Expose Yourself

"Brother," Envy said, and molded a face that wasn't his own into the parody of concern. "What's wrong?"

And oh, it was sweet to see the Fullmetal brat reduced to this; the naked vulnerability in those eyes was bliss, was the promise of things to come, was the knowledge that soon there would be betrayal in its place, shock and hurt and other things far too subtle to put names to.

"Don't worry about it, Al." The kid was a shitty liar. "It's nothing."

Envy forced down the nasty smirk that threatened to overwhelm him, fought against the impulse to bear teeth in an expression that would be not at all in character. Instead he placed a hand on Ed's shoulder, paid close attention to the little shudder that came in response.

This would not be quite so hard as he'd imagined, Envy thought—and leaned in to kiss him.