Catching up on paperwork late at night wasn't so bad when you had somebody to provide a distraction when it got too boring for words.

Roy groaned, reaching up to swipe a beat of sweat from his jaw before it could fall. "God, Fullmetal," he groaned, thrusting again into the heated body beneath him.

The smaller alchemist panted, twisting on the couch cushions, the fingernails of his flesh hand digging into Roy's back. "I have a name, damn it," he hissed, though Roy couldn't have guessed where he got the breath. "Use it."

"Ah..." Roy couldn't respond, too close to the edge to form coherent though. One more thrust and he was over it, it, semen spilling from his body as the name spilled from his lips. "Al! ALPHONSE!"

The first thing he was aware of when the aftershocks faded was an automail hand on his throat. "Colonel," the owner of that name said darkly. "You've got five seconds to explain why you called my brother's name in bed."

"Ah?" Roy peered down at his lover, noting the murderous expression in his golden eyes. "Wait, you mean you're the other one? The other Elric brother?"

"YES! Dammit, I'm Ed! Edward!"

"Really? Hold on. I thought Edward was the name of the older brother."


Oh, damn it all, he was going to have to update those files.