velvet mace


Al turned out to be damnibly difficult to seduce, but Roy wasn't about to back down from the challenge. Ever since the kid had wandered into Central wearing his brothers red coat and an expression of infinite sorrow on his 16 year old face, Roy knew he wanted him. It would have probably been easy to get him, too, if Al hadn't been so darned blatant about his arrival.

Before reaching Brigadier General Mustang's office, he had wandered into four other offices, pleading his cause. Ed had disappeared. Alchemy was involved. Al needed help bringing him back. Each time, he'd walked away when questioned about the exact circumstances under which Ed had disappeared. Before the day was half done, there were whispers up and down the corridors that the army's one time Armored Mascot had returned as a slender and fragile looking youth.

As a result there was a memo straight from the Fuhrer himself on Roy's desk when the boy finally got around to asking him.

"Sign him up," said the note briefly. "He gets no help until he does."

Roy looked up from the note to the shy teen standing in the doorway. "Now, Alphonse. I'm hurt you didn't come to me first."

Al's hazel eyes met his for the briefest of moments before turning back to gaze at the rug. "I figured you'd be busy. You are a General now."

"Yes, but I don't forget my own." Roy gestured Al to sit in a swivel chair in front of his large mahogany desk. He eyed the kid up and down. So this is what Al really looked like. He liked it. It was a definite improvement.

There was a strong family resemblance to his brother. The hair was a shade darker, and a whole lot shorter, but the fine boned frame, large eyes, and delicate features were the same. The voice had changed since he'd last heard it. It had lowered now to a warm and pleasant tenor. Yes quite a pleasant package. Well done, Fullmetal.

"If you'd seen me first," Roy continued. "We could have worked something out quietly, but as it is I'm afraid my hands are tied."

Al looked up and met his eyes—hurt and outraged. "Not even you?" He sighed and heaved his shoulders. "Well thank you for your time. I'll go now."

"Wait," said Roy. "Hear me out. Your brother is considered AWOL right now. It hasn't endeared him to the Army. They want to know the precise details of what happened with him before they will consider him to be anything other than a deserter."

"I can't tell them he used Human Transmutation again," said Al. "That's illegal."

"No of course you can't. But apparently they will accept a substitute."

Al's eyes hardened. "I'm not signing up. I know all about clause 12D. That was a really shitty thing you did to my brother, by the way, not telling him up front what he was signing."

Roy raised an eyebrow. "You should always read the fine print on contracts before you sign them. But in any case, YOU know what you would be signing up for. The question is, how much do you really need us?"

Al's eyes narrowed, and he stood up. "Is that it then?"

Roy sighed. So close. So close. "I'm afraid so. It is truly a pleasure to see you in the flesh. Your brother did quite an admirable job." He paused. "Tell me, are you truly human, or are you a homunculus?"

"I'm completely human—this is MY body back."

"Nothing missing this time?"

"Not a thing." Al met his eyes in something of a challenge. "I know all about your deals with my brother. If you are thinking that way about me, you can forget it."

"Even if I wanted to, it wouldn't be allowed." And oh, Roy wanted to. He wanted to badly. "The orders are straight from the Fuhrer. No help unless you sign."

Al walked out, leaving the recruitment papers unsigned on the desk.

Two weeks later he came back. "I'm going to regret this," he said.

"Not at all, the Army is the perfect place for an alchemist such as yourself." Roy casually put a hand on the back of Al's chair while he signed the documents. "Good boy." When he patted Al's head, the boy flinched and moved away.

"I haven't changed my mind."

"Of course not." But Roy knew it was just a matter of time, and now he had all the time in the world. Eventually the kid would wear down. Only too bad he couldn't hold out his cooperation on finding Ed for it, but no, the boy had already paid in full for that.

"I have a girlfriend," Al said.

"And what does she say about you joining up?"

Al didn't say anything. Roy smiled. Something told him the girlfriend wasn't going to be much competition.

Al had stared daggers at him when Roy gave him his first posting. Research assistant. To Roy Mustang. "You aren't sending me into the field?"

"Will that get your brother back faster?"

"No." But it would give Al a bit of relief from Roy. Roy wasn't going to let that happen. He was going to be RIGHT THERE, on the kids back until he got used to the idea. He'd done this before. He had enough other people he could turn to for relief that he could take his time with Al, and eat away at his resistance bit by bit.

"Come to my office first thing in the morning, I'll brief you on your assignments for the day. You will be spending most of your time in the library. I will send a message through the librarians should I need you."

Something told Roy that he'd need Al fairly frequently.

A week later Al came to work fuming.

"Really, Alphonse," chided Roy. "You are beginning to resemble Fullmetal. You always struck me as the cool headed brother."

"They gave my dorm room away!" growled Al, trying his best to make his wiry frame look formidable.

"Ah, yes." Roy didn't try to hide his smirk. "Central has become a bit overpopulated. It couldn't be helped. The other outranked you."

"Where am I supposed to sleep? The hall? A hotel? Don't tell me your office, because I'd rather sleep in the park."

"I have a perfectly serviceable guest room at my house. You can stay there."

Al's eyes grew even wider. "I TOLD you, I'm not going there, Mustang. Give it up already."

"You should call me 'sir', " corrected Roy. "And what do you have against my house?"

"I have a girlfriend. Chase someone else."

Roy rubbed his lips. "And where is this girlfriend?"


"Long distance relationship, eh." Roy leaned back in his chair. "It's a guest room. It has a lock on it, if you feel it necessary. And anyway, I'm making this an order. I won't have you sleeping in a park. It's unseemly."

"This isn't a date," said Al, a week later. "I don't date men. Especially not older men. Especially not you."

The younger Elric looked absolutely delicious in the flickering candlelight. Though decidedly underdressed. Mmm. Roy should have told him they weren't going to a burger joint, but then he doubted Al would have been as willing to get into the car.

Roy speared a tender asparagus with his fork and nodded. "Naturally it isn't. You've been working hard. I've been working hard. I thought we deserved a bit of a treat."

"We are going dutch," the younger alchemist insisted, trying to figure out which fork he should be using. He opted for the outer one.

"If you insist, but I will point out that I make almost six times your salary, and this place isn't cheap. Why not take advantage of it? Surely you could use your money for something better—like those comic books you've been stashing under your bed."

"You've been in my room?" There was just a touch of a wail in his voice. Ah, such a violation. Roy snickered.

"I thought I left something in there. I was wrong. Would you like some wine?"

"I'm sixteen." Al glared at him.

"I won't tell anyone."

"You aren't getting me drunk."

"I wouldn't presume to try. Shall I have them bring you some punch then?"

"Water is fine." Al settled into his crab soufflé with an appetite that reminded Roy fondly of his missing brother. Those had been good times. Not that Ed had ever allowed him to take him to a restaurant, or any other public venue for that matter.

When the bill came, Roy paid all of it. "It would have looked strange to split it," he consoled the kid on the way home in the car.

"OUCH!" cried Al from the kitchen. Roy was immediately on his feet. He found Al running cold water over his hand. The kid turned off the tap as soon as Roy entered.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just burned myself. Dinner isn't ready yet, you can go back to your book."

"Let me see."

"It's really nothing." But he held out his hand. A small brown line had formed on the inside of his wrist. It might blister. Roy took the hand in his own and brought the wound to his lips.

Al snatched his hand back. "What the hell was that?"

"Didn't your mother kiss your hurts when you were young?" asked Roy innocently.

"Sure, but I'm not five and you aren't my mother." Al shook his head. "And she didn't use her tongue either."

Two months after Al moved in, Roy had an epiphany. He cornered Al on the couch. "Marigold."


"It's a word neither of us would spontaneously say during sex."

Al sighed. "Are we on that again. How many times do I have to say 'no' to you before you'll give it up?" He looked pointedly at his book, but his eyes weren't scanning the page. He was waiting.

Ah, hah, thought Roy. "If you say 'Marigold' I'll stop."

"What the hell are you talking about," said Al. He put the book down and stood up—or rather tried to. Roy suddenly grabbed both his arms and pinned him to the couch.

"Wrong words." Roy leaned in and kissed him, on the mouth, hard. Al turned his head away, gasping with outrage.

"Cut it out, I'm not playing your games."

"No games here," said Roy. "I'm tired of waiting for you to cave. I've decided more forceful measures must be taken."

Al's eyes went wide realizing the implication. Damn, that was lovely. Like a butterfly awaiting the inevitable needle. Then suddenly Al went into motion, squirming and writhing like an eel. Roy held onto his upper arms with bruising strength, managing to hold on even as he slid to a prone position on the couch. Roy climbed on top of him, sliding his hands carefully up the boys arms until he trapped the wrists. He held those high above the kid's head and took in the stunned expression.

"So how far did you get with your girlfriend, Al?" Roy purred. "Did she ever do this to you?" He leaned over and kissed him, gently this time, his lips barely touching the others. Then gradually he deepened the connection, sucking in the kids lower lip for a gentle nip between his teeth. The kid tasted good—like cinnamon—probably due to the sticky bun he'd been snacking on earlier. Mmmm.

"We kissed—but not like that."

"Did she ever do this?" He began kissing and licking down Al's neck, starting from the ear and ending up at the junction of his shoulder, where the starched collar of his shirt made going further impossible.

"Uh... no."

"You wear too much." Roy pushed the kids wrists together then held them with a single hand. The other reached down to unbutton Al's shirt.

"Stop it, sir."

"Oh, so now I'm 'sir.'" Roy smiled broadly. "It's good you know who is in charge here. I should have made you realize that long ago. Pity, so much wasted time." He finished unbuttoning the shirt, and opened it, disappointingly on a white undershirt.

Far too many clothes. He'd have to clean out the kid's closet—make him spend the weekend trapped naked in the house—or wearing one of those schoolgirl uniforms. That would be even better. Pity Al had short hair—but perhaps that could be changed as well. He could forbid the kid from seeing a barber.

Al suddenly pushed against him and slid sideways, his wrists slipping out of Roy's hand. In a moment he'd rolled off the couch onto the floor. Then he was on his feet dashing out of the door, down the hall towards his room.

Roy chased him. He had no doubt if Al got to his own bedroom, then the game would be over. The door would be slammed in his face and he'd hear the lock snick into place. Damn it, he was too horny to let that happen.

Luckily he was taller and had a longer reach. He caught the kid in the hall and swung him into the wall with a painful thud. Using both his strength and his weight he pressed the kid into the paneling, allowing the reality of the situation sink in. He rubbed his hard on into the kid's back, letting him know it was there. Letting him guess the size of it.

Al writhed vainly, his hands running over the decorative molding as if seeking some kind of hand hold. Roy caught the right wrist firmly, then stepped back. Al tried to bolt again, but Roy was quicker, sweeping Al's arm behind him and pulling up until the teen's back arched and he went up on his toes to relieve the pressure.

"Naughty, naughty," said Roy "That's enough running for now. Let's take this upstairs." With that he marched the kid off, up the stairs and into his own bedroom. Al hissed but said nothing.

This was a rather good hold to use. Very versatile. He'd have to remember to use it on Edward if and when they succeeded in pulling him back from wherever the hell he'd gone. It certainly kept Al still while Roy fished through his drawers and found the cuffs. He pulled Al's wrists behind his back and secured them.

Al wasn't quite ready to end the fight. The moment Roy let go, he was dashing, towards the door again. Roy closed it. He didn't give the boy time to figure out how to manipulate a doorknob with his hands behind his back. He merely lifted the hands up and guided him back into the room. Roy pushed him to kneel on the floor next to the side of the bed, within easy arm's reach of the end table.

He fished through the drawers again. It had been a long time since he used this particular prop, but it fit the bill perfectly. Ah, there it was. He pinned Al between himself and the side of the bed and used both hands to secure a dog collar around his throat. He attached the leash portion, and then dropped the looped handle over the top of the bedpost.

Al wasn't going anywhere—at least not anywhere far.

"Do you have anything to say?" Roy said, pausing. If the kid said "Marigold" now, Roy was going to be one sore alchemist, but he had to offer the opportunity.

"Screw you, Mustang," said Al. Phew! The game was still on.

Hmmm, now time for those clothes. Darn it, the handcuffs made it impossible to take off the shirts, but he couldn't uncuff the kid. That would just be an invitation to play tag again, and Roy was tired of chasing around. Oh, well, no help for it. Shirts weren't that expensive.

He left Al waiting and went to look for a pair of scissors. When he returned, Al was still kneeling by the bed, biting his lip and looking rather uncomfortable. A look at the kids crotch made clear the predicament. Chuckling Roy set to work.

"Hold still, I don't want to nick you." He started at the cuffs and cut his way up to the shoulders, freeing first one arm, then the other. Then he went to work on that damnible undershirt. He slit it up the front, pausing to run his hand over the newly exposed flesh. Al was a bit on the skinny side, but quite luscious nonetheless. He tested the nipples. They firmed up nicely under his ministrations. Then back to work, snipping off the narrow bands of cloth at each shoulder. A couple of tugs and the boy naked from the waist up.

Roy considered cutting off the pants as well, though it wasn't strictly necessary, but decided against it. Al seemed to accept his position now and allowed him to remove the rest of his clothing, with a minimal struggle, if not much cooperation.

Ah. In one aspect at least, Al was still the bigger brother. Roy grinned. It was also somewhat of a relief to see that Al was in fact enjoying this game quite as much as he was, even though apparently he couldn't admit it in any way but the most carnal.

Roy removed his own clothes, slowly, making sure that Al could see everything. The look on Al's face was priceless. Roy didn't think person's eyes could get any wider.

"Well, I must say this body is a vast improvement over the last one," said Roy, sitting on the bed in front of him. He gently positioned the kid so he was kneeling between his knees. "You must be quite sensitive after all those years stuck in metal." He ran a finger down the side of his face, then over Al's lips. "And having a mouth again must be very nice." He parted the lips with his thumb. "I wonder if you can use it as well as your brother could."

Al jerked his head back. "What is with you and the army?" he said irately. "I'm not the Fullmetal Substitute. You want Ed, you are just going to have to wait until we can find him."

Ooh, sore spot.

"No the two of you are very different... but in some ways..."

Al looked annoyed. "I'm tired of hearing about my brother. You know what? Mar—"

Before he could finish the word, Roy grabbed the back of Al's head and pushed his cock into his mouth.

La, la, la, I didn't hear that. No idea what he was about to say, but it couldn't have been too important because damn his mouth was working Roy's cock over quite nicely. Roy couldn't imagine Al doing this before, but he seemed to have a natural instinct for it. It took very little coaching to get him to suck and move his head just the right way.

"Stop," ordered Roy and pulled Al's head away. If this went any farther, Roy at least would be finished, and that could hardly be considered fair. Al's eyes were on the floor, obediently waiting to be told what to do next. He seemed tamed enough to risk undoing the cuffs, which is what Roy needed to do for this next part to be comfortable.

"If you fight me, I'll be putting these back on," he warned as he unlocked and released Al's hands. Al rubbed his wrists but didn't fight. Roy helped him up onto the mattress and lay him down on his back.

Roy set to nibbling and molesting the kid. Teasing and exploring his body with great thoroughness. This was the part that Edward hated the most and Roy considered almost indispensable for a satisfying fuck. He needed to see his lover squirming in delight, unable to satisfy himself, needing Roy. Begging Roy. To have such utter control over a person was an addictive delight. Being able to maintain and extend that need for excruciating lengths of time filled Roy with an almost sadistic satisfaction. Few of his lovers could hold out unrestrained. After going through such work to get Al into bed, Roy decided he was going to make this part particularly long and punishing.

Al was doing his best to hold still and pretend he wasn't enjoying anything, but his panting and his hands fisted into sheets told another story. He arched his back in an attempt to rub his weeping cock against something, anything, but Roy was careful to avoid that part. Not yet. He wasn't going to let the kid come until Roy was darned well ready for it. Al showed admirable control—but in the end he couldn't bear it any more and he grabbed his own erection and began pumping.

"Wrong!" Roy pulled off the hand and reached into the drawers again. Rope this time. He bound Als arms to the bedposts.

"Please, please," gasped Al, finally breaking.

"Address me as 'Sir.'"

"Please, sir, please."

"What do want?"

"Ma—" gasped Al. No not Marigold. Not now! Roy fought the urge to cover his mouth—gag him. The kid COULDN'T back out now. He couldn't.

"Make it stop, sir. Finish me already. Fuck me or do something. Just stop teasing."

"Will you do everything I tell to you?" asked Roy.

"Yes, sir."

"Even after I let you come, will you obey me?"

"Yes, sir."

"I consider this to be a verbal contract, and I'll keep you to it."

"Please, sir. I'll do what you like, sir, just finish this, please."

Roy smiled. He had this kid's number all right. Al was going to be quite a pleasurable partner after all. The possibilities were limitless. So many games they could play, but another day. Now it was time to end this one. Roy was almost in pain holding out this long. "Very well then."

He grabbed a pillow and tucked it under Al's rump, then found the lube. As agonizing as it was to prolong the process at this point, Roy just couldn't resist making the lubing of his fingers into something of a show, letting Al's heated eyes take it in and process what was coming. "Are you a virgin?"

"Yes, sir."

"What about your girlfriend?"

"We only kissed, sir. Twice."

"This may hurt a bit, but you'll just have to bear with it." Roy patiently lubed Al up. The kid tensed up. "Relax or it really will hurt." Al did his best.

Now this was torture for Roy, he was past ready. He was beginning to worry that he might go off before he had a chance to enter the kid and that would be a huge let down for both of them. He thought of alchemy circles and tried to ignore the tantalizing promise of tightness around his fingers. It helped a little. His need obediently backed off from the brink.

Roy abruptly decided it was now or never. He lubed himself up swiftly, grabbed the boys knees in his hands and lifted and pushed. It wasn't his best entrance, a bit too quick, too forceful. Al bit a cry and screwed his eyes shut. Oh, but it was good. Tight, hot, clenching him.

He paused, as much for his own sake as for Al's. He had managed to soar right up to the brink again. Any movement at that moment would have ended it for him.

Calm calm. Alchemy wasn't doing it. Marigold. A sickening dagger of fear lanced through him, but it did the trick. He was back down again. He began thrusting, slowly into Al, who squirmed under him, bucking up his own hips to meet him. Roy so wanted to make this moment last, but it wasn't going to happen. Not this time. At least Al wouldn't know better. Roy sat erectly, holding one thigh, and began rubbing Al's cock. As expected, the kid had no more stamina left than he. Al let out a gasp and came, jerking and twitching in Roy's hand.

The sight of Al's pleasure more than anything else was what finally tipped Roy over the edge. He came in long deeply satisfying waves. It was a good come. A hard come. A forceful come. After it was through Roy just held himself in place, too sensitive to move. Al watched him curious, but accepting. At last, completely softened, Roy pulled out and lay next to Al.

He should untie the kid, but he didn't feel like it. Even completely satiated, it was still pleasurable to see a beauty such as Al tied up, available for any further uses he might have. Maybe he'd keep him like that until bedtime.

"That was delightful," said Roy softly, running a finger in lazy circles around Al's chest. "Utterly delightful."

"Thank you, sir," said Al.

"Mmm." Roy pinched a nipple. So different from Edward, so delectable in his own right. Not a Fullmetal Substitute at all. But perhaps a great addition... "Perhaps when we bring Ed back, the three of us can do this. I wonder what you would look like with your mouth around my cock and while Fullmetal reamed you from behind. Tasty I imagine."

Al tensed beneath him. "Roy." There was no ignoring the anger in that voice.