velvet mace


It was clear that Ed had not thought things through. Or maybe he had but just didn't care that oil clogged drains or that slipping in a bathtub led to bruises and perhaps worse. He probably hadn't thought that much about how hard it was to get oil out of the bathrug under Roy's knees either. Or the fact that corn oil, while not actually bad for you, didn't have that pleasant a flavor. Lord only knew how many shampoos it was going to take to get this stuff out of his hair.

On the good side, Roy suspected that his skin would feel pretty soft for a while.

Roy was learning a lot from this encounter. He really was.

He was noticing things he'd never noticed before. Like for example there was a metal bar on the tub, supposedly a handgrip. It had never occurred to him that it would make a good place to loop a length of rope around, or that once that rope was tied off to his wrists there would be just enough room to stretch out, across the width of the tub and be able to bend over the side and still have his knees be planted, just a bit apart on the floor. It also never occurred to him that his neck would get sore being unsupported in this position, or that his arms would protest when he tried to use them as a pillow.

It also had not occurred to him that you could use alligator clips to pin individual sheets of paper to the shower curtain. Nor that anyone would even want to.

"Clause 6, COLON," Ed ran his automail hand over Roy's oiled side slid under and found a nipple, sliding it over the nub, then pinching hard enough to make Roy gasp. "Minimum age for recruit should be no less than fifteen years of age COMMA," Ed spanked Roy sharply, with his left hand. "be of sound mind COMMA" Spank, "and compliant with fitness standards stated in article 14 F of the Military Medical Code, PERIOD." Ed paused to slide his hand between Roy's legs and give his cock a quick, slippery pull. Roy grunted.

He was learning a lot about military documents. Like the fact that they used a lot of punctuation in their forms. He'd never thought about it before.

He was also finding out that Ed didn't particularly feel compelled to follow rules. Not even rules that he himself came up with. Which was why the colon in the last clause meant a pinched nipple but this clause meant a slippery finger (from the left hand thankfully) inserted none to gently into his rectum. Ouch.

Gradually the commas were changing as well, from mild slaps with the left, flesh hand to more rigorous ones from the automail hand. Ed was definitely feeling vicious.

And the periods were becoming more intense as well. No longer just a single slide down his the length of his cock, now it was two or sometimes three slippery pulls. Roy would remind him of his rules if he could, but apparently Ed had spied the ball gag in his toy drawer last visit, and had decided to commandeer it for the evening.

Roy would have to remember to come up with a few limits before he allowed Ed free reign again. As it was he suspected that sitting down at a desk tomorrow was going to be a somewhat difficult task.

Ed kept droning on, never minding the fact that Roy was whining into the gag, or the way he writhed under the slippery caresses. He ticked off punctuation mark after punctuation mark, with a brisk, no nonsense bit of molestation. In between Ed let his hands roam over Roy's slippery body, over the shoulders, around the chest, the buttocks the thighs, almost randomly. It felt like a very strange massage. Not bad, but not fully satisfying either.

In fact, as sex went this left a lot to be desired. But then expecting Ed to be a great lover was a bit much anyway, especially since he was only fifteen, and he'd only had one sexual experience under his belt (albeit a mindblowingly good one). Also, the fact that Ed was more mad than horny didn't help. There was no doubt in Roy's mind that this was punishment masquerading as sex and not the other way around.

Roy wasn't too surprised when the colon for Clause 10 meant a long pause to rub two, thankfully flesh fingers into his body. If he didn't have the blasted gag in, he could have instructed Ed how to do it properly, but as it was he was pretty much at the mercy of Ed's bumbling.

Roy dearly hoped there wouldn't be too many commas in the next passage, but a few more periods would be good. Nice short choppy sentences, that's what Roy wanted. This last period meant almost fifteen seconds of Ed's hand on his cock, sliding up and down the shaft at a maddening pace, getting him hard, and then withdrawing.

When he reached clause 12, Ed thrust in. He left off counting out the punctuation to pay particular attention to the words themselves. "In times of war, " thrust "unrest, " thrust "or strife, " thrust "the army may extend this contract beyond the original terms." Ed picked up the pace.

Ed was gasping between almost each word. It was difficult to actually understand what he was saying. Ed finally had to stop reading, and just go with it, grabbing Roy's hips and thrusting like a madman.

Ah, this was better. Whether Ed knew it or not he was doing a fine job, hitting the right spot more often then not. Roy breathed as deeply as he could and concentrated on enjoying what he could from what he now had decided was the, hands down, worst bout of sex he'd ever had. Rules or no rules, it was going to be a LONG time before he'd allow Ed to take the helm as it were.

On the good side, now that Ed had opened the playing field to slippery messy sex in the bathroom and the use of gags. With a little leeway, which Roy fully intended to use, there were a lot of much more satisfying sexual games to be played. And that metal handle he was tied to could come in use again. That was a rather handy discovery.

Abruptly, and rather disappointingly, it all ended. Ed growled, clenched Roy's slippery hips hard enough to leave bruises on the right side, and came.

Roy was nowhere near being satisfied.

Withdrawing, Ed went on with his litany, getting to the part that bothered him most, but no longer bothering to even touch Roy.

"D: Should the recruit show particular skill or ability in an area that is necessary to the military but cannot be readily replaced by another member of the military, this contract may be extended until such time as another can be trained to provide the same level of service as said soldier."

Ed spanked him one last time. Then grabbed the sheets off the curtain tore them into tiny pieces and flushed them away. There were still five more clauses, but apparently he'd said his piece. "So, Colonel, when are you going to find my replacement?"

He removed the ball gag.

Roy smiled. "You know you are unique. I doubt there will ever be a satisfactory replacement for you."

"So I figured." Ed untied the ropes. "Ok, how about that rumor about the philosopher's stone."

"I don't think so." Roy eased himself up. Stretched. Then wiped his hands with a towel.

"What? You owed me that kink," Ed said crossing his arms. He didn't seem to notice Roy positioning himself between Ed and the door.

"And I paid full price, and let me say, that won't happen again. But you don't get any information from me until I'm satisfied. And right now I'm not. It is MY turn."

Roy pounced.