Glorious Union

Harmony Ravenwing Serenity Melody Starfire, (Harmony to her mother, but her friends always called her Fire because she brought excitement and vigor wherever she went) was like no other girl Roy had ever seen. Her hair was black as raven's wing, and shining with hidden starlight. Her eyes were shimmering emerald, like a rainforest leaves, large and luminous. Her skin pale mother of pearl, glowed in the dimness and sparkled under sunlight. Roy was enchanted by the sound of her voice, pure like dewdrops in the morning.

"Make love to me, Roy Mustang." Harmony sighed, batting her beautiful, slightly curled eyelashes up at him. "Please. I cannot bear this emptiness inside of me, any longer."

"But are you ready yet, my sweet?" Roy asked, with deep concern. Roy knew the beautiful girl before him could never have been touched, by any man.

"Yes. I want it...I want it to be you." Harmony whispered, her duclet tones as sweet as her name. He was touched, deep at the core of his soul. He had taken many women in his lifetime, but none of them had ever been as special to him, as this lovely fawnlike girl.

Gently, careful not to disturb her rainbow locks, Roy lay her down upon the bed of down and cedar. The scent of deep purple incense floated through the air, and a gentle background of windchimes nearly drowned out, the vivid pounding of her heart.

Roy ravished her mouth with a searing kiss, drinking in her incredible sweetness of cinnamon and sugar plums, with just a hint of vanilla. He was lost inside the deep well of sugar, and passionfruit.

Her delicate breath, beat out against his cheek, caressing it softly. Slowly Roy ran a hand down her alabaster skin, marveling at the contrast between his dark skin, and her pale beauty. As Roy divested her of her final vestements, it only made her goddesslike body glow, in the flickering firelight.

"Are you sure, love?" Roy asked, with a note of concern. It would be so easy to hurt her at this stage, and he would rather die, let the flame of his soul be forever extinguished in darkness, than harm her.

He wanted her so badly, yet he could not bear to defile her, this beautiful goddess, who had descended to land on his doorstop.

"Please, take me." Harmony implored, tears threatening to spill from eyes that were vivid emerald. How could he resist, such a heady request?

Ever so slowly, he bent down to capture one of her rosy, pink chest-buds between his teeth. Harmony gasped, the tears rolling out of her brilliantly azure eyes, and anointing the pillow beneath her with garnets.

"Roy... please.... now... enter me..."

"Yes, anything you want." He had never prayed before in his life, but tonight he would, offer up prayers of adulation, for this wonderful creature. He shed his last outer garments, like a flower emerging from its calix, to blossom in the light of the sun, that was her gaze.

Despite her wanton longing, Harmony shivered, when his rod of lifegiving was fully unveiled, for the first time. "This is the point of no return," he told her, his dark eyes gleaming, blackly, in the firelight.

"I know." Harmony swallowed, and steeled herself, with all the strength of her sanguine soul, all the hardships that life had inflicted on her, before she finally met her destined soulmate. "Please. Take me." Harmony smiled, a tender smile, like the first buds of a newborn spring, and opened to his heat, like a flower, blooming, in the warmth of the steady sun.

Harmony's tender golden conch, framed by delicate black hairs, sparkled, like diamonds, in the firelight. Roy could no longer resist the heady allure, of Harmony's gateway to heaven, and their voices cried out as one, like their souls, as he slid his turgid shaft into her quivering, undulating love box.

The fire between them roared into life, as he began to move, blasting away any lingering doubts. Their movements were dictated, by an ancient dance of souls, a spirited polka of rhythmic movement, that shook them both to their cores.

"Harmony Ravenwing Serenity Melody Starfire, my love, my only..." As though the euphonius cadences of her name, had been the last trigger he needed, Roy spilled forth his seeds of passion, into her bosom. The room lit up, into a blazing, cascade of rainbow colors, as Harmony also cried her completion, joining him, in the embrace of perfection. All the boundaries melted away, as they became one being, at last, exultant, in the grasp of their new, and glorious, union, now, and forever.

"This," Edward announced, looking up from the page with a creased brow, "is crap. What the hell were you on when you wrote it?"

Roy Mustang looked more than slightly irritated at the criticism. "Fullmetal, may I remind you that I am the one who has to read your reports," he said. "You are not exactly in a position to be throwing stones about quality literature."

"Not the prose," Ed said disparagingly. "The experiment. It's worthless. It'll never work."

"How do you know?" Roy said, a touch of annoyance in his tone. "You haven't even tried it. Are you sure you understood it properly?"

"Of course I did!" Ed snapped, hackles going up at this implied slur on his alchemical prowess. "Harmony Ravenwing Serenity Melody Starfire would never go together with Roy Mustang. The two compounds are completely inviolable! You'd end up filling your lab with toxic gases at the best, blow yourself up at the worst, depending on how high you had your crucible."

Roy's brows lifted, impressed despite himself. "The volatility, Fullmetal, is the point," he said equably. "It's a high-energy reaction that I'm aiming for. If not that salt compound, then what would you suggest?"

"Magnesium sulfate. Definitely." Ed tapped the notebook as it lay on the desk between them. "If anything, it's even more volatile than this H6RbS2Mn shit, but the molecules are much smaller and lighter, so they wouldn't sink to the bottom of your mixture. And without all the extra elements, your detritus afterwards will be much cleaner."

"I see," Roy said, and slid the notebook out from under Ed's metal fingers. "Thank you for your insight, Edward, I'll take your advice under consideration."

"You'd better," Ed grumbled, even as he sat back. "Nothing worse than seeing a perfectly good theory ruined by incompetent chemistry."

"Magnesium, was it?" Roy murmured. As Ed nodded affirmation, Roy crossed out Harmony Ravenwing Serenity Melody Starfire from the text, and penciled in Edward Elric.