Girls Who Wear Glasses

All the girls wanted Edward Elric.

That was certainly no surprise. One had only to look at him to see why; Edward had hair and eyes like sunlight, a face like a marble statue, and a body like a young god. Once the stresses had been lifted last year he had finally, finally hit his growth spurt, and filled in height the adult definition he'd had for years.

In addition to that, there was his reputation to consider; all his past and varied adventures, the full details of which were never quite revealed, cloaked him in an aura of mystery and excitement. Their mothers largely disapproved, which of course only increased the attraction. Edward Elric was an object of near worship to much of the young female population of Central. He was rebellious, he was exciting, he was alluring.

He was also, alas, not interested.

This was also not a surprise. Only two things interested Edward Elric his brother, and alchemy (with perhaps a desire to see justice and compassion done running a distant third). At any rate, those two things left very little of Ed's time and energy over to spend on girls that didn't interest him. Girls who had nothing he wanted.

She had something he wanted. And that was a surprise.

"Yet they in the Nature of things are but one,"1 she gasped out, voice hoarse but steady. "It is a mass of dust, a most despicable thing; a fire; an aquiosity; a most amiable fountain..."

" Shez, " Edward moaned, tossing his head back as he thrust steadily within her. "Ahh, Sciezska. More..."

She clung to his shoulders, fingernails digging in slightly as she scrabbled for a hold. "It is neither a stout captain, nor invincible, when it is not drawn out of its cradle. It is an old man, it is an infant, the Lord of all; it is the red Servant, contrary to the King, it is the green Lion, something more sublime than the King..."

Who would have ever thought, she mused dreamily, floating in a haze of pleasure as the once-read, forever-memorized words tumbled steadily from her lips. Who would have ever thought that she would be the one, plain Sciezska, clumsy Sciezska, weird Sciezska with the bushy brown hair and the thick-lensed glasses? Who would have ever thought that she would be the one that had what Edward Elric wanted?

"Fincino," Edward whispered, nudging her side with his hand. Strands of golden hair had floated free of his braid, and were clinging damply to his neck and shoulders. "Fincino, Sciezska, please. On the Art, volume one, chapter three..."

It only took her a moment to run through her mind and locate the requested passage. "It is evident that all little trees, flowers and small herbs are produced from water and the union of a subtle earth,"2 she began. "And if you endeavor to produce a tree or an herb, you must not take earth or water..."

Her breath hitched slightly with the rocking of her body, together with Edward's, and she had to clutch harder at his shoulders in order to steady herself.

" Subtle union," Edward hissed sibilantly. His eyes were lidded, on her with a heat that almost burned, a presence as tangible as his hands on her skin. "Yes. Yes..."

It had all started one night in the East Branch library, when Sciezska had stopped in on her way home from some other errand to find the Fullmetal Alchemist in a state of agitated frustration, pulling whole stacks of books off the shelves in search of one elusive passage. She had offered to help him search, and they combed through the stacks together; once Sciezska had managed to work out exactly what book Edward was chasing, she was able to recite the entire passage for him.

Edward, charged with the elation of success and discovery, and whirled around, grabbed her shoulders, and kissed her.

It was probably a good thing that the librarians on duty had already gone home.

It shouldn't have been a surprise that alchemy, in the proper context, turned Edward Elric on. And if calling on several hundred volumes of memorized alchemical texts was all it took for Sciezska, called by her schoolmates "Singular Sciezska" for her inability to get a boyfriend, to get Edward Elric for a semi-regular lover well, she wasn't about to complain.

She had just about reached the Questions of Illardus the Necromancer, she realized; she could tell from the change in Edward's responses. His breath came harsher, his motions sharper, as he neared his edge.

"All metals are essentially in g-gold," Sciezska began to stutter over the words, at last, losing her focus. "w-with their earths in a manifold Ah! color. Out of its ea-earth with its own essence the s-stone is made "

"The Stone!" Edward cried out, grabbing her arms as his back arched sharply, and he came. "Ah! Shez, the Stone!"

Pillow talk, with the Fullmetal Alchemist, was shop talk.

1. An Alchemical poem by Thomas Rawlin
2. Marsilio Ficino on the alchemical art