velvet mace


Al's emotions roiled up as Ling climbed in through the window into the hotel room Ed and Al were sharing.

Ling was nice, and friendly, and loyal and strong in a fight, but at the same time he was a mean, nasty, arrogant young man who did things to brother that really bothered Al. Al could speak up now and stop it all, but he didn't, because as much as he didn't like was what was going on, Ed really did, and Al wanted Ed to be happy.

Ling moved across the floor with a silent, cat like tread that Al found captivating. Al liked to think of Ling as a great big black cat, just coming in out of the cold and dark to snuggle up with a warm body and be petted. It was almost innocent what he and Ed did if you thought of it that way.

No it wasn't. It wasn't innocent at all.

Al felt a wave of painful embarrassment. But then under that was a creeping excitement. Part of him was happy Ling was there. Part of him looked forward to this. Part of him found it really nice in a way that was hard to understand. It was very disturbing, and confusing, and Al just wished his emotions would go away or resolve, or do something. It made him want to squirm, but that would make noise and disturb Ed, and Ed really, really liked Ling's visits.

But this really wasn't fair.

Ling slid into bed with Ed. Al heard his brother snort in his sleep. For a moment his breath grew ragged, and he let out a sleepy "uh," and then Ed went quiet.

Ling chuckled softly.

"Shh," whispered Ed. "Don't wake Al."

Don't wake Al... really. The two of them always pretended that Al was asleep, and he always let them. But Al hadn't slept in five years, and Ed darned well KNEW that fact. Maybe brother just forgot when it was convenient. Maybe he was fooled because Al generally kept quiet for Ed's benefit. It didn't matter. The point was that Al was very much awake, and he knew exactly what was going on in that bed, and it wasn't petting.

Well, ok, maybe it was petting, but not proper petting.

There it was again. That feeling. That sort of deep, tense, on edge feeling. If Al could breathe, he knew he would be panting right now. The sensation was diffuse, through his entire body and it only grew more intense the longer Ed and Ling played with each other. The problem was, as disconcerting as this feeling was, it was also rather interesting and ... well... almost pleasant. Since giving up his flesh, Al had to live with the fact that had very little physical sensations. Pressure was pretty much it. He didn't feel pain or pleasure anymore, at least not from touch. But this... tension... felt very much like physical pleasure used to, yet it wasn't tied to any part of Al's body. Al longed for it to stop, and yet at the same time he wanted it to go on.

Ling laughed. "Never mind Al, he's awake anyway."

"What?" Ed's voice was a little louder. Al saw Ed sit up and peer over at him. There was a lot of light coming in from the sign outside the window. Al could clearly see the emotions shifting on his brothers face. Denial, frustration, worry, anger, embarrassment.

"Al, are you awake?" Ling asked.

Well, there wasn't much point in continuing the charade if Ling was going to call him out on it.

"Yes, Ling."

"There, you don't have worry about making noise."

"Aw shit. Ling, I can't. Not in front of Al."

Ling sat up. "Why not?"

"It's... wrong... it's unfair."

Yes it is, thought Al, relieved. You tell him.

"Al what do you think?" asked Ling, there was hope in his voice.

Al froze. What was he to say? No I don't want you doing this in front of me... well that would be true, but part of him DID want them to do it in front of him. But he couldn't very well say, yes, go ahead I don't mind, because that wasn't true either. But Ling wanted him to say it was okay, and so did Ed, and he really should... but he didn't want to... but...

"It doesn't matter what Al thinks," said Ed, coming to his rescue again. "I think it's creepy. I'll see you tomorrow Ling. Maybe we can find some privacy then."

"I'm sorry, Ling," said Al.

Ling withdrew from the bed and sighed. "Very well then." He left through the window.

Al was relieved and disappointed. Now that wonderful, disturbing feeling would go away, and Al would be back to normal. Except it didn't. It hung on, like an itch that Al couldn't scratch.

Ed sat for a moment, then said. "Ah hell. I'm going to the bathroom Al, I'll be back in a few minutes."

Maybe it wasn't Ling at all... thought Al. But that would mean... He sat up straight with a sudden epiphany.

"Ed?" said Al.

Ed hesitated, his legs already swung out over the edge of the bed, his toes brushing the rug on the floor. "What is it, Al?"

"I ... I wonder about something."

Ed wiggled a bit uncomfortably. "What's bothering you?" asked Ed covering over his annoyance pretty well. He looked towards the bathroom.

"Well, you know how a while ago you were saying that maybe you eat and sleep so much because you are doing this for me, too?"

"Yeah," said Ed. He was waiting for Al to continue, but Al found it embarrassing to go on.

Al girded himself. He had to know. "Well... do you think it's possible that you could be... you know... um... doing other things for me as well?"

"Other things like what?"

"Like, what you do with Ling."

"You mean sex?" Ed's mouth gaped. "Sex isn't necessary... it's not like eating and sleeping... No, I don't think that's possible."

Al wished he could take it back, but he was committed to this awkward conversation. It was time to get it out. "But, I think I might be... feeling something... when you and he are doing it."

"Wha—at?" Ed's eyes were huge. "What are you feeling?"

"It's kind of hard to describe. It's like being really needy and wanting to stretch but not being able to, but it also feels kind of good. And it gets worse and worse, and then it goes away and I feel... I don't know... good."

Ed gave him an exaggerated blink. "How long has this been going on?"

"Since Ling started sneaking into your bed."

"Do you... feel this any other time?"


"But Ling and I..."

"I know, I know you guys are doing that stuff when I'm not around too, but I don't feel it then. I only feel it when I'm there with you two. Though maybe...sometimes, I'll feel a little of it when you are in the bathroom, if I'm really close."

Ed's face had turned a very dark shade of red. "I... I'm sorry... I didn't know this... is it bad?"

"No, no, in fact... sometimes, I wish I felt more of it. It's always just on the edge of what I can feel. I wish I could feel it... stronger."

"Why the heck would you want that?" asked Ed.

Al felt at a loss. It was embarrassing talking about this, and yet he had to. "Because, Ed, I don't have a lot of feeling in my life anymore. I really don't. I like being able to feel what I can. Even if it's kind of... strange like this."

Ed's eyes grew huge, and then suddenly something seemed to change in them. That "I see," look came into his head. "Maybe it distance has something to do with it. Maybe if you are physically close to me when I... you know... do it... maybe you can feel it more."

"Can we try that," asked Al, eagerly.

"I..." Again Ed stared into the dark slits that suggested eyes in his helmet. "Sure. Sure. Why not. It's just an experiment after all."

"Heh," said Al, "Yeah, it's an experiment."

"Ok, well, I guess I'll do it here then. Come over to the bed, Al."

Al walked over, clanking the entire way. He sat down awkwardly next to his brother. For a moment Ed hesitated, then he said. "Well, here goes." Al felt that tension ratchet up even before Ed pulled his boxers down his thighs. Al didn't have any breath to suck in, but nonetheless he made the noise.

Ed closed his eyes and began carefully stroking himself. His cock hardened and stood up, and at the same time Al felt that inner tension grow keener. It was definitely nice feeling, but at the same time it was driving him nuts. It wasn't enough.

Al edged closer until his metal thigh touched Ed's flesh. Suddenly the sensations seemed to take on an entirely new dimension. Al could tell they were coming from his groin, and it was most definitely pleasure.

Ed didn't stop stroking himself but flinched just slightly. "You are cold," he said.

"I'm sorry," Al said and backed away an inch so they no longer touched. It was a lie, Al wasn't sorry at all that he touched Ed. He was a bit sorry he had to back away.

"It's ok," said Ed. "So, what do you feel?"

"It was really good, I think I might have felt what you felt... for a second there, when we touched."

Ed's eyes opened. "Really?"

"May I," asked Al.

Ed hesitated again. "Ok. This is really weird."

"I know... but... it's nice, too. We do other things together."

Ed laughed. "Yeah, heh...why not this."

Al placed a gloved hand on Ed's thigh. "The leather might be warmer. Is this uncomfortable?"

"Mmm... it's fine," said Ed. Ed went back to stroking. Al made a hissing noise. Yes this was coming through much stronger now that he was actually touching. He could almost feel it as if it were his own groin being touched. He distantly remembered touching himself when he had flesh, but while it felt good back then, it hadn't felt as good as this. This was a much richer sensation. It wasn't just pleasure, there was an itch, a desire, an overwhelming need to feel more that he just hadn't felt when he was ten.

Al wondered...then stopped himself. But the thought was already implanted in his head. No he shouldn't. But would Ed really mind? Al really wanted to know.

Carefully, slowly he stroked his hand up Ed's thigh. Ed made no attempt to push him away. The pleasure was becoming more intense, but Al wasn't sure if that was because he was closer to the source, or if it was simply that Ed was getting closer to coming.

There was really only one way to find out, Al slid his hand all the way up to Ed's cock and very carefully slid it in behind Ed's hand. Ed sucked in a breath of surprise and looked over at him. "Please?" Al said. "I need to know."

"Okay," said Ed. "Just... I'm really close now... be careful..."

Al was careful. In fact he knew he wasn't hurting Ed because the biofeedback was damn near perfect. He stroked at exactly the pace that felt best. Ed keened, his teeth gritted. "Oh god, that's good, Al, more. Just like that."

Al didn't need to be told. He was right there with Ed. Al could feel the anticipatory heaviness in Ed's balls. He didn't stop, because he couldn't at this point.

"Aaah," Al cried out, surprised by the sheer power of orgasm. It had been so long, so very long since he felt anything that intensely. For a moment he couldn't think of anything. Ed was coming, too. Of course, he was. This wasn't Al's orgasm at all—it was Ed's.

Ed turned and hugged him tightly. "Did that feel good to you?"

"It felt amazing, brother." Al felt overwhelmed by the whole experience. "Oh, brother...thank you! Thank you for letting me feel that!"

"Yeah," said Ed. "It's the least I can do for you. I guess, you needed that, too." Ed pulled away and stood up. "Ugh. I gotta clean myself up."

Al went back to sitting on the floor in the corner. Now that he knew what he was experiencing, he felt much better about the whole thing. He hoped that Ed would let him do that again.

Mmm.... Maybe Ling would be open to having him really close next time he visited. Al smiled inwardly.