spinny roses


"I want you."

He wanted to feel human again. A touch, a kiss, even though he can't feel it. He wants who he trusts.

"I want you to do what you do to my brother."

Was he supposed to see that? Would he have been better off not seeing his brother attack those graceful and proud lips? Perhaps that had been the only time. His brother had been pushed away, after all.

But his brother had looked so triumphant. So beautiful.

"Show me what you do."

He knew his brother would never willingly submit to something like that. His brother would gracefully turn the tables. Whatever happened between the two of them would be his brother's idea.


Wouldn't it be an indirect kiss...? If those lips had...

"Alphonse?" Colonel Mustang snapped Al from his thoughts. What an embarrassing situation, to come in asking Colonel Mustang a question then to be engaged in his thoughts while standing in front of the Colonel's desk!

He could ask so many things at this point. About sex, Ed, himself... Al looked down at his hands, the sound of grating metal loud in the silent room. "Colonel..." he started.

If he asked Colonel Mustang to show him sex, would it be rude to his brother? Taking Colonel Mustang from him...


It almost seemed as if the Colonel was relieved. Was there a relationship going on there? "Alphonse, you are welcome to ask a question of me at any time."

Al yearned to ask. But the words that echoed dully within his armor were these:

"I love my brother. Please take care of him."

The small, fierce smile only justified his reluctance.

"Thank you, Colonel."

He wanted that indirect kiss so badly...