"Oh, fuck yeah," Ed groaned, tossing his head back as Roy's hard, determined fingers moved within him. "Roy, you, you, that's perfect, that's just..."

A dark velvet chuckle was his only response, and Ed grunted in frustration and loss as the fingers retreated. Filling his lungs with air, he leaned back, steadying himself against the back of Roy's couch with his automail hand. "Come on," he moaned.

Roy's eyes glinted appreciatively, even as his own hands left Ed temporarily to grip his own hard, ready cock. "You have no idea how good you look right now," he said, voice rich with need. "Enough to tempt an angel to fall."

"Don't get all metaphorical on me now," Ed gasped, flinging his leg up over the couch back. "Come on, Roy, I'm ready, need you now!"

Spreading his legs wide, Ed licked his lips, closed his eyes, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

After several minutes, he opened his eyes again to glare at his lover, who was just standing over him, staring. "Okay, what's the fucking hold-up?" he snapped.

Roy shrugged helplessly. "It looks like our fic has been put on hold," he said.

"ON HOLD?" Ed yelped, sitting bolt upright. "In the middle of the fucking sex scene?"

"It seems the author has a number of important homework assignments that she can't delay on. To say nothing of the paper due at the end of the week. We're scheduled to be back on in, oh, say," Roy glanced at his watch, then at the calendar on the far wall, "next Tuesday."

"I don't believe this!" Ed punched the couch cushion angrily with an automail fist, causing the seam to split. "So I'm just supposed to wait? For a fucking week? WHERE THE HELL IS MY FLUFFER?!"

"Coming, Niisan!" a voice sang from off-set.