Why Lust Is Usually Left In Charge of Gluttony


Sloth sighed. Why in hell had she been left in charge of the little monster? Lust was much better at handling him.

"Slooooth, I'm hungry."

"I know." She ignored him, and kept working. Hopefully Lust and Envy would be back from their mission soon, and take charge of the older Sin again. She wasn't sure how much more of this she could stand.

"I'm hungry."

"I know." Her patience was being tried.

He sucked on one finger, wandering around her office. "Can I eat this?"

"No. You can't eat anything in here," she snapped.

"But I'm hungry."

"I know you're hungry. You're always hungry. That's too bad, you're not allowed to eat anything. Now be quiet and leave me in peace to work!"

After that outburst, there was a few moments of silence, and Sloth turned back to her paperwork.


"What is it now?" She turned to look over her shoulder, to see Gluttony staring at her, beady white eyes fixed in her direction.

"I'm thirsty."