After the Game

By the time he left Scar-sensei's room, the school was empty of teachers and students; he could make a break for the locker room, where he could find—hopefully—a change of clothes.

However, the hallway was not as empty as Al was desperately hoping it would be. Swift, heavy footsteps came up behind him, and before Al could try and duck away or even turn, something solid impacted the small of his back; he stumbled, but an iron grip latched onto his elbow, and he found himself propelled swiftly down the hall into the nearest bathroom.

For a moment, he panicked; caught alone in the hallway, wearing a girl's uniform and quite possibly some visible evidence of the great sex he'd just had, with the teacher for God's sake, was not the best setup for a high-school freshman to find himself pulled suddenly into a deserted bathroom. Fortunately, as soon as they entered the bathroom, the hands released him, and his brother's voice hissed "For God's sake, Al! What were you thinking? "

Al turned around, in time to see Ed tearing apart one of the hand dryers (never worked, anyway) and wedging the plastic casing in front of the door, effectively locking it from the inside. Al sighed; he never got used to the careless way Ed went around destroying school property, but he must have some kind of charmed life, because either he never got caught or nobody ever cared.

Then Ed was turning around and glaring at him, golden eyes hard and angry, and Al was reminded of his current embarrassing predicament. He sighed. " Niisan... " he started.

Ed cut him off, pointing an accusing finger. " You didn't come to the game. "

Al felt abashed; he'd completely forgotten the game. Guilt threatened to sweep over him; he knew how important this game was to his brother, the first one he'd been able to participate in since his leg healed, and he'd all but sworn on their mother's grave to attend. " I'm really sorry, Niisan. I honestly meant to, you know I did, but I couldn't! Because of all the incomplete assignments I've had recently—Scar-sensei made me stay behind. "

Ed's eyes narrowed. " He made you stay behind? "he said softly, but no less dangerously. " Al, what else did he make you do? "

Al felt a blush overtake him, and he knew it contradicted his stuttered "N-nothing. " But that was the truth—Scar-sensei hadn't made him do anything, if anything he'd made Al fight tooth and nail for what he wanted to do. But he didn't think his brother would appreciate the distinction.

Ed scowled. " Nothing, huh? "Abruptly, he advanced on Al, taking hold of his right arm, and Al yelped and grabbed for Ed's shoulders as Ed's other hand swept down his back, slipped around to the inside of his thigh, and then swept back up under the skirt.

"Word of advice, Al. " Ed leaned back, pulling his hand back for Al's inspection. " Those skirts don't hide much. Saw this when I walked up behind you in the hall. "

His hand was coated with a white liquid; the same white substance that Al could now suddenly feel cooling against the back of his leg, trickling down from where his brother's hand has smeared it.

They said that spontaneous human combustion was a phenomena that occurred in less than one out of a million people. Al wasn't sure, but he thought he was feeling lucky.

"I warned you about this! "Ed exclaimed furiously. " I warned you if you let him know about the crush, he'd take advantage of you! "

"Now listen. " Al managed, beyond the mortification threatening to eat him alive. " No matter what it looks like, nobody made me do anything I didn't want to do, okay? I asked for this. So if you're entertaining some sort of thought about going out there and kicking ass to defend my virtue—well, kick them out. "

"You don't honestly expect me to buy—"Ed gripped his arm a little harder, jostling him, and Al winced as the shift in weight drew attention to his soreness. Ed broke off as soon as he saw that. " Oh, for the love of—"

Once again, Al found himself being manhandled; this time, Ed whirled him around until he was facing the bank of mirrors above the counter, and then a hand on the back of his neck pushed him gently but firmly down. Al gawked at his brother in the mirror for a moment, before hands rustling at his waist brought out of him; he squawked indignantly as Ed flipped the skirt up over his hips. " Hey! Don't—"

"Shut up. " Something in the tautness of Ed's voice overrode him, and as he looked closer in the mirror, he detected a hint of real worry and fear in his brother's expression. " Scar's huge, Al, in case you hadn't noticed—unless he's some kinda Greek statue, his dick's gotta be huge, too. I've gotta check and make sure you're all right. "

"I'm fine, "Al said. " Okay, a little sore but—"

"If I see blood back here. " Ed warned him. " we are going straight to the Rockbell clinic on the way home. "

"Niisan, no! "Al protested, squirming frantically. " If Winry sees me like this—"

"So, you'd better hope your boyfriend with the huge dick was careful. Now shut up and stop wriggling around. "

Al sighed, and crossed his arms on the counter. Ed meant well, he really did, and to tell the truth it would silence a little nagging worry that had been accompanying him. He was sure that Scar-sensei wouldn't have hurt him intentionally... but it had hurt, a lot, and there was still a sharp pain...

Ed's hands as they removed the panties were brusque enough to make Al gasp, but gentle as they steadied his hips a moment later. Al buried his face in his arms, and reminded himself that there was no point in being embarrassed in front of the brother who'd taught you everything you knew about masturbating.

"There's a little blood. " Ed began warningly, and Al's head came up in horror.

"Niisan, please! "he begged. Ed gave a disgruntled sigh.

"There's a little... but only a little, and it doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere. I guess you're okay... this time. You were just lucky, idiot. "

"I was not just lucky. " Al protested, heaving an internal sigh of relief. " Sensei was careful. I told you, he's really kind underneath that harsh exterior. "

Ed made a disbelieving sound, but released Al's hips. Al started to straighten up, but Ed pushed him back down. " Stay there. " he said. " I'm gonna clean you up. You're still leaking all over the place, you moron. "

Al eeped, blush intensifying, but he didn't move as Ed left. He heard Ed brusquely tearing off paper towels, and a quick harsh rush of water, and winced in anticipation. Did Ed always have to do everything like it was a competition sport?

Although he'd braced himself, when Ed's hand returned, the cold-wet-slight-roughness of the paper towels against his sore and sensitive entrance made him squeak and jump. Ed put his left hand on his back, reassuring and steadying. " Calm down. " he said, and the scolding tone almost but not quite disguised a note of real concern.

Ed was always like this; impatient and harsh on the outside, but Al was one of the few who knew to look past the prickly exterior. It was just the two of them against the world most of the time, and they took care of each other; if they couldn't trust each other, then they'd have lost everything. Al sighed, and settled down under his brother's touch.

At least, temporarily. As Ed bent to work, fingers moving with surprising but much-appreciated gentleness, Al began to make several simultaneous discoveries. The first was having just received the first proper fucking of its lifetime, his ass was extremely sensitive to any manner of stimulation. The second was that under the sopping, cold paper towels, Ed's fingers were hard and warm. And the third, combining the first and second, was that the rumors about teenagers being able to get it up again in less than half an hour were perfectly true.

Al just tucked his face into the crook of his arm, his arms and chest pressing into the counter, and hoped Ed wouldn't notice. Hopefully, it would go away once Ed was done, or he'd be able to get some privacy sometime soon to get himself off. As embarrassing as it seemed to be reduced to masturbating even after he'd already found a lover—even an illicit, inappropriate lover twice his age and supposedly completely off-limits—he didn't think Scar-sensei would much appreciate it if he came wandering back in in less than an hour and asked for another go. He'd look like such a slut—

"Al. " Ed said, and there was the warning hint of a growl back in his voice. " What's this? "

A hand closed around Al's half-mast erection, and he yelped; started to stand up, banged his head against the mirror, and slumped back against the counter, holding his head in his hands. " Owww. " he groaned. " What does it feel like, Niisan? "And why was his brother giving him so much grief today, anyway? Al didn't complain about his brother's occasional delinquency, so Ed didn't have room to complain about Al's taste in boyfriends. Since the accident last summer, there were no adults around all the time, and Ed and Al were left to do pretty much what they liked without worry; they didn't have the time or energy to spare for most pointless social conventions.

"Don't tell me that bastard left you hanging? "Ed said, in a tone of outrage. " That's just like a selfish asshole—take what he wants from the pretty boy and send him on his way without ever caring about your satisfaction—"

"No, no. " Al interrupted, with a wince; Ed wasn't being as careful as he could have been. " He... he did. That's, um... new. Since then. "

A moment of silence. Then. " Oh. " Thankfully, Ed's grip gentled, and Al gasped, shiver racing up his spine, as his brother's familiar hand moved up and down. " Geez, Al. " said Ed, sounding now fondly exasperated and amused. " What happened to my innocent baby brother? "

The easiest answer to that was 'You did,' but that would be unfair, seeing as Al had been the one to start it. Instead, Al looked over his shoulder with an amused expression. " Since when have I been your 'innocent baby brother'? "he questioned. " I'm only a year younger than you—Unh. Don't stop, please. "

Ed chuckled, but obliged, touch smoothing into a firm, steady rhythm that made Al's legs tremble. " Want me to take care of this, Al? "Ed asked coaxingly.

Al bit his lip, and could only nod. Damn teenage hormones anyway, sometimes it just felt like there was no way to keep up with them. At Ed's wordless urging, he pushed himself away from the counter, bracing himself with both hands, and planted his feet farther apart, so that Ed would have better access.

Ed immediately took advantage of the new position, skipping his fingers forward, cupping Al's balls and then up his shaft, making Al moan needily. " Niisan. " he whispered, hands clenching on the hard edge of the counter.

"Jeez, you're needy today. " Ed said, but there was a deep throaty purr underlying his voice, and when Al glanced up in the mirror, his brother's cheeks were red-stained, his eyes dilated and lips parted, as he smoothed his free hand down Al's buttock and over his hip. The fingers of his other hand twitched, rubbing Al's shaft right underneath the head, and Al had to lock his muscles to keep from collapsing into his brother's hand right then and there.

"Niisan, please! "he whimpered, hips bucking involuntarily against his brother's hand. " I need... I need to... "

"I think I know what you need. " Ed whispered, nuzzling Al's neck and blowing the short hairs in a way that sent shivers down his spine.

Al had no idea what his brother meant by that, at least until Ed's hand suddenly slid between his cheeks, fingertips circling at his opening and lightly pushing inside. Al made a strangled noise, almost leaping forward in response to the sensation; those fingers, hot and warm and dry against the evaporating coldness from the water. Scar had left him stretched and open, he still hadn't fully recovered from that; the skin there felt raw and tender. But Ed's touch was so light, slipping inside the openness without stretching it further, that it just aroused him further, without any of the burning ache from before.

It felt too good, too strong, he could barely stand it. " Nii... san! "he managed breathlessly, surging forward to try and escape the overstimulation... but Ed's other hand was still on his cock, fisting and pumping from the other side. Al's back arched, and he gasped, as the two wonderful pressures balanced in his groin, suspending him teetering in between, unable to fall one way or the other.

"Oh, I see there are some benefits to a bigger lover after all. " Ed whispered in his ear, husky and amused. " You've never been so sensitive and responsive before, Al. "

"No more... teasing! "Al forced out, body wracked by shivers, hips rocking back and forth under Ed's touch. " I'm so... ngh... so close, please... "

"If you say so. " Ed's fingers pulled out abruptly, leaving him empty and aching; he cried out, wordlessly protesting the loss, but a moment later Ed's other hand wrapped around his hips to join the other one on his cock, no longer teasing but pumping so strongly that Al's young body quickly became caught up in the driving rhythm. Al caught a glimpse of his brother's eyes in the mirror, hot as fire, and had to squeeze his own eyes shut as sparks overtook his vision.

They knew each other's bodies well; it was less than a minute before Al cried out and spasmed, knocking his thighs painfully against the hard counter edge as he slammed forward, coming in Edward's hands. Ed stayed with him until he was finished, wringing the last shuddering drops out of him, and then his strong, steady hands pulled Al back away from the counter and sat him, bonelessly, against the edge of the wall.

"Thanks, Niisan. " Al said quietly, propping himself up against the wall. He didn't specify whether he meant for the cleaning up, or for the relief—or if it was both in equal part.

Ed just smirked at him, wiping his own hand off with a wet paper towel. " You owe me one. " he informed his brother smugly.

Al groaned. He should have seen this coming. Fair trade was always the rule between them, and if Ed was doing him a favor now, it meant that Al owed him one in return—and if he couldn't repay it right away, then Ed got to ask anything of him later. It might be as little as cooking his dinner or running laundry, or as much as a return handjob or more, but Ed would definitely take the excuse to lord it over him.

"I don't suppose you'd want me to, right now...? "Al offered, hopefully, but wasn't surprised when Ed shook his head, grinning. Al grumbled; now he understood a little better why Ed had offered this. He was obviously put out by Al's starting something with Scar-sensei, and taking the first opportunity he could to stake his own claim on Al. Well, that was all fine, so long as he didn't think that Al was going to give up on Scar for his sake.

"I'm still going to see Scar-sensei again, Niisan. " Al said warningly, even as he reached down with unsteady hands to pull up his underwear and adjust the skirt.

Ed snorted, crumpling the towel into a ball and pitching it into the trash can. " Fine. " he said. " Say, why don't you see if you can mooch some meals off him? As long as you're gonna be fucking with a teacher, you might as well get free food and shit out of him. "

"Niisan! "Al objecting, flushing. " I'm not going to take advantage of him! I did NOT get involved with him just so I could get him to buy me things. That—that would be like selling myself! "

"Jeez, calm down, will ya? "Ed came over, and flung an arm around his shoulders. " What's the big deal? He has money, we don't. Feeding you is the least he can do in return, if you ask me. "

"I guess. " Al admitted grudgingly. It was true, that since the car accident that had killed their mother and left Ed in the hospital—even with Al working two part-time jobs, and the child-support checks that still occasionally drifted in by mail from their father—money was always a little tight around the house. He also didn't doubt that Scar-sensei would be more than willing to help, if he knew—the man was too kind and caring not to. But the thought of trading on that, like their situation was only good for sympathy credits, felt uncomfortable and wrong. They didn't need anybody's pity, or charity; they were doing all right on their own.

"Don't make that face. " His brother's arms hugged him suddenly, and Ed leaned over to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. " We're doing fine, you and me. There's no reason we can't do things like playing soccer and dating teachers if we want to, right? "

"Right. " He managed a smile, this time, and slipped his arm around his brother's back in return. " We should probably go home. "

"Yeah! "Ed's earlier, game-inspired enthusiasm returned, and his eyes lit up. " We're stopping by the Rockbells anyway, Al. Six goals, just like I said—Winry so owes me. "

"Niisan! "Al objected, flushing again. " I told you, I can't! Not when I'm dressed like this! "

"What? Are you still worried about that? "Ed said, affecting casualness. He let go of Al, and reached under the sinks, to where—Al hadn't even seen it—he'd slung his game bag earlier. He waved it in front of Al's nose. " It just so happens, I have a spare game uniform in this bag, that you could change into. "

"Oh, thank you! "Al said, with heartfelt enthusiasm, and reached for the bag. Now that the day was over, so was Mustang's penalty—and as much as he appreciated the effect it had had on Scar-sensei, he did not want to walk home from school in a skirt.

"Ah-ah! "Ed snatched it out of Al's reach—well, okay, not completely out of his reach, but plainly he was not about to hand it over—and grinned. " You'll owe me another one, Al. "

"Niisan! "

His brother was so cruel to him.