velvet mace


The Lieutenant said nothing as Roy walked past his desk and dropped the day's completed paperwork off three hours before deadline. A week ago this simple action would have earned him a cocked eyebrow and a "Sir, are you feeling alright?" Today it got him nothing. Roy glanced briefly at the young man's dark hair and wished it were blonde.

The other two in the room went about their business as usual. The woman filing in the corner had short brown hair and wore a private's uniform. The man typing up his correspondence had sergeant's bars no hair at all.

The sergeant seem to notice his gaze. "Is there a problem, sir?"

"Nothing. I'm going to library to do some research. Carry on—I'll see you tomorrow." Mustang grabbed his coat off the hook and walked out of the office.

His people were gone. His hand picked, loyal friends had been scattered purposefully to the four corners of the country. Roy knew that these soldiers were loyal enough—just not to him. They watched him and noted his comings and goings. Every piece of mail was helpfully opened and read by the Lieutenant before it reached his desk. Every phone call was eavesdropped on. They weren't obtrusive about it, but one way or another they did keep track of his every move.

Wrath didn't trust him. Well, Wrath had good reason not to. Roy had every intention of killing that homunculus as soon as he figured out how to do it without getting killed himself. Meanwhile, he put up the act of being a good soldier for his underlings and made sure that they had nothing at all suspicious to report.

Mustang's office was no longer a place where he could relax and work, so he stayed as little as he felt he could get away with. He was only a bit surprised that his new underlings didn't follow him to the library where the real job began. He walked the familiar path, his eyes fixed on cement.

Mustang sank into a funk. He found himself wishing he hadn't transferred back from Eastern headquarters. He'd been happy there, his favorite lieutenants at his side, and Hughes just a phone call away. There were still a lot of good friends back at Eastern, but Roy knew that any request for transfer would be denied. Retirement was also not an option. Wrath wanted to keep him close by and available, and most of all quiet.

"You look deep in thought," came a voice that was almost familiar.

Roy jerked to a stop and looked up at the Xingian youth. Ling, thought Roy. No, Ling was gone. Another friend carved away. This was the Enemy. Greed.

"May I help you?" Roy asked with a voice that conveyed the sincere hope that the Sin would say "no."

"Oh, I just thought I'd look in on you. See how you were adjusting." The Sin smiled his sharp toothed grin.

"I'm fine," said Roy, "Thanks for your concern." He turned his back on the homunculus dismissively and began walking. This was the fourth time this week Ling had "checked in" on him. Each time Roy had given him basically the same flat responses and after a minute or two, the homunculus had shrugged his shoulders and walked away. This time he didn't.

Instead, Greed matched his pace and put a hand on his shoulder. There was no pressure in the grip but Roy felt imprisoned anyway. "You go to the Library a lot," Greed mentioned casually.

"It's part of my job."

"Working on anything specific?"

"Just keeping myself educated." It was close enough to the truth. Roy was not going to mention he was researching homunculi, the philosopher stone, and Father. "Nothing that Wrath need concern himself over."

"I'm sure," said the homunculus. "But I'm not here for him." He showed his sharp tooth smile and Mustang cringed. Greed's accent made him angry. It sounded funny coming from that body. The way he walked irritated as well. Roy shouldn't be able to hear his footsteps. The boy should be smiling his goofy grin and saying something silly about taking Ed off to Xing and making him his wife.

Greed never mentioned Ed. Which meant that Greed might have Ling's body, but he did not have his memories. And that, Roy thought with slight embarrassment, was just as well.

"Is there anything I can do for you, Greed," Roy said at last when it became obvious that the homunculus wasn't just going to walk away this time. He risked a look at the homunculus face. Greed appeared to be somewhat puzzled and indrawn as though he were debating something.

"Tell me," said Greed. "You knew Ling, didn't you? Was he your friend?"

"Yes," said Roy. "We weren't that close, but I considered him a friend."

"Tell me about him. What was he like? What did you think of him?"

Roy hesitated. "I didn't like him at first," Roy admitted. "Sometimes he acted like an immature brat. He loved to do pratfalls, and fake faints in public to get attention. He was really quite a clown. Sometimes, I was embarrassed to be around him."

Greed smiled. It wasn't Ling's trademark goofy grin, but at the same time it didn't really match Greed's earlier snarl either. "You changed your mind?"

Roy shrugged, hoping the gesture would dislodge Greed's hand. It didn't. "He grew on me. As I got to know him better, I learned to see behind his fašade. He was a good kid. Calculating and manipulative, but not in a malicious way. He was ... fun."

"He wants to ask you something."

Roy stopped and stared into the Sin's face. Greed closed his eyes for a moment and when they opened again, the purple had disappeared and they were black.

"Is Ed okay?" Ling asked.

Gotcha. Greed savored the shocked look in Mustang's eyes. That alone was almost worth the discomfort of allowing Ling momentary control of his body. To his surprise, Ling was amused at his reaction. More than that... Ling shared it. He was enjoying the situation just as much as Greed was.

Inwardly Greed grinned. He liked this host body, he liked this soul and the longer he possessed both, the more he really appreciated them. Even the unorthodox way Ling had managed to elude absorption had some appeal. Mustang called Ling "fun" and that was a good word for him. Hunting down the soul and trapping it, nipping away it's integrity in small chunks had provided hours of unexpected entertainment for the sin.

But it was time to call an end to the game and pin the slippery soul down for good, ransack its memories, and strip it of it's autonomy, and let it lie as dormant as the others that filled the philosopher's stone within him. This was his body now, and Greed didn't like the idea of being forced to share it, even with as soul as temptingly delicious as Ling's.

Hence, this little trap. He'd allow the soul one last taste of freedom, and then—bite! No more Ling. No more distractions.

"Ed's just fine," said Mustang after a moment. "Same as always—Focused on getting Al back."

"Where is he?" Ling asked. "I'd like to see him."

"I don't know. Off on his mission. He'll report back in a few weeks, I'm sure. He always does. How are you, Ling?" Greed noted the concern in Mustang's eyes. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Aw, Ling thought. He misses me!

Jealousy welled up in Greed. He'll forget you soon enough.

Ling was his, body and soul. His to strip bare and devour, to love and torment. Mustang had no right to offer help or sympathy. In fact any attention Mustang gave should be directed at Greed.

Greed wrested control of the body from Ling with ridiculous ease and pushed soul back down where it belonged. Ling didn't fight him, and that annoyed Greed. If Ling would just attack or resist, Greed could grapple him and sheer off his memories, his drive, his power, and finally incorporate that soul fully into himself.

Instead the soul fled. No, not this time. Greed snapped his trap shut, catching the feeble spirit within.

I got you thought Greed wrapping himself tighter around the soul.

Aw, came Ling's response. You don't want to destroy me. You love me. You'd miss me if I was no longer here to talk to you. Greed could feel the spirit's innocent confidence.

Feel my love, Greed snarled back and began to sink his metaphorical teeth into him. At the last moment, Ling fought back, squirmed away, leaving only a few tattered random memories in Greed's grasp.

Maybe next time,, said Ling gleefully before losing itself in the labyrinth of souls in Greed's heart.

Greed abruptly realized that he still had Mustang by the shoulder, and that the man was watching his inner struggle with confusion. "Ling is just fine," Greed said, letting go. "Just fine."

Mustang looked into his eyes and sighed. "If you don't mind, then," the Colonel said, "I have work to do." He turned his back on the sin and continued on the path to the library.

Greed watched Mustang until he disappeared behind a wall. He heaved a sigh and turned to walk away.

Well, the trap hadn't worked quite the way he'd hoped, but Ling had left behind a few things. Ling's concern with Ed was interesting but not completely remarkable. He could tell the two were close friends from the way Ed had responded when he'd first taken over the body. Yet, it was a interesting that Ling would risk himself so simply to get an update on the alchemist. Perhaps there was more to pursue there.

But more interesting were the memories that Ling had left behind. They all concerned Mustang, which wasn't a surprise, since that was who Ling was talking with right before their fight.

He saw Mustang behind his desk flipping through pictures. Shame there wasn't more to this particular memory than that, because the embarrassment and anger and sheer hopeless terror Ling felt at that moment was simply delicious. There was another memory of Ling and the Colonel discussing roses. Dull. And another—Greed perked up.

Oh? Oh, really? Oh, yes!

Greed stopped and stared at the empty path, then suddenly smiled. He then turned and started walking quite purposefully in a new direction.

Ling felt a thrill of excitement as he escaped the Sin, and sank once more back to the safeness of the philosopher's stone. He knew that Greed couldn't find him when he hid amongst the other dead souls in the stone. That made it a good place to sit back and observe, and plot his eventual triumphant return.

Greed was not without his weak spots, one of which was that he broadcasted his thoughts and intentions quite loudly. In a way, being trapped in this soul was not too different from his rooftop stakeout of Wrath a few months before. There was the same excitement of seeing how close he could get without being caught. The same curiosity as he watched the enemies movements. The same thrill of looking for that inevitable Achilles heel that would bring the other down.

Not that he'd succeeded in taking Wrath down. Actually that had gone about as badly awry as a plan could, and all he'd succeeded in doing is nearly getting himself and Ran Fan killed, but it was the principle that counted. And anyway, this time was different. This time no one was at risk but himself—and he really had nothing left to lose.

Ling wondered what it was about the stone that prevented the sin from routing him out. Was it because he couldn't tell the difference between Ling's active spirit, and the thousands of comatose spirits around him? Or was it perhaps that the sin actually feared to come into the stone to look?

For whatever reason, the Sin had given up pursuit and was contentedly picking over the stray memories he had managed to fish out of Ling during their fight. Ling wondered with vague unease what it was that the Sin managed to grab this time. He was pretty sure he'd shielded his memories of Ed.

He didn't have to wonder long. Oh. Oh yes, that day. Oh, no, that day. The day he'd pitted his wits against Mustang's and see who was the better manipulator. The day for fun and mischief he'd decided seduce Mustang. The day he'd quite easily and thoroughly succeeded.

Greed didn't have the full memory, but he had quite a few bits and pieces of it. Ling could feel the creature's interest take on a keener note.

So maybe said Greed, Mustang is a bit more than just a friend to you.

As evidence, the Sin replayed the memory of Mustang's first kiss in all its sensual glory.

Ling paused in his own thoughts to savor the memory. Damn but that man was good. Ling had never realized how graceful a mouth could be. He'd tried to emulate the technique later with Ed, but he never quite was able to achieve that breathtaking quality. Of course, it hadn't helped that Ed's idea of kissing was to divide and conquer.

Oh but that's beside the point—the point being that Greed now had a completely wrong idea of what Mustang meant to him. And considering how possessive Greed was of Ling, that was not a maybe not such a good thing for Mustang.

Do you love him? Greed asked sweetly. "I can understand why you might be. For his age, he is quite handsome, and from what little I've seen of his performance..." Despite the understanding words, Ling could feel waves of jealousy coming off the sin.

No, said Ling quickly. I like him, but he's just a friend. That was a one time fling only. A fluke. We were just playing around, nothing serious.

Perhaps, said Greed. But you enjoyed it. You liked being with him. He felt good.

Ling knew what was coming, and he wasn't surprised.

Well if he's good enough for you, he is good enough for me.

Leave him alone, said Ling. Really, he is no more than a friend.

But Greed was walking purposefully now, his thoughts veiled the way they usually were when the Sin was plotting traps for Ling. Give me the rest of the memory and I'll reconsider, offered Greed slyly.

For a second Ling was tempted. After all it wouldn't take much more than what Greed already possessed to see that Ling had been trying to use Mustang's lust to manipulate him. But that would lead Greed to pry into why he'd needed to manipulate Mustang in the first place. And that would have lead back to Ed.

Ling wasn't about to let Greed to know just how important Ed was, especially since Greed was getting this worked up over a simple one night stand. The question he'd asked earlier was dangerous enough.

Ran Fan had lost her arm because of he'd come in conflict with Wrath. Ed had nearly lost his life trying to protect him from Gluttony. Ling wasn't going to let Greed know what either of them meant to him. He was going to tackle this Sin by himself.

Ed's okay. That's a relief Though inwardly Ling hoped Ed was a bit upset. Perhaps throwing himself into his work as a way to get beyond his grief for having lost his lover and life mate. Ling longed to be able to tell Ed that he was just fine, his plan going well, and soon he'd be back on top, with the philosopher's stone.

Then Ling could get Al back and Ed would be so grateful he would lose all his silly reticence about being one of Ling's consorts. They would all go back to Xing together overthrow the emperor and live happily ever after. Ling momentarily lost himself to his happy fantasy.

Ling rose up out of his distracted thoughts to notice where Greed was going. It took only a moment to recognize the upper-middleclass neighborhood and the white A frame house. This was where the Colonel lived! Oh no, was that Sin still on that?

Really, said Ling. Trust me, it was just a one-night stand.

Even if it were, it was something you had. And if it's something you had, it's something I want.

It was fully dark when the car dropped Roy off at his house. Another frustrating day of working as quick and hard as he could only to end up with nothing more than what he had at the start. It was frustrating and lonely. Mustang considered scrounging a date on the fly—something to distract him from his situation, but decided against it.

Not that he'd turn a girl down if she appeared in his bed, but he just didn't feel like putting up the effort of pursuing anyone. Not tonight. Probably not for the rest of the week either.

Mustang unlocked the door and dropped his briefcase off by the umbrella stand. His coat went in the closet, shoes pulled and left under the chair. And that's when he heard the noise.

The gloves were on his hands without him actually remembering putting them there, and somehow he managed to get from the bottom of the steps to the door of the master bedroom without touching the ground on the way. He flattened himself against the wall for a second and listened.

Over the sound of his hammering heart, he heard a page being flipped and then a rough chuckle.

Mustang turned and kicked the door open; his fingers poised to snap the moment a target came into view. If it was one of his dates, she was going to get the surprise of her life.

Greed lay on his stomach on Mustang's bed, a scrapbook open in front of him.

That scrapbook. Dear god.

"I was poking about in your room, looking for some useful items for when you came home, and that's when I came across this." The Sin ignored Mustang's poised fingers and looked back down at the page. "Now why on earth would you be in possession of something like this?"

Mustang lowered his hand and swallowed. "It's not important anymore."

"What, not important? Let's see thirty-six photographs of Edward Elric, in a rather compromising state of dress—or should I say undress for most of them. And there's my Ling all naked and doing such very naughty things to him. Ling seems to think these pictures are rather important."

Mustang couldn't say anything. The scrapbook was a mistake on so many levels—and yet too much temptation to pass up. Roy wasn't an angel. He had a wicked streak in him that sometimes lead him to do things that were perhaps not always smart. In the back of his mind he always knew those photos would bite him in he ass one day. That day appeared to have come.

"You should hear Ling squirming inside me right now. I'm not sure which upsets him more, the fact that I now know of his true relationship with Edward, or that you still have these pictures even after you promised to give them back to him." The Sin tapped his finger on one picture, then regarded Mustang with a quirked brow. "So who took the pictures? Did you?"

"No," said Roy. "And it's not what it appears to be."

"I don't see how it can be anything else," said Greed. The Sin appeared to look inward for a moment. "Ling is outraged, you know. He said you stole these photos from him, and you promised to give them back. Twice."

"I gave him the negatives and the copies he made for himself. That's all he asked for, he never specified that I give back all copies."

"And why did you hold onto a copy?" asked Greed. Mustang could see pure enjoyment in the way the creature drew out the words.

"For potential blackmail purposes," Roy came back with no noticeable hesitation. It sounded reasonable enough.

"On your bed stand?" Greed said, lifting one eyebrow with incredulity "Between Hot Threesomes and Girls of Xing? Don't tell me those magazines were for blackmail purposes as well."

Roy was having a hard time swallowing and his face felt suspiciously hot. "You can have them back, I don't need them anymore—for blackmail that is. Ed doesn't know I have the pictures, and Ling isn't..." Roy wasn't sure what he was saying at this point. "He isn't an issue anymore. I mean his behavior. I mean... never mind."

Greed was grinning broadly, thoroughly enjoying his discomfort. Mustang considered snapping his fingers, but dropped the idea immediately. Ling was in there.

Greed cocked his head as if listening to an inner voice. "Ling is telling me that you are attracted to Edward, and that's why you kept the photographs, but I'm not so sure. I think maybe you have a taste for something more exotic and rare and princely."

As much as he wanted to deny what the Sin was saying there was a certain truth to it. It was pointless on far too many levels to be attracted to Ling—In the short term the age difference was eyebrow raising, and even by Amestrian standards the boy was only barely legal. From a long-term point of view it made even less sense. Ling would eventually return to Xing and Roy had his ambitions firmly routed in Amestris. And although Roy was not interested in exclusive relationships at the moment, he wasn't really interested in ruling them completely out either. He'd never be content being one of many. Of course the main argument against attraction was the fact that Ling really wasn't interested in Roy at all. He had his mind firmly set on Edward, who made infinitely far more sense as a paramour. But this didn't stop Roy from feeling a raw attraction towards the prince. He didn't want Ling to die.

"What do you want?" Roy felt his hands clenching into fists and sweat beginning to break out on his brow.

"I am Greed. Eventually, I want everything. But right now I'll settle for everything that Ling has ever had... or ever wanted."

Greed watched Mustang waver in his resolve. It was really quite amusing. One moment he was sure that man would bring his gloved fingers up and snap, the next he was backing down, turning his head away.

Greed could tell the man was searching for some acceptable solution, should he fight? Should he flee? In the end his indecision held him to the spot, and he did nothing.

Out of kindness, Greed decided to make the man's mind up for him. "If you attack me, Wrath will be very very angry. Even if you deny your affection for this body, I'm sure you still feel something for your poor underlings."

"Leave my people alone," said Mustang. Greed noticed his hand had dropped to his side.

Oh leave him be, said Ling sulkily from his sanctuary. Let's just take the photos and go.

Where is the fun in that. Greed replied.

"I'm not sure I understand what you want," said Mustang.

"I want what you gave Ling"

"You want to go out on a date with me?" asked Mustang incredulously.

"I was thinking more about cutting to the chase." Greed touched the mattress suggestively.

Mustang's mouth dropped open. Greed shut the scrapbook and sat up on the bed. "Well, what do you say? I'll even give you a choice, you can put out for me, or I can simply take it." For the first time Greed showed his power, letting one hand grow black.

He could see the Colonel thinking his situation through, like a good prisoner of war should. Then suddenly, as if coming to a decision, the colonel shrugged his shoulders. "Why not."

Roy was not surprised to find himself pressed into the wall, but the sheer ferocity of Greed's affection was a bit difficult to cope with. The creature's hands were sliding under his uniform and with a wince, Roy heard the fabric starting to tear.

"Whoa," he said, putting both his hands on the Sin's shoulders and pushing him away. "Relax. Calm down a bit. I'm not going anywhere."

Greed looked momentarily put out, but then seemed to recover. "No you aren't," he purred back.

Mustang's stomach twisted just a bit, but he kept a smile on his face. Greed pulled first one then the other hand off. Then went back to kissing his neck and chin. Mustang could feel the threatening graze of sharp teeth against his skin and wondered if the Sin were really interested in sex or if he was more interested in punishing Roy for having once dared to touch Ling.

Mustang tried to take control of the situation a different way. "Wait, you want what I gave Ling right? Then you have to let me do what I did to Ling."

Greed stepped back a moment and regarded him with curious purple eyes. "Very well."

"Well in order to do that," said Mustang, "We need to switch places." He grabbed the Sin's shoulder's once more and guided him to stand against the wall. "I believe this is the first thing I did."

Mustang slid in against Greed, letting his belly gently rub against the Sin's. He leaned forward and brought his lips delicately against Greed's. Greed responding almost exactly the same way Ling had. Mustang felt a warm tickle of pride when the Sin's breathing sped up.

Mustang slid his hands between them, taking advantage of the distraction to seek the fastenings of Greed's clothes, only to find himself stymied. Mustang broke off the kiss and stepped back to examine the problem.

Greed opened his eyes lazily. "Mmm... I didn't tell you to stop."

"How do you take off your clothes?" Roy asked, perplexed.

"Oh? Oh of course." The Sin shrugged off his coat and slid a hand down the middle seam of the black shirt he wore underneath. The shirt parted and he let it slide to floor as well. "Now turn about. Undress."

"That's not the way I did it before with Ling."

"I don't think we need to stick too closely to that script." The Sin's hands were on him again, pushing more gently at his clothes, taking the time to undo the buttons of Roy's white shirt. "I did like that kiss a lot though. You may repeat it."

Roy took a deep breath and leaned in again, pressing his body once more against Greed's. This time he had the added sensation of skin touching skin. It felt warm and soft and completely normal and that was a relief. Roy risked bringing a hand up over the Sin's firmly muscled belly. Greed merely leaned in harder, undulating his body in an attempt to encourage Mustang's touch.

Mustang could feel a slight itch of pleasure growing within him. The ghost of the feeling he had when he'd seduced Ling. As high as the stakes were, Mustang sensed that this was, underneath it all, just a game very similar to the one he'd played with Ling. A contest to see which of them could control the situation better.

Greed broke the kiss this time with a snort. "Ling is worried about you," he said. "You know, I do think he cares for you more than he lets on."

"What is happening?" asked Mustang.

But Greed merely smiled and his eyes looked out past Roy's shoulder.

Ling was horrified. Sure Greed had stated his desire sleep with Mustang, but Ling hadn't really believed that he'd actually force the issue. He grew sicker as the Sin threatened Mustang's underlings.

I make it a policy never to lie, said the Sin, noticing his reaction. When I say I want a thing, I want it.

The sin punctuated his words by pushing Mustang into the wall. Ling tried to block out the sensations, but they seeped through. He could feel Mustang tense and attempt to push Greed away. He could also feel Greed's predatory glee at having him trapped.

Greed was going to rape Mustang, and there was nothing Ling could do to prevent it. Worse, Ling wouldn't even be able to turn his back on it. He was as much at the mercy of Greed's lust's as the Colonel. Unless...

You asked for the complete memory, Ling said quickly as Greed buried his face in the crook of Mustang's neck, nuzzling and biting him in a way that couldn't have been too comfortable. Let him go and I'll give it to you.

Why settle for memories when I can have the real thing countered Greed.

Other memories then.

Greed was momentarily too distracted with Mustang to respond, but when he did it was only to shrug. I will dig those out from you eventually. Besides, Mustang seems willing enough

Greed and Mustang were kissing now, and it was as sweet as Ling had remembered Mustang's kisses. Sweet and very wrong.

Ling made one last ploy. There was one thing that he knew Greed could not resist.

Steeling himself briefly, Ling pushed and separated from the philosophers stone. He reached up and attempted to take control of his body once again. Just for a moment, Ling told himself.

Just long enough to tell Mustang to run.

Ling always chose the most inopportune times to be a distraction, Greed thought as the soul jostled his attention away from what was, hands down the most delicious kiss he could recall.

Still, there was simply no way he could resist, if Ling were going to leave himself so open and vulnerable. Greed broke off the kiss and sent his attention inwards. He caught the soul easily enough, trying to take over his voice—Greed didn't know what message Ling might have for Mustang, but he wasn't about to allow it to be delivered.

Gotcha he said, grabbing hold of the soul, securely this time. This time he spent no time gloating, concentrating instead on stripping Ling of every memory he could before the soul slipped away again.

He was doing well this time, plunging his metaphorical claws into the soul repeatedly, and dragging out the experiences. Childhood traumas, happy moments spent in gardens. Greed found the memories of Ed and dragged them out with particular malicious delight.

Ling quickly realized his mistake, and started squirming with all his might. Greed could feel his hold slipping, even as he dragged out the memories of Ling's earlier encounter with Mustang. Then suddenly Ling pulled away and was lost once more inside the philosopher's stone.

Greed smiled, a few more sessions like that and he'd have that soul beat. Unfortunately, now that Ling had seen the futility of the action, it was unlikely that he would offer himself up like that again any time soon.

Mustang stared at Greed for several seconds before realizing the sin was frozen. The temptation to turn around and run welled up in him, but he shoved it back down. Fighting the He couldn't risk that Greed might carry through with his threat on Mustang's underlings.

Finally Greed blinked his eyes and refocused on him again. "You didn't attack. You could have you know. You might have even managed to injure me."

Mustang shrugged. "What would be the point."

"No point at all," said Greed. "It's good to see you so sensible about this. Now where were we? Oh yes."

Mustang felt the Sin's hands grab his upper arms and spin him around and push him to the mattress. Greed's hands were all over him, caressing and kneading, using just a bit too much pressure for it to be comfortable.

This was not following the pattern of his earlier tryst. "I suppose," said Mustang holding still with some difficulty under the assault. "You are more interested in what you can do to me than what I can do for you."

Greed paused in the molestation to gaze into his eyes. "And what would you do for me."

Mustang put on his most suave expression. "I can knock you off your feet, if you give me half a chance."

Greed smiled. "I'm willing to indulge you. Do your best."

Mustang didn't let his expression slip as he considered the daunting problem. He'd been in high-pressure positions before, but never one where he was expected to perform in quite this manner. Still, he'd seduced others before; Greed didn't look or act all that different from an ordinary human. He could do this.

Greed allowed himself to be rolled onto his back. Roy began the carefully exploring his torso with his mouth and fingers. Although he was tempted to simply go straight to a hand job and get the experience over with, he held himself back. If Greed thought he was being cheated, he'd take over again.

"You present a convincing argument," Greed said while Roy mouthed a nipple. "I think you have even convinced Ling to be quiet and let you do your thing. He's become awfully quiet—which if you know Ling, is not like him."

"You can tell, Ling I'm fine," said Roy. "He doesn't need to concern himself for me."

Roy reached over to the bed stand. Greed didn't stop him. He opened the drawer and fished out the lube. "Don't think that you get to top me," said Greed casually. "You already got that privilege with Ling. I'd like to experience something different this time." He leered.

Roy hesitated, but only for a moment. "I can do different." He poured the lube over his hand and reached down began stroking Greed. "Just lie there, I'll do all the work." He considered what he was doing. Carefully he climbed up until he was straddling the Sin's thighs.

"Who says anyone has to top." He grasped the Sin's cock and began pumping it.

Greed was solidly impressed with Mustang. As much as he didn't want to admit it, his memories of his previous life was muddled at best. He had flashes of memories of sleeping with various women and men, but nothing really coherent.

This left him rather inexperienced in the bedroom. Mustang, however, was anything but inexperienced.

Nonetheless, his last statement had Greed rather perplexed. "I'm not going to be content with a hand job," he warned. "I can give one of those to myself."

"That wasn't exactly what I had in mind," Mustang replied. He leaned over to kiss Greed and the Sin rather promptly forgot what it was that he'd been bothered about. When that kiss broke. "There is such a thing as frottage." And with that the human pressed his own hard cock against Lings. With both his hands, Mustang began to stroke both of them at once.

It didn't seem like such a simple act could be intensely erotic but it was. Greed wasn't sure if it was just the sensation of cock on cock, or if it was the steady way Mustang's hands moved, or perhaps that slight buck of the hip Mustang used at the end of every stroke, but whatever it was, it felt intensely good. Even better was Mustang's expression. For once the man was relaxed, giving into the pleasure of sex—and that was oddly nice.

Greed reached up his hands and joined Mustang, Their hands slipped over each other briefly, and then Greed found his opening. Mustang gasped and grimaced. His eyes shut.

I like seeing him enjoying himself Greed said to himself wonderingly. Right now he's feeling pleasure because of me.

Greed pushed the tempo faster. Mustang didn't resist. He was panting. Damn this was amazing, the sensation of fingers sliding, his own, the slippery texture of the cock against his. Most of all he enjoyed idea of holding Mustang's manhood against his own and feel them slide against each other. Mustang's brows peaked up and he looked almost pained.

So beautiful.

Greed felt a slight inward shake and realized that Ling was as much in the throws of pleasure as he himself. He tightened his hands around their erections and sensed Ling's moan. Damn but that was even more erotic than Mustang's expression. Greed felt his lust mix with something deeper and more splendid. He was getting Ling, even hidden away, Ling couldn't escape what Greed was making him feel.

Greed barely paid attention when Mustang gave a sudden gasp and their hands became wetter. Most of his concentration was now on the absolutely gorgeous way Ling writhed within him. Right now Ling was so distracted by pleasure he'd drifted away from the safety of the other souls. Greed could reach him now. Greed could have him. Ling was his.

Greed came.

Reason gradually restored itself in Ling's mind. He became aware that Mustang had pulled away and was now lying on the bed beside him. He was aware that Greed was watching him through the a contented post-orgasmic haze. Suddenly, he realized that he was completely exposed.

Panic rocked him. He fled back to the safety of stone and then tried to make sense of what had happened.

Why didn't you destroyed me? Ling asked. I was right out where you could get me.

Greed's responded with an indulgent chuckle. I've decided you are right. I do love you too much to kill you. There was great smug contentment in the voice. After all, if I kill you, I won't have you anymore. And I am too greedy to give you up.

"Well," said Mustang, after the silence had stretched past the painful point. "Did that satisfy your curiosity?"

"Quite well," said Greed. The sin picked himself up off the bed, With a wave of his hand, the mess of their sex disappeared into his skin. Greed then quickly put on his clothes.

"And my subordinates?"

"Oh, I won't touch them, Mustang," said Greed. "I have no interest in hurting you or your friends. I've learned a lot today, in part thanks to you. I suppose I owe you a debt of gratitude."

Mustang breathed a sigh of relief. The status quo, poor as it was, was still intact. Greed grabbed the scrap book off the floor where it had fallen sometime during their lovemaking. "I think I will take this with me though. And Mustang..."


"If you just happen to have another set of these pictures somewhere..."

"I'll burn them."

Ling nodded and opened the window. A moment later he was gone.