sky dark


"I have some more adult rhetoric for you," the Colonel said, leaning back in his chair and templing his hands.

"Yeah, what bullshit you going to lay on me now?" Edward said, sprawling back and slapping his boot heels on top of the desk.

The Colonel retaliated with a folder, slapped the offending boots and let it fall to the desk.

"I do so try and keep from treating you like a cheap and tawdry whore, but have it your own way," he sighed.

"Speaking of my way," Edward said, reaching for the folder, "what are you doing when you get off work. I have a craving for barbeque or some shit like that," he flipped the folder open and raised his eyebrow at the contents.

"Well, that would depend," the Colonel said. "I remember early on in this... relationship, you said that if I courted you I would eventually get to fuck you. I think you'll see all my reciepts in order chronologically. If I'm really going to roast for porking your virgin ass, I'd at least like to do it while you are still below the age of consent. After all, you don't want me to treat you like a kid, now do you?"

Edward sputtered, yanked his feet off the desk and slammed the folder back on it.

"What the fuck is this? You said you'd take me out and shit, I didn't make you!"

"Equivalent exchange is a bitch, isn't it?" the Colonel said with a smirk that made Edward want to leap across the desk and force feed his own nose.

"I'm courting you, according to the terms of your own verbal contract, you should now 'put out'," the Colonel spread his hands. "But if you'd rather not, I can understand. After all, you're only a kid and I shouldn't hold you to an adult obligation."

"No, I said I'd do it," Ed snarled, even though he looked like he might be thinking of sinking into the ground. "I keep my word. So, let's get on with it." He stood and started on his belt.

Now it was the Colonel's turn to backpedal a little.

"Right now?" Roy boggled, then glanced quickly toward his office door. Ed saw the look, looked over his shoulder.

"I'll get it," the boy said, and strode across the room. Roy let a smile curl the side of his mouth. Ed would hit the door and keep on going. It was perfectly fine. He really didn't expect the boy to follow through on their 'deal' so soon. The smile dropped abruptly when Ed shut the door and locked it. He turned around and cocked his head, flashed his teeth.

"What's wrong, Colonel? Thought I was gonna take off? You know, if it's bothering you this much, you don't gotta fuck me, I can wait."

The Colonel let a dour expression cross his features, then reached and yanked open a lower desk drawer. He brought out a bottle and slammed it down on the desk and lifted his black eyes to Ed.

"I think I'm ready, how about you?" he said, his smirking creeping back when the boy's eyes widen at the sight of the lube.

Ed was good; here they both were, trying to call each other's bluff. Yes, Roy wanted to fuck Ed through the floor, he wanted his fiercely. Each time he held the boy, each time he touched the boy, each time he smelled the sex and musk after he'd jerked the boy off. Yes, he wanted it, but he didn't want to force it. There was no point in that, it was only good if the boy wanted him. That was true victory.

Ed swallowed, trying not to be visible about it. His eyes darted from the lube bottle to Roy's face and back again.

"I..I'm ready," he said and once again went for his belt. Roy could see the color in his cheek and the fumbling of his fingers. He clapped a hand over his mouth before he could give Ed the out, say something allowing the boy to flee. He wrestled with his fuckin' nobility and his insane need to protect Ed for everyone. Well he could protect Ed from everyone, but himself.

He hadn't joked about ownership.

Roy moved around the desk, picking up the bottle as he went, he took Ed's elbow and Ed looked up at him in surprise, but was easily led over to one of the office couches.

"I was planning to do this in a bed, after plying you with chocolate and other things to soften you up, but if you're so eager, the couch will do."

Ed growled.

"I ain't a girl, I don't need to be tricked into the sack. I wanted this, I know what's coming." Ed got on the couch, got up on his hands and knees and scowled at Roy over his shoulder.

"Right," Roy said then, expression flattening. "We'll just get this business transaction over with an be on our way. I can assume you are a virgin?"

"Yes," Ed said exasperated. "I told you all of that before, why do you..." but he trailed off when the Colonel grabbed the waistband of his pants and yanked them, (along with his boxers) down to his knees. His ass suddenly felt very cold and despite the Colonel having seen it plenty of times before, Ed felt very naked.

There was a funny snapping sound and Ed tries to see what Roy was doing, craning his head around.

"After all, this is just sex, right? You only want to use it as a means to an end, you're right, you have told me this," the Colonel said behind him, sounding slightly wry.

"Ye..yes, that's all, it doesn't mean any....AH!" the Colonel's fingers, slick and warm, skated into the cleft of his ass, homed right in on the small ring of muscle there and circled it and pressed lightly.

The boy shook, once, the length of his body and took a deep breath and held it. Roy just rubbed lightly, in a slow circular motion.

"You understand the mechanics," Roy said. "But there's more to it then the physical. You're robbing yourself, but as you own me and I do your bidding, I'm bound to give you what you want. There needs to be some preparation before the actual penetration." Roy was deliberately graphic, Ed always understood that best. Ed wasn't given to puzzling out subtleness.

"I'm going to rub your anus and then I'm going to push one of my fingers inside. After you adjust to that, I'll push a second one inside. I'll move them around and stretch you, then when I feel you are loose enough I'll take my fingers out and press the head of my cock there..." Roy swallowed, as he spoke he played it in his mind. His cock twitched, throbbed and stiffen appreciatively to his mental show, pressing to the material of his trousers.

"I don't.. need the... lecture," Ed said, panting lightly. "Just fuck me already... it's fine."

Roy went silent then, and as promised, he slowly sank his finger into the tightness; up to his first knuckle. Ed arches his head back a bit, started to move forward to avoid the touch, but stopped himself and gripped the couch cushions below him. He licked his lips and waited.

"Try to relax," Roy said softly behind him. "It will go easier if you don't tense up."

To his amazement Ed nodded and took several deep breaths and after a moment the pleasurable warm pressure on Roy's finger eased a little; so Roy moved it deeper. Ed made a small, delicious sound and Roy bit back his own, but his cock spoke for him. He had one finger buried to the hilt, his other hand moved to adjust his own erection comfortably, and ended up staying there, rubbing up and down lightly.

"Here's the second," Roy whispered and pressed to allow his second finger entrance. Ed instinctively tightened up again and his spine curled, Roy tore his hand from himself and smoothed it over Ed's hip, dipping under his stomach and finding the head of Ed's cock.

"Ah!" Ed gave him, a sharp and lovely cry of surprise and pushed forward to as if to slide his cock into Roy's hand, (after all, Ed's cock was in love with Roy's hand, they had conjugal visits often).

Better, Ed's spine unwound and he relaxed again and the introduction of Roy's second finger went smoothly. Ed seemed to be concentrating on the hand on his cock enough he could ignore the fingers in his ass.

Roy pumped slowly, and with no real satisfaction, after all, making Ed cum that way was easy. He was ready for Ed to move into the big leagues. Ed complained about this, naturally, with grunt and half snarls. He was the most demanding little shit. He'd actually grab Roy's hand and direct the action at times.

Roy scissored his fingers slowly, moved them slowly back and forth and in slow circles, seeking. Ed jerked suddenly and actually pressed back to the intrusion briefly and Roy smiled slowly; Ed was ready. He released Ed's cock and Ed slammed his forehead into the couch cushions but offered no other commentary. Roy leaned his hips against Ed's as he loosened his trousers and pulled himself out.

"This ain't gonna change anything," Ed said, muffled by fabric. "You're still a bastard, I'm still onto you," Ed assured him.

"I know you are," the Colonel said, his voice sounded amused and that made Ed twitch a bit in anger.

"I'm gonna be legal before you actually do anything," Ed growled. "Chickening out?"

"I wouldn't be so sure," the Colonel said, his voice going husky.

The boy went frozen the moment the head of Roy's cock nudge it's way between his butt cheeks. He trembled a bit under Roy's hands as Roy smoothed them down his hips and over the small of his back.

Roy waited, for Ed to call him on this. Waited for Ed to say it was all a joke, he was just kidding, let him go... but he said nothing. Roy began to sweat. Up until this moment he was still relatively safe, he hadn't committed the big crime. Handjobs, blowjobs, just look at how fucking gorgeous Ed is, no court would convict him. But this was another matter.

The long, sweaty, motionless silence was finally broken.

"What's wrong? Can't remember how to use your dick?" the brat sneered.

Roy gave a shrug and started to press forward.

"UH...damn, it's... guh..." Edward was very vocal, just not very articulate.

"That good, huh?" Roy said behind him, "It gets better."

"Bastard," Ed grate out. "How good... do you think it feels having... a post up your ass?" he panted and Roy groaned when he tightened. It was involuntary the older alchemist was sure, but that didn't matter.

Roy wanted to savor this moment, this heady triumph. Edward Elric on his knees with his ass in the air. He better make the most of it now, because when the boy was older he was going to be unstoppable. He was probably going to realize Roy took advantage of him, Roy was probably going to end up alchemized into a puddle. But at this moment, with Edward's heat and tightness surrounding his cock, Roy just didn't care.

He made a slow, tentative thrust and Ed shook and gasped, bit into the couch cushion. This just kept getting better. He gave himself the pleasure of gripping Ed's slim hips, pushing him forward when Roy drew back and drawing him back when Roy pushed forward. He looked down as he did it, watched his cock bury to the hilt, knowing the ass he was plundering belonged to a subordinate that wasn't even old enough to shave.

It was fucking heaven.

Literally fucking heaven, Ed was the perfect candidate, young and tight and willing. Roy reached under the boy's belly again, just to make sure the willing part was accurate and smiled when the found the boy's cock hard and dripping.

"FUCK ME," Ed suddenly howled. "Just get on with it, I ain't... I ain't got all day..." and he panted and wiggled and slammed his head on the couch again. Roy didn't bother to alter his pace.

Roy felt the lazy smirk, and gripped the base of the boy's cock, using this to control him. Back and forth at the pace Roy wanted, not the frenzied pounding Ed thought he wanted; not for a first time. Later, when Ed was more seasoned. And he would be well seasoned, Roy would make sure of that.

But Ed wasn't a good hold out yet, between the stroking on his prostate and the fingers around his cock, he came fairly quickly, with a throaty shout that turned into a delicious whine and Roy let himself thrust quicker and harder for a few more strokes, before shuddering, he followed the boy over.

They stayed like that, Roy still buried deep in Ed's no longer virgin ass, for many long moments. Only the mingled sound of their breathing floated about the room. It took a lot of will to finally sit up and draw slowly back, free himself of that clenching, scorching rapture. Ed made an odd little groan and promptly flattened out on the couch, legs spread decadently wide.

Roy indulged in massaging over Ed's ass and butt cheeks. The boy had a lovely back side, all that traveling and running and walking and doing god knows what. Really, Ed's ass was just a masterpiece.

"Whatcha' doin'?" Ed slurred in semi-coherent afterglow. "Feeling up my butt? Can't get enough?" the brat had the audacity to sound smug. But what the hell, it was the truth.

"It's a great ass," he confirmed.

"Heh," his owner said and the Roy slapped it and got off the couch.