Jintai no Renkinjutsu

He opened his eyes on a blur of white, pink, and brown. "What..." he said groggily.

"Ed," the blur said in a Rose-voice. "You're... alive...?"

"Yeah..." He reached up to rub at his eyes, and was surprised to find them flooded. "Why are there tears... Huh?" He sat bolt upright, staring at the hand that had just touched his face. It was his right hand, but instead of cold steel and automail joints, it was real, warm flesh and blood. When he reached down and patted his left leg, it too was soft and warm.

"Al performed a transmutation on you," Rose said slowly. "On your body..."

"He used the Philosopher's stone to... But then, what happened to Al?" Ed said sharply, disbelieving.

Rose opened her mouth as if to answer, and then, after a moment, looked away.

"Al..." Ed said in a state of deep shock. He leapt to his feet, staring at his newly restored hand, then looking wildly around. "Al? AL!"

His brother was nowhere to be found. Ed gave a scream of incoherant rage. "AL! YOU BASTARD! You were able to successfully perform a human transmutation, you bound my soul back into my body, you returned my arm and my leg, and you didn't bother to make me any taller! I'm going to kill you!"

Rose stared at him in shock. The baby began to cry. Ed was insensible. "You're not getting away with this, Al!" he ranted. "I'll bring you back! I'll bring you back no matter what and SEE HOW YOU LIKE BEING THE TINY LITTLE MIDGET ONE!"

Rose decided then that great legs or no, this might be a good time to leave.

"Stupid Al," Ed grumbled after Rose had left, as he busily worked to create the Array on the ballroom floor. "Wasted the perfect opportunity... knows damn well how I feel... bastard just doesn't want to let me be bigger than him..."

He got up on one knee to examine the details of the array that was taking shape, and as he did so, he felt a peculiarly uncomfortable shifting around his hips. It was like his pants suddenly didn't fit properly any more. Puzzled, he sat back up, trying to work out just what that sensation was, and patted the area cautiously.

Freezing in place, he quickly fumbled with the buttons on his leather pants, working his fly open, and peeked down.