First Lieutenant Hawkeye was only able to give them fifteen seconds warning. So it was, that when General Halcrow burst into Roy's office preparing a tirade about operations near the Western front, he was completely derailed by the sight before him.

Roy Mustang had managed to get his pants back on, and his hands and face hastily wiped of anything incriminating. Unfortunately, that still left Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, sprawled on his couch with shirt off and pants open, legs spread wide.

You had to hand it to Roy, he certainly knew how to keep his cool. He faced the General and saluted gravely, as though not one thing was out of place. "Sir," he said gravely.

Halcrow looked at Roy. Halcrow looked at Edward, who was still groaning faintly with the aftershocks of the passion that had flattened him so thoroughly onto the couch. He looked at Roy again.

"Colonel," he said ominously, "can you explain this?"

"Of course I can, sir," Roy said calmly.

Halcrow raised a brow, and folded his arms across his chest. On the couch, Fullmetal stirred slightly, trying to lift bleary eyes to see what was going on before giving up and collapsing back into a puddle, and muttering something that sounded suspiciously like 'fkroywhy'dystp.' Roy just looked thoughtful.

"Well?" Halcrow snapped, as the moment stretched out.

"...Well, you'll have to give me more time than that to think of something," Roy said.

First Lieutentant Hawkeye got only fifteen seconds warning, before things started going boom.