velvet mace


Men really only have two motivations, Lust mused as she observed her new charge. The desire to thrust themselves upon the world, and the desire to hide their balls.

Right now, Tucker was definitely hiding his balls. The disgraced alchemist hunched on his bench, looking like a marshmallow in his off white prison garb. His wooden shackles lay like a shield across his lap. He was soft, almost boneless in his fear and misery. Useless. A failure. It was her job to take that mushy pile of intellect and mold it into something that could once more thrust itself upon the world. It was her job to harden him up again and set him back to work.

Tucker sweated and shivered, his eyes cast down. He'd been told he would die, and he had no reason not to believe it. Poor sap, still clinging to life even though there was nothing left of it but a dank prison that smelled of urine. It was time for her to offer a ray of hope, and let him follow that back into her cage.

"Don't tell me you'd rather die," she said, when Tucker didn't immediately accept her proposal.

"W-what?" asked Tucker in a voice that broke like a teenager's. "I don't understand." The alchemist tipped his head just ever so slightly, to see her out of the corner of his eye. He quickly looked back at his lap again.

"Must I repeat myself? It's really simple, Shou," said Lust. "You work for us." She laid her hand on his sandy colored head. "You do absolutely everything I tell you to, when I tell it to you." She ran her fingers against the grain, causing the short thinning hair to pull up away from his scalp. "And you will be allowed to live—off the record of course."

"What would be the point," said Tucker after a long pause. "My house, my job, my reputation, my dau—" he swallowed hard. "My family," he continued. "I have no reason to live. I'm a monster and I deserve death."

Lust clicked her tongue with impatience, surely Tucker didn't believe that. "Being a monster is not such a bad thing. It's true you will never have that luxurious life style, or people cooing over your rank. But respect? A job? A chance to redeem yourself intellectually? Those I can offer you, if you choose to live. And as for family, they are what you make of them."

Lust reached her gloved hand down and cupped his chin, forcing him to look up at her. So soft—so completely squeezable. It would take work to make this decadent man hard.

But then, she could be hard, too. One thought, and she could elongate her fingers into spears that would pierce this uncooperative man's brain. She could wrap her hand around his neck and choke the very life out of him. Tempting. But she resisted.

Here was soft clay ready to be sculpted into a man that would serve her needs. She was Lust after all. The embodiment of desire. Why go looking for a lover, when she could design one to her tastes. She allowed her smile and her eyes to convey her intentions.

Tucker's eyes were locked with hers now, growing wider with surprise. She loved this reaction. She could see him take a deeper breath, and the blood which had all but pooled within him, came to life, rushing to his skin. She could almost see the nerves in his body wake up and quiver. She breathed in and tasted the faint enticing aroma of his pheromones.

Perhaps the man in him would not be hard to rouse. That had been a worry. After all, Shou's wife had died two years ago, and since then he'd not even dated. But perhaps that was more laziness than lack of desire, and laziness was definitely one thing she'd be sculpting out of him.

Lust let the tip of her tongue breach her lips, giving them a suggestive lick. Shou's eyes followed the movement, his entire attention caught up for the moment in that simplest of acts. Ah yes, if the mere suggestion of sex affected him that much—Lust smiled around the thought of his reaction to his gradual and rather thorough deflowering.

"And there are other reasons to live. Other pleasures to pursue—" She ran her fingers over the stubble of his chin as she released him, the tips of her fingers touched his lips as they retreated.

Tucker gasped. Even with her fingers gone he continued to stare into her eyes, disbelieving. "Y-you?"

Lust chuckled, despite being a father, the man gave off a vibe of sexual innocence. One had to wonder how many times his ex-wife allowed him to bed her. Was that perhaps the reason why he chose to use her as material for his experiment? And even though Tucker had no doubt engaged in some form of intercourse, one had to wonder how adventuresome he'd ever gotten. There were so many virginities to take, surely there would be a few left for her.

"But of course," said Lust, allowing her voice to deepen seductively. "You are handsome—" That wasn't quite a lie. Lust had of course seen many more classically handsome men before, but for his age and sedentary habits, Shou had not done badly. "And trust me, I'm very attracted to you." Now this was true—but not because of his looks. She was attracted to Tucker because he was hers, utterly. Pride had ordered it, and Dante approved it. Tucker was considered a total loss. She had free reign to do what she liked with him.

She eased down into a crouch so that her eyes were level with Shou's. "I can promise you pleasure enough to take your mind away from all those things you've lost." She reached out once more, touching the soft skin of his neck, just below the juncture of his ear. She moved her hand southward, dragging fingers that grew and sharpened. "Pleasure enough to drown your senses." Shou hissed as she lightly grazed the skin. "That is, if you earn it." She reached the collar of his prison uniform. The fabric caught against her index finger, and then yielded, tearing smoothly.

Tucker sucked in a deeper breath and flinched back. He raised his hands in an attempt to touch the torn fabric. The shackles no longer protected his balls.

She made her proposal once more. "Will you work for me?"

"Yes," said Tucker. "Whatever you wish."

She began with vanilla, other flavors would come later, but she didn't want to shock him too badly. After all, for Tucker, even vanilla was exotic.

"That is enough for today," she said, entering his lab and seeing him hard at work writing up his progress notes. From the mess still staining the middle of the array, it was clear progress was not quite the right term, but at least the man was working.

"Lust," said Tucker, his eyes flying to bloody remnants of his subjects. "I can explain. It was a miscalculation. It will not happen again."

Lust forced a smile. "Miscalculations happen. I trust you won't repeat this one."

"No," Tucker shook his head enthusiastically.

"Very well, then I think you deserve a bit of a reward, for the hard work you've done so far."

His first reward, and hers as well. Hers more than his actually, waiting for Shou to succeed would be too tedious. "Remove your clothes," she ordered.

"M-my clothes?" Tucker asked, looking stupidly down at his blood-spattered uniform. Lust noticed that it still had the rip she gave him the day before. The guards had probably not allowed him to bathe, either. She'd have to change that. From now on she would insist that he be given a fresh uniform and a thorough scrubbing every day, so that he be clean and ready when it came time for her—his—reward.

"Yes, my dear," said Lust, with equal parts purr and amusement. "You can't very well expect me to touch those filthy rags."

Tucker nodded, quickly removing the bloodstained shirt and pulling down the marginally cleaner pants. The warden of the Fifth Lab was cheap and apparently considered underwear as unnecessary as a daily bath. Unlike the bath, that was just fine with Lust.

Underneath, Tucker was smooth and masculine and very, very hard. Even if his mind was unable to take in the idea of her touch, his cock certainly could. Lust's clothes were slightly more complicated, since they were not actually separate from her flesh, but rather a form of armor. She shrugged her shoulders and in a burst of light, the hard carbon molecules broke apart and melted into her flesh. Then she stood, naked, in front of her prey.

Tucker's mouth opened wordlessly. A slight almost pained whimper escaped his throat. His cock rose another degree. Lust noticed with disappointment that Tucker's balls were already tight. The promise of sex alone was pushing him nearly to the breaking point. This wouldn't last long.

Oh there were hundreds of things she could do to prolong and make this session more satisfying, but vanilla meant nothing beyond the gentle touch of her hands (far away from his over eager groin), the taste of her mouth, and moist slide of her cunt.

"Lie on the ground, my dear," said Lust, breaking free of his clumsy kiss. "And try not to come too quickly." Tucker lowered himself clumsily to the concrete floor, and waited for her to join him.

Tucker was not the only one in need. She straddled him carefully, her groin aching in anticipation. Her nether lips had grown full and moist, and it was all she could do to prevent herself from simply driving down on Tucker and taking his full length in one quick hard stroke. But she held off, torturing herself as much as him, taking only the tip before lifting herself off again. Tucker let out a cry and reached for her with weak, tentative hands. Lust ignored his touch in favor of lowering herself yet again, taking an inch of him this time, before pulling away.

"Oh please," said Tucker. "I'm almost there, Lust."

Yes, that was the problem. She looked into his face and realized that he might not be able to stop himself from coming even if she wasn't on him, and that would be a disappointment. She wanted him to be deep within her when he came. Sighing, she pressed down and took all of him. She lifted and slammed back down again, enjoying the fullness. She rode him hard, pushing herself towards orgasm as fast as she could and finding it with no time to spare. She gripped him tightly within, at the same time she felt him begin to fill her.

Tucker's face took a look of extreme pain as he came. Beautiful. And for just vanilla. She imagined what he would look like when she introduced him to more exotic flavors.

Lust grew frustrated with Tucker. She knew she couldn't continue to reward him for failure, and yet his efforts were simply not up to where they should be. On the other hand, every day she held out was a day where her own desires were thwarted. Lust was not allowed to sleep with just anyone—doing such would not only spread her name and face around unacceptably, but it would also tempt her to ignore her work in favor of satisfying her bottomless need. The only person she had free reign to play with was Tucker, and he was not cooperating with her.

She would have to say a few words to him.

She found him in the showers, hands pressed against the cement wall, being given precisely what she ordered—a thorough scrub down from one of the armored guards. "I'll take over 48," she said.

"Yes, ma'am," said the creature intoned with its slightly otherworldly voice. It passed the sponge to her. She waved the thing off with her hand and watched as it slowly retreated out of the room.

Tucker looked over his sudsy shoulder, not daring to shift out of position.

"Lust," he said.

"You failed again today, Tucker," she said, squeezing the sponge until her hands grew white with froth. She then moved in close and put her empty hand against his shoulder. His skin was cool from the icy water, and gooseflesh prickled up his arms and legs. He shivered, but then leaned into her warmth.

"I'm sorry," said Tucker, visibly tearing his thoughts away from her touch. "I almost had it, but then at the last moment the composition slipped."

"Your chimera died." Lust ran the sponge over his back. She noticed patches of pink where 48 had pressed too hard and abraded him. She made sure to cover the same areas and savored Tucker's pained hiss in response.

"Yes, ma'am," said Tucker.

"You do realize that because you've failed, I can't reward you." She moved the sponge over his hip and down to his groin. Despite her words, his cock was already hard.

"I understand," Tucker went back to looking at the wall. He bucked into her hand. Lust continued to tease him through the sponge. It would be so easy to make him come—so tempting—so satisfying. But not in her best interest, or his. She backed off with reluctance.

"I don't think you do," she said, unable to resist putting her lips to his wet flesh of his shoulder, or to keep the fingers of her free hand from rising up to caress a cold-hardened nipple. "You see, I don't particularly see the reason why I should be punished for your incompetence. So we are going to do something a bit different today."

Tucker dared move his hand so he could turn and look at her. Lust responded by stepping back and willing her clothes off. "I may not be able to have your cock but I have the rest of you."

Tucker hadn't really understood what she meant, but with a bit of directing he caught on. Oh my, he was a quick learner. It shouldn't have surprised her. Despite his innocence and lack of people skills, he was, after all, one of the country's brightest minds, and it didn't take a genius to learn how to suck a nipple, or finger a clit.

Lust relaxed against the wall, holding Tucker's head between her legs. And if the rough slip resistant floor scratched Tucker's knees, it certainly didn't bother her much tougher flesh. "Faster, harder," she told him, and directing his tongue occasionally into her warm cunt, but mostly keeping it on her swollen clit.

After she hissed through a third orgasm, she reached up and turned on the cold spray of the shower. Tucker let out a small cry of discomfort as the cold water chilled him further, but she just pushed his head back down where it belonged. His violent shivers made his mouth a bit clumsy, but eventually he brought her to come a fourth time.

Tucker was soft and unsatisfied when she turned off the water and sent him back to his room—as well he deserved.

Tucker started to succeed. Perhaps it was because of her punishments, Lust couldn't tell. In a way she was almost disappointed when she entered his Lab and found him beaming over the dog. The animal lunged at her but was halted by its leash. Still within the circle were remnants of the prisoner Tucker had used to give the chimera its intelligence.

"It will need a bit of taming," Tucker said. "But he follows my commands." The alchemist ran a tender hand over the growling animal's head.

"Can he speak though?" asked Lust.

"Fuck you," growled the dog.

"Very well," said Lust, chuckling with approval.

"Will there be, be, be" stuttered Tucker.

"A reward? But, of course. Put that beast into its cage."

"Thank you," said Tucker. He secured the animal quickly. Lust wondered at the degree of loyalty the creature showed the man who had just transmuted it. Dante and Pride would be pleased.

She lead Tucker down the corridor to the room she'd appointed just for this purpose. The bed was large and soft, and the room warm and sweet smelling. It took a keen eye to see the more kinky trappings, the metal rings embedded in the walls and the corners of the bed and even in the ceiling. Tucker occasionally strayed from vanilla, but he wasn't quite at the point where she could bring out the heavy equipment.

Tucker shed his clothes quickly enough. He dropped his glasses on the large chest next to the bed, without even a thought as to what might be stored within it.

To her surprise, Tucker took the initiative, embracing her from behind before she'd even shed her clothes. His large soft hands cupped her breasts finding the hard nubs of her nipples and tweaking them. It felt marvelous of course, but it simply wouldn't do. Tucker needed to remember his place—he would never be given free reign with her, not even as a reward.

She caught his wrist and pulled him around, throwing him roughly on the bed. Tucker let out a reflexive cry, then rolled onto his back and looked up at her, hurt and confused. "I thought—"

"I didn't say you could touch me yet," Lust said, letting her voice grow cold.

'I'm sorry, I just—"

"Don't think, Tucker," said Lust. "Save your thinking for your experiments. When it comes to sex, I expect you to obey me. Reward or punishment—the difference is only the degree to which you will enjoy the touches. Where, when, and how you are touched, that will always be up to me.'

Tucker lowered his eyes. "Yes, forgive me." His earlier erection was gone and his hands had unconsciously moved to cup his balls.

Lust softened. "But dear, this is your reward, and you will enjoy it. Trust me." She crawled on him and began teasing his flesh with well placed kisses. She felt him reluctantly relax. At one point he almost embraced her but then flinched back. She chuckled. "You may hold me."

And he did.

After three months, Lust had to admit that prison life suited Tucker quite well. His softness was melting away, bit by bit. He'd lost a few pounds of fat, and gained a few pounds of muscle. His mind seemed to have sharpened as well, and the chimeras he produced lived longer and were more capable.

If there was one thing that faintly soured her feelings towards him, it was his maddening preference for the tamest sexual practices. The least bit of pain was enough to put him off, but apparently he never grew bored of the same old acts. If Tucker had his druthers, every tryst would begin with her hardening his cock with her mouth, and end with her riding him to sweaty bliss. While both practices were pleasant, after a while the came to be dull and repetitive. While indulging him made sense in the beginning when his success rate was spotty, Tucker now churned out his talking chimeras at a reasonable rate, and his last failure was weeks in the past.

Something had to give, and it had better be Tucker.

"Am I being rewarded or punished," he asked when she brought out the handcuffs.


Tucker's eyes grew huge, "But—but what did I do wrong?"

"It's not a matter of mistakes," said Lust grabbing his wrist and cinching the bracelet down around it. "It's a matter of what you haven't been doing."

"Haven't—" Tucker made a feeble attempt to resist her, but she soon hand his hands locked behind his back. "But I've done everything Gran asked. I've completed my quota. Every one of my chimeras has been a success."

"Yes, you keep falling back on the same array, same creatures, combining them in the same way. Of course you are going to always get it right. But what have you developed new? Intelligent dogs are quite nice, but we could use a flying chimera as well. And one that can burrow under the ground, or swim in the water, have you produced any of those? I think not."

"But no one asked—-"

"You are being punished for failure of imagination. You should have thought these up on your own."

Tucker accepted this, and allowed himself to be positioned on the bed, face down in the mattress, butt up to the sky. She opened the chest again and made a show of selecting a plug. The first time she'd used one on him was during a reward session. He'd at first been at least somewhat open to the idea of being sodomized, but quickly decided it wasn't for him. Since then she'd had to wait for Tucker to screw up enough to reintroduce him to the concept. She chose the smallest of the vibrating plugs, because, while it was tempting to make this as painful as possible, she hoped that once he got used to being penetrated he would allow her to incorporate it into their Reward play as well.

"Please," he said as she began the process of stretching him to receive the toy. She gave him a slap. He predictably tensed as she worked it in, but perhaps knowing that he couldn't say no to the venture helped, because soon he relaxed, and when she turned it on he gasped and grew hard. She laughed as his confusion as he realized the toy was rather to his liking after all.

He grew more confused when she pulled out a condom and began to roll it down his hard shaft. She'd never bothered with precautions before, and had, in fact, assured Tucker that she could neither get pregnant, nor was she susceptible to sexual diseases. But this condom wasn't built to prevent either of those things.

Tucker moaned as she flipped him over and settled on top of him, The effect of the thick condom made itself quickly known. Lust chuckled again. The condom rubbed her cunt quite pleasantly indeed, but its heavy rubber severely dulled sensation to his cock. Caught between the plug and the condom, Tucker could neither reach orgasm, nor could he back off enough from the edge to grow soft. Lust rode him through several loud orgasms, making sure from her expression and her words that he knew exactly how good his cock felt.

"Please," Tucker begged. "Take it off. I'll be good!"

But Lust ignored him.

Eventually, Tucker was able to come despite the condom, but Lust made him keep the plug in until he'd serviced her with his tongue as well.

Tucker produced the flying chimera within a week after that. Gran was pleased. Pride had awarded her with praise, and Dante had even deigned to call to express her approval. "Keep up the good work," the old lady said.

Meanwhile Tucker and Lust fell back into stale habits. Some days Tucker selfishly finished so quickly she didn't have a chance to come, and she had to settle for his inexpert fingers. She found herself looking forward to the days when he screwed up.

It had taken some work to come up with an excuse to punish him again. She settled on sloppy notes. Although Tucker had protested that no one had been at all upset with the quality of his penmanship before, that did not assuage her.

Then it was tardiness. A missed deadline. A misplaced cage. Lust's eyes were constantly on the look out to find some way to indulge her more sadistic desires on him.

"What did I do, Lust?" Tucker as she strapped him, spread eagled, against the wall.

"You are late in producing your next array."

"But I wasn't aware there was a deadline."

"The deadline was as soon as possible," Lust snarled. She chose a traditional willow switch to express the extent of her displeasure. Six months ago, the mere thought of being whipped would have turned Tucker into a quivering puddle. Now he took the lash with hiss and a grunt, but was generally stoic about it. Lust nearly came merely from the effort of striking him alone. When his back had been pinked enough, she released him.

Even though the offense was completely manufactured, Lust couldn't help but feel justified in her cruelty. If only Tucker had simply enjoyed more variety, it wouldn't have come to this. She had been perfectly willing to ease him into each kink, if he'd simply allowed her to. But no, every time he'd earned a "reward," she grit her teeth and accepted that her lust would have to be content with a ride barely long enough to bring her to orgasm once.

She deserved these punishment routines. Her comes were harder, longer, more satisfying than Tucker's pathetic idea of lovemaking could produce. Sadly, Tucker did everything in his power to anticipate and fend off her diasproval. The last session was over two weeks ago. She deserved this.

She watched Tucker stagger across the room, not daring to go to the door, not wanting to go near the bed or her. His eyes were not on the switch in her hand, nor on the expression of pure passionate glee on her face, but rather on the strap-on she sported on her hips. She had never penetrated him with anything this large before.

"Shou, kneel," she ordered. "There by the side of the bed." Shou knelt and she gave a light tap with her thigh high boot. "Turn around." Tucker turned so that he faced her instead of the bed. Reaching out she pulled a thick, textured vibrator from the top of the chest. There were rather a lot of toys lined up there today. She wasn't sure if they'd actually go through all of them, but she planned on at least making a dent.

She stepped forward and pressed the tip of the strap-on to his mouth. Obediently, Tucker took it in, noisily sucking the first inch or so of its length. The sight of it made Lust's cunt ache. It was only too bad she didn't actually have any feeling in the rubber appendage.

She pulled back, freeing the dildo's tip from Tucker's mouth, then lifted one leg up and placed it on the bed behind Tucker. Tucker was experienced enough not to need any further direction. He ducked his head between her legs and pressed his mouth against her exposed clit.

Lust gasped, enjoying the feel of his tongue flicking against her. "Fingers," she said, breathily, and Tucker reached up rubbed her nether lips with the tips of his fingers. Delicately, so as not to hurt her, he slid a finger deeper into the crack. She gasped as she felt the first slight stretching, then clamped down as hard as she could with her inner muscles as she came.

Tucker didn't seem to notice, so she pushed his head away, a bit roughly. Tucker looked hurt, but didn't object. He knew better than to object to anything these days.

Lust reached over onto the chest and selected a studded vibrator. Tucker pressed his lips together. "Relax, this is not for you," said Lust. "Be a dear and insert it."

She saw Tucker sigh and knew he'd been hoping that the thing she would be putting in herself would be him. It was tempting, quite tempting, but then it wouldn't be punishment for him now would it. Tucker rubbed the end of the dildo against the slit, then gently pushed it in. The stretch was marvelous—almost painfully rough. Her muscles gave only because her control. With it pushed to its deepest Tucker attached the straps of her harness around the base to help hold it in. A quick press to the button at the bottom started the whirring up.


Tucker was breathing quickly, whether in anticipation or in fear, Lust wasn't certain. In either case, he wouldn't need to wait any further. She reached down and lifted him onto the bed, pushing him onto his back. Tucker pulled up his legs. He knew what was coming, and even though he pretended he didn't like it much, the truth was, once she'd gotten him past the initial pain of stretching, he liked being sodomized just fine.

She slid her hand down his thigh, to his buttocks, and felt the flared end of a plug. The skin around it was still moist both with lube and sweat from his beating. With a quick jerk she pulled the toy out. Tucker gasped, then relaxed.

"Do you have anything to say to me before we start," asked Lust.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am."

"For what?"

"For failing you. For not being imaginative enough."

Lust smiled. She then pressed the strap-on to his sphincter. "True. You deserve this."

Oh, the doubt on his face right at that moment was precious, but he bit his tongue. She pushed slowly in. The movement made the vibrator within her jostle delightfully. She was close to coming a second time.

She watched his expression move, from gritted teeth discomfort, to relief, to eventual needy pleasure. Sweat had turned his blonde hair dark, and his normally pasty face had gone red. She drank it all in. She dominated him, he was hers.

"You know I hate to punish you, Shou," she said breathily, pleasure turning her strangely tender.

There was a sudden odd shift in Tucker's expression. He opened his blue eyes and stared up with at her with a look of—was that anger?

"That's a—lie—" he gasped, "You—like—this."

Lust stopped and stared down at him, amazed. Never in all their months together had he talked back this way. He'd tried to weasel his way out of things, and he'd gently protested some of her least fair accusations, but never had he called her out.

"You like to hurt me," Shou went on, turning bold as her surprise froze her in place. "You find any excuse you can. You make up excuses."


Suddenly, Lust laughed. She ran her hand over his cheek. When did you grow a spine, my darling? she mused, then resumed thrusting into him as though there had been no interruption.

Tucker hissed.

"You think that I love doing this to you, and it's true I do. But one of these days, you will realize that it's not punishment at all. One of these days you will crave my touch, beg me to spank you, to fuck you, to pinch and play with you. One day you will like this just as much as I do. It makes me sad to think you haven't come to that realization already."

Almost as an after thought, she said. "You may touch yourself."

Eagerly Tucker grabbed his own cock and started to rub it.

Lust wondered if it was because of the pain of his whipping or if it was from some inner dialog distracting him, but he lasted longer than usual before he came. It didn't matter to Lust. She continued to press into him until she was satisfied.

It never occurred to her to stop.

"There was a backlash," explained Tucker in his usual soft tones, but Lust thought she heard just a trace of smugness. "I can't reverse it."

Lust could do no more than stare at the creature who had been her lover. Long brown hair covered most of his body, his hands had twisted and grown into paws. The only thing left that looked like Tucker was his head, curiously arranged upside down.

Lust wondered how much of the backlash had been contrived to foil her. Not only was Tucker hideous, but even if she could overcome her revulsion to his shape, sex was all but impossible. Under the fur, his groin was smooth, with nothing but a small hole for urine. While she might still be able to wrest some sexual pleasure from his mouth and—whatever those things were that passed for hands, it was clear he would get nothing in return.

Their system of rewards and punishments was now absurd.

Lust couldn't keep the frustration off her face. "That was a very inconvenient thing for you to do."

"I assure you, it was not deliberate," said Tucker and then he smiled. "It is fine with me if you choose another lover. I realize I am no good for you in this form."

Lust's fury built. He'd escaped her. He'd jilted her. He'd found a way to slip beyond her grasp. How dare he!

"You fool!" she managed to gasp. "Don't you understand? I can't just find another lover. You were it."

Tucker stared with stunned surprise. "You love me?"

"Of course not," Lust spat. "But I'm not allowed—-" She cut her rant off. Who knew how long it would be before Dante took pity on her and assigned her another charge. Perhaps weeks, months, even years. No one understood how painful it was to deny her needs.

But the damage was done. Lust was well aware of what backlash did, and there was indeed no way to reverse it.

Tucker dismissed her with the shrug of his shoulders. "You were expecting a new array from me. I have work to do." Tucker then shuffled over to his desk and sat awkwardly down, leaving Lust to clench her hands impotently against her sides.