velvet mace

Center of Attention

Ed was sitting out on the front porch as Roy exited the car. Roy cocked an eyebrow up at him briefly, then turned to salute his driver and send him on. Ed just leaned his chair up on it's back two legs, rested his head against the side of the house, and calmly watched him walk up the path.

"I see you've given up on the whole 'being discreet' notion," drawled Roy. From their very first tryst Ed had spelled out very specific guidelines on what was and wasn't acceptable with him. Rule number two had been "No public displays of affection," by which Ed meant keeping the fact that they were sleeping together a complete secret from the world. The most benign and tangential hint of their intimacy in public was enough to throw the young man into a tantrum of obscenities. Even after six years, few people knew of their affair.

Seeing him sitting out on Roy's porch for all the world to see was a surprise to say the least.

"I take it we can finally bury your rules?" asked Roy as he walked up the last step and wandered over to where Ed was sitting. Speaking of which: "If you sit that way the chair might break."

Ed's response was to rock back and forth on those two balance points. The chair gave an unhappy groan. "I'll fix it," he said.

"Yes, but can you fix your ego when your butt hits the floor?" Roy grinned at the thought.

There was no trace of a smile on Ed's face. Roy scanned the rest of his lover for clues. A few stray locks of hair had been pulled from his ponytail and there was a rip in his shirtsleeve at the shoulder seam. Roy detected a bit of a bruise forming on side of his jaw.

If it weren't for the expression, Roy would have assumed that Ed had been sparring with Al as they frequently did while he was away at work.

Roy leaned against the porch rail. "What's wrong, Ed?"

Ed let the chair fall forward onto all its legs. "Roy, I've been playing your game now for a week, and I don't think I can do it anymore."

Roy raised his eyebrow. "What brought this on? Did you have a fight with Al?" Roy glanced around but saw no trace of his other lover.

"Sort of," said Ed, fingering his jaw.

Roy sighed. "Did he run off?" Roy didn't fancy calling the driver back so that he could cruise Central looking for the younger of his two lovers. He had plans for tonight and if he had to cancel them for this, then he would be quite unhappy indeed. And so would Ed and Al. If it came to that, he was going to have to think up an appropriate punishment for both of them.

Ed's lips quirked up, and a slightly crazed gleam lit the corner of his eye. "Not—exactly. He's inside."

"Well," said Roy annoyed. "Spill it. What's the problem."

"You two ganging up on me is the problem."

Roy grinned. Yes, they had been singling him out. And it had been a hell of a lot of fun. It was true that Ed didn't get a lot of rest this way, but the young man really wasn't in much of a position to complain. After all, what with all the games, Ed got to come more often than either Roy or Al. He ought to be grateful for all the attention.

The game playing had begun the first night, when Al had clearly sided with Roy over his brother. Since then Al had either talked, tricked, or helped coerce Ed into a number of interesting and somewhat compromising situations, many of them involving some form of restraints. Roy thought of it as a bonding exercise, and Al seemed to enjoy his newfound power.

Yesterday they'd traded Ed between them, Al would fondle and arouse his brother while Roy relaxed, read, took a walk, and when Al tired they switched off. Between the two of them, they had made Ed come six times through the day. Sure Ed groused about it, but then Ed always complained—to the point where neither Roy nor Al really listened to him any more.

Roy looked at Ed's face, it had moved past the point of fun. "I almost got up and left today, but I thought you might deny Al's retirement, so I stopped myself."

Roy's heart sank. This was serious. After overcoming the brother's initial reluctance, Roy had hoped he wouldn't have to resort to threats again. It hurt a little to be reminded that the only reason his two lovers were with him was because of their military contracts. Contracts he'd tricked them into signing. Contracts that only he could dissolve. He had hoped over the week they'd come to enjoy the situation as much as he was. Al seemed to be, but clearly, Ed was not. Roy hated when he made misjudgments.

"What would make you happy?" asked Roy.

"Well, for starters, when I say cut it out, I'd like you to respect me." Ed leaned his chair back again and stared past Roy's shoulder out into the street.

Roy snorted. "But you are always saying 'cut it out.'"

"Only when you make me do things I don't feel like doing," replied Ed. "You are always doing that. Once, ONCE, you let me take the lead."

Roy crossed his arms over his chest. Yes, there was a reason for that. "I let you have your kink and you left me so sore I had to call in sick the next day. I have never done that to you. I had to lie to my own second in command about the bruises. You have no idea how tempted I was to break your second rule and explain how I came by them."

Ed grinned. "Did Hawkeye buy the lie?"

"Of course not, but she didn't pry. The point is, I respected your rules and I never hurt you. The one time I trusted you, you walked all over me." This was true. It was also true that there were extenuating circumstances, but Roy wasn't going to bring that up. The faster Ed let go of his righteous indignation, and got back to his usual mode of passionate anger mixed liberally with just straight passion, the better.

Ed's golden eyes drifted down to his knees for a moment. Roy suppressed grin. He'd gotten Ed. Perhaps this little fit wasn't as serious as it seemed.

"Ok, I admit, I blew it, but that was six years ago, Roy. Don't you think it's time to forgive me? I mean, look, you follow Al's suggestions. Yesterday was totally Al's idea, and you just nodded and went along."

Roy let the grin show. "It was a good idea."

"It was fucking torture, Roy."

Roy shrugged. "Ok, it might have gone a bit long, but you enjoyed it. There is still evidence of that on the living room rug." It was the wrong thing to say, and Roy knew it before he even finished his sentence.

Ed's chair dropped forward with a loud clack. He stood up and brushed himself off. "That's it. I'm going. I'll work a year for you, but if you aren't even going to listen to me, there is no point in me sticking around here."

Roy caught him, and embraced him from behind. Ed didn't really struggle. Walking away was symbolic, not serious. "I'm listening."

"My problem, Roy, is that you listen to Al and you don't listen to me."

"And that hurts your feelings."

"Don't fucking insult me, Roy, you couldn't hurt my feelings if you tried. The point is this situation is unfair, and I've had enough of it. I'm tired of being the butt of the joke."

Roy considered. "I don't consider you to be the butt of the joke." He leaned forward and let his lips brush the top of Ed's ear in the way he knew would distract him, but Ed just pulled away and stepped down to the walkway.

"Roy, you should probably go inside and untie Al. I left him kind of in a position back there. He'll probably be pretty receptive to anything you feel like handing him. Enjoy. I'm taking a walk."

"You—what?" Roy blinked. "Wait Ed." He caught up to Ed immediately. "What did you do with Al?"

Ed smirked. "Gave him a taste of his own medicine. I tied him up and got him hot and then I went about my business."

Roy's mouth dropped open. Ed—torturing Al? It was unheard of, and rather delicious. "How long ago?"

Ed lifted his watch out of his pocket and flipped up the lid. "Hmm, I guess it's almost four hours ago."

Roy frowned. "You have to be careful, he's not losing circulation or anything is he?"

Ed shook his head. "Oh no, I've been checking up on him every ten minutes or so, giving him a bit of attention. Keeping him hard." He smirked. "Not that different from what he did to me yesterday, really, just a minor adjustment in pacing."

Roy was still amazed. Ed's devotion to Al was so utter it was almost unthinkable that he might do anything so deliberately cruel. "You've left him sexually frustrated for four hours?"

Ed shrugged a shoulder. "You are the one who is always accusing me of rushing sex. Well, here I am, proving you wrong." He walked off down the street. Roy followed him.

Roy chuckled. "I didn't think you had it in you. I can't believe you put off your own gratification for four hours." Roy's eyes suddenly narrowed. Ed seemed to have discovered something fascinating to look at off in a random direction. "Or did you? You didn't did you. You came."

Ed grinned toothily, "Twice. But he hasn't yet. You better go back and make him happy."

Roy clucked his tongue. "How about we both go back and help Al out." Roy put a hand on Ed's shoulder and they stopped. "Listen, you want me to treat you the way I've been treating Al. You want to put the shoe on the other foot for a bit, give him a taste of what he's been giving you. Well, I can go for that. You want a chance to lead. Let's do it."

"I get to do my kink?"

"Absolutely. After dinner, you can do anything you like to Al. I'll even help."

Ed snorted. "Sure. Let's go rescue Al."

They heard Al the moment they walked in the door. "Ed, please, I said I'm sorry already. I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. God, Ed, have some mercy on me!"

Roy took off his coat and hung it in the closet. "Al," he called back. "How are you doing?"

"ROY!" Even in adulthood Al's voice was pitched higher than Ed's and with this word it rose back up where it had once been when he was in armor. "Roy! Oh thank God, help me!"

"What's the matter?" asked Roy, fishing his keys out of his pocket and hanging them on the hook near the door, he turned and grinned at Ed.

"Ed's being mean to me!" Al's voice drifted down the stairwell. "Oh, please, just come up! Hurry! I'm going to die!"

"You aren't going to die," Ed called back up the stairwell.

"You'd hardly know that, Ed. You have no idea what this feels like!" Al's voice was a bit petulant. "Please, Roy, hurry, and don't listen to Ed!"

"Should I hurry," Roy asked Ed, deeply amused. "Has he been punished enough?"

"What?" Al cried out. "What are you talking about! I don't need to be punished. Roy you were in that with me!"

Ed cocked his head. "We are coming up, Al."

"Oh thank you, thank you brother!"

They moseyed out of the entryway and up the polished wooden staircase. The door to the master bedroom was open. Roy smelled the sweat before he reached the doorway and got his first good look at his younger lover.

Al lay stretched naked spread eagle on the king sized bed. Wide leather cuffs encircled his wrists and ankles, attached to the thick hide were chains which ended in rings buried into each of the four posts of the bed. His bottom was lifted a few inches off the mattress by a thick pillow, his legs were spread almost cruelly far apart. Sweat had turned his loose blond hair a deep caramel brown, sticking it to his forehead and shoulders. His skin shone, and the sheets beneath him were damp.

Not too surprisingly Al's cock jutted high and proud, it's end glistening with precum. Roy ventured a look at Al's face and smiled. It could not be possible to make a more endearingly plea with one's eyes. "Have mercy Roy," he said.

Roy ran a finger down the cool length of one chain, then gave the ring embedded in the tall post of the footboard a tug with his finger. It was no surprise there was no give. "You made some modifications to my bedroom, Ed," Roy stated.

"Don't worry," said Ed, shrugging off his jacket and dropping it over the back of a chair. "I'll change it back when we are done. Really, Roy you worry too much about small things. I'm an alchemist. I fix my messes."

Roy pushed on the chain again, and Al hissed. "I'm not complaining." In all the years they'd been playing with each other it had never occurred to implant rings into his furniture. He smiled at Ed. Perhaps there was more potential in Ed's game playing than he had given the young man credit for. "In fact, why don't we leave them there, in case we need them in the future."

Roy put a knee onto the bed and ran his hand loosely up the chain to Al's ankle. Al's hips thrust a tiny amount, but the chains didn't have enough give to allow him to do more. "Did you buy these or make them?" Roy asked.

"Made them," said Ed with a little pride. "I saw the design in a book a while back."

"And you never mentioned it to me?" Roy's head jerked up to Ed. "For shame, they are lovely."

"If you ever asked me if I had any ideas, I would have told you about these years ago. But no, you never gave me the chance, Roy. It's always, 'we're doing this, we're doing that.' Or lately, 'here's something your brother thought up that I'm sure you'll enjoy.'."

Roy tutted. "You are getting your turn now."

"Please, Roy!" moaned Al. "Let me go, or do something. He's had me like this all day!"

Ed pulled off his shoes and tossed them carelessly at the open doorway. "You had me tied up a lot longer yesterday, Al. You shouldn't complain."

Al glared at his brother. "I did NOT do this to you, Ed. The game was to see how many times we could make you come in a single day, not let's get you horny but never let you come at all."

Ed shrugged. "Consider it this way. At least you got to rest."

"You know, Ed," said Roy, moving his fingers up Al's ankle, through over the damp skin up to his inner thigh. He paused a bit at the cord of tendon jutting out from his thigh to his groin. Al moaned and attempted to rock his hips again. "You know, this is really much more of a torture than what we did to you."

"Yeah," said Ed. For the first time there was something of a trace of guilt in his voice. "Ok, Al, who do you want to bring you off. Me or Roy?"

"Either, both, I don't care!" Al's eyes were screwed shut. Roy was tempted to touch Al's quivering cock but he avoided it. Instead he drew his fingernails lightly around the side of Al's scrotum then up past his belly to his nipple. This he gently pinched and then pulled. "Ah!"

Ed sat down on the bed and reached across to grab Al's cock but Roy abruptly caught his hand. "Wait." Inspiration caught him.

"Roy!" said Al. "Please!"

"Ed," said Roy, "You think that Al's gotten the better end of the deal this past week, don't you."

"I know he has," said Ed.

"Personally, I think you should have appreciated being the center of attention. But that's fine, we will give Al the spotlight this next week. Only fair now, don't you think."

Ed smiled. "Sure."

"But there's a price."

"Uh-huh," Ed's smile dropped. "I should have figured. There wasn't one 10 minutes ago, but whatever. What is it."

"We are going out to dinner tonight," said Roy.

Al moaned up from the bed. "Can we talk about our dinner arrangements later?" He attempted to thrust his hips against the air again.

Ed's mouth pursed.

"It's not like you haven't been seen at my house, Ed. I told you when we started your rules were going to go out the window. I admit, I've been distracted enough by the two of you that staying at home has been—" and here Roy casually reached over and stroked Al's nipple. Al immediately moaned in response. "Fun. But I enjoy romance as well. I want to go out. To dinner and then dancing."

Ed blinked. "DANCING?"

"Yes, dancing."


Roy rolled his eyes. "No, Ed, I got a date. Of course, with you."

Ed covered his face for a moment. Roy knew this was hard for him, but seeing him so casually sitting outside his house when his driver pulled up suggested that some of Ed's initial fears of being associated with Roy were in fact fading.

"Being seen with the Fuhrer is hardly an insult, Ed."

"Dinner I can bear, but I, I just can't see myself dancing with you. Not in public." Roy noticed that Ed was blushing.

"I'll dance with you!" Al chimed in. "I'll do whatever, just let me come!" Roy chucked at the desperation. Al's cock was still hard and despite the lack of stimulation a clear drop had seeped from the slit and now slowly made its way down the shaft. Al wiggled and hissed as if burned.

"Well, actually, Al," said Roy. "That's exactly what I had in mind." He reached over and touched that drop and sweeping up the trail it left behind. He then pinched the tip.


Roy wrapped his fingers loosely about the shaft and stroked slowly down. Al's made a keening sound in the bottom of his throat. Roy then began pumping quickly. It took only few strokes before Al erupted into his fist. Roy smiled as he watched Al's face twist and his mouth gape open in a silent, breathless scream. Then Al sucked in a deep breath. "Okay. Okay, stop."

Roy brought his hand to his mouth and tasted the salty-bitter flavor. A little disappointing, thought Roy, but inevitable. It would have been more fun to have been around from the beginning of this particular game instead of walking in on its final moments, however, with a bit of refinement, this was something they could do again in the near future.

"Ed why don't you release him."

Ed looked surprised. "You didn't get anything out of that," he said.

Roy grinned. "Oh don't worry, I'll get mine, but if we are going to fit the evening I have planned in, we need to get a move on, and Al here, is definitely not ready to walk out the door."

Al's response to that was a soft snore.

Roy searched his closet while Ed bathed his brother. After being tied up for so long Al was a bit weak in the knees, or more precisely sore in the hips. A nice long bath would relax his aching muscles, as well as get him clean and sweet smelling for the evening. Not that Roy minded scent of intense sex, but it just wasn't fitting to go to dinner like that.

Now, where was it? Ah. Roy reached behind several versions of school girl uniforms and found the evening dress. Red and purple sequins accented the black silk. Roy ran his fingers over the length of it in simple sensual appreciation. The woman who had worn it last had actually been fairly close to Al's size. It wouldn't require too much tailoring to get it to fit properly.

He hooked the hanger over the top of the door then turned back to the bed. Yes it was good to be an Alchemist, he thought ruefully, as he stripped the stinking sheets, balled them up and tossed them towards the bathroom. The mattress beneath was soaking as well. Sighing Roy quickly sketched an array on a sheet of stationary left on top of his bureau. In a moment the damp spot had evaporated, and the close thick smell of the room grew fresh again.

He wandered into the bathroom to see Ed sliding his foam covered fingers through Al's hair. Roy pulled his watch from his pocket. "We are going to need to hurry this up a bit," he said. "I made reservations for eight pm."

Ed glanced up from the small stool he sat on. "When did you make reservations,"

"Around noon," said Roy.

"You—knew? How did you know?"

"I had no idea you wanted a chance to torture your brother," said Roy. "I just felt it was time to go out to dinner."

"Why do you even bother to make it seem like I have a choice in these things," muttered Ed.

"Because you do," said Roy easily. "But I had confidence that I could talk you into this. Let's get him ready."

Ed rinsed Al's hair. Al kept his eyes closed and a look of bliss on his face. "So far your brother hasn't minded being the center of attention," noticed Roy. "Perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing."

"Al and I are different people," muttered Ed.

"Yes," said Roy, "I've noticed."

Al dried his own hair with a casual clap. He stretched luxuriantly, and then reached toward the open vanity drawer for a hair tie. Roy stepped in between Al and the bathroom vanity, closing the drawer with his hip and giving Al a speculative look.

"I want you to wear your hair down tonight."

"Why?" Al met his gaze sharply.

Roy reached out and ran his fingers through the fine strands. "It looks very pretty down."

"I always thought it made me look a bit girlish," said Al.

"Yes," said Roy.

Al's eyes widened and he stepped back. "Oh, no, Roy. In the house is fine for that kind of thing, but I'm not going to dinner dressed like a school girl."

"Naturally, I wouldn't consider it," said Roy in a voice was all innocence and sugar. Al didn't buy it for a moment. "I wouldn't want to seem to be robbing the cradle. I'm going to dress you like a mature woman."

Ed started snickering. Al turned on him. "Not you, too!" he said aghast. "You aren't going to let him do this to me, are you? Ed you are supposed to defend me from evil. I'm your cuter younger brother, remember. You adore and worship me!"

"I can adore and worship you in a dress," said Ed. He crossed his arms and leaned against the door jam. The look on his face was of smug satisfaction. Definitely a step up from the outrage and indignation of an hour before.

Al turned back towards Roy, "Roy, you love me, you wouldn't embarrass me in public."

"I wouldn't?" said Roy, with genuine surprise. "Since when?"

Roy and Al exchanged a quick, non-verbal joust with their eyes, during which Al pleaded, reasoned, and finally threatened, all without a word passing though his lips. Roy met each attack with an impassive smirk. Al sucked in a breath, and turned towards his brother, but Ed seemed to have discovered something very fascinating about wallpaper. Failing to psychically sway either of them, he returned to verbalizing his objections.

"I can't pass for a woman. I'm too tall—" That got both Ed and Roy laughing. Al glared. "I'm too masculine looking."

Ed smirked, "Al when was the last time you shaved?"

Al attempted to eviscerate Ed with his eyes. "You only shave twice a week, you can hardly talk."

"Still once a week more than you."

"Okay, I don't have a beard. That doesn't mean I'll look good like a girl."

"The problem with your argument," said Roy, "Is that I've already SEEN you dressed as a girl. Don't worry, you'll look smashing."

"I'll look like a guy in drag. It will be totally embarrassing." His eyes flashed over to Ed again. "How about Ed," his voice took on a conspiratorial tone. "He looks great in a dress, and he actually knows how to act like a woman."

"I do not!" said Ed indignantly. "I'm the epitome of masculinity, even in a dress."

"Yes, Ed, you are a real man's man," agreed Roy.

"Yes! Wait—" Ed stopped.

"Roy, please! Just let me wear normal clothes. I'll be extra good, I swear."

Roy sighed and rubbed his chin. It was tempting to mention the contracts, but he wasn't going to do it. His eye drifted past Ed, out of the bathroom door to his bedroom. One Ed's homemade restraints was lying on the rug, half under the bed.

"Tell you what, Al," said Roy. "I can cancel our dinner plans if you find them too embarrassing. Besides," he said, a wicked smile forming on his mouth. "I'd like to see that game you were playing with Ed from the beginning."

"Oh, no," said Al.

"—I mean, we did keep Ed tied up a lot longer yesterday. You could go a few more hours—"

"No! A dress is fine!"

"And I can think of a few refinements we could add—"

"Roy, mercy, I'm giving in!"

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'd let you come before I had to go to work tomorrow—"

Al grabbed his face with both hands. "I'll wear the dress, Roy. Show me where it is!"

"Good boy," murmured Roy. He patted Al's head.

Al did, of course, look smashing in an evening dress. Ed had to alter the dress only a bit, snugging it in to take advantage of the fact that Al had a rather narrow waist for a man, let it out a bit to accommodate the rather impressively realistic stuffed bra. The high collar and long sleeves covered a multitude of masculine give-aways.

Make up softened Al's cheeks and brought out the color of his lips. Dark eye liner made his normally large eyes seem enormous. Nail polish served to distract the eyes away from the bluntness of his fingers.

"You are frighteningly good at doing this," Ed commented as Roy carefully applied mascara to Al's eyelashes.

"I'm a man of many talents," said Roy, sitting back to admire his own work.

"The car is on it's way," said Ed, glancing at the mirror and straightening the bow tie on his tux. "Is this restaurant really this fancy. I look like I'm getting married in this thing."

"Thank goodness I don't look like I'm getting married in this." Al peered around his brother's shoulder. "Ok. I can live with this. I don't look too ugly."

"You look gorgeous."

"Though I must say," growled Al. "If you want people to think you are dating a woman, you could just—you know, date a woman. Honestly, Ed and I don't mind. We really don't expect you to be exclusive here."

"Give us the night off," muttered Ed.

It took a lot of effort to keep the hurt off Roy's face. It took a lot of self control not to mention that he, at least, was taking their relationship seriously, and that he hoped that perhaps, just maybe, they might do so as well.

It was ridiculous to let such a remark under his skin, Roy thought to himself, after all, he'd never been monogamous. Even the situation with the Elrics couldn't be termed monogamy. Sometimes he suspected he'd never be able to settle on just one partner for the rest of his life—however, it did occur to him that he might, just might, be able to make do with two—

A sharp honk brought him out of his thoughts. "Time to go," said Roy.

Dinner was delicious of course, as it darned well should have been for the amount Roy was paying. The maitre d' treated Al the way he would have any woman. Al played his part reasonably well, by which he mostly sat still in his chair and said little, his eyes perpetually cast down in a way that could be interpreted as demure. The faint blush could be attributable to girlish delight and not masculine embarrassment.

Ed made no bones about enjoying NOT being the girl. He took every opportunity to treat his brother like a lady, pulling out his chair, complimenting him on his looks, attempting to engage him in conversation.

"Al, you have a bit of sour cream on your cheek," Ed lied.

Al dabbed at his face with a napkin. "Did I get it."

"Uh, yeah, but you might want to go to the powder-room to refresh your make up."

Al's eyes narrowed to slits. "No." was the flat answer.

Ed grinned. "Aw, come on, it's the chance of a life time. Haven't you always wanted to see what the women's room looked like?"

"No," repeated Al. "But tell you what, next time you can wear the dress, and powder your nose as often as you like."

Roy chuckled softly into his napkin. He make note of the fact that Ed had completely forgotten that he was out in public with Roy. Roy knew better than to draw attention to this fact. It was enough to know that Ed's glorious second rule was in flames, and young man hadn't even noticed.

The dance hall Roy took them to was a remarkably stodgy place. High chandeliers and faux gold pillars reflected off the marble floors. The band was live and entirely made up of men in their sixties. The music was sedate. And Roy and his lovers were, by a good 20 years, the youngest people on the floor.

Naturally, people recognized the Fuhrer and inevitably, there was a good deal of handshaking and schmoozing. If either Al or Ed had hoped to blend into the scenery, they were out of luck. Roy made a deliberate point of introducing both of them, but for scandal's sake, he altered Al's name slightly, and fudged a bit on his relationship with Ed.

"It is very nice to meet you Alison," said one man, kissing Al's hand.

Al gave him a thin lipped smile back and said nothing.

"Alison is very shy," said Roy, "But a good dancer." He then pulled Al onto the floor and proved the point. Al shared his brother's natural grace and was able to adjust to Roy's lead easy enough.

Later Ed danced a few tunes with his brother. Roy sat back in one of the many high backed chairs that lined the wall and watched them, noting the smiles they shared and the way Al buried a laugh in his brother's shoulder. He smiled ruefully, envying their closeness. One day, he wished to feel Al relax in his arms that way. One day, he hoped that Ed would look at him with such tenderness.

Roy glanced at his watch. It was 10:30. It was a shame to call their evening out closed so soon, but he did have other plans, and unfortunately, tomorrow he still had work. He waded onto the dance floor and put a hand on Al's shoulder. "Would you like to go back to the house?"

Al's eyes immediately widened. "Can we?" he asked, just a bit too loudly. "Oh please! I can't wait to get out of this dress."

A few of the nearer couples chuckled at Al's apparent enthusiasm.

Al really couldn't wait to get out of the dress. Roy picked it up off the floor of the foyer and draped it over his arm. "Al," he called up the stairs, "Don't bother to get dressed." His answer was the almost musical groan of the water pipes.

He climbed the stairs and found Al scrubbing his face with a washcloth. "So when did you two decide it was torture Al day," he asked, not looking to see who it was.

"Your brother apparently decided it a few hours ago." Roy unbuttoned his coat and loosened his tie. With quick fingers he unbuttoned his dress shirt and laid it out. Later he'd use alchemy to clean them and hang them back up.

"God that was embarrassing Roy. I kept thinking those people were going to laugh at me." Al patted his face dry. "I suppose that turned you on though."

"Mmm-hmmm," Roy agreed, snuggling up to Al from behind. "Did it do anything for you?" He slid his hand under the waistband of Al's panties and found him disappointingly soft. Oh well, it was a hope. "And it amused your brother."

"Yeah, that traitor," growled Al. "Speaking of which, I have something for him. Where is he?" He made a move towards the door but Roy tightened his hand on his hip. It wasn't time for Al to find his brother. Not yet.

"Down in the kitchen, I believe," said Roy, sliding his other hand into Al's panties, and tugging them down. "You don't need these anymore."

Al lifted his feet and let Roy remove them. "What is with you and your cross dressing fetish, Roy. It's really weird."

Roy snorted and tossed the underwear in the hamper. He considered briefly explaining the sensual delight of feeling the fabrics, the way the cut highlighted certain portions of the anatomy, while leaving others mysterious, the delightful mind-twisting caused by the confusion of genders, and the flush of power it gave him to completely control another persons appearance. There were deeper and darker levels to the kink as well. Al's embarrassment and anger, and humiliation were as much a part of the appeal as his appearance.

Roy turned his mind abruptly away from that train of thought. He didn't really enjoy hurting his lovers. It was just a game after all, nothing serious. And the games were as much for his lover's benefit as for his own.

He should probably steer Al away from the society pages of the newspaper for the next few days.

Roy heard a rattling clatter in the bedroom. Al perked up as well and looked towards the open door. Roy quickly spun him around and distracted him with a deep kiss. Al relaxed a bit but not the way he had in Ed's arms earlier in the evening. Roy briefly wondered if Al nibbled his lower lip out of genuine passion, or if it was merely because the young man knew he liked it.

Roy stiffened involuntarily. No. There was no point in this line of thought. What mattered was that it felt good and that they both enjoyed it. That's all. There was absolutely no point in second-guessing.

Al broke off and looked at him with concern. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, no," Roy quickly reassured him, sliding a hand over Al's hair. The noise in the other room was gone. Ed would be about ready for them by now. "Let's go and find your brother."

Al flew down the stairs and through the hall and into the kitchen. His muscles were tensed, lip pressed thin, ready for a confrontation. Roy had to work to keep up, but determined not to miss any of the fun.

"Ed, you two faced loser, get ready to face my f—" and that was as far as Al got on that line of thought.

Ed smiled and clapped his hands. Al's right arm suddenly shot over his head, like a child raising his hand to ask a question. Both Al and Roy stopped everything to stare at the sudden appearance of a thick leather cuff around his wrist, and the taut chain that lead up to a hook in the exposed ceiling beam.

Al tugged on the cuff uselessly then turned to Ed again. "Oh you don't get out of it this easily, get over here—"

Ed clapped again. This time Al's left hand rose up and did the same thing.

The fury drained from Al's face. "Oh, no, Ed," he said with terror. "No you aren't doing that again to me! That's unfair."

Roy couldn't suppress a grin. "Well, I didn't really get a chance to appreciate it the first time—"

The sheer blistering anger in Al's eyes was enough to make Roy step back. "Just kidding, Al this is entirely different," said Roy quickly. "A promise is a promise. You wore the dress."

"Welcome to being the center of attention, Al," said Ed wandering over the kitchen counter. He lifted a dishtowel briefly and removed an item. "Now you get to know what I've felt like for the last week."

"That was completely different, Ed," said Al.

Ed balled whatever it was in his hands. "How so?"

"That was—fun," said Al. He tugged on the chains. They did not give any sign of loosening. "And besides it was you."

"Ah hah," said Ed. "Don't tell me you aren't enjoying this. Your meter is starting to rise." Indeed Al was a bit firmer than he had been upstairs. "You like being tied up. You like wondering what the hell me and Roy are going to do with you."

"That is completely untrue," Al lied, wriggling a bit in a decidedly sensual way.

"Look, Al, you are already hard and neither of us has even touched you. You are a sucker for this kind of stuff," Ed skirted around his brother until he stood right behind him.

"It's a purely automatic response," said Al.

Ed reached around and brought a sleeping mask to Al's face. The heavy black fabric covered his eyes. The elastic snapped neatly in back.

"Wait, what are you going to do," asked Al.

"You'll find out," said Roy, dragging up a kitchen chair. Until Ed wanted him to participate, he was just an audience member for this show. Roy wasn't sure if he was pleased or not. On one hand, ceding control was damn hard, but on the other—

Ed looked happier than he'd been all week long. Sure the grin on his face was two parts unholy glee, but the way he stood spoke of focus and confidence. And when he glanced in Roy's direction, it was with a conspiratorial gleam. Roy grinned back. He was included. They were a team. They were Us and Al, for once, was them.

"This isn't going to hurt is it?" asked Al.

"You'll just have to wait and see," said Ed, returning to the counter. This time he pulled back the washcloth entirely. Roy leaned forward and puzzled over the odd collection of household items that Ed was hiding. Some of them had possibilities, but others—just seemed rather peculiar. For example, what on earth was the straw for? Surely not to drink with.

Ed's hand hovered indecisively for a moment and then it settled on something small enough that Roy couldn't actually make out what it was. Al was twisting in his chains a bit, lifting one leg to brush against his penis in attempt to give himself some relief.

Ed pulled Al's knee down, "Don't worry, little brother. I'll give you something to feel soon enough."

He then caught Al's chin in one hand and held his head steady while he pushed something into Al's ear. He repeated with the other side. "Ear plugs?" Al asked.

"Interesting idea," Roy.

"Yeah, something I've been sort of thinking about all week actually. Ever since I started thinking of how to get back at him." Ed reached up and loosened his bow tie and undid the first three buttons of his dress shirt. "You see, after all those years in armor, I've discovered that my brother is very," and at this point he reached an idle hand over and lightly touched Al's chest. "Very sensitive." Al flinched away.

"I see."

"You take away sight and sound, and your mind compensates by focusing on the senses it has left." Ed ghosted his hand lightly around Al's belly, barely touching the skin. Roy saw the muscles suddenly twitch and harden.

Al sucked in his breath. "That tickles!"

"Want to try, Roy?" asked Ed.

"Sure, what should I do."

"Find a place and touch it. Randomly. Don't let him figure out where he's going to feel it next."

Roy stood up and walked around to Al's back. Very carefully he drew his finger tips against the skin of his back. Al twitched forward, into Ed's fingers. Al started laughing involuntarily. "You are tickling me! Is that both of you? Damn it, that's not fair, Don't tickle me!"

"So you start soft," muttered Ed, as if to himself, using both hands now to stroke, ever so lightly in different spots. "Here, there, everywhere. Always a surprise so you can't grow numb to it."

Roy faintly scraped his fingernails along the palm of Al's hand. His fingers closed with an faint clap, but Roy had pulled his hand away and moved on.

Al was giggling and squirming rather violently. Roy laughed. It was something of a game to make sure that Al could neither avoid nor press into his touches.

"Wait for it," whispered Ed, and Roy withdrew his hands. It was amazing watching the way Al's muscles shuddered under his skin. His flesh raised up in goosebumps, his hips flexed forward even though neither of them had gone anywhere near his groin. He tried to hold back his nervous giggling, but his chest continued to convulse even after they'd stopped touching him, and he kept making little involuntary snorts and hums.

"Oh, God, please don't torture me!"

"Am I god now?" asked Roy.

"No, I am," said Ed, leaning in to gently stroke Al's cock with the tips of his fingers and thumb. Al jumped, grabbed the chains binding him to the ceiling beam and attempted to grab Ed's with his waist with his legs. Ed scrambled back out of the way but not before getting clipped by Al's foot.

"Okay, okay, lets show a little mercy. Touch him hard," said Ed, and he leaned in and kneaded a bicep in his hand, squeezing the muscle, and gradually moving up Al's arm to the elbow. Al opened his mouth and breathed deeply. Roy followed Ed's lead working on the back, massaging along the shoulders and spine with firm slow movements.

Al's head lolled back and he breathed out a moan. "Nice." Ed smiled and continued working on the other arm for a bit, then moving to the chest. Roy's hands reached the base of Al's spine and he began working on the buttocks. Al pressed backwards against his hands, this time Roy didn't attempt to evade.

"Mmmm—. Okay, guys if you want to keep doing this, that's fine with me," said Al.

Ed snorted. "Stop."

Roy immediately let go and stepped back. Al let out a soft moan of disappointment.

"What else do you have planned," asked Roy quietly.

"Now we start the torture," said Ed just a bit louder than he had been.

Al stiffened. "What did you say? Did you say something. Ed take these things out of my ears. This is silly, and it's not even slightly erotic."

"Torture?" said Roy doubtfully. "No. I like him unmarked."

Ed rolled his eyes, "You see there, you don't trust me. Like I'd leave a mark on Al. Like I'd even really hurt him. Trust me, he's tough enough to take a bit of discomfort, and haven't you noticed how turned on it makes him? But I promise I won't leave a bruise, or a welt, or a cut."

Obviously the ear plugs weren't completely effective because Al suddenly squirmed and said, "God, Ed, don't cut me! Roy protect me!"

"You see, Roy," said Ed smugly. "I AM his God."

"A vengeful one apparently."

"Oh, yes, very vengeful." Ed went back to his stash. "And this would be how you torture someone without leaving a mark." He picked up a feather duster. He tossed it over to Roy who caught it neatly. Ed meanwhile picked up a drinking straw, and wandered back.

Roy couldn't keep the silly grin off his face. "I give you points for creativity." Roy was beginning to suspect that Ed could find sexual uses for pretty much any random object in the house. He watched as Ed put the straw to his lips, running his tongue over the end and tip in a way that was highly suggestive. For a moment Roy considered abandoning Al entirely and giving that clever tongue something more sensitive to explore, but he reined himself in. Part of the fun of games was the anticipation of the eventual pay off. Jumping to the end would only make it less satisfying.

Roy turned his attention back to Al who had stopped struggling in his bonds and now was simply waiting, head bowed forward, arms stretched up to either side in the universal sign of surrender.

Roy brought the feather duster up and very carefully drew it down Al's back. Al stiffened and arched. "What's that—"

Roy continued the slow sensuous stroke over the left buttock and down to the back of the knee. Al reflexively twitched it out of the way. "Tickles," he complained.

Roy took advantage of the raised foot to dust the feathers against the sole, Al involuntarily giggled and squirmed. He put his foot down. Roy attacked the other knee and once again Al danced out of the way. His laughter was infectious. Both Roy and Ed found themselves smiling.

Then Al broke off his hysterics, "Oh no, Ed, Roy, whoever you are, no!"

Roy broke off tickingly him with the duster to see what Ed was doing. Ed had brought the straw to his lips and was blowing lines across Al's stomach and chest. He drew a line with breath up Al's chest to his neck, attacking the ear until Al drew his shoulders up to protect them. Then he wandered back down, pausing to give each nipple some attention, before finally reaching Al's groin. Al did respond rather well to this sort of treatment Roy noted. As much as he might attempt to squirm away, his rigid cock suggested that the torture was not without its rewards.

It wasn't without its rewards for Roy as well. Not that seeing Al tied up and helpless, utterly unable to fend off whatever assault they cared to level in his direction, wasn't a powerful turn on in it's own right; and not that Ed's charismatic smile and the diabolical gleam in his eye didn't induce delightful shivers of fear. But Roy found the anticipation of wondering what Ed could possibly have in mind next to be just about the most erotically exiting thing he'd felt in quite some time.

Ed continued to blow lines around his brothers groin, and Roy watched as sweat spontainously formed on Al's upper lip. Al twisted his head and bit his lip. His brows peaked up from under the blind fold. "It's not enough," he gasped at last. "I need more. Touch it harder."

Ed simply smiled around the end of the straw and met Roy's eye. A rapport ran between them and Roy understood Ed's game. Ed stepped back a moment and allowed Roy to reach down and grab Al behind the knees and lift him up off the floor. Much of his weight was born by the straps, which couldn't have been too comfortable, but Al didn't protest too much. Ed ducked under Al's legs and knelt in front of Roy. He continued to blow through the straw, drawing lines over Al's inner thighs and scrotum. Roy watched with satisfaction as the sac twitched and drew up at the light, ticklish sensation.

Ed continued down between the crack, and Al again let out an involuntary cry, and the air brushed sensuously against the ring of muscle hidden there.

"For god's sake, just fuck me already." Al twitched, thrusting his hips up.

Ed's response to that was to laugh. "Let him down."

Carefully, Roy lowered Al down while Ed once again selected a new prop from his collection of ordinary house hold items. The next item to appear in his hands was a fly swatter. "I got to have most of the fun last time, would you do the honors?"

"Sure." Roy accepted the fly swatter and briefly stroked the flexible rubber end. The stiff rubber had been laced with multiple holes to allow the air to flow readily through. He tested it briefly against his fore arm and found that while it stung, it didn't truly hurt so much as produce a lingering itchy sensation, and a mild reddening. "This is diabolical," said Roy.

"I know," Ed snickered.

Roy went to work on Al. He began the backs of his shins, striking his flesh in a random pattern. The sharp smacking sound was rather satisfying, as was the way Al's muscles twitched after each stroke. Al grunted slightly but Roy noticed the small smile that shifted to a wince and back. Of course, in Al's line of work, minor discomforts were the norm. Roy continued the treatment, moving upwards, paying particular attention to his buttocks and chest. Al hissed when the rubber flap smacked against his nipple.

"His skin should be good and sensitized by now," said Ed. "You can stop."

"Not yet," Roy was rather enjoying this particular exercise. Perhaps because it stroked his mild sadistic streak more than merely tickling. Perhaps because of the reactions it was causing Al. Roy leaned in and placed a careful hand over Al's scrotum, he then brought the flyswatter down with a stinging whap against his penis. Al sucked in a breath. "That's enough," he said.

"Now he's sensitized," said Roy handing the swatter back to Ed, who merely shook his head and tossed it in the pile with the rest of the discarded toys.

"Perhaps we should give him something soothing," suggested Ed moving for the first time away from his collection. He opened the ice box and reached in, pulling out several icecubes, one of which he handed to Roy.

The game continued. Roy noted that in addition to being cold, the cubes melted nicely against Al's heated flesh. Drops of water left ticklish trails down his spine. Roy drew lazy circles in Al's armpits causing him to fruitlessly try and lower his arms. Ed meanwhile paid more attention to Al's nipples sliding the slippery cube back and forth over those nubs until they'd hardened.

Al had for the most part given up on protesting his treatment, accepting the ultimate futility in them. He did however moan when Roy parted his buttocks with the cube and pressed it's cold slickness against his entrance. It was merely teasing, but Al took it serious enough to attempt to kick him. Roy moved safely out of the way.

"Why Roy, I do think he's a bit cold," said Ed as if this took him by surprise.

"Yes indeed, what shall we do about it."

"Well," said Ed, "Since you've decreed no marks, that limits my choices now doesn't it."

"I'm afraid so."

"We don't want to burn him." Though there was a slightly speculative look in Ed's eye.

Roy quickly nixed the idea. "I only use that against those I don't like. The chance of causing actual burns is too high. Besides," Roy stroked his hard groin. "I'm afraid my concentration is a bit off right at the moment. I wouldn't want to get carried away."

"I actually anticipated this," said Ed moving once again to the kitchen. "Luckily for us, Al likes cookies," He lifted a small brown vial. Roy gasped as he realized it's significance.

"Cinnamon oil," said Roy.

"Mmm hummm. No burns, but very very warming." Ed carefully spilled a little onto his fingers and gritted his teeth. "It's hot."

Roy did the same. The nerves in his fingers immediately caught fire, tingling in a way that made him want to blow on them. They worked Al over once more, this time spending less time on his extremities and concentrating on the erogenous zones. The ring of muscle that was still a bit wet from the ice, now twitched under the fire of his fingers. Ed drew lines over Al's cock, serving both to stimulate him and at the same time torture him.

"Hot!" Al cried. "Hot!"

The power play of the moment was getting to Roy. The intoxicating feel of having someone so completely at his mercy, feeling what he chose to feel had brought him to full hardness some time ago, and there was no putting it off. Since then the torture had continued, minute after minute. It was however time to end it, one way or another.

"Get him down," said Roy. Reached into his own pants and brushed his hand over his own weeping cock. The fire from the oil immediately took hold on his flesh and Roy knew exactly what Al was feeling.

Yes, it was painful, but also intoxicatingly stimulating as well. Rubbing the oil in sensitized his flesh in a way that made even light strokes satisfying. He smiled at his own masochism. He honestly hadn't thought he would find discomfort erotic, yet it worked that way.

Ed complied, clapping his hands and releasing the chains. Al immediately fell to his knees, grabbing his own groin and stroking, not even pausing to remove the ear plugs or blindfold.

"Oh, I don't think so Al," said Ed. Al not hearing ignored him, rubbing his penis and nipples and let out a breathy groan of relief.

"Roy, if you don't mind—" Ed continued.

"Not at all," said Roy.

Ed clapped again. The chains that had a moment before been fixed to the ceiling beam now dropped to the floor with a loud clatter. A moment later rings split the tile near Al's feet and with a loud clatter once again Al was secured. Ed clapped his hands a couple more times, adjusting the length of the chains and the positioning of the rings until Al last Al was forced on his hands and knees, unable move his arms and legs more than a few inches in any direction.

"Ed!" Al cried out in frustration. "Help me, I'm on fire."

Ed had the cooking oil out and a rag. He poured a generous dollop into his hand and reached below to stroke the fire away from Al's penis. Al let out a sigh of relief and nuzzled Ed's shoulder affectionately. "Thank you, so much better, so much better."

As much fun as it was to deny his own needs and put off his own gratification, the time had come for Roy to get a little pleasure. While Ed relieved the worst of Al's torment, Roy positioned himself at Al's face and pressed himself forward. The burn of the cinnamon oil was hightened for a moment by the heat of Al's mouth, but then as his tongue moved and slid over his skin he found it gradually subsiding, leaving the flesh extremely sensitive in it's wake.

Roy turned inwards and concentrated on the small sensations, the feeling of Al's breath against the base of his shaft, the pressure from Al's lips as Roy slowly thrust between them. As visually stimulating as Al had been, nothing, but nothing beat the feel of his mouth. Roy resisted the temptation to grab the back of his head and pull him deeper. It was better to let Al do the work. And Al did, sucking enthusiastically and taking him deeper with each outgoing breath. Roy was getting close—very close.

Then suddenly Al stopped, his lips popped free of Roy's cock. For a moment Roy was surprised, then he realized that Ed had chosen that moment to join in.

"Yes, whichever of you that is, yes. More. God, more."

"Okay, Al," said Ed. "God's gonna smile on you, just this once and give you what you ask."

Al, of course, heard none of this, but he did let out a cry when Ed began thrusting into him with greater force.

"You should be careful with your hubris," said Roy. "It might catch up to you one day."

"Oh, my hubris caught up to me years ago," Ed replied.

Roy grabbed Al's chin and redirected him back to his neglected cock. It was all very well that Ed and Al were enjoying each other, but Ed had already come twice that day, and Al once, whereas so far Roy had gotten nothing but the admittedly satisfying delight of seeing his lovers thoroughly enjoy themselves. He pushed into Al's mouth again and thrust in a slightly demanding way.

Al went back to work again. This time nothing stopped the steady climb to the top. Roy clenched his teeth threw the final seconds and tightened up as hard as he could to prevent himself from shoving his cock all the way down Al's throat. Al, apparently distracted, had not been quite prepared for Roy's orgasm, and he shuddered, allowing the come to flow out of his mouth and down his chin. He released the end of Roy's cock and coughed twice.

Roy sat back and watched vaguely as Ed spent himself for the third time in his brother. Ed reached around and popped the ear plugs from Al's ears and patted him on the shoulder.

"There," said Ed. "All done."

"No we aren't!" Al growled.

"Hmm?" asked Ed.

Al bucked his hips a few times suggestively.

"Oh yes," said Ed. He reached around and stroked Al until he came.

With a few claps and the smell of ozone Al was freed. He yanked the sleeping mask from his eyes and glared at the two of them for a moment. "Roy, you aren't going to do this kind of thing to me all week are you? Tell me you've had your fun, and we are going to go back to tormenting Ed."

Roy raised an eyebrow. "Sorry, Al, " said Roy. "As your brother pointed out, it's only fair."

"God, you two are cruel!"

"Aw, Al," drawled Ed, leaning back on his hands, looking quite, quite satisfied in his sweat stained dress shirt and unbuttoned pants. "It's really sweet of you to call me, God, but honestly, it's unnecessary. You can call me 'Lord" instead."

Al turned and looked at his brother. "My Lord, are you? Well, here's my first offering." In a movement almost too quick to catch, Al's fist connected with the underside of Ed's jaw, sliding him back across the tile and into the pantry.

Ed sat up and rubbed his jaw ruefully.

Roy snickered. "I told you to watch your hubris."