velvet mace


The kid was subtle... or maybe sneaky was a better word. He'd managed to wriggle out from under Roy's thumb so slowly that Roy had honestly not even noticed until now. But there Al was sitting down for a romantic dinner with someone OTHER than himself.

It made Roy furious.

Roy's date was jabbering something at him, but he was not listening. Not that she could tell. He had long learned how to school his face to be pleasantly attentive, even as his mind drifted off elsewhere. And he seldom allowed people to know his true feelings.

Which is why he only allowed himself to look in Al's direction twice during the course of their meal. The first time, was when the other couple were led to their seats. Roy looked to confirm that it was indeed Al and not some look alike. The honey blond hair which Roy had insisted Al grow was almost to the kids shoulders now, at an awkward length where it was too short to be tied back, but too long to look anything but sloppy.

When Al turned his head, Roy saw the large grey-hazel eyes, confirmed the thin (but pleasantly developing) build. Though the restaurant was noisy, Roy fancied he could hear Al's laugh.

The second time he looked was when Roy and his date stood up to leave. While she straightened her dress, Roy let his eyes slide back over to the other couple. Al's date was Scheska, Hughes's favorite underling. Whatever the two were talking about they seemed to be quite engrossed in it. Roy had never dated Scheska. Perhaps he should remedy that, someday, but for now his tastes were definitely set on Al.

He was not jealous.

He was merely being possessive.

There was a difference.

He had planned on taking his date back to his house, but he'd been reminded during the course of their meal why he'd not looked her up in a while. She was quite pleasant to look at but her voice grated and her personality was ... boring. So instead he had the driver take them to her apartment and called it an evening. At least with her.

Come to think of it, why had he just dated her? Roy frowned. Usually he was the one to call up a date, but in this case she had come by his office, unannounced and had rather effectively vamped him. He'd given in, succumbing to momentary lust and a lack of anything better to do... but what had possessed her to look him up in the first place?

"Well, " said Roy as they pulled up outside of her apartment building. "It was certainly pleasant seeing you again. I forgot to ask you, but what brought you by the office earlier?"

"Oh, " said the woman. "Really nothing. I passed by a colleague of yours and he said that you'd mentioned my name, so I thought I'd look you up. In fact, I think I saw him at the restaurant we were at."

Roy didn't snap. He didn't raise his voice. He didn't tense up. He just led her out of the car and up to the door, and bid her good bye with a chaste kiss to her hand.

Come to think of it, there had been a number of odd incidents in the past few weeks, where women from his past had met up with him, looking in some way expectant. This was the first one he'd taken out, but it seemed a bit of a strange coincidence.

Was Al setting HIM up on dates?

He climbed back in the car, but instead of heading home he directed the driver back to the restaurant. The waitress, recognizing him rushed up to ask if he'd left something behind. He merely gave her a friendly glance and waved her off. There was Al and Scheska, still engrossed in conversation. He walked up behind Al's chair, quietly.

Scheska's eyes went wide. "Oh, hello, sir."


Al raised his hand to his face, then turned around with a patently false smile on his face. "Hello, sir, whatever happened to your date?"

"Oh, she had something she needed to do. I didn't know you and Scheska were dating."

Sheska waved her hands in a manic way, and giggled. "Oh, no sir, we are just working late together and thought we'd have dinner."

"Working on something?"

Al dared to roll his eyes. "My little research project to get my brother back? The books from the First Branch may be gone, but Scheska still remembers them. We were trying to figure out likely ones for her to transcribe for me."

Ah yes. That. For a moment Roy felt a stirring of guilt, perhaps it was just innocent. But then, this was an awfully expensive and picturesque restaurant for a business dinner.

Roy smiled. His eyes on Scheska. And waited. Expectantly.

"And anyway, I think we are done," said Scheska in a sudden high-pitched squeal. "I'll uh, see you tomorrow." She got up, grabbed her purse with a nervous giggle and left.

Roy took her spot. Suddenly, Al wiped his mouth and gestured for the waitress.

"No dessert?" Roy asked.

"Not since you've just scared off my date."

"I thought you weren't dating."

Al crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Listen. What we have isn't exclusive. You date who you like, I'll date who I like. Occasionally we will date each other. Everyone is happy."

"Well, " said Roy. "Apparently, you date who you like, and I date who YOU like as well. Whatever gave you the right to play matchmaker for me?"

There was a slight coy smile. "I don't know what you are talking about."

The waitress came up to them. "Check please," said Al.

When the check came, Roy pulled it away and took out his wallet. "You aren't paying for this are you?" Al said, annoyed.

"I always pay for my dates."

"I'm not your date," said Al exasperated.

Roy's hand reached across the table and caught Al's. The grip was hard and commanding. Al's weakness, as much as he wanted to hide it, was that he always crumbled before a strong demanding will. "Are you going to make a scene about this?" asked Roy.

Al swallowed. "No."

"No, what?"

"No, sir."


The driver put down his newspaper when they exited the restaurant. If seeing Roy with his arm over the narrow shoulders of a kid half his age and directly under his command bothered him, he made no indication. Most of the drivers had long since learned not to be too nosy or judgmental about what Roy did. Roy was a tactical genius, and so long as he pulled off his wartime miracles what he did privately was tolerated, if not openly condoned.

Roy didn't exactly throw Al into the car, it was more of a gentle nudge, but it was enough of a reminder of who was in charge that Al didn't object. The driver's bland indifference aside it would have been embarrassing if Al had chosen to balk at that moment.

"One of these days, " said Al. "It would be nice if you just asked me."

"We both know what your answer would be."


"It was a mistake allowing you to move back to the dorms," said Roy.

Al hid a smirk. "You needed your space, sir."

"I see. Yes that's what I thought too. But I'm thinking maybe it was you that put that thought in my head."

"You won, you got me. There wasn't much point in me cluttering up your household with my stuff."

Now that was an absurd statement. Like Ed, Al was not much for physical possessions. Even the comic books that he enjoyed were often given away after a few readings. And the kid was even less interested in fashion than his brother. Al didn't even understand other people's knick-knacks much less did he collect anything of his own.

Roy reached up and gently fingered Al's hair. "Maybe it was you who wanted space. So that you could pursue others without me interfering."

"I really don't see how you can object to that," said Al. "That would hardly be fair."

Fair. Yes, well, Roy wasn't into fair. On the battlefield or the bedroom, Roy played to win. That was the truth that Al and his brother took so long to find out. The truth that they had tried so hard to reject. When it came to human relationships, there was no equivalent exchange. There was only giving and taking.

And tonight, Al was going to give, and Roy was going to take, and that was just how it would be.

Roy traced a finger down the side of Al's face, then cupped the chin and pulled it over. He leaned in to give him a kiss. Soft, barely touching, teasing. Al's senses were so attuned after the years of deprivation that touches like this had a profound effect on him.

Roy smiled as Al's breath suddenly quickened, but then Al jerked away surprised. "We're in the car."

"The driver has seen worse," Roy muttered.

"Nothing gets you in trouble."

"Only failure." Roy pulled him into a second kiss. Just a teasing brush, followed by a promising touch of the tip of his tongue against the lower lip. "And I don't plan to lose," he breathed into Al's ear.

When he pulled back there was an interesting gleam to Al's eyes. Al wasn't quite as submissive as he liked to let on. He liked to spar a bit. The game was on. In fact, Roy realized, the game had BEEN on for several weeks now, with Al seeing just how far he could control the definition of their relationship.

Oh, really, now. Well, it wouldn't do. It was time to take corrective measures. Roy had an idea—it would mean bending their informal agreement, and it might make Al a bit more difficult to coax into a liaison in the future, but it would be worth it. Roy didn't like being "got." It was time for Al to remember his place.

"So, why is it that you have been aiming women in my direction?" Roy asked.

Al said nothing.

"There must be a reason for it. Did you think that I would forget about you once I had something feminine in my lap?" Roy let his hand slide down Al's side until he found the junction of his thighs. He ran his thumb down the length of the bulge under the slacks, putting just enough pressure to make Al's nerves stand on edge, but not enough to do more than tease. Al sucked in a breath in response. Roy fancied he could feel the heat of Al's blush.

"No. I didn't think you'd forget."

"I know you enjoy this. You can't hide it." He stroked again. Al's eyes closed and his lips parted a little. "Why would you want to deny yourself this?"

"I don't want to... but..."

"But what..."

Al turned his head away.

They arrived at the house. Roy had Al so hard he imagined it hurt to get out of the car. Good. Sending the driver on, Roy put his arm around Al's shoulders and pushed him up the path. The moment the front door closed, Roy dropped all pretensions of gentleness and slammed Al against the wood paneling in the foyer. He braced his legs and pressed against Al, enjoying the feeling of the boys hardness against his thigh, the heat of his face under Roy's lips.

"I know you love this. You want this. Do you really think Sheska can do the things I can do for you?" Roy felt Al melting. He loved having that kind of power over him. "Can she command you the way you need?"

"No, " Al breathed.



"You promised you would do anything I told you to, do you remember that?"

"Yes sir," but there seemed to be a touch of regret in his voice, under all the lust.

Roy leaned back and with a practiced hand, loosened Al's tie and pulled it off. It was soft and wide, made of silk. Very tasteful. Roy had picked it out himself a few weeks back; along with the grey suit younger alchemist was wearing. Roy took the tie and touched it to Al's cheek, letting him sense the softness of it. "I'll have a use for this later," he promised, and tucked it into the pocket of his slacks.

Al's hand reached up to touch the spot where the silk had been. Such a sensualist, Al was. So very sensitive to touch. Roy planned to use that as well.

Roy went on to push the jacket off Al's shoulders. Roy had to release him and pull him away from the wall before the jacket actually slid free and fell to the marble floor. Roy then made quick work of the buttons on his shirt.

"I could take you here in the front hall, on the cold floor," Roy said. "Or you can follow me to my room and do this on a bed. Which would you prefer?" It was the height of generosity, and the last choice he'd allow Al for the evening.

"Bed, sir, please," Al said.

Al's shirt was left in the front hall. The undershirt landed on the steps half way up to the second floor. Roy pressed Al's face against the door while he removed the boy's shoes.

This is why he loved Al so much. He was completely submissive, but never passive. A soft stroke of Roy's fingers over the curve of the boys shoulder brought forth a shiver. A more forceful hand on his upper arm, made the kid writhe. It was like playing perfectly tuned instrument. Roy could get drunk on this. He was drunk on this.

The pants made it as far as the foot of the bed. When Roy lifted the youth up and threw him on the mattress, the only thing left on him was a thin pair of boxers that did nothing to hide the erection beneath. Roy left those for the moment.

This was too easy.

Al was gasping, staring at him with large eyes. Roy could see the familiar inner tension going on. The kid was feeling the need to fight his own desires again. Usually this was where the wrestling would start, but Al was holding himself in check.

The kid was up to something.

Roy reached over and opened the drawer to his nightstand. There on the top were the cuffs. Roy was rather fond of this particular prop, but tonight it wasn't just for show. He was going to need these to properly enact his revenge.

Roy didn't hesitate before latching a cuff around one wrist, then looping the chain around one of the dowels in the headboard. Al resisted for the first time, trying to keep his free arm out of reach. It was a halfhearted attempt at best, and utterly futile. Roy's arms were longer than Al's. The second cuff snapped into place.

Al's eyes ran through a gamut of emotions, desire, fear, but under that was something different—anger, resentment, mischief.

The kid was mad at him interfering with his date. And he resented him for something... unfathomable. He was going to pull something unexpected, something that would make Roy truly mad. But what could Al do?

Marigold. Of course. Their safe word. Al's ultimate trump card. No matter how far along they were, that one would bring them to a screeching halt.

Al had only used it once during sex, more to test to see if it would work than in response to anything Roy was doing. Roy had abided by it, but was so furious he hadn't wanted to even talk to Al for days afterwards. Come to think of it, when they did speak again it was to suggest that Al move back into the dorms.

Yes, thought Roy, I see. He thinks he can get me worked up, get me close to the edge, then use the safe word. That would punish me for interfering with his date earlier. Maybe even make me think twice about propositioning him again.

But he enjoys this... why would he do such a thing?

It didn't matter; Roy had wooed the kid into bed before Al even knew how much his body needed Roy's. Now that the kid was addicted to his touch, it should be easy to convince him of the futility of his resistance. And no matter what, he wasn't about to just write the kid off.

Not when the kid did... this... so well. Roy dragged his thumb over Al's lips and felt them part. The finger was soon enveloped in soft wetness as Al drew it in and began sucking. The curl of the boys tongue over the tip of his thumb made Roy's composure break and brought a soft moan from his throat.

Roy give up that mouth? Willingly? Never!

But for this evening, he could forgo it. A hard, but necessary sacrifice.

Al noted the smile on Roy's face and sensed something was up... something just a bit different from their ordinary play. He continued to suck Roy's thumb, but his brows dipped in concern.

Roy removed the thumb only to place his forefinger across Al's lips. "I know what is best for you. You need to trust me."

He drew out the tie from earlier and wrapped it around Al's head, covering his eyes. The soft fabric molded itself neatly across the bridge of Al's nose. The dense weave allowed no light to come through.

"What are you..." said Al. But Roy silenced him with a kiss. A deeper kiss this time. Hard lips pressed against soft ones. Al instinctively responded, allowing Roy in, taking his tongue and sucking. Delicious. Wonderful. And it would have to last him the night.

"Trust me," murmured Roy when he withdrew.

Roy reached into the drawer again and pulled out a toy that he had never been allowed to use with Al. The mere sight of it would be enough to provoke the safe word, which is why Roy had used the blindfold first.

Al was so unfamiliar with the feel that he didn't object when Roy lifted his head off the pillow. He even opened his mouth willingly when the rubber touched his lips, but soon Roy felt the kid tense as he realized Roy had betrayed him. By then it was too late. The gag was firmly in place.

There would be no Marigolds tonight.

Al's response was predictable. He went wild. He writhed and kicked, Then attempted to pull himself up to his hands to release the gag himself. Roy caught the boy's legs and pressed them down and waited.

"I will never hurt you," Roy told him. "I can make your body feel so good if you let me. You think you can get this kind of release from a woman. Impossible. Your body needs a man's touch. You were built to be used the way I use you. Why fight it?"

Al's struggles were getting weaker. He was relaxing. His nose flared and he trembled, but Roy could see that his words had struck true. If anything Al's hard on was more apparent.

Roy gave it a bit of attention, stroking it through the thin cotton. Watching the spot of precum make an ever growing sticky spot. "You need me. You want me. This does not lie." He squeezed and Al bucked his hips up in response.

"I know how you love to have your skin touched... just... so." He trailed his free hand lightly over the skin of Al's belly. The muscles beneath tensed, and Roy was rewarded to see the abs defined.

"I understand how long you lived without touch, and how necessary touch is to your satisfaction." He leaned over to run his lips and tongue over Al's throat, down to the hollow of his breastbone.

"I know when to be gentle, and when to be firm." His mouth reached a nipple and drew it in sucking it in, pulling it, lightly allowing this teeth to graze it. The threat was enough to make Al's body shudder.

'Don't deny yourself. Don't push me away. Accept this for what it is. Give in."

Roy put his mouth on Al's erection, licking it through the shorts, using his lips to pinch the tip. He knew that that teasing layer of fabric would only heighten Al's need.

The gag did not prevent Al from moaning.

"You have to trust me. Trust that I will fill you, will stretch you, will scratch that itch deep inside you." Al bucked. The kid was so ready.

Roy slipped his fingers under the waistband of the shorts and pulled them down over his ankles, and away. Al was completely naked now. And Roy was completely clothed.

Roy undid the buckle of his pants and brought himself out. Usually Roy preferred to be naked for sex, but he knew that the roughness of his clothes against Al's nakedness would serve to heighten the disparity of their position. It would drive home to the boy that he was indeed under Roy in every sense possible.

Roy wasn't surprised to feel Al loosen for him. He was so close to the edge, preparations were almost unnecessary, but Roy did them any way. If the gag were gone, Roy knew the words on Al's lips would be "More" or "Now." But as much as Roy loved to hear Al beg, he wasn't going to tempt fate, even though he suspected Al was past the point where he would even consider using the safe word.

After a few minutes, he poured a generous amount of lube on his own cock. Then he rolled Al up and hooked his knees over Roy's shoulders. He rubbed the head of his cock against the opening and wasn't surprised when Al's hips flexed. In this position Al had almost no control over anything.

Roy leaned forward pressing in. It felt fantastic. Tight, smooth, hot and utterly his. His with no fear that it would be taken away. His for as long as he wanted it.

Roy set up a rhythm, sliding in and pulling back almost completely, before repeating. Al sweated and moved his head from side to side, but was otherwise completely helpless. "Take what I give you. Concentrate on your pleasure."

Roy moved a bit faster, more forcefully. Al whined. To make up for the more punishing thrusts Roy started stroking Al's erection again. The boy calmed down. Good god, it felt wonderful. Al was filling his senses as much as he was filling the boy's. The look, the touch, the feel of the boy beneath him... it was great.

Roy made a game of teasing the boy to the edge, then backing off completely with his hand and just letting his thrusts keep Al stimulated. Roy would wait until the boy's balls unclenched and then do it again. The first time Al had whined when Roy took his hand away. The second time he'd attempted to thrash. The third he'd screamed, and now he was hitting his head against the pillow.

It was true revenge. Al was going to be very sore in the morning.

Roy adjusted his thrusts to keep himself close, but not so close that he might lose control.

Al tried to arch his back, tried to unhook his legs, anything to change the situation. Roy just held him in place. Finally Al truly gave up and just let Roy do what Roy was going to do. Roy began stroking him again, bringing him up close for a fifth time. Perhaps he'd bring him all the way this time.

Or not...

But this time Al didn't struggle when he leg go. Instead Al seemed very quiet, his belly taunt. Then without Roy touching his cock at all, Al came.

Roy chuckled. He began a quicker more brutal set of thrusts and brought himself over the edge. Then withdrew and gently lowered Al to the bed. The kid was utterly limp.

He removed the tie, only slightly surprised to feel how damp the cloth had become. The gag followed.

"MARIGOLD you BASTARD!" Al said as soon as he was able.

Roy chuckled and undid the cuffs.

Al attempted to hit him, but the boy was too rubbery and exhausted to connect. Roy simply moved out of the way.

"Now, was it really that bad?"

Al just panted.

"Oh don't be too angry," Roy continued. "One of us was going to betray the other tonight. I just got there first."

Al just frowned at him through tear stained eyes.

Roy stroked his hair. "Now are you going to explain to me why you are pushing me away? Or will I have to punish you further?"

Al just looked away. "I need to go," he said at last.


"Away. The information I need to bring Ed back isn't here. Scheska was my last hope. I need to go somewhere else to look. I have some ideas, but they are all ... really far away. I'll have to be away for weeks. And I'll need your permission to travel."

Roy felt his heart sink. "And you were arranging dates for me?"

"I thought you'd be more willing to let go of me if you were involved with someone else. If you weren't as interested in me."

"You could have just told me," said Roy. "You didn't have to push me. I would have let you go." He felt guilty for being so rough, but he also felt hurt at Al's lack of trust. "I would never do anything to keep you from your brother. Believe me. Never."

Al shrugged his shoulders.

Roy gathered him in. Al tightened. "I'd have let you go... but with a promise. You come back. And when you do, we'll do this again. Only without the gag." He kissed the boy's hair.

"No gags," said Al. "Ever."

"Never," promised Roy. And Al finally let go relaxing utterly, drifting off. Roy held him, and savored it, wondering when he'd get the chance to feel Al's skin again.