I'm very hard to hurt. Our father knew what he was doing when he made this armor. The steel is very good, better than we've found almost anywhere outside of a surgery room. Even bullets don't make much of a dent in the plates. No, it's even better than wearing the best suit of armor in the world, because the hard steel is all of me. There's no fragile flesh inside to be bruised if I get thrown around, or left bare even if something knocks me apart. I don't even feel pain; I barely feel any impact at all.

But I still can be hurt.

Normal things can't damage the steel, but Niisan and I have learned that there are things out there that aren't normal. And when I do get hurt, I'm not like a normal person. My body isn't alive. It won't sew up cuts or grow back skin or knit over bones. Left to itself, my body won't heal.

Only Niisan can fix me.

We never talk about it much, but we agreed long ago that soul-fused steel isn't like normal steel. The normal arrays you can use to manipulate metal won't work on me. Only Niisan knows how to activate the blood seal in my armor that puts it all back together the way it should be. All he has to do is clap his hands, and lay them on me, and he can fix me.

He can heal me with a touch.

It's almost the only time he lays hands on me, now that I'm in this body. He'll touch me when we fight, and he'll touch me to fix me. I can almost feel it when he does that. I can tell when my body is changing, can tell if everything is there or not, even if I can't feel any pain. The only pain is Niisan's; the look on his face when I get hurt, when I feel sad, when he can look inside me and see my body is empty.

I'm looking forward to the day I get my body back, so I can heal him with a touch too.