Pride Goeth

Ed didn't say a word as Roy led him back to his apartment, with his head lowered and his hands bound in front of him, but Roy could still see the stubborn spark of anger and defiance glinting in his eyes. That would, of course, have to go.

"That was a stupid thing to do, you know." Roy locked the door behind them, securing the deadbolt with a padlock before he slipped his keys into his pocket. It was a symbolic gesture, really; key or no key, Ed could transmute his way out of any locked door or prison cell that they could think of for him. Unless they bound him immobile or drugged him unconscious, there were no chains that could hold the wild young man.

No chains, save for the more invisible kind.

"What's it to you?" Ed asked, speaking for the first time, and Roy noted the hoarse rasp in his voice with some displeasure. Had there been some reason, in the last forty-eight hours since the whole debacle had started, that Edward would have to shout himself hoarse?

He would have to look into it, tomorrow. For now, there was no sense in overreacting. It might well just have been the unfamiliar pinch of the leather collar.

"I'd say that such stupidity was uncharacteristic of you, but that would be untrue," Roy said coldly, reaching to unbutton his overcoat. "Bad enough to practice human transmutation at all, but to do it in such an idiotically public manner—there was no possible way you could expect to get away with it!"

Ed looked away. "It was for Al," he muttered quietly. "I don't expect you to understand, Colonel Shit. You've never loved anyone in your life but yourself. It's not your business, so shut up about it."

A spike of anger shot through Roy, but he reminded himself to keep calm. He would deal with that insolence later. "You're a little fool," he snapped. "And it is very much my business, now that I've put my entire career on the line for you, you ungrateful brat. Do you understand that you would probably be facing a firing squad right now if I hadn't intervened?"

Ed's shoulders slumped, and he stared sullenly at the ground. Roy sighed exasperation, and shrugged off his coat to hang it on the hook. Pulling another key out of his pocket, he stepped forward and took hold of the heavy double manacles around Edward's wrists. "I suppose it's too much to expect gratitude," he said, "but I do expect obedience."

"Fuck you," Ed spat.

Roy slapped him.

He was not a large man, but he was considerably taller and heavier than Edward, and he put a good deal of his military-toned strength into the blow. Edward kept his feet, barely, but his head snapped to the side and he stumbled a few steps.

"You need to understand the situation that you are in," Roy told him in clipped tones. "You forfeited your freedom when you transmuted your brother in front of half of the Amestris military. It is only on my sufferance that you aren't up against the wall or rotting in some prison cell right now. Do you understand? I am your sole guardian and owner, and I will be treated with respect. And obedience."

Ed stared at him, and although the boy tried to keep up an expression of indifferent insolence, Roy could see that he was profoundly unsettled. It showed in the slight widening of his eyes, the sudden intake of breath, and the subtle attempt to edge away. Roy forestalled that by taking hold of Edward's arms, still fettered by the iron manacles, and pulling him back. Edward stumbled on the small step forward, then regained his balance.

"It is entirely my discretion whether your hands remain bound or free," Roy told him as he unlocked the heavy things, and dropped them to the ground with a dull heavy thud. "And either way, you are still not free. Do you understand?"

Ed rubbed his left wrist with his right hand, and said nothing, eyes downcast and off to the side. Roy reached out and hooked a finger under the collar around Ed's neck, forcing his face back around and up. "Answer me."

"Yes," Ed said softly, grudgingly, and tried to look down again as soon as he had. Roy did not release him.

"Now." Once he thought the message had been made clear, Roy let go of Ed's collar and stepped back. "I released your hands for a purpose. Take off your shirt."

Ed's eyes narrowed, then widened. "What, with you watching?" he said in disbelief.

Roy knew Edward was dense, but this was ridiculous. He didn't even deign to answer the question, just gave the boy a withering stare until his involuntary intake of breath showed that he had caught on. Edward opened his mouth to protest, but apparently thought better, and slowly reached for the hem of his dirty prison shirt.

"Good." Roy's mouth curled in a small smile. "Once you're done with the shirt, go on to the rest of it." Not that there was all that much else; his boots had been taken away from him long ago, and he'd followed Roy into his apartment in only sock feet. He rewarded Ed's obedience with a small concession; as the boy's hands moved slowly towards the drawstring band of the pants, he turned and paced a few steps towards the wardrobe. He thought he had something in here... ah, yes.

He turned around, and took in the sight as he walked slowly back over to the boy. Fullmetal had always been beautiful, even when he was barely more than a child in a coat too large for him and a name too heavy; but puberty had snuck in there somewhere, creeping in under the many layers and the misleading shortness of stature, and the hard life that Ed had lived for his brother's sake showed up clearly in every hard muscle, ever scar on the skin. Roy barely restrained from licking his lips in anticipation. Good. Very good.

Ed flinched slightly when Roy snapped the leash onto the leather of the collar, but he didn't protest. Even better. Roy's own voice when he spoke held a bit of hoarseness of its own. "Now undo my shirt."

Ed swallowed hard, a visible pressure moving against the collar, and slowly moved to do so. An small, involuntary smile curled half of Roy's mouth, as Ed's golden head bent before him. That was more enjoyable than he'd expected, looking down on that slim form, and he was looking forward to more of it. "My belt. Take it off."

It was laughable; Ed barely had to bend down to reach his belt. Roy chuckled at the thought, but decided not to say it; there would be plenty of time to remind him about it later, once Ed was more ingrained into his new role. "Kneel, Edward."

A slight hitch of his breath, and then Edward slowly did so. The soft whisper of the leather leash pooling against the carpet accompanied the muffled thumps of his knees hitting the floor. This new position brought him nearly eye-level with Roy's groin, which was showing a distinctive bulge. Lust lowered Roy's voice as he instructed him, "Now undo my pants and take out what you find there."

"You fucking pervert," Ed burst out, breathing heavily as his anger escaped the restraints he'd put on it. gold eyes looked up at him, practically smoldering with the heat of their anger and—disgust. That was not acceptable. Anger was to be expected, disgust was not allowed. "You're sick, d'you know that? A fucking pedophile."

In one swift motion Roy brought his foot up and stomped firmly on the slack of the leash, yanking Edward's head sharply down to the ground. Ed yelled with surprise, and his right hand flew to his neck, tugging frantically at the leather until Roy's other boot pressed it to the floor.

Casually, Roy reached over and grabbed the boy's other hand as it flailed around, whether to strike him or just to claw at the collar he didn't know. It was easy enough to wrench his arm behind his back, pulling it up until a muffled cry of pain escaped Edward's lips, barely inches from the floor.

"I will not tolerate insolence," Roy said coldly. He had all the leverage he needed, he cold hold Ed in this position indefinitely. "I no longer have to put up with your insults and resistance, boy. Have you forgotten that I am in control not only of your life, but that of your brother's, as well? His safety at the hands of the medical personnel is contingent entirely on my report of your good behavior."

"No!" Ed gasped out, and twisted frantically in Roy's hold; Roy lifted his arm another inch, and Ed bit back a scream. "No, no, please, I'll do what you say, Co... Roy..."

Now they were back on track. Roy smiled slightly, but did not ease the pressure, yet. "You will address me," he said, "as Master. And you will obey my orders when I give them, without complaint, no matter how distasteful you find them. Is that clear?"

A long moment of internal struggle, of ragged breathing, and then Roy felt the resistance go out of Ed's body, and that downturned head nodded once.

"Good." Roy released Ed's arm, and took his boot off Edward's arm, but did not yet step off the leash. Now to test it. "Lick my boot."

Ed hesitated, a shudder running through his small, crouched form, but Roy expected that, and waited. He didn't have to repeat himself. Indeed, after a moment Ed lowered his head the final inch and pressed his mouth against Roy's boot.

He couldn't feel it, of course, not through the layers of leather and cloth, but it sent a shiver up Roy's spine anyway, the thrill of it. For a moment, he considered going back to his original plan, the one that would put that lovely little mouth on Roy's cock, but then discarded it. There were better possibilities at hand.

He stepped back, off the leash, then reached down and took Edward's arm, hauling him to his feet. Ed kept his face lowered, until Roy took hold of his chin and forced him to look up again. This time, he kissed Edward, forceful and demanding but not punishing. Ed apparently understood implicit commands as well as spoken ones, because he parted his lips easily, offering no resistance as Roy's tongue plundered his soft mouth.

Edward tasted faintly of leather, faintly of iron—his tongue brushed over an irregular patch on the inside of Ed's lip, and Ed flinched; had that been the result of some blow?—but mostly he just tasted of himself, sweet and young and hot with the passion and the will to live and succeed and love. Roy did not want to crush that passion; he wanted to own it. Shape it. Make it his...

He ran his hands over Ed's body, softly this first time. Ed shivered and flinched when Roy's hands passed over his ribs, his stomach, his flanks; sensitive places, where he was not accustomed to being touched. He jerked as though shocked when Roy's fingers brushed briefly over his groin, but Roy did not linger, sweeping around to grasp Ed's ass and knead with enough sudden pressure to make Ed jump. Ah, so sweet. So very, very sweet.

He broke the kiss, and pulled back a little, enough to read the humiliation and confusion in Ed's eyes. "There are advantages to compliance, which you will learn, Edward," he told him.

Defiance sparked briefly in Ed's eyes again. "Keep your damn advantages," he muttered. "I don't want them."

"You don't have a choice in the matter." Roy took a step back, then turned and paced into his bedroom. "Come here."

Slowly, Ed followed, his footsteps light on the carpet in comparison to Roy's heavy boots. Roy ignored him as he went to the table by his nightstand, and opened the drawer. He quickly found what he was looking for, and turned to find Ed standing in the middle of the bedroom, surveying it with a sort of wary curiosity.

He started a little when Roy pressed the small object into his hands, and looked up at Roy's face questioningly. Asking for instruction, for direction. Ah, so sweet. "The bathroom is over there," Roy told him, indicating a door on the far wall. "Go in there and clean yourself out, and get ready for me. How much it will hurt when I take you will depend entirely on how well you do it."

Ed's mouth dropped open, and a furious blush suffused his face. Roy had to smile to see it. He cut across Ed's opening stammers: "I trust you are, at least, familiar in theory with the mechanics of anal sex?"

A long pause, and then, "Yes, Master" Ed admitted, almost painfully. "I... know the idea."

"Good." Roy put his hands on Ed's shoulders and turned him around, pushing him towards the bathroom. "You have fifteen minutes, no more. And remember, any messes you make, you will be cleaning later."

If possible, Ed's flush deepened even further at this mention of subservience, but he hung his head and left for the bathroom. Roy glanced at the clock, then stretched himself out on his bed comfortably to wait. Idly he kicked off his boots, unsnapped his pants, and pulled his erection out of his pants to stroke it while he waited.

Ed took seventeen minutes, but Roy decided not to push the matter. He gave the boy a lazy smile as he stepped cautiously out of the bathroom, mincing his steps in a very familiar way.

"Good." Roy pushed himself off the bed, and leaned one arm casually against one of the footposts. "Come here and get on the bed."

Ed did so, moving carefully, and Roy had to chuckle at the thought of how much more oddly Ed was going to be walking when they finished. But when Ed started to lay down on his back, Roy stopped him.

"Tie your leash to the post," he instructed him. "Then get on your hands and knees."

As expected, Ed's jaw clenched with anger at being forced to reinforce the idea of his own humility, but for his safety's sake—or Alphonse's—he complied. Roy smiled wolfishly as he climbed up onto the bed behind Ed, undoing his clothes only enough for what was necessary for the act. He liked being clothed while Ed was naked, and he expected to be seeing a lot of it in the future.

He ran his hand over one firm cheek, pushed Ed open long enough to slip his thumb inside to check his readiness. Not bad; the boy was slick and yielding, but still so much hotter, so much tighter than any woman would be.

He inched forward on the bed, almost awkwardly, until he could place the head of his cock at Ed's entrance and begin to push. Ed drew in a hissing breath, and started to make some movement, which he quickly aborted. Roy slid his other hand around Ed's body, and grasped his cock, which made that lithe body jump and clench most appreciably. "You are not allowed to touch yourself at all," he told Ed, almost as an afterthought, sliding his hand away again.

He heard Ed swallow; he couldn't see Ed's expression, but he could imagine it. "You could just tie my hands to the damn bedpost, if that's what you want," he said, and his voice was unsteady.

"No need for that," Roy said, and his own voice gave an undignified shiver as he pushed all the way in, because the tunnel of heat and tightness he was entering was very distracting. He could almost forget about Ed, forget about the leash, the nakedness, certainly forgot about Alphonse and anything else outside this bedroom, this bed. All that mattered was pulling out, and thrusting again, and Ed submitted under him, Ed took him in, because he had no choice.

"After all, you aren't my prisoner," he said between harsh unsteady breaths, between thrusts. "You are my slave."

Ed's breath hitched, in what was almost a whimper, and his hands fisted in the sheets. Roy smiled grimly, and increased the pace of his thrusts; He still kept them steady, not too fast, and not too hard; he didn't need to be harsh. This was already so good, too good to be believed.

He ran his hands up and down Ed's back, over the sharp bones of his hips and the smooth expanse of his thighs, enjoying the trembling of Ed's skin. Because he could, he brushed his fingers over the tip of Ed's cock; he enjoyed wringing sort rough sounds out of the boy's throat, making his hands twist and bunch in the sheets as Ed struggled to obey his orders.

When he came it was almost too soon, if it hadn't been so glorious. He slumped over Ed's back, groaning, until the bent over position began to cramp his back. Damn, but he was getting old.

Although he was spent, he didn't quite want to withdraw from Ed yet; not when the boy was so rigidly stiff and trembling. Instead, he toppled over onto his side, pulling Edward with him as he went, and Ed gasped slightly as Roy shifted around inside him.

Roy was always in the mood to cuddle a bit after sex, so he did, pulling Ed in his arms regardless of what Edward felt in the matter. He rested his chin on Ed's shoulder, idly stroking one hand up and down his front.

"You are enjoying this more than I expected," Roy murmured, running his fingers up and down Ed's erect, quivering cock. Ed took a breath, but didn't dare protest, or even worse, assent. Roy grinned slightly and took the choice away from him, pinching his fingers slightly at the tip and wringing a soft cry from Ed's throat.

It was enormously pleasing to hear, and after that, nothing would do but to see how many involuntary noises he could force out of Ed's mouth before he finally stroked him to orgasm.

"How was that?" Roy asked idly, later, as he held his lover's silent, pliable form in his arms. "Good?"

"Great," Ed said, voice muffled by the pillow he'd buried his face in. "Knew you'd be good at playing conquistador, you bastard. You enjoyed every minute of that, didn't you?"

Roy chuckled. "Of course," he said, but then sobered slightly. "But I wouldn't have done it if I thought you couldn't handle it, Ed, whether you asked or not. You know that."

"Yeah, I know." Ed shrugged, and wriggled out of Roy's arms enough to turn around, hissing slightly as his lover slipped out of his body. "What, I'm tough. I can handle a little rough play and dirty talk."

"Indeed you can." Roy fell silent, just stroking his hand down Ed's side in the afterglow. Ed seemed to have something on his mind, that inhibited his usual dirty talk, and Roy patiently waited it out.

"Would you really?" Ed said finally, voice oddly wistful. "I mean... if I did restore Al... if I could... but we got arrested afterwards, would you really put your career on the line for... us?"

For me, he meant, and Roy understood that implicitly. "Yes," he said simply. "I would."

Ed blinked at him, golden eyes wide and oddly vulnerable, before he managed to shutter it and gave a cynical-sounding snort.

Roy grinned, and added, "How could I resist the prospect of a sexy blond slave in my bed and catering to my every whim?"

Ed growled warningly, and Roy barely cleared the bed before an automail fist landed where a rather sensitive region of his anatomy had been. He rolled off the side of the bed, now laughing outright at Ed's outraged indignation, especially when Ed tried to follow him and found himself brought up short by the leash still tied to the bedpost.

"Mustang! Come back here, you asshole! What did you do with the damn key?" Ed shouted as Roy prudently vacated the bedroom. He wasn't too worried; after all, with his clothes on, and Ed still naked, he had a considerable head start.