mikkeneko & kaltia


This was a mistake, Ed thought. Still, it seemed hard to hold onto that when Al's head was between his legs, hands braced on his thighs, and he was sucking and bobbing at just the right speed and it felt so good, his tongue writhing over the head of his cock, dipping into the slit and under the foreskin and ah, god.

"You like that, brother?" Al's eyes were half-lidded, their smoky bronze hidden. He climbed up Ed's body, seating himself comfortably in his brother's lap, and wound his hands around his neck.

"Mmm," Ed said, and tried not to look at Al's hair, ruffled by eager, pawing hands, or his mouth, slightly swollen from the kisses Ed had pressed on him as soon as he'd stepped through the door. There was still that nagging sense of something being wrong, but it was hard to decide what when his brother was so warm, so close, so invitingly naked.

"Do you want me?" Al asked, leaning forward so that his lips were barely half an inch away from Ed's own.

"Of course I want you," Ed replied, a touch of irritation in his voice. What was Al playing at? "I've always wanted you."

"I thought you might," Al said with a laugh, leaning forward and nibbling gently on Ed's lower lip. The older brother tilted his head up, giving his brother further access, and Al hungrily deepened the kiss.

It was when he tried to get an arm around Al waist, to pull him closer, to press them skin to skin, that he realised what that 'something wrong' was. "Al."

"No," Al said briefly, not even looking to see what was wrong. "I'm not untying you from that table leg for another fifteen minutes yet, brother."

Ed sighed, and nuzzled his brother's neck. "I left the lube on the desk after last night," he said. "You've got fifteen minutes. Make it quick."

"Fifteen minutes will be too much, brother," Al replied, but he was grinning as he said it. He pushed himself up off Ed and made his way back towards the bedroom, whistling as he did so.

Ed closed his eyes and smirked. It had, perhaps, been a stupid idea to pounce on Al like that the instant he got home, but it had been a long day, a very long day; filled with idiots and Mustang's damn sarcasm, and had seemed to want to never end. It had been one hell of a relief to get home to Al, although now he thought about it, practically jumping on his poor brother hadn't been among the nicest of things he could have done. It had certainly surprised the hell out of Al, sitting on the couch reading at the time, and that probably explained why Ed found himself tied to the table.

Though having said that, the lingering ache in his cock pointed out that maybe it hadn't been that bad an idea.

He stretched his legs out and sighed, rolling his shoulders. Al was due to release him in fifteen minutes for dinner, and his stomach rumbled pitifully at the thought. Damn. "AL," he yelled, "HURRY UP!"

There was a series of thumps, the sound of feet on the stairs, and Al entered the living room, a small bottle in his hand. He paused to run a hand through his sweat-damp hair, grin, and make his way over to Ed's side. "I'm going to," he said, uncorking it deftly as he crouched in front of his brother.

"It's about damn time," Ed muttered, gathering his legs underneath him. His shoulders complained when he pushed himself up but he ignored them, instead scooting forward to setle on Al's lap.

"Sorry, brother," Al said absently, hooking his chin over Ed's shoulder and pouring oil over his fingers without looking. "Lift your hips up a little."

Ed grumbled and his upper back, this time, protested the movement; Al wrapped an arm around his waist and trailed the tip of a finger between his legs, brushing over his entrance before pushing slightly in.

Ed didn't make a sound as his brother prepared him, feeling nothing but a kind of awkward burn. Any pain was drowned out by that of the muscles in his back and shoulders, and he gritted his teeth and shifted only once or twice. He'd only come maybe five minutes ago, but Al's fingers in him felt so very good, and he could feel certain parts of him stirring back to life. Al chuckled softly at this, and he blushed, but a few seconds later his brother withdrew his fingers and kissed him on the stomach.

Ed promptly straddled Al's lap again, watching quietly as his brother oiled himself then dropped the little bottle on the carpet. The cap hadn't been screwed on and the contents leaked out, but a second later Al's hands were on his hips, gently guiding him down. It was an unusual angle, and Ed gritted his teeth and leaned back against the supporting table leg to make it easier.

"Relax," Al whispered, his hands tightening comfortingly on Ed's hips.

"Trying," Ed replied through gritted teeth, wrapping his legs firmly around Al's waist. "Ah—"

"That's all of it," Al said softly, as Ed gasped for air. With his hands tied behind his back, leaning away from his younger brother, skin shimmering with sweat and chest rising and falling rapidly, he looked wonderful, and the warm tightness of him wasn't helping. "I'm going to start moving."

"Fine," Ed replied eventually, after a few moments of panting, and wriggled his hips a little bit. Al gritted his teeth against the pleasure the movement gave him, and thrust into his brother on a long, slow motion.

Ed arched up, then slumped back, panting. Al's hands tightened on his hips and he draw back out a little and then thrust in again. Ed's thighs against his sides were slippery with sweat, and his eyes were lidded as he moaned softly, unintelligible. Al licked his lips and settled into an easy, rocking motion, some part of him remembering to keep a watch on Ed's body language beyond the haze of his own pleasure for the tell-tale signs of Ed's climax approaching.

Ed bucked desperately, flexing between Al and the table leg. The added tension of having his arms tied, restrained into a position that made sex awkward, was only driving the fever-heat higher. And Al's face as he fucked him, watching him intently even as he gasped through an open mouth, was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen.

He whimpered helplessly, twisting up against the ropes as he rocked on Al's lap, eyes squeezing shut despite himself. He needed—he needed—

Al thrust in hard, and Ed shouted with pleasure as he hit just the right spot, sending sparks flying behind his eyes. "Ah! God, do that again!" he cried, and Al obliged, fingers digging into his hips as he pulled him farther up on his lap for a better angle.

Another burst of searing pleasure, and another, and Ed cried out as his entire being caught fire. A knowing, slick hand caught his cock, pumping in time to his desperate, ragged thrusts, and Ed moaned in appreciation. "Yes! Oh God yes, Roy!"


That was the first thought that crossed his mind as he slowly regained his wits, panting, sprawled across Al's lap with sticky liquid slowly cooling in his lap and between his thighs. His shoulders and thighs ached, but Al was slowly petting his chest and stomach, and it felt too good just to relax and melt into the touch, despite the increasingly uncomfortable position. Maybe Al hadn't heard...

"Roy?" Al said, puzzled.

Erk. Or maybe he had. Ed chuckled nervously, sneaking a peek up at Al's face. He didn't seem mad... "It was a while ago," he offered nervously. "Before your time. He's, uh, well, he was a persistent bastard... You're not mad, are you?"

"No. Why would I be?" Al smiled at him, and rubbed a hand over Ed's back, wiping off the mixture of lube and semen there. Ed breathed a short sigh of relief, that turned into a grunt of discomfort as Al grabbed his hips and slowly eased out of him. He slumped to the floor with a groan, feeling the aching muscles start up again, and Al stood up and headed into the bathroom.

Several passed, and Ed began to squirm. He really needed to go clean up. At last Al came out of the bathroom, but instead of coming back, he headed into the kitchen. "Uh, Al?" Ed called nervously as he passed him. "Fifteen minutes?"

"What was that?" Al poked his head out of the kitchen.

"It's been fifteen minutes," Ed repeated.

"No, not fifteen minutes. An hour," Al said, and smiled sweetly. Ed gawked at him.


"Starting... now, brother," Al said, checking some kind of timer. Ed began to sputter.

"Oh—you—sneaky—Al, come back and let me go now, you little bastard, or else I'm going to—"

"Two hours, brother!"