"Okay, let's try it... now," Ed said, finshing the array with something resembling a flourish. He looked up into Al's faceplate, from where he'd been drawing the array on the metal arm. "Ready?"

Al nodded, and then made a noise that sounded like a gulp. "Niisan, are you sure this is okay?"

"Don't worry, it'll be fine," Ed assured him brusquely, rapping his knuckles on the metal surface. "As long as nothing disturbs the seal, you'll be perfectly safe. Besides, you want to be able to feel again, don't you?"

"I do, but... even if this works, it won't be real, will it?" Al said quietly.

"Of course it'll be real!" Ed scolded him. "All this will do is give your soul access to the feelings that should be in your body right now, just like a normal boy. You helped me work it out, right?"

"I guess you're right." Al looked down at the array drawn on his arm, then nodded again, decisively. "Let's do it, Niisan."

"Right." Clapping his hands, Ed closed his eyes to concentrate, then laid his hands on the new array on Al's arm. Despite his optomistic words to Al, he was hoping like crazy that this would work. Maybe he couldn't fix everything he'd done, but he was trying his best... and in the meantime, maybe he could make Al's life a little less unbearable.

The array lit, glowed, and suddenly a blue spark flared outwards, passing over all of Al's metal body Ed's moment of panic, for the safety of the all-important seal, coincided with Al's surprised gasp.

The light winked out. Ed yanked his hands away as though the metal was hot. "Al?" he said anxiously.

Al was sitting perfectly still. To Ed's relief, the red light in his eyes still glowed steadily; in fact, it was growing wider. "Al? You okay?"

"Niisan," Al gasped. "I... I feel..."

"All-RIGHT!" Ed cheered, nearly knocking against Al's helmet as he victory-punched the air. "It worked! It worked? Al, what do you feel?"

"I... I feel..." The big suit of armor was rattling, plates clattering softly against each other. Experimentally, Ed laid a hand on Al's arm, prompting a surprised jump. "...Niisan, I feel... very..."

"Strange?" Ed offered, frowning. "Good? Bad? Talk to me, Al!"

Al turned to stare at Ed, red eyes flaring brighter. "...very, very horny," he finished.

"You what?" Ed repeated, flabbergasted for a moment; then meaning sank in and he blushed crimson. "Al!—"

Al was staring at him. Good God, was it possible for a suit of armor to appear predatory? On a sudden instinct, Ed found himself backing carefully away.

Not fast enough.