velvet mace

Roy’s Turn

Roy savored his coffee. One way or another today was going to be a good day. The Elrics were back from their mission, and it was time for the annual review of their military contracts.

Three years ago, when his coup succeeded and he became Fuhrer, he had his first chance to "gently" put down one of the Elrics. It had been Al's contract that had expired first. Al had walked into his office with a spring in his step. He'd smiled gleefully when he placed his letter of resignation on Roy's desk.

"I'm so sorry," he'd told the 18 year old. "But you should know how valuable you are to the military. I need you." And he'd handed the teen the notice of one year's extension to his contract.

Ed had been more pessimistic when his turn came, and that pessimism was rewarded. "You are an asshole, Mustang," was all he said and stomped out again.

After a couple of years of this, Roy decided it would be more convenient to time the expiration of their contracts to the same day, so it would be easier not to forget to renew them. He timed it to his birthday. It seemed a logical date.

And here they were, filing into his office. No bounce in their step this time.

Ed had grown couple of inches since their first sexual encounter. Though he would always be short, he no longer could pass for 10, which was honestly just as well. His face had taken on the harder lines of adulthood, but still remained deliciously effeminate. The hair had grown to reach the small of his back, still kept in its trademark braid.

Al had filled out more, becoming less skinny and more muscular, though still remaining decidedly on the willowy side. Under mild coercion he'd grown his hair out to his shoulder blades, and wore it in a ponytail.

Time had indeed treated the two well. In fact, Roy admitted, they looked even better as twenty-somethings than they had as teens. Roy vaguely wondered if thirty would treat them as kindly.

Roy gestured that they sit on the couch. They complied.

"I'm not sure why we even bother, Al," muttered Ed bitterly. "He's just going to renew the goddamn things. He can send the paperwork to our dorm room. We don't have to be here."

"He might go for it," said Al in a hushed voice. "You never know until you ask."

"I might go for what?" asked Roy.

"Very well," grumbled Ed. "Ok, let's cut to the chase. What can we do to convince you to let our contracts expire."

Roy rubbed his chin. "Mmm. Nothing comes to mind off hand."

"You see," said Ed crossing his arms.

"What if we, er, work it off," said Al suddenly. "In your bed. It's been a while."

True, true, it had been about four months since he'd talked either of them into a playing a round of "Please the Fuhrer". He'd been busy and the two of them had been gone on missions. Tempting. But for their contracts? It would have to be more than just an ordinary bout of lovemaking. It would have to be special. Really special. A wonderful idea crept into Roy's head.

"It's possible," he drawled.

"We talked it over," said Al a bit excitedly. "I'm willing to work off Ed's contract in addition to my own. Or if you prefer Ed, he said he was willing to work off mine. Or we can each work off our own. I assume one night won't do it, but we can set up a schedule."

Roy raised his hand. "You are getting ahead of yourself. And honestly, making this sound positively boring. How about I tell you what I want?"

"Please do," said Ed.

"You are right, one night won't do it," said Roy. "I imagine after I allow you to retire, I won't see much of either of you, and I can get a night with you any time I put my mind to it. This is what I want. I want both of you. For a week."

Ed sighed. "That's doable."

"With a few caveats."

Both Elrics tensed.

Roy lifted up a finger and looked Ed straight in the eye. "One: No more of your damnable rules. If I want to call you a pet name I will. If I want to leave hickies on you, I will. If I want to kiss you in front of the entire assembled ARMY, I will. And let's just throw Rule Number Three right out the window. Anything I want to do to you, I get to do to you. Period. Do you understand?"

Ed sighed and ran a hand through his long bangs. "Gonna be a long week," he muttered.

"Oh," said Roy. "Did I say one week? Let's make it two." Roy then looked Al in the eye, and raised another finger. "Two: I'm tired of chasing you around and fighting you. You will do what I say, without complaint, and you will enjoy it. And we'll just kiss the Marigolds goodbye. "

Al looked defeated. "Two weeks?" he whined.

"Did I say two weeks? Let's make it an even month. And honestly are you going to complain about my offer again?"

They both shook their heads.

"That's good, because three," he raised a third finger. "I'm entirely bored of all your complaints. During this month you will both stay at my residence. We will have walks through the park, romantic dinners, take in the theatre, anything I feel like. And you both will be happy about it, or you will exercise your acting ability. No whining, grousing, or under your breath comments."

It looked like they were going to object, but wisely both men bit their tongues and waited.

Roy continued. "I want you available when the mood strikes, so at night you will share my bed."

The two looked at each other. "Which one of us?"

"BOTH of you."

"At the same time?" asked Ed as though the idea had never occurred to him before.

"What did you think I meant?"

"Well, I figured we'd be switching off." Ed looked perplexed. "So you want me to watch you ball my brother. That's... weird."

Roy's eyes widened. "Weird is it? This is pretty amazing coming from a man who offered to let me do ANYTHING to him five minutes into our first date."

"We never had a date," said Ed, dryly. "Tryst is the word you are looking for."

"In any case, I won't just have you watching, I want you doing as well."

"What, with Al?" Ed looked horrified.

"You tell me you haven't been..." Roy didn't quite believe it. All those missions the two had shared with each other. He'd just expected that they did more than sleep in the hotel rooms they shared.

"He's my brother. That's incest."

"Oh, honestly. I've never met a pair of virgins more ready to jump off the sexual deep end, and you are hung up on a little social rule? After all the things I did to both of you, THIS is where you draw the line?"

Ed looked almost pained. "I LOVE him. I don't want to mess that up."

Al just looked at his lap.

Roy covered his eyes with his hand for a moment. "Honestly, you are the ONLY person I have ever met who has felt that sex and love are incompatible concepts. In any case, that's my offer, take it or leave it."

Al looked up. "We'll take it," he said quickly.

"Al!" said Ed.

"For me?"

Ed sighed. "All right. For you."

"Very well, be back here at five o'clock sharp." Roy smiled toothily.

After they left, Roy had difficulty concentrating on his paperwork. This was turning out to be a very good day in deed. "Happy birthday to me!"

Roy opened the door to the car and ushered the two alchemists inside. He then sat down and let the driver close the door. He looked over. Ed already had his elbow up on the window and looked positively glum.

Al's face was unreadable, but he sat very stiffly looking directly ahead.

Roy considered chastising them for their attitudes, but decided against it. Humiliating them in front of the driver would serve no purpose, and just make the job of lulling them into doing his bidding more difficult.

This, Roy vowed, will be a double treat, and in more than one sense. He'd been contemplating the idea of a threesome almost since the first moment he'd seen Al's human body. And now that tantalizing possibility was a mere five-minute car ride away from becoming reality.

But Roy, realized, there was another possibility, too. Something he'd also wanted and the Elrics had been damned determined to hold out from him. Something that had always put just the faintest sour tinge on his trysts with them.

While their bodies had been pretty much fair game from the word go, both Elrics had erected a fortress around their hearts so thick and so strong that Roy had never gotten even close to winning that prize. Ed had spelled it out with his rules. In fact, it ranked so high it was rule number one: he wasn't going to fall in love.

Al hadn't been as blatant, but his own passive aggressive way, he had made himself just as inaccessible. Although Roy had plied him with gifts and romantic rendezvous, the man's guard had never come down. Not once did he see the true vulnerability that came when physical intimacy turned into emotional desire.

He had a month. He was going to use it. He was going to finally make the Elrics fall in love with him. And when that was done, perhaps he wouldn't need those contracts anymore. Perhaps, just perhaps, they'd be willing to allow him into their lives without the use of coercion.

And that would be very very sweet.

The car stopped outside of his house and the three of them climbed out. Roy sent the driver on with a nod and accepted the sharp salute in return. Then he walked up between the Elrics and put an arm over both their shoulders. "This way."

Ed wasted no time, dropping his coat on the marble floor of the foyer with all the grace and sensuality of a bored hooker. The look on Ed's face was quite descriptive. A mixture of challenge and nonchalance. His golden eyes met Roy's, saying, "Let's just screw already so I can go back to doing something more interesting."

Roy was having none of it.

He grabbed Ed's hand before he could finish unbuttoning his undercoat. "No." He fetched the coat up off the floor and handed it back to Ed, who raised an eyebrow. "The coat closet is over there," he pointed.

Ed's lips tweaked into a small smile. Touché. He hung up his coat in the proper place. Roy embraced him from behind and whispered in his ear, "This is my turn. Don't even think about trying to take over and control the situation." He then kissed the older brother under the ear. He was rewarded to see a line of goose bumps form on the young man's neck.

He turned around, Al was watching them both with large eyes and just the faintest blush of embarrassment in his cheeks. Roy took Ed in his arms again, and swung him around to face him. With his eyes firmly on Al's, he pulled Ed's head in close and planted a long sensuous kiss on his lips.

Ed resisted for only a second before melting into the kiss, allowing Roy's tongue to glide in past his teeth and caress his own tongue. Roy noted Al's flush becoming more pronounced. Roy broke away from the kiss, and turned fully to the younger alchemist.

'It's your turn, kiss your brother."

Al swallowed, and Ed tensed up in his arms. Roy released Ed and gently pointed him at his sibling.

For a moment it looked like the two of them weren't going to comply. They stood, awkwardly about three feet apart, the sun spilling through the decorative glass window onto the floor between them, acting like some impassible moat.

Roy cleared his voice impatiently, but needed to go no further. With two strides Ed walked up to his brother and put his hands on his shoulders... then hesitated.

Al looked into his brother's eyes, and then began to giggle.

Ed leaned in and pecked Al, chastely on the lips.

Oh for heaven's sake! Roy smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand.

"Shall I call for the car again?" asked Roy hearing the anger in his own voice. "We can try this again next year..."

Both Elrics looked at him in sudden horror. "No!" said Ed. "Wait," said Al.

Then Al grabbed his brother, pulling him close and kissed him deeply. Roy could see Ed tensing up, but after a few seconds the older brother reached up and embraced back and allowed himself to be fully claimed.

Roy licked his lips. This was better. This was... delicious. They were so close that Roy could fully take in their individuality, the way Ed's finer hair fell between Al's fingers, the way Al's skin was just a shade darker than his brother's. And the way Al had to tip his face down just a little to reach his brother's lips. It made Roy long to run his hands over both of them, but he restrained himself.

Roy was, if nothing else, a patient, forward looking person. Why meddle with this perfect moment to hurry on to another. In good time he'd have everything, and it would be the tastier for the anticipation and care getting there.

Al broke the kiss after a minute and just looked into his brother's eyes. Roy sighed as lust gave way to concern, and that embarrassed color rose up in his face. Ed was just as rosy cheeked. He looked over at Roy with a mixture of irritation and confusion.

"What next, oh mighty Fuhrer," he said scathingly. There was a tremor in his voice. Roy found his smile again. Ed had liked it. Liked it a lot more than he wanted to let on. Liked it enough that it had cracked his composure.

"You'll see," said Roy.

"Chess?" said Al, surprised. Ed, too, looked completely thrown for a loop.

Roy grinned, he knew that the two of them expected to go immediately to the bedroom... but that would be to fall back into the familiar comfortable pattern of mindless lust, followed by satiated separateness.

What he needed was closeness of a non-sexual nature. A meeting of minds. Hence, chess.

He put the board out and quickly placed the pieces on the appropriate squares. "You are familiar with the rules, I assume."

Both nodded.

"Well, then, who thinks they can get the better of me."

And for the first time he saw them smile.

Dinner was later than he expected it to be. He'd won the first round of chess, and shame had forced them both to challenge him again. They lost again, and this time he was forced to turn them down. Spaghetti didn't cook itself after all. He left them playing against each other.

When he ushered them into the dining room an hour later they were in a good mood, relaxed, grinning, ready for anything. Well, apparently anything but candlelight and rose petals strewn across the table.

Ed's first reaction was to turn around and leave the room, but his brother steadied him and pointed him back in the right direction.

"Mustang," said Ed taking his seat. "Are you TRYING to creep me out?"

"I fail to see anything creepy about a little romantic ambiance."

Ed hesitated and looked inward, as if trying to wrap his brain around a particularly difficult knot. "Is this a kink or something?" Ah yes, kinks Ed knew about, because kinks went back to mindless lust. And mindless lust, apparently, Ed could handle.

"Not this time. I did it because it was nice."

Al was much more composed, but then Al had been out on many candle lit dinners with him. Simple romance was not enough to crack the walls around his heart. Roy would have to work on that.

He quickly engaged them both in conversation about games and theory. They latched onto it with almost pained relief, and by the end of the meal he had them both laughing.

And he fancied he saw a warm appreciative look on Ed's face. Fullmetal's heart might not be so unreachable after all.

It wasn't good to have sex on too full a stomach, so after dinner Roy lead them back into the parlor. The two had looked a bit disappointed when he put away the chess set, then positively dumbfounded when he brought out another box and set it on the coffee table.

"Chutes and Ladders?" said Al. "What do you think we are? Three?"

"This is all luck," said Ed, browsing through the instructions on the bottom of the box. "Boring."

"It's not boring the way I play it," assured Roy.

Apparently neither of them had ever heard of "Strip" Chutes and Ladders. Roy patiently explained that if they landed on a ladder they got to pick a player to lose an item of clothing. If they landed on a chute, they had to take off a layer of clothing themselves.

20 minutes into the game Ed was completely naked and back on square six. "Ok, what do I do now? Am I out of the game?"

Roy chuckled. "You don't get out of this that easy. Since you are out of clothes, now if you land on a chute, you get to do something. Our choice."

"Do something?"

"Something small. A kiss. Touch yourself. Whatever, it will be up to Al and me."

"The degree of your perversity never ceases to amaze me," said Ed.

Roy spun the spinner and climbed to square 94, neatly avoiding two chutes.
"You are cheating," Ed accused.

Roy's brows rose up innocently. "And how could I cheat at this? You are just unlucky."

"My turn," Al still had his boxers and undershirt. He spun and got a ladder. "Hmmm." He looked over Roy, then turned to Ed.

"Oh, no," said Ed. "Not you. You wouldn't betray me like this. Pick him, he's got tons of clothes left." The only clothing Roy had so far lost was his shoes and socks.

"Hmmmmm," said Al and then smiled shyly. "I wouldn't mind a kiss, Brother." Roy sat back and watched as Al crawled over into his brother's lap.

So Al was open to a little incest, Roy mused. It was a little surprising considering how much even the mention of Ed turned him off when they were having sex. Roy had chalked it up to jealousy and insecurity, but then perhaps a little suppressed desire fueled that anger as well. Interesting.

Al took his brothers lips in greedily, spilling over into smaller kisses on his chin and cheek, over to his ear. It was a shame that Roy had to cut it off. After all a ladder wasn't worth THAT much.

"This is fucking unfair!" Ed exclaimed as Al helpfully slid his dancing cardboard cut out down the chute back to square 19. Ed's fingers were too sticky at this point for Roy to allow him to touch much of anything but himself. Chocolate syrup will do that. "Let's just call me the loser already."

"On the table," Roy ordered. Al snickered.

The game had already been moved to the floor, so that the 21 year old could lie on his back across the coffee table. Ed continued, "I mean both of you already made it to 100 already. What's the point of me playing when I'm the only one left on the board?"

"I believe THIS would be the point," said Roy, taking the bottle of caramel this time and squeezing a blob onto Ed's left nipple. He passed the bottle over to Al.

"Open your mouth, brother."

Reluctantly Ed opened his mouth and Al squeezed a bit of the caramel into it, then in a bout of deliberate sloppiness, let the sweet brown line cross past his lips and loop lazily over his cheek, nose, other cheek and back to his lips. "Oops," he said insincerely. "Let me get that."

Roy chuckled as he watched Al go to work licking his mess off, including the mess within his brother's mouth. Ed's breath, when he could take one, was erratic.

Roy went back to his own neglected work, taking the sweet nipple into his mouth, running his tongue in lazy circles around the areola, before sucking hard. He felt Ed tense beneath him and a sticky automail hand reach over to his hair, whether to pull him away or press him closer Roy wasn't sure.

That wouldn't do at all. "Al please restrain him for me."

Al grabbed his brother's wrists and pulled them above his head.

Ed's mouth, now free, started moving again, in something dangerously close to a complaint. "Please this game is NEVER going to end. You two are ganging up on me. It isn't fair. I'm begging you, let me quit."

Roy considered. It was getting late and HE at least had to go into work the next day. Still he shouldn't reward such resistance. Al on the other hand had been playing along nicely, and deserved something special. "Very well," he granted, magnanimously, "You lost. You get to pay one last penalty for losing and then I'll let you take a shower."

He met Al's eyes. "Your turn. You can do anything you like to him, so long as you don't let him come."

"Anything?" Al said, with the eagerness of a kid set loose in a toyshop.

"Al!" squeaked Ed. "Have mercy."

Al and Roy switched places. Roy held Ed's arms down firmly and watched as the younger brother squeezed a long trail of caramel down the chest, into the belly button and then further down, ending up in a flourish around Ed's quivering cock.

"Oh god, no, " muttered Ed. Roy noticed the goose bumps forming over Ed's skin, and the tensing of the stomach muscles. It was still a bit much for him. He was fighting his attraction, Roy knew. That damnable incest thing was rearing its head again.

Al seemed to have lost any such inhibitions. He licked the syrup off with long swipes of his tongue, pausing to nibble a bit here and there along the route. Roy bit his lip at the teasingly slow way he advanced, letting the anticipation grow to an almost unendurable tension. Roy gasped when Al finally reached the base of the cock and began lapping, in short, sharp jabs around the girth.

Ed let out an almost pathetic whine and fought Roy's hands for the first time. Roy pressed him back down, using his weight as well as his strength. "Just be a good man and take your punishment."

Ed couldn't have been any harder by the time his brother reached the tip. Al paused to take his brother's fevered expression in, and Roy gently reminded him. "Don't let him come."

"I won't."

"Goddamn you both, " Ed cried.

Al took the cock in his mouth and began leisurely sucking. Roy saw Ed's face screw up as though in incredible agony, and he suddenly didn't trust Al to follow his wishes.

"That's enough," he said.

Reluctantly Al backed off, leaving Ed's hard on quivering and red. "Before I let you go, you must promise me you won't just jack yourself off—I've got plans for you."

"You are a fucking tease," said Ed. Then he included his brother in his glare. "Both of you." Roy didn't let go. "Oh, very well, I promise. But damn you, I hurt!"

"Perhaps if you didn't complain so much, you wouldn't find yourself in this position," said Roy. He then sent Ed off to clean himself up.

"I know you want to," Roy said to Al while Ed was in the shower. "You've been wanting to for years, this is your chance." Al smiled and pushed Roy onto the bed. Roy chuckled as the man started teasing and molesting his body with both hands and mouth. He'd trained the boy well.

Really, he ought to have just ordered Al to relax and play along years ago. Apparently once that horrible need to fight his own impulses was taken away, the man was quite a sensualist.

But damn, being on the receiving end of this kind of attention was tough. Each pass of the tongue, each gentle caress was just enough to set his nerves on edge and not nearly enough to quench them. If their roles were reversed Roy knew that he would give absolutely no mercy to the other, and would have found great joy in his writhing.

But the roles weren't reversed. He was ready to take it to the next level. It wasn't fair, of course, but then Roy didn't really believe in fairness. He believed in getting his way. And so after a few minutes he grabbed Al's forearms and rolled over, forcing the young man flat on his back. He took a moment to savage that teasing mouth with rough kisses before rolling him over once again onto his stomach.

"Do I need to tie you down?" Roy asked.

"No," said Al quickly, holding, he supposed, onto a lingering trace of control.

Roy reached for the lube. And that's when Ed entered the room.,

Roy turned at the gasp, and saw Ed backing out again. "I'll come back later," he mumbled. He turned to leave.

"Fullmetal, STOP."

Ed stopped.

"Come back."

Reluctantly, Ed turned around and walked up to the bed.

"Al," said Roy gently. "I don't suppose you'd like to continue where you left off with him?"


Ed blushed.

"Well, up you go." It took a little bit of arranging, but soon Ed was sitting with his back up against the headboard and Al's head in his lap. God, now there was a sight in itself. It almost seemed a shame to mess with it, but Roy had needs too, and they went beyond what voyeurism could satisfy.

He lubed up his fingers and went to work on Al, enjoying the warmth and the way the muscles of his ass gradually loosened. Ed let out a plaintive whimper, reminding Roy that this position couldn't be held indefinitely.

"Slow down Al, not too soon," Roy directed.

Ed moaned with disappointment, as Al went back to gentler more teasing licks. Ed's hands grabbed his brother's head in an effort to direct the action, but Roy slapped them away.

Meanwhile Al was ready, or at least ready enough, for Roy to continue. Roy lubed his cock generously and pressed, gently but unyieldingly, until his entire shaft was buried. Al broke off sucking his brother entirely to gasp. Roy waited until Al started in again with Ed before making his first tentative thrust.

Hot. Smooth. Slick pressure. And the way Al moved, just so, increasing the friction in delightful ways. Such trust and abandon, it couldn't help but satisfy. Few lovers had reached this level of perfection. Not even Ed himself, though he was a close second.

Yes, that was why he loved Al so much. This is what made all the effort so worthwhile. It was a shame really that he had only a month of this left to look forward to. But what a month. What a month.

Roy slid in and out with a steadily increasing rhythm, spurred on by the Al's seductive writhing and the look of raw passion on Ed's face.

Oh God, Ed. Al must be doing a number on him to produce such an agonized expression. Ed desparately grabbed the top of the headboard where it arched down in a decorative swoop. He bit his lip, his eyes closed tight, and then thrust his own hips upwards, pushing his erection deeper in his brother's throat. When his mouth opened to gasp it was through a wide grimace. And then suddenly he pushed himself away from the headboard bent forward and let out a strangled cry.

Roy watched Al attempt to swallow what his brother gave him, but some escaped. Roy vowed to make Ed sleep in the wet spot. Really, they'd hardly even started and here Ed was already done.

"Well, you always were the impatient one," sighed Roy. "But Al and I aren't finished yet." Roy pulled out. "So I think you owe us something, for coming so soon."

Ed favored him with a beleaguered look. "So soon? So soon? You bastards had me writhing for an eternity downstairs and then sent me unsatisfied to the shower! There was nothing too soon about it."

Roy tutted.

But Ed just yawned. "I think I'll just roll over here and catch a little shut eye, but hey, don't stop screwing on my account."

Al rolled over onto his back, "What are we going to do about him?"

Roy smiled. "I'll be right back." He went to the bathroom and washed off his cock. When he returned Al was tweaking Ed's nipple trying to wake him. Ed grunted and rolled over onto his stomach.

Roy reached in the drawer, "Do the honors," he handed the cuffs to Al.

"Certainly," said Al. Ed suddenly sensed something was up and jerked his head to see what.

"Hey!" Al clasped Ed's hands behind his back. "Wait a second!"

"Roy," said Al. "May I?" He let his eyes drift down suggestively to Ed's naked ass.

"Absolutely, I insist." Roy passed the lube over to him and helped position Ed on his knees.

"Hey, wait, I'm done here," Ed protested, falling face first into the mattress. "This soldier is dead."

"He's still complaining," said Roy. "Honestly, how much do you think he needs to be punished before he just goes along?"

"Knowing Ed, quite a bit, I expect," said Al, lubing his finger and slipping it in. "Wow, he's tight."

"Hey! Ow!"

"Not too rough," warned Roy.

"I thought this was punishment," said Al with a naughty grin.

This was going to be a REALLY good month.

"True. True," agreed Roy. "Very well proceed."

"WHAT?" Ed managed to bend his neck back to meet Roy's eyes. It was a strain, the position he was in didn't give him much leeway to move. "Oh come on, you aren't this much of a sadist, Roy."

Al slipped another finger in. "Now, now, Brother, you know you'll enjoy this."

"Al, when this is over, I'm sooo going to get you."

"I hope so," Al purred. "I think he's ready." Al lubed himself and then pushed in rather too roughly. Ah well, Al never had the chance to top when he was with Roy. Between the games and Roy's selfishness, it had never come up. A little inexperience was to be expected. Ed was a tough man, he could handle it.

"Ahh, slow DOWN!" said Ed. "Give me a chance to..."

"Roy," Al interrupted. "He's complaining again. Can you do something about it?"

"Of course," Roy lifted Ed's shoulders and slid his cock into his mouth, using his hands and knees to control the helpless man. "How does it feel Al?"

"Good," Al grunted. "Really good. I've never, uh, done this before."

"I'm sure you will have plenty of chances to do it again."

"I hope so," Al moved faster. Ed's teeth came a bit too close to biting for Roy's tastes.

"Slow down a bit, don't come until I've had a chance to finish."

"Ok," said Al and adjusted his pace.

Ed understood the implied threat. He wasn't getting out of this until he'd satisfied Roy with his mouth. He seemed to accept that and went to work with all the skills that years that sleeping with Roy had given him.

This was bliss. Perfect bliss. The mouth, suckling, the tongue moving, rubbing the underside of his cock, the slick warmth of it. Roy tried to hold himself back, but it was too much. The pleasure ramped up to its inevitable peak, and there really was no fair way to tell Ed to back off. Roy held the man in place and let go, feeling the warmth surge through his loins and out his cock. It was the best feeling in the world.

"Al, finish," said Roy, bit breathless. He pushed Ed up so that he was sitting in Al's lap. Al grabbed his shoulders to steady him, and settled into a faster, rougher rhythm. Ed's eyes were screwed shut and by this point he was using his own legs to hammer his brother's cock more deeply in himself.

Roy was pleased to see all the stimulation had indeed revived the dead. All worries about incest were long gone, and Roy expected he wouldn't see much of them in the future. He lubed up his hand and helped Ed to a second coming. This time it wasn't as copious, but still enough to put yet another wet spot on the bed. Ed was definitely sleeping there.

Moments after that Al gave a particularly punishing set of thrusts and then embraced his brother hard around his chest, burying his scream in his Ed's muscular shoulder.

For a moment everyone held still, then Ed's head lolled back. "Please don't tell me there will be a round three," he pleaded.

"Not tonight," said Roy as he released the handcuffs and helped Al lay the exhausted alchemist back. "But, tomorrow, just for you, we can try for three."

Ed moaned a protest, but fell asleep before he could do more than that.

Roy gave Al a final kiss before reaching for the light, and he fancied he saw something else, just a glimmer of something more on the young man's face. Not just satiation, but appreciation.

"Thank you," Al whispered.

Was that a crack in the fortress wall? Yes, indeed it might be. It would take time to get these two to love him, but it might just be possible after all.

Roy smiled and turned off the light.