spinny roses


Hey, Winry! I haven't seen you in so long. Come on in, I have some tea brewing. How is Al doing? Oh, he left for Dublith again? With Izumi? Oh dear. I hope he's okay. No, no, I have faith in him! He managed to find Brigadier-General Hughes' murderer. Both Elric brothers were incredibly strong. It's just...

Yeah. Exactly. Though, her husband isn't as scary as she is.

Have you heard anything about Ed? Oh. I'm sure he's fine. He has to be. And besides, he has Al looking for him. Al will find him.

He's started to talk? Poor Rose! Oh no. The first word he learned was "no"? She has a long, hard road in front of her, then! Speaking of, is she doing okay? Nightmares... flashbacks, huh? It's a wonder she survived that.

Ah, the tea!

Thanks, Winry. Yes, it's my special blend. Hey. Don't give me that look! Just try it, okay?

Told you.

So much has happened since you last came to Central. Well, Elysia's in school. She's making Brigadier-General Hughes proud, but I think he knew she would be top in her class. No, she's not really wanting to go into alchemy. She's not interested in the military, actually.

Well, a lot has happened in the military recently.

Oh, Lieutenant Hawkeye? She's... well... you did hear about... yes. Lieutenant Hawkeye was furious about that demotion. She was about to get herself demoted. She loves that man too much.

Winry, don't do that. It's only the truth. And he feels the same about her.

Well, we all do stupid things for the ones we love.

Winry! Then why did you go crawling with me to tap into the phone lines?

We were so stupid back then. Alien. Really. But I didn't know a thing about homunculi then. How was I to know that Juliet Douglass was Sloth, not an alien? Hmph. But still. We put ourselves into a lot of danger by doing that.

I know.

I know. Winry...

Oh! You should have been there. Hawkeye just shoved her gun up in General Halcrow's face... yes, she really did! Mustang managed to talk her down. He did almost everything but kiss her senseless. And just about everyone was waiting for him to do it.

Well, he does respect her. And yes, her and her guns. Just about everyone respects her.

Speaking of kisses...


The tea tastes better on your lips.

I really can't. I have to go to work in an hour. I'm still working for the military. Yeah, same job Ed got me. It's a pretty secure job, since most people are too lazy to look anything up.

It was really nice to see you, Winry. Here, the tea leaves I used. And the recipe. Though you can play with it if you want.

It's not a science, you know!

When are you going back to Resimbool, anyway? So soon? Damn. Hey, don't give me that look. Well, write when you'll be in Central next, okay?

Say "hi" to Rose for me.

I love you too.