"Niisan, what's happened to me?" Al exclaimed, kneeling carefully next to his brother. He couldn't avoid the quickly spreading puddle of blood. "And... your arm..."

"For only one arm..." Ed rasped out, gritting his teeth against the pain. "All I could do... was fix your soul into that armor. Sorry, Al..."

"Niisan..." Al whispered, gathering his brother into his arms. "And... what about Mother?"

"It..." Ed had to gasp for air. "Wasn't human..."

Looking over towards the center of the array, Al could easily follow the smeared trail of blood over to the bubbling, blistering remains of the failed transmutation attempt. Even through the thick smoke, it was obvious that the body had been grotesquely jumbled; limbs extending from the wrong places, skin sprouting in scale-like patches or no skin at all. All of the pieces of a human body were there, but that didn't make it a human.

It must have been the shock, or Al would never have found himself saying the words which immediately leapt to his mind. "Dammit, Niisan, I told you you needed to practice your handwriting more."

Ed might have answered, if he hadn't already passed out from hypotensive shock.