spinny roses

We Are Just Screaming

At one time, he could barely breathe.

He had finally noticed how beautiful her blonde hair was. How intense her face was. She was such a strong woman that it took all of his courage to finally tell her the truth about her beauty. He had expected a punishment for it. After all, you didn't say that kind of thing to a girl that had that sort of relationship with you.

In about a week's time, she finally professed her happiness that he finally say what he truly felt to a woman. He had smiled at her through a bruised face, and undone her bound hair.

He couldn't have told her about what he had done before she accepted him. His fingers still remembered the short dark strands that he gripped in the middle of that passion. The gentle face that hovered over him, that kissed him, elicited wonderful sighs from him...

He had known that relationship wouldn't have worked. They were both men, and military men at that.

But he kept going back. She knew, and confronted him at one time. How could he, and with a man? She respected his side lover, but she couldn't accept that the two of them helped each other through wounds no one else could even touch.

It hadn't been until the dark lover's death. Another coffin lowered into the ground among the rest of the dead. Whispers of his death... that it had been at the hands of a homunculus. He had learned later there was barely enough left to bury.

He had walked in when she was being killed. He had looked into his own face, twisted into an unnatural psychotic grin as Winry fell to the floor. The blood pooled around his feet as the homunculus known as Envy shifted into the last image of Roy he had seen before his death. But instead of killing him, Envy left.

Ed hadn't cried at either funeral.

But that voice in his head still screamed.