tobu ishi

Tiny Love

From the minute Alphonse Elric swept her up in his huge, strong metal arms, she fell madly, helplessly, eternally in love with him.

Well, all right, maybe not that very minute. In fact, at that very minute, she was a should she say...annoyed? How dare that big spiky lummox assume she needed rescuing? How dare he carry her off without her permission, like a prize to put in his pocket?

Nevermind that the armor didn't actually have pockets...

Yes, she was more than annoyed, she was angry. (This may or may not have had to do with the sad fact that being stuffed headfirst and upside down into a very uncomfortable hollow, bouncing metal prison was not her idea of a gallant rescue. White horses were supposed to be involved in there somewhere, she was sure of it. Also, elaborate compliments and at least one offering of flowers.)

He was very strong, though. Too strong to risk trying to escape. And the more time she spent rattling around inside him or cradled in those huge leather-gloved arms, the more she realized—he was not only amazingly, stunningly, fantastically strong—he was also gentle. Gentle and wise and intelligent and kind...and so unlike anyone she'd ever known in Xing...

Without at first meaning to, she began to cling, to gaze, to listen fondly to the soft hum of his voice from within the sounding bell of his chest. She discovered the surprising fun of running somewhere with him, holding on tight with all that armor clanking beneath her. She thrilled as he protected her from danger after looming danger, and realized to her sparkling delight that knights in shining armor really did exist for fair young things who truly believed.

And in the end, it was his respect and adoration for tiny cute things that completely stole her heart away.

Grandiose visions of eternal romance sing in chorus in her head now when he speaks. This was worth the long trip across the desert, worth the insults of the vicious Xingese royal family and his ingrate of an elder brother. He can't kiss her, can never start a family with her, but it's not as though a huge litter of little ones appealed to her anyway. They will be happy forever, despite all odds! Theirs will be the purest, most sweet and tender of unconsummated bonds, an eternal romance of the soul...

She only hopes Mei Chan will understand. Humans can be so clueless about these things sometimes.