"Do your worst." Edward glared defiantly, despite the chains. "I won't make the Stone for you people, no matter what."

Envy scoffed at him, pacing around the tiny, soundproofed room. "Oh, sure, pipsqueak, you talk a big front. But maybe I don't care about the Stone. Maybe I just want to torture you."

Ed snorted. "Oh, I'm so scared," he said in a falsetto. "Except you can't get the Stone from me if I'm dead or catatonic, and anything else, well, I've had worse than a soulless lump of clay like you can dish out."

The two exchanged sneers for a moment. They were interrupted by a knock, and Envy whirled towards the door. "We'll see about that, huh?"

Despite his brave words, when Envy turned away Edward took a moment to swallow and settle himself. Alphonse would come and rescue him soon, he was sure of that, so he only had to hold out till then. His resolution drooped a little lower, though, when the door swung open and Sloth came in.

She's not my mother, he reminded himself again, firmly; it's just a creature with her face. Someday I'll have to destroy her... when I get out of here, assuming I survive that long. But it's definitely not my mother. She doesn't even really look like her, anyway, and she definitely doesn't sound like her or act like her at all.

She looked towards him, face betraying no expression at seeing him there, and gave him a cool nod. "Hello, Edward, my son."

Edward's eye twitched. He muttered something uncomplimentary under his breath, then steeled himself for whatever was coming. "All right, already, enough foreplay. Break out the pliers, or whatever."

Envy shot him a smirking glance; then, confusingly, the two homunculi ignored him entirely. He turned back towards Sloth, who inclined her head towards him gravely, and then...

...started taking her clothes off.

"What... the..." Ed nearly choked on the words, and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head before he managed to squeeze them shut. No. Nononono he was not seeing. He was not seeing his mother's lookalike get naked on the floor in front of him, and he was not seeing that foul creature Envy start to make out with her.

A strangled squeak escaped his mouth, and he clamped his eyes tightly closed. Right. He saw their little game. They wanted to freak him out, break his mind into little pieces. He could resist. All he had to do was not look. No matter how bizarre the noises they were making, not five feet away...

Oh God, it could not be natural for anyone's tongue to be that long.

Not my mother not my mother not my mother not my mother, Ed chanted to himself, his own personal little mantra. He squirmed, surreptitiously testing the chains; now would be a really great time to break for the door, while his captors were... distracted. Unfortunately, there was no give in his manacles, and Ed groaned and hung limply in the bonds.

Fine. He could endure. It was... disconcerting, sure, but that was all. Sloth was not his mother, because his mother definitely would never have been doing that with Envy, so the illusion was pretty thin on the ground.

He heard another crackle, but refused to look. Whatever weird kinky homunculus things they were doing, he could ignore it.

"Been a while since we had the whole family together," a familiar, deep, rough voice said. "Eh, son? Maybe this time around we can give you a little brother or a sister, what would you say to that?"

Edward couldn't help it. His eyes popped open despite himself.

And he screamed.