spinny roses


Roy stuck a finger in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he savored the heavy and rich fluid. "Mm."

Hughes did the same, watching Roy intensely. "Mm." He reached out for another taste and accidentally tipped over a can.

"Hey! You spilled it!"

"Nuh uh!"

Roy watched the puddle spread. "Ooh, you gonna be in trouble..."

Hughes pushed Roy down. "Nuh uh!"

Roy reached up, and pulled Hughes down. The two wrestled on the floor there, rolling in the sticky substance when a shadow fell over them.

"Roy! Maes!"

Roy looked up, scared. They had incurred the wrath of one. Scary. Woman. "But Mama..."

"But Mama Mustang..." Hughes whined at the same time.

"No buts!" Roy's mother separated the two little boys, making a face. "You two are filthy! How in the world did you two get into the chocolate sauce this time?"