spinny roses

Fearless in Your Eyes

Something fearless in your eyes
Something careless about your smile
Something fragile when you hold your breath
And when you move
You move right through me
—Delerium, "Underwater"

She is the strongest woman Winry has ever met.

Winry has known strong women every since she was young. Her grandmother, Pinako Rockbell, is one of the best automail mechanics in the world. Her mother was a doctor, and refused to distinguish between "ally" and "enemy" when treating a person. Trisha Elric raised Ed and Al alone, never once faltering until her death.

And her.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.

Winry was twelve when she first met the woman. She had gone to visit Ed and Al, and the visit had gone badly. When the shock made her shiver, Lieutenant Hawkeye had given her a blanket. The warmth lurking behind a stony face and the strength in female arms had made a lasting impression.

It is her drive that makes Winry love her. It is the fact that her love doesn't weaken her. Instead, it makes her stronger, causing her to learn how to shoot her gun to follow that man. It makes her rise in rank, to be one of the most feared people in Colonel Mustang's ranks.

That fact makes Winry feel guilty at night. Hawkeye often asks her to Central, to spend a night with her. Most times they talk over tea, trading stories about the Elric brothers and Colonel Mustang. Some nights, they just hold each other, the whirlwind of death around them too much.

And some nights, they chase the pain away with warm kisses and strong fingers. Hawkeye holds her tightly, kissing her firmly. She knows Winry's body well by now. She knows that her neck and ear are very sensitive. That lips on her breasts cause her to gasp, and a hand between her legs makes her writhe.

Hawkeye knows that Winry doesn't like anything inside of her. Instead, she brushes over her labia, her fingers becoming wet and sticky. Those fingers move to her clit, their calloused flesh teasing her torturously. Winry whispers little pleas, begging to climax. She shudders under the teasing, the building pleasure almost unbearable.

Lieutenant Hawkeye doesn't let Winry stay on that edge for too long, however. She turns the touch firm, purposely trying to bring her to orgasm. Her fingers brush over Winry's labia again, slipping slightly into her. She drags her fingers forward, wet and slick. Winry holds Hawkeye close, her body convulsing with the sudden orgasm.

Hawkeye always tells her she is strong. That her own love doesn't weaken her, but that her love for the Elric brothers makes her strong as well. But lying next to First Lieutenant Hawkeye makes her feel weak.

It makes her want to be as strong as Riza.