The kid packed a pretty good punch, Greed thought idly. Completely wasted on him, of course, but worthy of respect all the same. He could grow to like him.

It amused him no end to see the kid fall back, the confusion and suspicion overtake his face. He glanced down at his hand, testing its function, as if wondering if there was some malfunction that had prevented the blow from connecting.

"There's not much you can do against my body," he informed the kid kindly, giving him the reason for his failure, then stepped forward and swung his arm around. Again, the kid had a pretty good form, but the force of Greed's blow simply swept right through his blocking arm and slammed against his head, knocking him to the ground.

A step forward, and he grabbed the front of the kid's jacket, hauling him off the ground and leaving him to dangle in the air. Still he struggled to orient himself, fixing Greed with a fuzzy but defiant glare. Greed laughed, and rewarded his defiance with a hard, invasive kiss. The boy gasped when Greed's mouth closed over his, sharp teeth forcing his lips apart to make way for his tongue.

At last he released the boy, who was panting hard, eyes glazed over with lack of oxygen. Greed sighed, and dropped him back on the ground. "It's a shame we can't take you with us," he told him. "You have a mouth that was built for sucking cock."