jade pen

Gorankudasai, Sensei

"Everyone sit down, class has started." Scar glared at his class to silence them, adjusted his suit's cuffs, then smiled. "As you know, there is a soccer game immediately after class today. I expect that all of you will be in attendance."

The entire class chorused with, "Hai, sensei!"

Another smile. "And speaking of attendance... Russell Tringham?" Scar continued down the list of his students, noting that none of them were absent, until he reached, "Edward Elric?"

"Here, as always." The blond-haired boy grinned.

"I will be gravely disappointed if you don't score at least three goals tonight, Edward." Scar grinned as well.

"Don't underestimate me, sensei!" Edward leapt to his feet, and proclaimed, "If I don't get at least five, then I'm no soccer player at all!"

"That's the spirit. I'll be looking forward to seeing your performance. Alphonse Elric?"

"H-here, sir."

Scar paused, and looked up from his attendance book. He fought hard to keep his mouth from gaping. "Alphonse... why are you wearing a blouse?" The younger boy buried his face in his textbook, and mumbled something inaudible. "Stand up." Alphonse did so, blushing furiously. "...and a miniskirt!? While that is a part of the school uniform, why...?"

"M-Mustang-sensei s-said that anyone w... who didn't complete their homework... would... would..."

Scar cradled his head in his hands, both to massage his headache and to hide his mounting blush. "I... see. You may sit down."

"Thank you, sensei!"

It was with a great amount of effort that Scar managed to get through attendance without any mishaps. He quickly started the lesson, but made the mistake of calling on Alphonse to answer the first question. "What is the meaning of the phrase, 'On a great road, sheep are lost at the forks'? Alphonse?"

The boy stood up, and pondered. His eyes narrowed in concentration, his mouth was partially open to draw in larger breaths, and he tilted his head back just enough to see the top of the board. He groaned softly, nervously licked his lips, and finally whispered, "I... don't know, sensei..."

Hail Ishbala, full of grace. Deliver me from temptation, and keep my eternal soul safe from the everlasting damnation. Scar breathed deeply, then forced a smile on his face. "I have a better idea. In honor of the soccer game, I declare this period study hall."

Edward piped up, "That's a great idea, sensei! I won't be able to finish any homework you assign me, anyway!"

"That is the point," Scar muttered, "It would be a bad thing to take advantage of your bro... I mean, your predicament."

"Yeah," the blond soccer player added, obviously not paying attention, "Besides, you wouldn't want to waste all that effort, would you?"

Scar's attention was fixed on Alphonse, who was leaning back in his chair, hands cradling his head and smiling as he stared out the window. "No, I wouldn't want to throw Al... all! All of those papers away!"

This is bad. This is very, very bad. Ishbala, give me the strength to overcome temptation...

Edward looked quite concerned. "Sensei, is something the matter?"

"No, absolutely not! I am not thinking about..." He didn't dare complete that thought. Even thinking about it would earn him months' worth of penance. He needed to think about something else, quickly. "" At Edward's questioning look, he added, "There won't be time after school to eat lunch before the game, so go ahead and eat now. Just don't get dirty, or..."

Scar decided to sit down and read something, anything, to stop thinking about a certain short-haired blond that looked so appealing in a miniskirt and...

"Hey, Brother? Can I have your banana?"

"What? Oh, sure! You can have my milk, too."

"Thanks!" Alphonse accepted both items graciously, and began drinking.

Scar smiled. Food. An innocent touch; blessed be the food to their bodies, allow it to nourish them and... Holy Ishbala!?

Alphonse, having finished the milk, started eating. That, normally, wouldn't have been so bad. However, when he ate, he nibbled at the banana, millimeter by sensuous millimeter; up until he was half-way through, when he decided that enough was enough and swallowed the thing. That, combined with the ring of milk that stained his lips and the obvious enjoyment he derived from the act...

Holy Ishbala, if this keeps up, I am going to die and go straight to Hell. Alphonse Elric is not worth eternity in Hell, your immortal soul is more important than worldly pleasures; by all the saints, he's less than half your age!

The torture continued until, finally, the bell rang. Scar sank to his desk in relief. "School's out! Go and cheer on Edward and our soccer team to victory!"

"Yeah! Just watch me! I'll dribble the ball all the way down the court, and with my lethal spin-kick..." He did a very impressive spin indeed, flailing out with his arm... and knocking Alphonse's work off of his desk.


"S-sorry, Al! Here, let me..."

"No, Brother, you need to get out to the soccer field. I'll pick it up, you knock them dead with that lethal left foot of yours, all right?" He smiled, and gave his brother a quick hug. "I'll be cheering for you!"

"Thanks, Al! Gotta run, catch you!" And with that, he dashed out of the room, followed closely by the rest of the class.

Alphonse sighed, and crouched down to grab his supplies. "That's my brother... hyper and messy and... How did he knock it all the way under this desk? I think... I can get it... if I stretch..."

Scar looked up, fully prepared to offer his assitance in the matter. However, what he had not been anticipating was the fact that Alphonse was leaning over his desk, making small frustrated sounds as he wiggled and squirmed and tried to reach the book lying on the floor. Nor did he anticipate the fact that this would give him a wonderful view up the blond's miniskirt. Nor could he have possibly known that, when Mustang assigned punishments, he went all the way with it.

Alphonse Elric was wearing panties. Very tight, very white panties. That left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Not that Scar's imagination would have minded the exercise; it was feeling quite hyperactive as it was. Just five more minutes, he begged, All-powerful Ishbala, let me last just five more minutes. He will go to the soccer game, and then I can go to the confessional and save my eternal...

Confessional? A horrible, horrible smile crossed Scar's face, as he thought of the implications. That's right. Today is Wednesday, so the confessional will be open in... He checked the wall clock, Forty-five minutes. It's a fifteen minute drive, possibly less with the game, which means... I have thirty minutes. The game will continue for a good three or four hours, in which there will be no faculty in the halls, so I'll be alone...

Finally, after struggling valiantly, Alphonse managed to grab his book and stuffed it into his book case. "Sensei! I'll see you at the game, all right!"

"One moment, Alphonse." Please let it be there, please let it be there... He opened up his grade book, and flipped it open to Alphonse's section. "Before that... do you have yesterday's assignment?"

"No, sensei."

"The day before's?"

"No, sensei."

"How about your journal?"

"W-well, sensei, you see..." Alphonse was blushing now, heavily embarrassed. "I-I have it at... I was planning to... I think it has to be... Well, you know, my cat might have..." He slumped in defeat. "I don't have it, sensei."

Holy Ishbala, please forgive me for what I'm about to do. It's a horrible sin, that will damn me forever... And I will feel very, very sorry and contrite over it in two hours. "I'm sorry, Alphonse."


"I'm sure you know what this school's policy is. Incomplete assignments are not permitted. I can't let you go to the soccer game."

"But! Sensei! It's my brother's first time back on the field since... And I promised that I'd cheer for him! Please, sensei! You have to let me attend! Please?" Al tried his perfected pleading face; it was one that no teacher could ever withstand. That face was the one reason that Alphonse could spend so little time actually working and get in so little trouble for it.

That face wasn't working this time. "Oh no, I'm afraid that school policy overrides my personal feelings. You'll need to stay here and complete the assignments before I can let you go."

"But... but the game will be over by then!"

"So sad. You should have pondered the consequences of your sins" like I have "before you decided to commit them."

"Is there... is there any way I can convince you to let me go? I'll do anything, so... please?" And he was out-and-out begging now, looking positively adorable in his blouse and sailor uniform's bow.

"Possibly." Scar tried his best to keep a sinful smile from crossing his face. "Come here."

Alphonse obeyed, crossing around the desk, and whispered, "What... do I have to do?"

"Absolutely nothing." And with that, Scar reached out, grabbed Alphonse by the sleeve of his blouse, and pulled him into an embrace. Al half-jumped, half-fell onto the chair, and before he could adjust, he felt Scar's arms pin him securely to the older man's chest.

"S-Scar-sensei? What are you..."

Slowly, calmly, Scar whispered, "I am going to kiss you."

"Eh?" Alphonse blushed, and squirmed. "But... but... I'm... You're..."

"You have five seconds to make a coherent refusal." Scar's voice was low and very, very soothing.

The boy gave one last struggle, then stopped and closed his eyes. He didn't mention, of course, the fact that he had always looked up to Scar... both literally and figuratively. Nor did he mention the fact that he had always wondered what it would be like; kissing another person. He didn't have any personal experience in the matter, so...

The first kiss was feather-soft and gentle; just a test, to see if Alphonse would object. When the boy didn't, Scar reached out with his right hand and slowly tilted Al's face towards him, and claimed another. This one was firmer, more insistent, and Scar softly lapped at the boy's lips, tasting warm flesh and salty sweat and...

"Cherry lip gloss?"

Alphonse was blushing even more deeply now. "M-Mustang-sensei... was thorough with his requirements. Um... I'm... I'm sorry, Scar-sensei. B-but..."

He was trembling. Alphonse was shaking and blushing and was so very vulnerable. It was only natural that Scar pulled him close, and silenced his apologies with a kiss. The older man pushed with his tongue, and smiled as Al opened his mouth and leaned into the embrace, eyes closed and completely trusting.

Scar explored every inch of Alphonse's mouth, tasting the heady mixture of fruit and milk and something else; something exclusively Al's and entirely intoxicating. Instinctively, Scar ran his right hand through the silky-smooth hair, stroking it softly and gently pulling the boy ever closer, deepening the kiss and forcing Al to arch his body upward in order to reach.

Finally, Scar pulled away, leaving Alphonse panting and breathless in his arms. "S-sensei..." Al wrapped his arms around the older man's torso, and rested his head on the broad chest. "I... That was..."

With a low chuckle, Scar leaned down, so that his mouth was only a few centimeters away from Al's ear. Then, in a husky whisper, he said, "We give thanks to Thee, Almighty One..." He lapped at the boy's earlobe, causing Al to shiver. "For ears that are sensitive and soft..." He nibbled a little more, then moved further down. "...for lips that are warm and inviting..." He gently pulled Al upwards once more, and the boy easily complied.

This kiss was possessive and forceful; Scar nibbled on the soft lips, forced an entrance into that warm cavern, and made Alphonse whimper as he dragged his tongue through the boy's mouth, only withdrawing when he needed to draw breath.

Scar smiled, and added, "For skin that is sensitive and flawless..." He moved further down, slowly kissing his way to Al's neck. The boy tilted his head to the side, leaving himself completely at his teacher's mercy; in exchange, Scar softly lapped at the hollow of Al's throat, dragging another moan from the student. "...and for teeth to tease it with."

"What!? Scar-sens—" He didn't get to complete that thought, because Scar nibbled at the now-sensitive skin, causing Al to arch into the touch. Scar continued down to the boy's right shoulder; first nibbling until Al whimpered, then licking the hurt until the boy groaned in relief. Scar, for his part, was on the verge of worshipping the form beneath him; the skin was so soft, and Al's reactions were so pure, moaning and gasping and arching into every touch as though he never wanted it to end. Scar teased every pale inch of the boy's sensitive neck, pushing down on the shirt's collar to suck on Al's collarbone, forcing one last moan of pleasure before he lapped the hurt away, leaving a small bruise behind.

Slowly, Al's silver-gray eyes opened, glazed with pleasure and only partially coherent. "Any... anything else you're thankful for?"

"Mm..." Scar considered this for a moment, then smiled once more. "Yes, actually."

"O-oh?" Al's voice was hopeful and apprehensive at the same time; he didn't know where this was going, but he certainly didn't want it to stop.

"I am thankful... For Mustang-sensei, for putting you in a miniskirt." Before Alphonse could protest, Scar claimed another possessive kiss, taking another draught from the well that was warm and sweet and addictive; it was like nothing he had tasted before, but Scar certainly wanted to taste it again. Meanwhile, cradling Alphonse in his arms, he stood up and sat the boy on his desk. His student was in no position to protest, and only moaned appreciatively as Scar's hands began roaming across his body, each touch sending arcs of pleasure shooting through his veins.

He did protest, though, when he felt Scar's hands massaging him through the miniskirt. "S-Scar-sensei?"

No response, save for Scar slowly drawing up the fabric, exposing Alphonse's panties to the slightly chill air. The boy shivered, and tried, "W-what are you doing?"

Still no verbal response. Scar's hand dipped into the space between the white silk and the warm, tender flesh; Al tried to struggle, but gave in when his teacher began massaging the so-tender orbs of flesh. The boy blushed and sputtered when he felt Scar separate them, and was secretly glad that the position made it impossible for his teacher to see... that part of him. Scar gently squeezed and kneaded the soft skin, nuzzling the boy's neck and nibbling softly, smiling at every moan he earned.

Then, slowly, he started pulling the underwear down. Alphonse instantly tried to stop him, but one hard nip on the boy's shoulder stopped that movement. So, instead, Al leaned onto the broad shoulder, and grabbed his teacher's muscular arm. "S-sensei... please..."

Easily, Scar wrapped his left arm around the shivering body clinging to him, and nuzzled his cheek into the dark blond hair. "It will be all right. Just trust me. I won't hurt you." He softly murmured endearments, and hugged the boy close until Alphonse finally curled into him. Then he continued, marvelling at the soft white silk falling down muscular, tanned legs; leaving Alphonse exposed and blushing, the miniskirt just barely covering his erection.

Scar leaned forward, and whispered, "Alphonse... do you trust me?"

"Y-yes..." Al was both embarrassed and highly aroused, and unable to come up with anything more elaborate.

Gently, smoothly, Scar pressed forward, claiming another kiss as he slowly laid Alphonse out on his desk. Once the boy was there, sprawled out on the wood and breathing heavily, the teacher could only smile. "You're... so beautiful like that, Alphonse."

"L-like what?" He shivered.

"Needy... wanting... aroused to the point of incoherence..."

"I am not—" He broke off, because Scar licked through the fabric of his blouse to one of his fully-erect nipples, the nubs easily visible through the white cloth. Alphonse hissed and arched upward, the feeling overwhelming whatever pride or control he might have had left. "Please... sensei... please..."

"'Please'?" Scar pulled back, and considered the form before him.

"Please... don't stop..." Alphonse tried to wriggle his hips, to encourage his teacher to do something, anything; no longer caring whether he had dignity or control so long as he could feel...

Scar firmly pulled up the blouse, the coarse fabric whispering across sensitive skin and making Alphonse moan once more, and stopped when it was bunched across his collarbones.

Alphonse really was beautiful. He was naturally lean and toned, his skin tanned from playing outside, and his body was absolutely perfect and flawless... Scar leaned forward, and captured one of the nipples in his mouth, sucking slightly and making Alphonse moan. With each lick and each nibble, the boy writhed and squirmed from the sheer pleasure of the act, incoherently begging for more and clawing desperately at Scar's back.

Then he reached up with his hand; calloused fingers brushed across hardened skin and wrenched more gasps, more moans from Alphonse. First one nipple, then the other; his hand teased one while he firmly licked and nibbled at the other, the combined sensations more than enough to make Alphonse moan and arch and whimper; his eyes were screwed shut, mouth open and panting, and Scar could taste a combination of salty sweat and warm flesh and... that same taste that was in Al's mouth; that strange taste that made him wild and desperately hungry for more. So... he indulged that hunger, leaving one hand to tease the almost painfully-hard nubs, while he claimed another brutal, searing kiss for his own; it was willingly given, Alphonse channeling all of his energy and pleasure through his mouth, making Scar moan from the intensity of the feelings.

While he did this, his other hand slowly started wandering down the boy's body, gently sliding down sweat-soaked flanks and dancing across the taunt surface of Al's belly, going ever down until he encountered the miniskirt once more. This time, he reached up from underneath, and rubbed the boy's hard length.

If he had thought that Alphonse was incoherent before, the boy was gone now. He arched into the touch, tears in his eyes from the sheer sensation playing across his body. As Scar gently stroked him, Alphonse started thrashing; spreading his legs wide, moaning and thrusting into the grip, and trying to squeeze ever closer to Scar, whimpering when he simply couldn't find the release he was looking for but determined to find it anyway.

Then Scar pulled away. He stopped teasing the ruby-like nipples; he stopped plundering that rich mouth for more kisses; and he stopped just short of the release that his student was looking for. For several long moments, the only sounds that could be heard were the distant cheers from the soccer field, and Alphonse's partially-formed grumbles.

He finally opened his eyes. "Why did you stop?"

Scar ran a hand through his white hair, suddenly unsure of himself. "There's... something that I want to do. But I'm not sure if it's something that we should do. It's... more intense than what I've done so far; I don't think that you're ready for—"

"Scar-sensei... I trust you. If you think that I'm not ready, then I believe you. But..." Alphonse scrambled up to his elbows, and looked down his body. "I... I want you to feel this, too. It's... it's incredible, but if there's something that's even better, then..." He paused, trying to find something eloquent to say, but failed. "Please? Scar-sensei?"

I am going to Hell, I am going to Hell, I am going to Hell... I'm going to burn forever in a lake of fire while demons flay me alive... And I honestly don't care anymore. What has this boy done to me!?

Even while he was thinking this, even while his higher, conscious mind was screaming for him to stop (You're old enough to be his father! If this gets out, both of you are ruined! His brother will kill you for doing this, if Ishbala doesn't strike you dead first!) he was fumbling in his desk drawers for the petroleum jelly he kept for his calloused skin. Finally, he found what he was looking for, and looked into Alphonse's eyes. "Do you trust me, Alphonse?"

"Yes. I trust you."

Scar rubbed a copious amount of the lubricant on his right forefinger, then leaned in. "This is going to feel uncomfortable for a bit. It will feel better." He waited for one breathless nod, then gently pushed into the boy's entrance.

"Holy Ishbala..." He couldn't hold back the oath; Alphonse was hot and tight, the ring of muscle clamping tightly on the intruder and making Scar severely consider forgetting any sort of gentleness and taking the boy right there. At least, until he saw the pained expression on Al's face.

He smiled, softly, and lapped at the boy's lips. A whispered, "Just relax. Trust me, and relax..." and a firm rub across the boy's hardened nipples distracted Al nicely, and Scar could feel the pressure around his finger slowly let up. He stretched and explored that new area, looking on in fascination at the changing expressions on Alphonse's face, smiling as he finally saw a look of pleasure.

Then he withdrew his finger, added lubricant to a second, and gently pressed in with both. Once more, he swore; if anything, Alphonse felt tighter this time around, and while he didn't look as pain, the boy was obviously extremely uncomfortable. Scar leaned in, fully planning to nibble on the boy's ear to distract him...

...When Al grabbed his tie and wrenched him into a soul-searing kiss. All of the feelings that Alphonse had; the discomfort from being penetrated, the warm heat from Scar's fingers, the sheer closeness of their bodies... All of this was transferred through the boy's mouth, as his tongue battled fiercely with Scar's. The older man, taken completely by surprised, offered little real resistance to this. The kiss was wet and sloppy and absolutely perfect, Al's sheer vigor making up for his inexperience. While Al still felt uncomfortable about the two fingers lodged within him, the fact that he was clinging so closely to Scar, and the sheer pleasure that he could take by exploring the older, more experienced mouth... more than made up for it.

Scar continued to stretch Alphonse, desperately fighting his own urge to forget about gentleness and just get it over with... But he forced himself to slow down, and wait until the boy whined softly and thrust with his hips, trying to increase the feeling. Then he removed his fingers, and left-handedly fumbled with his zipper; finally, he managed to unbutton and unzip his pants, and pulled them down just enough to free his own erection.

Alphonse's eyes widened. "It's... so big..." He couldn't suppress a moan as Scar rubbed their erections together, nor could he stop the shudder when Scar reached for more lubricant. "Sensei... how are you going to...?"

Scar leaned down, and softly kissed Alphonse. "As I said, it will hurt for a little bit, and then it will get much, much better. Trust me." Then he straightened up, treating the boy to the sight of him softly rubbing lubricant over his straining erection, and Alphonse could only gawk at this.

Finally, Scar reached down and spread the boy's legs wide enough for his frame, and whispered, "Relax. Just relax, Alphonse. Let me do the work." And with that, he pushed in.

Scar knew that Alphonse was going to be tight. He knew, from his previous exploration, that the boy's entrance was warm and inviting. He didn't know, however, just how good it was going to feel; stars started swimming before his eyes, and it was all he could do to prop himself up on his arms and keep from thrusting all the way in.

As for Alphonse... the boy's eyes were wide and unseeing, his mouth gaping open as he drew sobbing breaths. Instinctively, he tried to thrust down, but before he could do so, Scar's hands grabbed him around the hips, immobilizing him and setting his nerves on fire from the rough fabric of the miniskirt. Since he couldn't thrust down, he tried to thrust up, whimpering as he tried to get some sort of relief.

Taking pity on the boy, Scar leaned forward, and captured his lips in another kiss. As soon as there was contact, Al wrapped his arms around his teacher, pulling them closer and trying to rub his erection against the fabric of Scar's shirt. He couldn't move far at all, of course, but he tried anyway.

"Alphonse!" Scar's voice rang out like a pistol shot, and the boy stopped dead in his tracks. "I said to let me do the work. I know that it's hard, but you need to relax, or this is going to hurt you. Do you understand?" When no response was forthcoming, he repeated, "Do you understand, Alphonse?"

"Y-yes, sensei..." The boy whimpered from the effort of keeping still. "It's... so hard... please..."

"Look at me, Alphonse." When the boy did, Scar whispered, "I don't want to hurt you. Just trust me, and relax. Just relax, Alphonse..." Then, inch by inch, he pushed in.

With each inch, Al's eyes got wider and his trembling worsened; he moaned and, if it wasn't for the hands holding his hips down, he would have tried to impale himself. He groaned, "So big..."

Scar gave a reaffirming squeeze, and smiled as Alphonse desperately latched onto his lips, kissing as though it was the only thing keeping him sane. He clung onto Scar, whimpering at the penetration. Still, he was doing well, until Scar was about half-way in. Then he started crying, "Too big, sensei! It's... it's too big... Please..."

In response, Scar pushed up the miniskirt, and softly began stroking Alphonse's erection. The boy moaned in relief, though he fought desperately to keep from thrusting, and he smiled gratefully at his teacher as he whispered, "Thank you. Thank you, Scar-sensei... thank—"

Then he screamed. Alphonse started thrashing and writhing, his hands like claws raking across Scar's back as he flailed and moaned. Scar quickly grabbed him by the shoulders, and gently shook him. "Alphonse! What happened? Are you all right? Alphonse Elric!"

The boy's eyes had welled up with tears, and while his mouth was working, nothing came out for a few moments. Finally, he managed to whisper, "So... so good... Scar-sensei, could you..." He raised both of his legs, clenching them tightly around Scar's torso. "Please... sensei, please..."

Scar could only breath a deep sigh of relief, and cradled the blond head against his chest. "Don't ever scare me like that again."

"Y-yes, sensei... I'm sorry..." Al tilted his head away, obviously ashamed at his lack of control.

In response, Scar slowly withdrew, making the boy moan at his loss. "Sensei... please..."

He didn't need to ask twice. Scar thrust in with all of his strength, aiming at that precise spot... and Alphonse screamed again, his entire body shuddering at the pleasure that threatened to completely overwhelm him. He desperately kissed Scar, trying to reciprocate the feelings that were absolutely indescribable...

And Scar took the opportunity to start teasing the boy again: one hand gently rubbing against his nipples, the other firmly stroking his taut flesh. While he did this, he began slowly thrusting in and out, beginning to set a rhythm that, while not as fast as he wanted, was getting much closer.

Alphonse had settled down; his screams had lessened to moans and whimpers, every time that Scar touched that spot deep inside of him, he pressed harder into his lover's grip, throwing his head back and leaving himself entirely at the older man's mercy.

It was getting better and better. Scar was thrusting in with reckless abandon, each motion making his younger lover gasp with pleasure, each suck and lick and rub wrenching another sound from that perfect throat. Alphonse was completely gone, his world shrank to the distance from his head to his groin, and that constant pounding inside of him that scattered every last thought and made him moan.

Scar whimpered as he saw this; the sheer emotion that Alphonse was feeling, the way that he thrust back, impaling himself on each thrust and screaming out incoherently. He was moaning 'Sensei!' and 'Scar!' over and over again, too far gone to think of anything else. He couldn't even beg for his lover to go faster or harder; though Scar was more than happy to oblige.

The older man held Alphonse close to him, even as he continued pleasuring his lover with every ounce of energy he had. It was warm and there was tension there; a delicious heat that made the Ishbalan's head swim as he drank in the scent of his lover. They were so close; pressed against each other as tightly as they could be, Alphonse squeezing him as he screamed out again. Scar rejoiced in the sheer tightness of his lover; every thrust into that warm, welcoming heat better than the last, and it felt so good, so right and perfect, just like that.

"Please... sensei... please, let me..." Alphonse couldn't complete that thought; another hard thrust scattered his thoughts, and all he could feel was the heat tearing through him, filling him to the breaking point and making him writhe in the sheer ecstasy of the situation. He was burning and drowning and sent to the farthest reaches of paradise, all at the same time, and his head swam as he tried to make sense of it all.

He was sweating and panting, blushing furiously and completely unable to think or do anything but feel... and Alphonse wouldn't have it any other way. He was completely at his lover's mercy, sprawled out on the desk and sliding with every thrust. It was hot and wet, and so very desperate...

Finally, with one last scream, Alphonse came, his entire body shaking and trembling as he finally found the release he was looking for. He screamed and writhed as his seed was forced out of him, struggling until he collapsed; sated and completely spent. It only took Scar a few more strokes to follow him, the older man deriving almost as much pleasure from watching his lover's utter abandonment as from his own participation. Almost.

For a few moments, they were too spent to move or talk, the only sound coming from them being the sound of their ragged breathing. Finally, Alphonse managed, "Sensei... that was... amazing."

"Mm." Scar, after catching his breath, pulled out of his lover, frowning at the feeling of loss and at his lover's disappointed sigh, and zipped up his pants. "So it was." He smiled at that, and leaned down to claim one last kiss. Alphonse struggled up to his elbows to receive it, and moaned softly.

Then Scar pulled away, and sighed. "I'm... sorry about that." He ran his thumb across the cherry-red lips; they were badly bruised, now, and extremely tender. Al shuddered, then lightly lapped at the intruding finger.

"It's all right. I... really liked it. Thank you, Scar-sensei." He chuckled softly, then winced; his throat was feeling quite raw from all of the screaming and moaning he had done.

His teacher pulled Al into an embrace, and whispered, "What are you going to do now?"

Al frowned. "I... can't go to the game like this, you know." He motioned towards his body; his neck and face were criss-crossed with small bite marks, the inside of the miniskirt had a large white patch on it, and his entrance was oozing from his lover's semen and the lubrication that they had used. "Um... do you think that you could... maybe..." He cleared his throat, and hurriedly added, "DrivemehomesoIcanchangeandshower?"

At this, Scar looked at the clock; the confessional had been open for a good thirty minutes, which meant that, if he wanted to avoid the risk of playing with eternal hellfire (any more than he had done already, of course,) he would have to hurry.

But... when he saw the look on his lover's face, the mixture of absolute trust and unfeigned satisfaction... he knew that it wasn't a choice he could make. "Of course. You can lay down in the backseat until we arrive."

Alphonse gave him a grateful look, then wrapped his arms around Scar, and whispered, "I'm... really happy, Scar-sensei. Thank you for everything."

Scar claimed one last, final kiss, and smiled. "The pleasure was all mine."

As Alphonse made himself presentable, Scar looked out the window, and sighed. Forgive me, Almighty Ishbala. I will have to remain a sinner for one more day.