spinny roses


Ed hated how Colonel Mustang always caused him to lose control.

Whether it was by making him angry by making a crack about his height, or by insinuating he was too destructive and the military would be better off without him, Mustang always made him feel emotions way too strongly. He was always screaming at his commanding officer for one reason or another while Mustang just sat there with a smirk.

Ed would insult the Colonel as much as he could, trying to see him drop the damned smirk and scream back. But Mustang would hold onto his control easily, manipulating the boy to lose more and more of his.

That was how Ed found himself on the floor, face pressed into the wood as he felt the Colonel fuck his ass like there was no tomorrow. The older Elric brother gasped and cursed the man out as he vocalized his pleasure at the intrusion.

But Mustang would be eerily quiet, his control covering even how he kept his growls and purrs of pleasure silent.

Ed's right hand scraped the floor as Mustang gripped his cock in an ungentle grip. A cry escaped his lips as quickly as wetness prickled at his lashes. It was too much. It would be over too quickly.

Mustang pulled out of him, watching the boy curse at being left trembling and on the brink of orgasm. That damn smirk was still gracing his face. Ed rolled over onto his back, right hand wildly flung out to grab the Colonel by the shoulder and pull him down to finish the job.

Instead, metal hit Mustang's head with enough force to stun the man. He sagged to one side, eyes dazed. Ed blinked a few times as he watched the Colonel shakily raise one hand to touch at the abused area. The skin was, thankfully, whole, but a nasty bruise was already threatening to form.

Ed's groin throbbed painfully. For that brief moment, he had been in control. The thought of causing Mustang to lose more of his... to show more than faint amusement... He stood up on his knees clumsily, grabbing Mustang's shoulders with both metal and flesh hands, and forced the man under him.

This time, he would be the one to force screams out of his partner's throat.