spinny roses

Read to Me

Winry was surprised when Schezcka asked the blonde to read to her.

"Uh..." Winry started, looking at the book. "You want me to read to you?"

"Yes." Schezcka pushed her glasses up, using the glass reflection to hide her eyes.

"And... why?"

There wasn't an answer at first. Then, Schezcka tilted her head to show frightened eyes. "I can't sleep," was her own answer.

Winry understood. Leaving the Elric brothers like that... knowing that the military would be after them at any moment to find the errant Fullmetal Alchemist... "Okay. What book do you want me to read?"

"It's, um... a book on automail."

Winry started, and looked at the blushing Schezcka. Then a small smile crossed her face. "Of course. Come on, there's a chair big enough to hold the two of us." She pulled Schezcka along, blushing as well. "Um, you can sit in my lap, if you want..."

Schezcka squeaked, and Winry could hear the blush deepening. "Oh. I, uh... I want that."

So that's how Winry found a drowsy Schezcka in her lap as her own eyes burned and she tripped over familiar terms. "Schezcka," Winry started, yawning.

"Mm." The girl nuzzled closer, her eyes closing. "I think I can sleep here."

Winry was too tired to be embarrassed. "I don't think I can get up."

"So don't," Schezcka replied sleepily.

Winry kissed the brunette head without thinking, and scooted into a more comfortable position. It had been nice, she reflected, to share her craft in the form that Schezcka loves.