Moments Collection

chapter 1.

"..." Ed glared at Winly with little venom.

"What?" Winly asked, a little affronted.

"... you know, I really love Al," Ed began, "But I still don't sleep on him because he's uncomfortable." He shifted his arm a little, moving away slightly as if expecting to be hit. "And I know you like my automail, Winly, but really ... sleeping on it ..?"

Winly lightly bapped him with her wrench. "Stupid," she laughed. "I'm testing it for when you rest your head on it when you sleep." She patted the inside of his forearm. "I think I'll make a little incurve here so you can feel more comfortable ..."

Winly snorted.

"What is it, Winly?" Al asked innocently.

"Oh, nothing," Winly sighed, pulling the alchemy book out from under Ed's head carefully so as not to wake him. "And he says that I'm a geek for falling asleep on his arm ..."

Saying 'sorry' would never be enough.

Niisan didn't like to cry—not just when other people could see him, but at all.

"Na, Al, what's wrong?"

That smile, Al thought to himself, was so miserably fake. "Niisan," he said, "you don't have to pretend that I didn't make you sad." He looked down and away, ashamed of himself.

Ed was silent for a while. Then, Al heard the faint banging of his own armor as metal contacted metal. He looked down, and Ed had wrapped his arms around Al, and his flesh limb was trembling slightly with how tightly he was gripping at Al's breastplate.

"Al," he said thickly, as if he were on the verge of tears.

And even though Al knew he wasn't soft, he still wrapped his arm around his brother, and clutched him gently to himself.

The room was quiet.