Let it never be said that whatever his obsessive tendancies, Edward Elric was unable to enjoy life's simpler pleasures.

Golden eyes closed in ecstasy as his lips closed around a metal digit; the taste centers of his brain easily filtered out the underlyin iron taste to focus instead on the delightful medley of warm, sugary, buttering taste. Even the accenting flavor of salt and bitterness only emphasized, rather than ruining, the delicious treat.

"Fullmetal," a strained voice said.

Ed opened his eyes again, fingers still in his mouth, and grinned. "What?" he said. "It's my birthday present. I don't see why I shouldn't enjoy it!"

The dark-haired man set his jaw, and braced himself further. "Be that as it may, will you please get on with it!"

"Patience, patience, Colonel," Ed sang out, even as he ran his fingers again down Roy's bare, tensed abdomen. "I'm getting there, on my own time."

"You are, without question, the most..." Roy's words were lost in a gasp as Ed's mouth followed Ed's hands, and he groaned helplessly as his hands tightened on the table's edge. Speech was a lost cause in the face of that much vicious, greedy, hedonistic enjoyment.

Ed's grin widened. Three presents in one—Roy naked, cake, and Roy speechless was too good a combination to possibly pass up. Why rush to get it over with? In fact, there was only one thing that could possibly make this entire experience better...

Ed reached for the can of whipped cream.