velvet mace


Admittedly it was fun to tease Fullmetal. A sly word here
or there, a double entendre designed to bring a flush to his cheek, some bit
of innuendo that would get a rise out of him. Yes, it was, frankly, a hell of
a lot of fun. But Roy didn't take it seriously, and neither did Ed. There was
really only one person who seemed to think there was more to it than just some
gentle ribbing.

That person was sitting in front of his desk, trying to
kill him with a smile.

"So," said Ling. "I was thinking, perhaps my father can
buy out Ed's contract."

He was shifting about in his seat like an uncomfortable
6 year old. Running his hand nervously down the side of his brightly colored
jacket, then reaching up to give his thick pony tail a completely unnecessary
tug to straighten out it's utterly symmetrical placement.

Roy hid his smugness behind "the wall." Though there was
no trace of expression on his face, but for the slightest upturn of his lips,
behind his dark eyes he was actually giddy. He sensed an opportunity to verbally
joust with the young man, who admittedly, was almost as good at making people
jump through his hoops as Roy was.

"His contract is not for sale." said Roy, dead panned.
He raised an eyebrow. "How would that look if Amestria sold one of its finest
alchemists to Xing... to be a sex object for a prince."

For the first time Ling actually flushed. Roy felt a pleasant
warmth spread in his chest. Hah. Gotcha. The first point goes to Mustang.
"He would hardly be a sex object. He would be my—"



And Roy couldn't help it. He laughed. Ling just looked
at him stupidly. Admittedly this wasn't the prince's first language, but by
now Ling must have picked up that the word "wife" was only used for women. Surely,
Ed would have driven that point in by now, repeatedly, and with his fist. Oh,
if only there were a tape recorder in the room.

"This is the second time you've come to me with this request,"
said Roy. "I'm beginning to wonder what part of 'no' isn't translating."

"You just want him for yourself," said Ling, bitterly,
and then they both held still a moment. Roy knew Ling worried this, but he'd
never come out and openly accused Roy before.

"Not at all," said Roy after an awkward silence.

"Then why did you keep the negatives?" Again the silence
was thick.

Yes, that. About a month ago he'd come across thirty-six
photographs in Ling's belongings. They turned out to be pictures documenting
a rather naughty bout of sex between Ling and Ed. Roy had given back the photographs
but had filched the negatives—As possible blackmail material to keep either
Ed or the prince in line, or so he thought at the time.

Sometimes Roy wondered why he'd done that... well, no,
not why he'd taken the negatives so much as why he'd made copies of them. Well,
not even why he'd made copies, but rather why he actually took the time to mount
them in a scrapbook and then keep them by his bed. Just in case he was... bored
or something.

It was good for a laugh. But it wasn't because Roy really
wanted Ed. Though he had to admit the two looked... well, damn good together,
and the collection fit in rather well with other magazines he kept on that shelf.
It suited his tastes better, in fact, than most of his porn collection. Maybe
it was just that he actually knew the participants, and could visualize them
three dimensionally...

Oh, all right. Point two goes to Ling.

"Blackmail material," said Roy at last, shaking his head
to pull it back into the room. "I suspect you'd rather they not get out."

The fine muscles around Ling's eyes twitched, though the
young man did an impressive job of keeping a casual continence. "What do I care.
I imagine it's well known by now that Ed and I are lovers."

Roy slid a gloved hand under his chin and briefly stroked
his own lips with his thumb. It was hard to keep the wide grin back. "Yes, perhaps,
but does Ed know I have those pictures? How would he feel if, say, one of the
photos of him in a dress showed up in the break room."

Ling flinched. Point three goes to Mustang.

"Very well. I can wait six more months." Ling sighed.
He stood up and brushed his coat down one last time before giving Roy a curt

Roy ducked his head a mere fraction of an inch in acknowledgement,
and then watched the young man go.

That was fun, he thought. He let his fingers flutter a
moment over his mouth as he considered his options. Blackmailing Ling outright
wouldn't be...well... SPORTING, but they had run into each other enough times
now that the young Xingian was fair game for a little... mischief.

Roy thought of the dress that Ling had managed to talk
Ed into for the photo session. That must have taken some fine play of words
to arrange. Not bad, not bad at all. But what would he do when he was up against
the master himself?

Stealing Havoc's girlfriends had become stale, and teasing
Ed into tantrums was at most a momentary thrill. It was time for a new challenge.
Ling would fit the bill. Ah but what was there of Ling's worth taking? The prince
was chronically poor, too flighty to be set on a chore, too high ranking to
humiliate... what was left?

He thought about the pictures again. Stealing Ed would
be the obvious thing... and a mighty tempting one. But sleeping with ones direct
subordinates was a sticky issue. Ling on the other hand... Well, he was a civilian.
And rather on the beautiful side himself. And actually, fully half the reason
why kept those photos by his bedside.

Roy's grin widened.

Ling paused outside the building. Damn it, those pictures
were coming back to bite him already. And Mustang STILL wasn't allowing him
to take his true love out of the country. Six months... an eternity!

Oh, Mustang had him, all right. Worse, Mustang knew it,
that bastard. He was almost as manipulative as Ling was. For that, the prince
had to give him some grudging respect.

Of course, the operative word was ALMOST. Ling was the
master when it came to getting others to do his bidding. It was so rare to be
stymied and denied that it was almost unheard of.

Ling sat down on the steps oblivious to the foot traffic
around him. Rubbing his chin he considered his options. Mustang must have a
weakness somewhere. Sure he had that poker face that let almost nothing of his
true intents past, but actions spoke as well. What had the man done...

Well, Mustang had kept the negatives of Ed and him having
sex. Ling began to smile. Yes, he'd seen a bit of awkwardness there when he
mentioned that. Mustang was, by reputation, a bit of a player. It was easy to
turn a man's lust against him. In the throws of passion, people promised all
sorts of things, and in the warm glow afterwards they were likely to follow
up on those promises.

Or, so Ling had been lead to believe. That was something
of the way it worked out with Ed... only ... (and Ling scratched his head) it
seemed rather that lately he'd been making the promises to Ed rather than the
other way around. Hmmm. He'd have to work on that.

In the meantime, he'd study Mustang, and figure the best
way to seduce him. If luck held, Ling would have those negatives AND Ed's contract
by the end of the week.

He stood up again and looked up at the building. Mustang
would never know what hit him.

Luck was with Roy and three days later he got his first
opportunity to put his scheme into play. He walked into his favorite coffee
shop and saw Ling, alone, sitting at a booth, looking out a window.

Roy slid into the seat across from him. Ling jumped and
blinked. "Why, Colonel, it's good to see you."

"And you," said Roy. He glanced around the room and caught
the waitress's eye. She nodded knowingly and went off to get his order ready.

Ling cocked his head. "Do you come here often?"

"Almost every day about this time," said Roy.

"What a happy coincidence."

"Yes," Roy's eyes narrowed. It was quite... what was the
prince up to? "Is Ed around?"

Ling's face took on a comically tragic frown. "Alas, he's
run off again. Some mission I do think you already know about."

"Ah yes, of course," said Roy. "It was last minute. Very

Ling leaned forward. "Oh you don't need to keep it secret
from me," he said.

"Since you are a reprehensive of another nation, it would
be indiscrete if I divulged the details of his mission."

Ling reached out a hand and impulsively grabbed Roy's.
His eyes were wide with fear. "But those are the most dangerous sorts, surely
you wouldn't send him out alone without proper escort."

The irony of that statement made Roy laugh. Ed and his
brother had been getting themselves in and out of treacherous situations without
an escort practically from the moment they'd turned double digits. Ed sneered
at the suggestion that he needed any safeguarding. Al just seemed bemused by
the concept, as though the thought that anything could seriously threaten him
was inconceivable.

"I'm sure Alphonse will keep his brother out of harm's
way." Actually, thought Roy, amused, Ling's melodramatic act was playing rather
well into his hands. Roy slid his hand about to give Ling's a comforting squeeze.
"He will be quite fine, I'm sure."

Ling's shoulders hung in exaggerated defeat. "I suppose I have nothing to do
but to wait and bite my fingernails to the bone"

"Oh you don't want to do that, however, if you are in
need of some distraction while he is away, perhaps you'd care to join me. I
was planning on going to the cinema after I finish my lunch." Roy reached out
his free hand and gently patted the back of Ling's arm with it. They were both
leaning rather far over the table.

The young man looked upon him with doeish appreciation.
"Thank you for your concern. Such an offer is greatly appreciated."

Mustang kept his smile warm, but inwardly he gloated over
the ease with which he'd talked the prince into a date. Mustang charm was a
lethal weapon. The poor man had no idea what he was up against.

The waitress grunted slightly and the two simultaneously
jerked and then pulled back to their respective sides of the table. She placed
their coffees down and left them with just the slightest amused snort.

After the movie, Ling was able to talk Roy into a walk through the gardens.
He frankly hadn't expected the man to accept, since he'd hardly even begun to
turn on the charm. But Mustang could clearly see his innate wit and intelligence.
As they wandered the narrow paths of the public arboretum, Ling wowed the older
alchemist with his stories of valor, and in return Mustang related his not so
inconsiderable feats.

Ling took a moment to appreciate Mustang as he stooped
to smell a rose. There was definite grace to this man, and the lines of his
body were pleasing to look at. Ling considered, he was a good deal older than
Ling, but still possessing of a masculine beauty that transcended age. Who was
to say an Emperor's consorts needed to be close in age?

He would, Ling considered thoughtfully, look quite good
dressed in silk. Yes, dark blue silk, open at the chest and gathered in at the
waist. Yes, Ling could see him, lying back on a rainbow of pillows while the
wind gently stirred the gauzy bed curtains around him.

"Ah, prince," he would say, "I was hoping you'd choose
me today."

"Hmm?" said Ling suddenly realizing that Mustang had said
something, and not the endearing words of his fantasy.

"I asked if Roses grew in Xing."

"Oh, yes," said Ling. "My father keeps quite a garden
of them at his spring palace. One day I would love to show you them." And in
his minds eye Mustang would be standing on one side of Ling and Ed on the other,
both equally delighted at his company and the wonders he chose to share with

"You seem distracted," said Mustang.

"Ah, I was just thinking how well you'd fit in at my father's

The seduction was going rather better than Roy had hoped,
thought as of yet the prince hadn't even caught on to the fact it was
a seduction. Roy hid his smirk, and instead carefully kept his expression mildly
appreciative. The young Xing prince warmed up and relaxed.

As they wandered through the arboretum, discussing both
the aesthetic and scientific value of individual varietals, cracks began to
form in Ling's ridiculous façade. The overly dramatic expressions gradually
faded to more natural ones, and he caught the prince looking at him with a speculative

Really, when the young man wasn't being such a complete
buffoon, he was quite attractive. Roy found himself admiring Ling's thick mane
of hair. It was glossy and so deeply black it almost seemed blue. The young
man's face had lost most of the softness of childhood, and despite his young
age, he carried himself with poise and purpose.

He moved like some large cat, Roy thought as Ling strode
on ahead. His stride is so powerful, yet controlled. He walks with such a
light, sure step.
Roy remembered the photographs, and the flexible positions
the Prince took. Hidden under the brightly colored coat were smooth lean muscles.
Hidden behind those innocent looking eyes was a naughty, naughty mind, indeed.

Roy bit his lip, and forced his mind to safer thoughts.
He was getting ahead of himself. No need to scare away the young man with overt
lust. He needed to put the young man at ease, set the tone, make it seem the
most natural thing in the world when Mustang tripped him onto the bed and ravished
him senseless.

"Ling, have you ever eaten at the Chateau de Lait?" Mustang

"I don't believe so."

"It really has the most interesting and unusual fondues."

"Ah, cheese!" Ling said with almost child-like enthusiasm.

"Off we go then."

The wonderful thing about fondue, Ling found, was that
it was so very interactive. The two of them shared a plate full of various delectables
and it became something of a contest as to who could spear a morsel first.

This game had rules, Ling discovered to his great pleasure.
One had to wait until the other had finished eating his last bite. Then their
eyes would meet over the narrow table, in acknowledgement. Then Ling, say, would
lift a long thin fork and hold it, hovering indecisively near the sausage for
a moment before veering suddenly off to the broccoli. Mustang would then guess
which floret was the goal, and attempt to spear it first.

Ling could see that Mustang was a man who enjoyed playing
it a bit fast and loose with societies rules. That was very useful, Ling considered.
He grinned at the man. This seduction wasn't nearly as tedious as he thought
it would be. In fact it was turning out to be positively fun.

Mustang waited for Ling to finish chewing, then reached
out his fork again. Ling ducked his chin in the briefest of nods and they were
at it again. Going for the wait, the bread. HA!

Their forks managed to sink into the same hunk of sourdough
at the same time. There was a short, unspoken contest where they each attempted
to jiggle the delicacy away from the other. It was all very civilized up to
a point. Unfortunately, the tug of war ended when the piece of bread catapulted
across the room and landed in the folds of a woman customer's shawl.

They had both stared for half a second at the piece of
bread as it seemed to defy gravity, then with incredible slowness, it tumbled
off the shawl, down her arm and onto the floor. The woman straightened her back
and looked around for a moment, then down at the chunk of bread on the floor,
then around again.

Roy and Ling turned their faces back towards each other,
their expressions frozen in equal mixtures of shame and terror. They met eyes,
slowly passed a look of conspiratorial glee between them, and then resumed eating
normally with only the slightest snorts and suppressed chuckles interrupting
the silence.

One of the nice things about this restaurant, Mustang
had learned long ago, was that the help was discrete and polite almost to a
fault. Though Ling indeed had strength and maturity of an adult, he still technically
was too young to drink wine. It did not stop Roy from ordering a bottle, nor
did it stop the waiter from placing two glasses on their table.

Ling's cheeks were a bit rosy, but he handled his drink
quite well, and was nowhere close to drunk, when he waved off Roy's offer to
refill. Which was just as well, as far as Mustang was concerned. Drunk partners
were not particularly interesting bedfellows. They tended not to like being
jiggled too much, and the smell left something to be desired. Ling was at best
a bit tipsy, and even that was something of a stretch.

Comfortable was the word Roy was looking for. And that
was precisely the state Roy was hoping for. Comfortable and somewhat open to
suggestion. Game.

Ling dug in his pockets when the bill came, but Roy quickly
turned to the waiter and said, "Put it on my tab." It was a point of honor that
he paid for his dates. Later on Ling could return the favor in some other way.

"Do you have a hotel you are staying at?" Mustang asked.

Ling stopped in his tracks. The night before he'd slept
in Ed's room... in Ed's bed. Today, who knew where Ed was. He had, in fact right
at that presise moment, been thinking of how he could talk Roy into taking him
home. "I'm afraid I haven't even considered it."

"Well then if you like I can put you up for the night.
I know you are indigen and I have a guest bedroom."

Well, that was easy, thought Ling. He smiled. He'd thought
he'd been pushing his luck with the Colonel, first conning him into spending
the afternoon with him, and then even suckering the man into paying for a rather
expensive dinner. He wondered if Mustang had realized just how date-like the
whole thing had been.

The car came for them, and after a short ride during which
Ling found himself explaining the differences between Pharmacy and Alchemy,
they were deposited outside a rather neat two story A-frame in the depths of
an upper middle class neighborhood. Mustang ushered him in and gave him a brief
tour of the house ending up at the neat, but slightly dusty guest bedroom.

Of course, Ling had no interest in sleeping in the guest
bedroom. It was time to put the charm on full force. He stepped closer to the
older man while maintaining his end of their dialog on alchemy. He did his best
come hither expression, the one that always got Ed to put down whatever he was
doing and...

Mustang smiled at him. Ling realized there was only an
inch or two of height difference between them, just about the time he noticed
how soft and warm the man's eyes were. A moment after that he noticed how warm
his breath felt against his cheek, and how gently Mustang could hold his shoulder

Their lips met in a ghost of a kiss, so tentative it was
almost painful. Ling felt a sharp line of excitement run from his lips down
through his belly to his groin. His breath caught and grew ragged and Mustang
pulled him closer and pressed in for a deeper kiss. Ling let the man tease his
lips apart with his tongue and then delve further in.

Oh my. So different. Other the platonic kisses of his
father on his forehead, and his mother on his cheek, and his servents to his
feet and hands, Ling had only been kissed by Ed. To be honest, Ed wasn't that
great a kisser. Ed tended to kiss like he fought, with swift and unexpected
force, taking Ling's lips hostage.

Mustang's kiss was an entirely different species. His
kisses coaxed and enticed, bribed their way past Ling's defenses. Mustang's
lips coddled his own and promised with small gentle movements how much fun they
could be on other parts of Ling's bodies. Ed's kisses dominated and controlled,
Mustangs infiltrated and subverted.

Those kisses were like a really good slight of hand trick
where the magician distracted the mark with one part of his body while the rest
got away with murder. Which was how Ling failed to even realize his sash had
been untied, and the buttons of his fly undone until his pants fell around his

The Colonel released Ling's mouth long enough to step
back and survey his accomplishment.

Ling blinked. Well, this WAS what he wanted, but he wasn't
expecting it to go so fast. Ed had taken literally MONTHS of wearing down before
he let Ling take his virginity. The Colonel, of course, had no virginity left,
but one would have thought that it would take more than just a an appreciative
ear and a sense of fun to get into the man's pants.

Or perhaps... was he really this easy?

Ling schooled his expression when he caught Mustang looking
his way again. "Is something upsetting you, prince? Are you uncomfortable?"

"To be honest, " said Ling. "I was wondering if you are
this ... accommodating... to everyone you meet."

"Not at all," said Mustang, smiling. "In fact I dare say,
I believe I've given you more of my time and attention than I have given my
last dozen dates. You are a lot less stogy and a lot more entertaining than
anyone I've gone out with in ages. You have entranced me"

Ooooh... that was a good line.

Mustang closed in and claimed his lips again. By the time
he released them again, Ling's coat and shirt had joined his pants on the floor.

"Are you afraid, young prince," murmured Mustang. "Just
say no, and I'll stop." He reached around the back of the prince's head and
pulled the band from his hair. For a moment Mustang just ran his fingers through
the strong thick strands.

"I... I'm not afraid," Ling said. Ed never played with
Ling's hair. This was a new experience. It was nice.

"You are trembling." Mustang knelt in front of him in
what seemed like a gesture of respect and deference until Ling realized it was
to lift his foot and remove his shoe. Mustang tossed the slippers out into the
room with casual indifference. "Am I moving too fast?"

Part of Ling wanted to say "yes," for he suspected he
was being had. But no, he thought, this was exactly where he wanted Mustang.
He was planning on seducing the man, it was if anything convenient that the
man had the same idea in mind. The important thing was getting those negatives
back, and convince him to move up the time table on Ed's contract.

Mustang was pushing him back towards the guest bed. Ling
fell over backwards onto the coverlet. A cloud of dust wafted up and the air
took a brown tint for a moment. Both of them coughed. When the air cleared.
Mustang waved his hand about. "Well, that was embarrassing."

Ling blinked his watering eyes. "You should fire your

"It's been ages since I had an overnight guest... well,
one who stayed down here. I'm afraid in my country it's rather rare to have
servants. But perhaps if this bed is too dusty, you'd accept an alternative."

"Only if it's the one you plan on sleeping in," said Ling,
and then he smiled at his own cleverness.

Mustang grinned. "Oh yes."

Ling was not a virgin, thank goodness. If he had been, Roy would have felt a
bit bad about using him this way. There wouldn't be any great surprises for
the young man tonight. Only a rather pleasant interlude with a new partner.
Perspective, thought Roy.

Part of Mustang was a bit disappointed at how easy it
was to maneuver the young man into his bed. He'd been rather looking forward
to coaxing away Ling's fears. Part of the fun of seduction was in finding which
words would put his partner at ease, and which ones would make him eager to
do Roy's bidding.

Perhaps it was because Ling was such a young man. Fifteen
was no so long ago that Roy didn't remember how driven his hormones had made
him. Roy remembered distinctly hopping into the beds of people he didn't even
know very well simply because they were willing and he was horny. It shouldn't
have come as a surprise that Ling would be similarly willing to shed his clothes
for a man who he had, only days earlier, felt intense jealousy towards.

Ling was already naked, it was merely a matter of pressing
him down on the, this time, clean cotton sheets of his own King sized mattress.
Ling shimmied up onto the bed with enough eagerness, but as Roy leaned over
to plant a line of kisses from his ear to his shoulder, the clever little minx
did something rather unexpected.

Ling hooked his leg around Mustangs and deftly flipped
him up onto the mattress next to him. Roy did nothing but blink with surprise
when Ling then leapt on top of his back and grabbed first one leg, than the
other and removed his boots amazing swiftness.

Ling slid off and then flipped him over. This kid
is strong,
Roy mused with amazement. He felt Ling's fingers free his belt
and quickly master the fastenings of his pants. It seemed within seconds he
was as bare below the waist as Ling.

"You seem to have practice with this," Roy managed to

"These military uniforms come off rather easily," Ling
remarked, smiling in a way that seemed more predatory than it had moments earlier.

Well, well, it looked like the game was still on after
all. Did the prince think he was going to top? If so, he had something of a
surprise coming. Roy let the young man remove the rest of his clothes, lulling
the boy into a false sense of accomplishment and then...

With a sudden movement, Roy caught Ling under the armpits,
and rolled over. Now Roy was sitting on Ling's thighs. Ah hah.

He pressed in with his kisses, taking full advantage of
his extra inches and greater weight. The prince wiggled pleasingly underneath
him. The only disadvantage was that now he'd have to lean just a bit out to
reach the lube in the drawer next to the bed. Surely though the prince was subdued
enough that....

Flip, this time Ling had nearly tossed him off the bed,
but a quick firm hand about his middle kept him on the mattress. Ling kissed
Roy fiercely. What he lacked in control, he more than made up for in enthusiasm.
Roy couldn't help but chuckle at the sheer presumptuousness. He reached over
and got the lube, while Ling was distracted by his chest.

It had taken Ling by surprise when he realized that Roy
intended to top him. Him, a prince. It was quite one thing to allow the older
man to seduce him and strip him and do all those incredibly wonderful things
with his mouth, but it was another to allow him to think that Ling would be
willing to be taken in such a way.

Sure he let Ed do it... but only as a reward for doing
the things that Ling wanted. Fully three quarters of the time Ed was one on
the receiving end. Certainly, the first few times he'd bedded Fullmetal, the
young man had been underneath Ling. And the few times after that, he'd been
on top, but only because Ling had been a bit tired and was willing to let Ed
impale himself on Ling's shaft.

To let Mustang top from the start would definitely be
getting their relationship off on the wrong foot.

So when Mustang's attention shifted, Ling went into action,
flipping the man over and once again taking the dominant position.

Mustang seemed to be amused by this. He was less amused,
but still quite happy when Ling started on his attack of the older man's senses.
He licked and caressed his way around the man's body until Mustang began to

Just as Mustang was completely distracted by the nibbles
and licks to his nipples, Ling moved on to phase two of his plan to dominate
Mustang. He slid his knee between Mustang's thighs. The alchemist didn't appear
to even notice, emboldened Ling pushed his other knee in and then ever so gently
began to press Mustang's legs apart.

And right at that moment he felt a slippery poke between
his buttocks.

It was a sneak attack of the most dastardly sort. Oh,
that Mustang was a whiley one, wasn't he. But there was no denying the older
man had gotten him. He was bent over, mouth pressed to the man's chest, his
buttocks left terribly exposed. Mustang took advantage of this fatal error.
Even as Ling froze with surprise, the finger slipped all the way to the base.

"Got you," Mustang murmured, held still while Ling caught
his breath.

"That was very naughty, Colonel," Ling said.

Mustang chuckled. "Roy," he corrected. "I'm functioning
in a rather unofficial capacity at the moment."

Unofficial or not, Roy was functioning quite well. He'd
managed to worm a second well-oiled finger in, and the two digits were siding
and rubbing with astonishing precision and skill. Ling breathed hard and closed
his eyes, hissing in. Sex with Ed was good of course, but this, this was something

It was rather hard to think coherently. Retaliation was
impossible to plan while Roy distracted him this way. Roy's other hand had taken
to assaulting Ling's cock with firm, confident and well lubricated strokes.
Ling fought the sensations for only a moment before throwing up the white flag
and unconditionally surrendering to pleasure.

Closer, closer, oh god, closer. Topping was no longer
really a concern or even a care. If Mustang wanted to bring Ling off with his
hands, that was just fine by the prince.

Almost there... but not. AH! At almost the worst possible
moment both hands vanished. Ling was left with nothing but emptiness and nearly
unbearable need. He groped wildly with one hand for Roy's, to bring it back
to his cock at least, and at the same time Ling snuggled into the man's chest,
worrying it with sucks and small bites, in the hope that the man would relent
and go back to work again.

Though it seemed like an eternity between the moment the
hands left Ling's body and when they clamped back on, it was probably only five
or six seconds. Ling felt a bit of confusion at their placement, firmly on either
side of Ling's hips, then Roy rolled them both over and it all made sense.

Roy had to time this just right, or it wouldn't work.
He knew the young man was almost as strong as himself, so just brute force wouldn't
do the trick. He'd have to be crafty. He stroked the young man both inside and
out with his best technique. Ling predictably gave up all resistance and simply
accepted what Roy offered. It didn't take long before he started to feel the
prostate grow larger and firmer under his fingers. He pulled out quickly and
let go of the prince's cock. Just a few more seconds of stimulation and Ling
would be irretrievably pushed into orgasm.

Ah but it had done the trick. The young man whined incoherently
into his chest put paid absolutely no attention at all to Roy as he fumbled
and found the lube once more. He poured a dollop into his hand and snuck it
down between their bellies and caught his own cock. He gave it three quick strokes
to distribute the lube thoroughly, and then grabbed the boys hips.

As expected Ling was so immersed in his own pleasure that
he failed to notice anything Roy was doing. He stiffened when Roy rolled him
over but did nothing more but look surprised. Roy took full advantage of his
lust-addled state, and pulled Ling's right knee up. He aimed himself and then
grabbed the other knee and pressed himself in to the hilt with one slow but
steady movement.

He felt Ling tighten up around his cock, squeezing him
a few times before relaxing again. Anger gradually settled on the young man's

"I'm a prince," Ling said haughtily.

"So you are," purred Roy.

"I didn't give you permission—"

Roy's thrust cut the rest of that sentence off. "You haven't
said no, yet."

"I—" said Ling,

Roy thrust again.

"I—" Ling tried again.

Roy thrust.

The prince gave up, and Roy chuckled. After a few more
thrusts, Ling seemed to completely forget whatever objection he had been trying
to voice. He pushed his own hips in time with Roys, bringing them together with
an audible smacking noise. Yes, Ling was exquisite, writhing under him, his
bangs slicked down with sweat, his expression for once completely true. Roy
watched Ling's lips part in a half-sob half-pant. His brows drew up in pure
unadulterated need. How totally different from his usual ham-fisted acting.
How vulnerable he looked. How perfectly delectable.

Roy leaned forward and smothered those reddened lips with
kisses. He moved one hand up to cup the back of the princes head, lifting it
up and tilting it in order to bare his neck. Roy's teeth grazed the angle of
Ling's jaw, his tongue found the ear lobe, then moved up to molest the cup of
his ear.

Ling moaned and slid his hands convulsively over Roy's
back. Roy shifted slightly; the right spot should be close to here. Sure enough
with the next thrust Ling let out a mew. Roy did it again, and again the prince
cried out. Beautiful. Roy could spend the entire night wresting these sounds
out of Ling.

Maybe it was a bit cruel to prolong the whole thing as
long as Roy did, but that was really part of the game, too. It would hardly
seem like a victory if they both came too quickly, which was why he slowed down
just as he wanted to speed up. Ling cried out even louder when he did that,
and his dark eyes opened in surprise.

"Oh, you really ARE a bastard, " Ling gasped. "Don't stop

"I have no intentions of stopping," Roy assured him, and
but he continued at a slow pace that maddened himself almost as much as it did
the prince. When he was sure that both of them had backed far enough away from
orgasm, he sped up again, making sure to hit the right spot again. Ling's eyes
closed again and his face took on a look of infinite torment.

The second time Roy slowed down the prince started to
pound on his back with fists that weren't very gentle at all. Roy was forced
to capture his hands and hold them above his head. Just to punish the young
prince he slowed almost to a stop for a good 30 seconds before starting up again.

Ling was nearly in tears. Roy saw the fury in his eyes.
It took all of Roy's strength to keep him from flipping Roy off. Luckily Roy
had gravity on his side. It was time to put an end to the game. Roy released
Ling's wrists and sat upright, grabbing Ling's hip with one hand and his cock
with the other Roy brought him off fairly quickly.

Ling's cries were loud enough that Roy was glad the house
was as soundproofed as it was. Roy then allowed himself to go at the speed and
force he enjoyed most. It didn't take more than a minute to reach completion.
Roy gritted his teeth and rocked through each spasm until he truly was finished.

Checkmate. Game over. I win. Roy smiled as he faded
into sleep.

Okay, Ling admitted to himself after the alchemist had
passed out on top of him. The sex was good. Very good. There were in fact a
few things he'd learned from the session, things that he'd use to torment Ed
with, whenever Ed got back from that mission Roy had sent him on. But still,
Ling felt a bit put out.

Ling tried again to push the other way. Roy tightened
his grip in respons and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "Mine."

This was ridiculous. How can a man who was so good in
bed, be so AWFUL in bed. Ling tried once again to find a bit of personal space,
but Roy only shifted his grip around him. It was almost as if the alchemist
had grown a few more arms the way he managed to tangle himself so completely
around Ling.

With some effort Ling found the one and only position
that would comfortably accommodate both himself and Mustang. He had to lie on
his side pressed firmly ass to groin with the man. To be topped in the throws
of passion was one thing, to be topped in the throws of sleep was another.

Enough was enough. It took all of Ling's strength and
dexterity but he managed to wiggle out from Roy's grip, Once free of the bed
and his overly possessive bed partner, Ling made his way to the dusty guest
room. Given the choice of the reek of sex and Roy's grip of death and a little
dust, Ling chose the dust.

As a consolation prize for losing, Roy made Ling a very excellent breakfast
in the morning. The young man ate ravenously. His normal fidgetiness was rather
subdued. Roy suspected he might be a bit sore in more than one sense. Perhaps
that was why he had abandoned Roy in the middle of the night to sleep in the
guest room.

'I'm sorry if I hurt you," Roy said. "Is there anything
I can do for you?"

"To be honest," Ling said. "I'm a bit worried how Ed will
react if he knew we did this. It occurs to me that he might be just as angry
as if he found out those negatives got in the wrong hands." Ling sighed. "I
lied in your office, those negatives really do have me tied up in knots."

Roy felt a bit guilty. "Would it make you feel better
if I gave the negatives back to you?" Roy asked.

Ling perked up. Roy saw a genuine smile. "Oh would you?
I would be ever so grateful."

Roy laughed. "One moment. Stay here." He walked to his
study and opened a filing cabinet. Quickly he retrieved a manila envelope from
one of the files. He shut the cabinet closed with a bang. It would not be good
to have this young spy know too much about what he kept in there.

When he looked up he wasn't surprised to find the young
man standing right behind him, with a mix of curiosity and relief on his face.
.He suspected that the Xingian hadn't had too good a look at the inside of his
filing cabinet, or else he might have looked less grateful and more mad. Roy
placed the folder in Ling's hands.

Ling opened it up with slightly shaking fingers. Then
examined the film against the light from the window. He carefully counted the
exposures and then placed them back in the envelope. "You are a man of honor."

Well, Roy thought. I don't know about that.
Ling would definitely not be happy to know that Roy had the scrapbook,
and two other sets of the photos tucked away. No, that would decidedly take
the edge off Ling's huge grin.

"So that's what you wanted," Roy said, somewhat relieved
to understand the princes motivations. "It was all about the pictures. Is this
the only reason you let me have you?"

Ling looked insulted, then shrugged with a sly smile.
"Perhaps at first, but not now."

Roy smiled. "And now?"

"I think you'd be an excellent wife as well."

Roy laughed. "I rather doubt it."

Ling frowned. He was back to those exaggerated expressions
again. Roy sighed. "Well," said Ling after a while. "I suppose I could settle
for Ed. By the way, what do you think about assigning him to Xing, as a liaison...
yes. A military liaison."

Roy rolled his eyes. "Ling, you are going to have to do
a LOT more than just sleep with me before I'll ASSIGN one of my men to marry

Ling sighed. Then perked up. "A lot more what?"

This time it was Roy's turn to sigh.