Party Line

It was a slow day at Central HQ; so slow that Roy had been reduced to doing his paperwork from sheer boredom. With a pen sticking out the side of his mouth, Roy frowned at his sheet and reached for his phone. Best to clear this with Requisitions first...

He picked up the phone, and immediately familiar voices washed over him.

Only these voices weren't talking.

They were moaning.

"—are you lying back for me, baby? Have you got your poor feet up on the bed?"

"Oh, god yes, Maas... I want you here so bad... It feels so good to be lying down, I'm pulling my panties down now, they're tangled around my spread knees—"

"Oh, yes, yes... God, you're like an angel who's descended from heaven... I kneel between your thighs, touch myself through the front of my pants. God! I can see everything, Gracia!"

"I've got my fingers down there now, God I wish they were yours... Maas—Maas, baby—"

"They are mine, I'm right there with you, touching your—what is it, angel?"

"Are you sure nobody's tapping this line, I mean, oh God, I can't stop now—"

"Positive, angel, don't you worry. I do this for a living, remember? Now, enough of that, I've got my head down between your thighs and I'm licking your—"

The receiver fell from Roy's numb hands back onto the cradle. He doubted either of the busy participants heard the click.

In the end, Roy had to burn that phone.