velvet mace

Good Clean Fun

Ed's eyes were his most compelling feature, Roy mused. Not only were they large, strikingly colored, and altogether too pretty for a boy, but they were also very expressive. You could almost read the kid's thoughts in them.

Right now those eyes were saying something on the line of "how did I get suckered into doing this?"

"Now the left foot," Roy directed lazily, allowing himself to lie even farther back in the tub. He enjoyed the warmth of the water on his sore backside and the feel of Ed's legs crossed under his thighs, helping to keep his abused buttocks from pressing against the hard porcelain. Ed's hands grabbed his left foot and brought it up out of the water. The air felt deliciously cool, but the hands kept it from being too chilly.

After 10 minutes in the bath Ed's automail was quite warm and pleasant to the touch. Roy would have to remember to make Ed take a hot shower before sex. It would cut down on unpleasant cold shocks.

"Instep first." Ed ran the bar of soap over the instep and massaged it in, Ah, ticklish, but sensual. The feeling of automail rasping and pinching, followed by the more gentle smooth touch of Ed's human hand was just heaven. "Toes," murmured Roy. And Ed carefully soaped up each toe, and followed up by gently pulling and pinching, getting down deep between the toes. Really doing a marvelous job. "Top now." Again, one hand after the other over the top of his foot, not digging in as deeply, just the way Roy had instructed him.

"I'm having a hard time believing that you want to bathe me," Ed said after a bit. "I think that was just an excuse to get me to do this to you."

"Oh, no, " Roy said smugly. "I get to bathe you next. Don't bother to try and argue your way out of it." Roy didn't say that the way he planned on bathing Ed was rather different from the way Ed was currently bathing him. That would be unnecessary information. Fullmetal always performed best when he didn't know exactly what he was getting himself into.

"Besides we do need to get all that oil off,." Roy continued. "Now rinse."

Ed dunked the foot into the water. Ah, delicious warmth. And now the finishing touch. "Test it."

Ed rolled his eyes but obediently lifted the foot again and brought it to his mouth, running his tongue up the instep and between the toes, and finally lapping against the top. Roy hissed in a breath, riding the pleasure of the touch. So intense. His cock also responded, firming up and breaching the water with the tip. "That's enough."

"No oil," Ed pronounced. "You truly are a pervert you know."

"Ah," Roy smiled lazily. "Right leg now, to the knee."

Ed started in. God it felt good. "You are one to call me a pervert," Roy said after a while. "Considering what you just did to me."

"Yeah, I beat the crap out of you and fucked you up the ass. I don't see anything even vaguely perverse about it. I'm just making good on my threats." Ed rinsed the leg.

"And the oil?"

"Well," Ed admitted. "The thought of you all slippery made me hot. Ok, you got me on that one. Do I have to lick the leg too?"

"Of course."

Ed went to.

Lovely. "Hands next, " he said. My goodness, it was honestly hard to tell which he liked more, the slippery feeling of the soap massaged into the palm of his hand, or the delicate warm sensation of the tongue that followed. The fingers decided him. The mouth. Oh yes, the mouth was better, especially the way Ed suckled each finger.

"The water is getting cold," Ed said. "How long are you going to draw this out?"

Roy just directed him on. Some rearrangement in the tub was necessary, but ah, that was nice too. Having Ed lie back against the sloping end of the tub, and Roy positioned on his lap. Skin felt good against his sore bottom. It was a good position for Ed to wash his hair.

"There is a lot of oil in there, it may take you more than one pass."

"Don't make me lick your hair, please," Ed begged.

"Of course not."


"Mmmmm," said Roy. Ed was really quite good at this. Roy had worried that the automail would catch and pull but it didn't. A side benefit of the owner's long hair, he guessed. But Ed was right. The water was getting downright chilly. It was time for a change of pace.

Roy ushered Ed out of the bath. "Thank God," the teen said, "Can I go home now?"

Roy pulled an extra large towel out of the linen cabinet and wrapped it around Ed's shoulders.

"If you really aren't that interested in the rumors, then, of course." Roy smirked. "Don't let me stop you."

Ed groaned. "Fuck if I did all that for nothing, Mustang."

"You know," Roy said lightly. "One of these days, you may just want to do this sort of thing for no other benefit other than the fact that it feels good. You can't lie and say you didn't enjoy that, I could feel how much you liked it."

Ed humphed. "Ok, bathing is fun. I can get into watching you look blissed out."

"Not all sex has to be rough," said Roy running a gentle hand down Ed's face. "Tenderness has a place, too."

Ed's eyes hardened. "You are walking very close to that line," he warned.

"What line would that be, " murmured Roy into Ed's ear. He pulled the ends of Ed's towel, bringing him in closer, so that their evaporation cooled flesh touched and created a pool of shared heat. Their mouths met and generated more heat. Ed was not particularly passive when it came to kissing. Or anything else for that matter.

"Romance," said Ed, breaking away, breathless.

Roy nibbled his ear and then murmured, "And why is romance a dirty word."

Harder, more demanding kisses delayed his answer. "Because I'm not into you."

"You could have fooled me."

Ed pulled away. "Ok, you make me horny, I'll grant you that. And fuck, you know how to screw. I'm not into having you mess with my emotions."

Roy pulled Ed tight and chuckled into his damp hair.

The tub gave a final noisy gurgle and the last of the water ran out. "Ah, good."

"What's next?"

"We take a shower."

"You are so kidding me."

Ed looked even better under a shower than he did sitting in a bathtub. Something about the way the water ran in rivulets down his chest and belly was just... well... hot. Ah but Ed's tongue must be getting a bit sore by now. It was really time to finish this up.

"Cock,'" said Roy.

Ed's hands soaped up Roy's cock, taking the extra time that Roy insisted on. Then continued to massage it long after the soap had disappeared down the drain. Roy was more than ready for this. Now here was true punishment, because it would be so easy to let Ed jack him off. But that would be to deny himself the pleasure of the rest of the game. Haste was Ed's hang up. Roy could be patient.

Roy pushed Ed gently to his knees. Ed was expecting this. Probably expecting it 10 minutes or more ago. Roy chuckled, low in his throat. He explained exactly how he wanted Ed to minister to him, and Ed did just what he said. When Ed committed to something, he really went all out, and right now he was giving Roy exactly what he wanted.

My goodness—Roy's guess had been right. The kid really DIDN'T have a gag reflex. Astonishing, but how else was he able to eat so gluttonously without choking or throwing up. Ed took Roy's thrusts with amazing ease for such a beginner. Hmmm.

But it was time to put an end to this as well. Roy had a plan, and he wasn't going to let a rather good blow job interfere with it.

"And now it's your turn."

Ed sighed. "We've been bathing now for half a lifetime. I honestly think I'm as clean as I can get."

Roy narrowed his eyes. "You've done a marvelous job bathing me, now by your own rules, I can do the same to you."

Ed's jaw dropped. "Oh, hell you aren't talking about doing this for the NEXT three hours too? Mustang, I hate to admit it, but I'm TIRED. I bet you could even talk me into staying the night at this point, so long as I didn't have to actually touch you."

As half-assed a proposal that was, it did have some merit. Roy considered it. But this was beside the point. Ed wasn't getting out of being bathed.

"I can only assume you are rather inobservant, but I haven't come yet," Roy reminded him. "This doesn't end until I do."

"Hey," said Ed, "That's not my fault. Here, I bet I can bring you off with my hand in two minutes flat. Then I'll go commune with your couch."

Now was not the time to mention the fact he had a guest room. Actually he'd rather the boy spent the night on his bed, which was king sized after all, and had plenty of room to for both of them. They could start the night not touching. Roy didn't particularly feel responsible for what he might do in his sleep to change that.

Roy chuckled. "Not a chance."

"About the couch?"

Roy lifted the rope left over from Ed's first (and last) turn. "About the bathing. Give me your hands."

Ed rolled his eyes. "You have a thing for bondage don't you. Is it possible for you to have sex without some form of restraints being involved?"

Roy answered that by picking up the ball gag where it had been left. Marvelous as Ed's mouth was, he'd heard enough of it for one evening.

Roy filled the tub, but only half way. He then rather unceremoniously lifted Ed up and plopped him in it. Roy tied the Ed's hands to the tubs built in handrail, but left enough slack in the rope that the teen could lie back.

Roy slipped into the warm water himself.

Ed had been good, both with his hands and his tongue, but it was time for him to experience a true master. The restraints made perfect sense to both of them before Roy had gone beyond the boy's foot. In fact Roy was very glad that caution had kept him from filling the tub up. The boy writhed under his hands so hard that as it was the floor was getting pretty soaked.

"Relax, Ed," Roy paused between toes to say.

Ed's eyes said something like, "Oh my god, that tickles, you insane sadist." Ed's mouth mearly made muffled screaming noises.

"I've always been amazed that connection between a person's feet and their groin," said Roy casually. "For example, when I do this," Roy licked the instep. Ed responded by thrusting his pelvis up entirely out of the water. "You do that."

Ed's eyes were pleading now. Pure unashamed pleading for relief. He wiggled his butt as enticingly as he could. Roy chuckled. Charming.

"I see you've recovered from earlier." Roy slid his legs under him and gently lifted Ed up by his hips. In the water Ed was near weightless and Roy could sit without putting too much pressure on his tender backside.

"Shall we end this?"

Ed nodded furiously. His eyes said "Please."

"Well, then." Roy reached over the side of the tub and lifted the almost empty jug of cooking oil. "I suppose we have one last use for this."

Ed let his head roll back. His hair spread out around him. Did the kid even know how beautiful he was when he did that? Or was that purely unconscious, the outstretched neck, the closed eyes, the look of absolute submission.

Planned or not it made Roy's cock even harder. Roy palmed a little oil onto it and rubbed it a few times to distribute the slippery substance evenly along its length. He then brought a finger to Ed's ass. As expected the water and his ministrations had left the boy rather relaxed. It took little time to prepare him.

Roy slid his knees under Ed's butt and leaned forward, pressing in. Ed's face screwed up a little, but otherwise his body remained limp. Then Ed wrapped his legs around Roy's waist and pulled him deeper.

They fucked, slowly, because the theme for the moment was tenderness and Roy had enough of pain for the evening—both for himself and for Ed. They fucked slowly because Roy was tired too, and because sometimes a slow screw just felt damn good. Roy fucked gently because he wanted it to last. He stroked Ed in time with his thrusts—at a maddeningly placid pace.

Ed's eyes opened at last, still pleading. He pushed his hips more insistently, and Roy gave in, giving him the more powerful thrusts he craved. The tempo quickened. The body beneath him finally grew tighter as if making one last ditch effort to fight something off.

Finally Ed came. Roy took that as his cue and let himself go.

Breathing quickly, exhausted, Roy looked Ed over. This was how he liked him best. Quiet, open, vulnerable.

But it was just an illusion. The moment Roy untied his hands and removed the gag that would change. Ed would demand his information, and Roy would feel like a john paying for his fucks. This rather wonderful bit of lovemaking would dissolve into something cheap and meaningless.

So instead he turned on the tap one last time and filled the tub. Then he wrapped his arms around his utterly nerveless, helpless, silent lover and just held him until the water turned cool again.