let go, trust your commanding officer for a bit."

"You're pulling RANK on me?"

"Relax. Those are my orders, soldier." He slid a second finger in. The muscles tightened again. Patience, patience. Three years and god who knew how much longer, Roy could wait a bit longer. But not much. Not much at all.

"Mustang, " breathed Ed. "You are so fucked up."

"Mmmm." Back and forth, hooking down, finding the hardening nub of his prostate.

Well now this had better be loose enough, because Roy just COULDN'T wait anymore. He lubed himself quickly and positioned himself. From this angle Ed really did look like a thoroughly debauched school girl, and yet at the same time there was that humiliated male ego. What a delightful mix. He stroked the fabric of the skirt, then grabbed it tight and leaned forward.


Sweet. "Relax." The boy was tight all right. It took willpower to stay still long enough for the kid to stretch out. Holding on to the skirt with both hands he began gently rocking in and out. Ed squirmed very pleasantly beneath him. Sucking in his breath with each thrust but not crying out. This was bliss. Pure bliss. Well worth the wait. Going a bit harder now, yes. That was better. Roy wished he could make it last for as long as the foreplay, but for Ed's sake it was just as well that was impossible. He was already close.

He released the fabric of the skirt and groped for the lube again. He wet his right hand, leaned forward then slid it up under the skirt. Definitely not a school girl. Ed let out a relieved cry as soon as he touched the erection. Roy considered being a sadistic tease, but decided that he wanted the kid to go first, and for that to happen, he actually had to provide some relief. He stroked in time with his own thrusts and in something under a minute the kid made a sound like that of a mewling kitten. The cock jumped in Roy's grasp and then unleashed it's copious load over Roy's hand, the sheets and the skirt.

Simultaneously he felt his own erection being gripped in a vise. Exquisite. Two more thrusts was all it took to put him over the edge. He squeezed the skirt tight in his left hand and bit his lip until it was over.

Damn that was good. Very good. A hell of a lot better than Janine from the motor pool, even with all the complaints.

Ed collapsed under him, and for a few minutes Roy did nothing but lie close and gently stroke the boys sweaty hair, murmuring whatever endearments came to mind. He basked in the glow of satiation. "You were wonderful, perfect. Absolutely perfect, my love."

Then he heard a small, creaky voice coming up from the mattress. "Rule Number One."

Roy sighed.

Lior turned out to be a bust as far as the Philosopher's Stone was concerned. Roy expected it would be. But he already had some new leads, and as soon as Ed returned to file his report (flushed and fuming again), he teased the kid with more tantalizing rumors.

"Is that all you have?" Ed growled. "Or is there something more you might come up with if I give you more time."

"There might be more soon. I'll put my people on it." Roy smirked.

"Good, I'll see you tonight." And Ed smiled suddenly very fiercely.

Later at his house Ed showed up with a duffle bag and the biggest grin ever on his face. "Oh, Mustang, I've found my kink."

Roy wasn't sure he liked that tone of voice. "Really, what would it be?"

Ed's eyes narrowed. "Oh, don't tell me you are going back on your promise now. I did the whole school girl, get teased to death and fucked up the ass bit." Ed dropped the duffle on the floor. "It is SO my turn this time." He lifted out a length of rope.

Roy felt distinctly uneasy, but said. "I suppose that's fair."

"How do you feel about spanking?" He pulled out a jug of cooking oil.

Roy considered. He didn't mind dishing it out, but he'd never been on the receiving end. It had... potential.

Ed caught his unspoken assent and leapt on it. "I call my kink, 'Revenge for clause 12 fucking D. Now strip!"