spinny roses


Pinako made a slight adjustment on the leg she was building. "Thank you for escorting Winry back," she started, not taking her eyes off her work. "How are they doing?"

"The Elric brothers are doing fine. Winry-dono picked up their spirits."

"Funny, isn't it." Pinako poked at one nerve that refused to fit correctly. "Ed didn't even bother to tell an old woman something was wrong with him and Al."

"They most likely did not wish to worry such a strong and lovely lady as yourself."

She snorted. "Flattering, aren't you?"

Major Armstrong took one of her gloved hands, raising it to his lips. He looked at her past purple sparkles as if he saw the remnant of the young woman she used to be. "It is the truth, Pinako-dono."

She had heard all the lines before. Pinako was a female in a mostly male line of work, after all. But she allowed a small and embarrassed smile to cross her face. "Well, if you're going to be so flattering, why don't you follow up?"

An over-muscular man can move rather quickly when motivated properly, Pinako mused.